A digital collage featuring a close-up of a woman's eye superimposed with a clock and binary code, overlaid with text "it's about time" and "time management.

8: It’s About Time

The Social Chameleon On this episode, we talk about TIME. We start with an article about “Calendar Anorexia” and go into topics like: – Time Awareness – Manager Style vs Creative Style of scheduling – Exchanging time for other things And much more.   Links From The Show Original Article https://medium.com/@RyanHoliday/to-everyone-who-asks-for-just-a-little-of-your-time-here-s-what-it-costs-to-say-yes-5eaa0d6ad057 Maker vs Creative http://paulgraham.com/makersschedule.html […]

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A frustrated woman in a business suit covers her face with a crumpled paper with the word "Failure" displayed in large letters overhead, amidst a cluttered office desk.

7: Failure

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel In this episode, we’re talking about Failure, some of our failure highlights, stories, and lessons learned. Some things we talk about: – How we got our mindset to try and fail at different businesses – Talk about some of the business we “failed” at – The real estate transaction from

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Illustration of a colorful chameleon on a textured background with text "The Social Chameleon, presented by: winthewarfromwithin.com, Episode 6 | Ambition.

6: Ambition

The Social Chameleon   This Episodes Topic Is Ambition. We’ll be talking about Ambition and giving our insight into questions like; – Do you know what it takes to harness ambition? – Why is establishing standards important? – How do you get through the disappointment and setbacks? And much more. Plus we’ll be doing a

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