Achieving Goals with Perseverance


Pharaoh Kelley From Homelessness to Entrepreneur

We're thrilled to have Pharaoh Kelley return for a second insightful and inspiring conversation. From struggling with health issues to creating Juice My Type, a company dedicated to making 100% organic and accessible juices, Pharaoh walks us through his remarkable journey. We'll dive into his personal transformation, the motivating factors behind his entrepreneurial ventures, and the challenges and triumphs he’s faced along the way.

Pharaoh illuminates the importance of mental and physical health, cherishing moments with loved ones, and the value of resilience and hard work. Together, they discuss the perils of chasing quick success, the impact of male role models, and the significance of community engagement. Pharaoh's journey from adversity to accomplishment is sure to inspire and motivate you to take charge of your own path.

Stay tuned as Pharaoh Kelley opens up about his dedication to helping others, the profound lessons he's learned, and his unwavering commitment to personal growth and well-being. This episode is packed with insights, heartwarming stories, and practical advice you won't miss.

Enjoy the episode!

🔑 Key Themes🔑

Health and Nutrition Awareness
- Importance of organic juicing

Fatherhood and Presence
- Creating lasting memories with children

Perseverance and Hard Work
- Overcoming adversity and setbacks

Community Impact and Volunteering
- Recognized contributions to society

Mental and Physical Well-being
- Exercise, affirmations, self-care

Mindset and Growth
- Embracing challenges for character development

Achieving Goals
- Real estate and business success

🎓 Lessons Learned 🎓 

The Power of Perseverance
Despite multiple setbacks, Pharaoh Kelley demonstrates how determination and resilience can lead to achieving long-term goals like his real estate license.

Creating Juice My Type's Inclusive Vision
Pharaoh aims to make organic, non-GMO juices accessible to everyone, inspired by feedback from a diverse audience, including children with autism.

Balanced Parenting Dynamics
Host and guest emphasize the significance of presence, creating memories, and quality time with children to break cycles of familial absenteeism.

Importance of Male Role Models
Pharaoh stresses male figures' crucial impact on a boy’s development, advocating for active paternal and community involvement for guidance and discipline.

Community Involvement's Value
Acknowledged with a city proclamation, Pharaoh underscores the impact of contributing to community initiatives, from festivals to mentorship programs.

Significance of Mental and Physical Health
Discusses focusing on self-care, regular exercise, and nutrition to boost overall well-being and mental resilience against life's challenges.

Lessons from Adversity
Pharaoh highlights that overcoming hardships builds character and self-belief, encouraging listeners to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Gradual Progress Over Quick Fixes
Both hosts dissuade from the allure of rapid success and emphasize that dedicated effort and patience yield more sustainable and authentic achievements.

Navigating Life with Discipline
Discipline and structured guidance for children are crucial for making independent yet well-informed decisions, fostering emotional intelligence.

Personal Health Journey Motivation
Being diagnosed as prediabetic catalyzed Pharaoh's commitment to health, illustrating how personal health scares can inspire proactive lifestyle changes.

Achieving Goals with Perseverance: Pharaoh Kelley on Health, Real Estate, and Resilience. A man with short curly hair and a beard is wearing a pink blazer over a white collared shirt. He is looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression, embodying resilience. The background is a plain, light beige color.

Pharaoh Kelley

Realtor, Legendary Vision, & Juice My Type
Pharaoh is the founder of Legendary Vision. Legendary Vision is privileged to coach and strategize with great leaders from different schools, colleges, organizations, and companies. They have a plan to meet targeted goals as they help individuals unlock a legendary mindset that will provide the healthy and quality personal living one may seek.

Raised by his single mother in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York, Pharaoh endured hardships from early on. Economic instability, family trauma, and depression remained constant throughout the years. Life presented only two choices: continue to live in a generational cycle or rise above the circumstances and make a change. Pharaoh’s vision of what he wanted his life to be led him on a path in which he conditioned his mind to make significant changes in his personal life. His mission now is to help others do the same.

To further assist with this mission, Pharaoh has become a licensed realtor to help individuals through the home buying and selling process in the state of Georgia and teach the power of ownership. Through Legendary Vision Pharaoh can empower individuals to connect their missing piece when it comes to a process that may seem impossible to achieve. 

Since we last spoke, Pharaoh has been a published author for over five years. His first book, “Insurmountable Victory,” details his experience of homelessness and an absent father and how he overcame his trials. Proudly, Pharaoh was rewarded with a proclamation from the council board in the City of Atlanta, recognizing him for the great work that he does in his community when it comes to bridging the gap by unifying those who not only look like him but from all walks of life.

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  • Pharaoh Kelley: Empowering The Youth

    This was his first appearance on the show.

    🔑 Key Themes From This Episode🔑

    1. **Breaking Stereotypes and Stigmas:** Challenging preconceived notions and biases.
    2. **Positive Mindset:** Importance of positive thinking and outlook.
    3. **Self-Improvement Resources:** Utilizing technology and libraries for growth.
    4. **Mentorship:** Seeking and providing guidance for success.
    5. **Empowerment:** Teaching practical skills, like tying ties.
    6. **Personal Growth:** Recognizing and celebrating personal victories.
    7. **Overcoming Adversity:** Triumphing over financial struggles and homelessness.

  • Resources Mentioned

    Here’s a detailed rundown from the episode:

    1. **Book: "Insurmountable Victory" by Pharaoh Kelley**

    Pharaoh Kelley is mentioned as a published author of the book "Insurmountable Victory." This is introduced to highlight his accomplishments amidst growing up with challenges like homelessness and economic instability.

    Get The Book

    2. **Libby App for Free Ebooks and Audiobooks**

    Tyson Gaylord recommends the Libby app as a resource for free ebooks and audiobooks. This recommendation is part of a discussion on utilizing available resources for self-improvement and education through reading.


    3. **Mentors Mentioned:**

    Pharaoh Kelley provides a list of mentors with the right mindset for listeners to follow:

    - **David Goggins**: Known for his tough mental resilience and motivational speaking.

    - **Jocko Willink**: Known as a Retired U.S. Navy Seal, Podcaster, Author, Leadership Instructor, Entrepreneur.

    - **Earl Nightingale**: A motivational speaker and author.

    - **Jim Rohn**: An entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

    - **Bob Proctor**: Known for his work in the self-help field.

    4. **Walking Treadmills**

    Tyson Gaylord and Pharaoh Kelley discuss the health benefits of staying active, with Tyson mentioning walking treadmills. This is suggested as a way to stay active even during work hours.

    Explore on Amazon

    5. **Affordable Health Options**

    Tyson discussed affordable health options such as online blood tests and alternative health services, pointing out that these could be accessed without the need for health insurance. This is especially pertinent for individuals who may not have comprehensive healthcare coverage but still need to monitor their health.

    Amazon Health

    Guide to the Most Affordable (& Advanced!) At-Home Lab Tests

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Tyson Gaylord [00:00:04]:
Welcome to the Social Chameleon Show, where it's our goal to help you learn, grow, and transform into the person you wanna become. Today, I'm talking with Ferro Kelly for round 2. This is the 2nd time he's been on the podcast. If you missed the previous episode, check out episode 72. I'll link that in the show notes for you folks. Fro was raised by a single mother in Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. Fro endured hardship from early on. Economic instability, family trauma, and depression remained constant throughout the years.

Tyson Gaylord [00:00:29]:
Life presented only 2 choices, continue to live in a generation generational cycle or rise above the criticisms to make a change. Fro's vision of what he wanted his life to be led him on the path to which he continued his mind continue conditioning his mind to make significant changes in his personal life. His mission now is to help others do the same. Rowe is the founder of Legendary Vision. Legendary Vision is privileged to coach and strategize with great leaders from different schools, colleges, organization, and companies. They have a plan to meet targeted goals to help individuals unlock the legendary mindset that will provide the healthy and quality of life that they are seeking. To further assist on his mission for always become a licensed realtor, not only help individuals through the home buying and selling process in the state of Georgia, but to also teach the power of ownership. Through legendary vision, Fro can empower individuals to connect their mission piece when it be when it comes to the process of giving them the imposs seem to giving them the process that may seem impossible to achieve.

Tyson Gaylord [00:01:30]:
Since we last spoke, Roe is now a published author. He had just kinda come out with that book, and it's been, you know, 4 or 5 years now. And this book is Insurmountable Victory. It's it details his experiences of being homeless and having an absentee father and how he overcame those trials. Probably for Faroe has been awarded with April, proclamation from the city council board in the city of Atlanta, recognizing him for the great work that he does in his community. He talks about that and what an honor that was. That's another great episode for he's just he's an amazing guy. And in order to have the company legendary village, I think you've gotta be a legend.

Tyson Gaylord [00:02:04]:
And he's legendary because he he he goes and he doesn't allow these things to hold him back. He doesn't allow this stuff. He failed his real estate license 5 times. We talk about that. And he kept persevering. He kept going through this. This guy came from an incredibly disadvantaged community, incredibly disadvantaged background to nothing to do with him, to no luck of his own. Just so happens that's where he was born.

Tyson Gaylord [00:02:30]:
And he shows us how to get through this, how to move forward. We talk about some incredible great stories. We get into all these different things. He's got a new company and stuff because he had a health problem. This is what I love about him. He something happens. He makes it he makes it into something else. He takes this and turns it into a positive.

Tyson Gaylord [00:02:47]:
He came from a disadvantaged company, company, like, Disadvantaged Lifestyle. He created legendary visions to to show, like, this is what I've done. This is what I'm doing. This you guys don't have to do this too. This is great. This is a guy I love for you guys to listen to. Love for you guys to connect with. I love you guys to learn and and support and embrace.

Tyson Gaylord [00:03:04]:
But now without further ado, let's talk to Ferro. Ferro, the legend himself, back for round 2. He's out there in the hood. He's in the streets. He's in the community. He's inspiring young leaders. He's teaching leadership. He's putting people in homes.

Tyson Gaylord [00:03:18]:
He's got a juice thing now. I'm excited for round 2. It's been a while. I'd love to get to reconnect and see what's what's new with you.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:03:26]:
Man, I appreciate it. Hell of an intro. Thank you. Thank you. Happy I think it's been 5 years, way too long, but, definitely got some things to update the audience with, update you guys with. And I'm excited, man. Thank you for having me on your platform once again. That's that's good.

Tyson Gaylord [00:03:40]:
So speaking of that, last time we talked, you you were talking about the goals you wrote down. Absolutely. You you got your book out. It's been it's been 5 years. Yes, sir. Another thing on that list you had was a house in a tailored suit. Yeah. Did we get those?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:03:54]:
Yeah. Dude, definitely. Yeah. Definitely did, man. Yes. Congratulations. I appreciate it. It's so crazy because we, did the episode episode 2019, and, we also discussed the tie drive.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:04:05]:
And luckily, after the episode aired, I was, able to partner with the high school. Thank thank you for you. They seen part of the video, wanted to bring me in, and it was successful. The crazy thing was this was, 3 weeks. I did it before, let's say, the cold on steroids, 2020. Yep. Yep.

Tyson Gaylord [00:04:25]:
Well, let's

Pharaoh Kelley [00:04:26]:
say keep it safe.

Tyson Gaylord [00:04:27]:

Pharaoh Kelley [00:04:28]:
I was able to do the event, but literally 3 weeks after that, man, everything got shut down as you know. Total whirlwind. I was in the works with working with the college as well, but, unfortunately, that fell through. But also 2020, yes, I was able to purchase my first house, first property. Yes. Definitely definitely a huge accomplishment, especially, being homeless, man. This year actually marks the 10th year, since I went through all that whirlwind. So, definitely a big monumental moment, for me and my family for sure, man.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:04:56]:
Yes, sir. And tell us who's coming. Tell us who's coming.

Tyson Gaylord [00:04:59]:
Okay. Oh, but I'll take it. We we still got something to work for. Right. I love it. Absolutely. But the house, that's a big thing, especially from somebody, from your background. You know, like you said, we talked about it in the last couple of weeks.

Tyson Gaylord [00:05:09]:
You guys haven't heard that. Go back and check that

Pharaoh Kelley [00:05:12]:
out. Absolutely.

Tyson Gaylord [00:05:13]:
Check it out, guys.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:05:13]:
Or or

Tyson Gaylord [00:05:14]:
or read his book. He talks about this as well. You know, this that's that like, we talked about in the last episode. You know, we probably talk you probably talk about a lot. It it would have been easy for you to just be stereotypical. You're on welfare. You're in section 8. That would have been the easy road.

Tyson Gaylord [00:05:28]:
Right. Nobody would have had nothing to say about it. Everybody would have been cool. I get it. The the black guy from the hood, of course, he's not gonna make of course, he's not gonna buy a home. Right.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:05:38]:
Since you're getting a

Tyson Gaylord [00:05:40]:
Right. You're proof that says, listen. Go walk to the library. You have a phone. I mean, we got AI now. We got so many things that has happened since since since we've last talked. Absolutely. No excuses.

Tyson Gaylord [00:05:51]:
You know how to do it. You're out I know you're out there in the streets. You're showing people how to do it, and you're a testament to getting it done. Congratulations. I'm a big fan of yours.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:05:59]:
That, man. Thank you

Tyson Gaylord [00:06:00]:
so much. You showing people how to get these things done. It's amazing.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:06:04]:
Absolutely. Well, thank you so much. Yeah. It's, it's been a journey to say, you know, to say it's been an easy road. Not at all. You know, still to this day, I have to pinch myself because I'm like, hold on. Is this even real? Am I even here? But I will say, you know, when you're going through certain circumstances, it's it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I always knew it was I wanted something more, man.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:06:26]:
I I I and I still try to find, hey. What gave you that? And just to be honest, the neighborhood, obviously, the environment, but it's just, you know, I didn't wanna make an excuse. Obviously, you know, we all go through things. Right? We all face trials and errors and and hardships, and, I just didn't want that to be my story. And now Right. My goal is to show everybody, of course, who's willing to listen, especially the younger generation that, hey, man. You put your mind so you can really achieve anything. As corny as that may sound.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:06:56]:
Right? Yeah. Yeah. So redundant. Like, what do you mean? But listen, like you said, if if I can do it and I'm not the smartest, or sharpest knife in the drawer, man. I barely graduated high school, went to college, and all that good stuff. But if I can do it, it really is a testament that anyone can do it, but it starts with your mindset, man. And, I was able to cultivate that over the years, and, yeah, it got it got me here. There's still more I need to achieve.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:07:20]:
You know, of course, I'm never never never satisfied, but I am proud of where I'm at. I don't hear it a lot. So, you know, sometimes you gotta pat yourself on the back. When you're achieving certain accomplishments, you know, a lot of times we're looking for the congratulations, the thank yous and stuff, but, you know, it's not always gonna come, but don't get down. And, but, yeah, it's it's been a hell of a journey for sure, but my my mission now is to inspire everybody. You know? That's my that's my goal in life right now. So I wanna give back because some people believed in me when I was younger. You know? I didn't get hit by myself.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:07:53]:
Not at all. There's been a lot of people who helped and paved the way. But I do say, you still have to even with the help, I think people who don't realize you still have to get up, gotta put your pants on, gotta go to work, you gotta put the work in. Yeah. It's one thing for to get help, but you have to do something with that help. So like I said, man, I'm very appreciative of everyone who's been, a part of the success along my way, for sure.

Tyson Gaylord [00:08:16]:
Absolutely. For sure. That that's a good perspective, because I think a lot of us, if you don't step back and think about it, we don't realize, even if you say I'm self made, there's a lot that goes into that. I mean, there's so much luck.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:08:29]:
Just pure luck. Right. Absolutely.

Tyson Gaylord [00:08:31]:
I mean, listen. For us, we're born in America. Nothing to do with us, nothing to do with our skills, nothing to do with anything. Just luck. Right. Our parents, our community, luck. Luck. Luck.

Tyson Gaylord [00:08:41]:
Luck. Your ZIP code dictates so much in your life. Absolutely. Pure, pure luck.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:08:46]:
Absolutely. And

Tyson Gaylord [00:08:48]:
then the rest comes from us. And and it's it's I love that you realize that. And and I think you're reminded not just to myself and you, but to everybody listening. Like like, take that opportunity. Give yourself the thanks, because we can't be doing this stuff for external appreciation. Because like you're saying, it's not gonna come. It's gotta be from within. Mhmm.

Tyson Gaylord [00:09:06]:
But take take pat yourself on the back when you when you got that. Count the blessings that you're lucky, but also know that you took that luck and you did hard work.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:09:15]:
And listen. And it's something you said. I was thinking about that earlier. I don't mean to cut you off. We live in we live in America. You know? It has its grades. It has its cons. But one thing I will say, it is the best economy system in the world.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:09:27]:
You know? It is a capitalist system, but this is one place where you can literally start from 0 and build your way up, from nothing, literally. These endless stories. You know? I'm just one of them. I'm working. I'm still not like I said, they're I'm not even that's not even my that's not even who I am to produce the material stuff. And shade guys, I have these little trinkets and stuff like that. I'm more so in, about the hunger, the mindset, of knowing that you can literally start from nowhere and and build your way up and you know? But it takes it does take a level of commitment and, determination. You know, it's gonna be days where you don't wanna wake up.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:10:07]:
But, you know, you gotta keep pushing, man. You gotta keep pushing. But the opportunity is definitely there. You just have to, find what works for you. You have to find out, hey. How can I you know, if I have a goal, how can I achieve that goal? You know? And not just saying, you know, hey. I wanna do x y z and just not doing anything to achieve that. You have to put the work in, and constantly keep building yourself, constantly keep building yourself.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:10:30]:
So but it's possible. Absolutely, man. Absolutely. And like you said, we're not, fortunate to pick where we're born or, you know, the family where we come from. Mhmm. And, you know, sometimes you do got a shitty hand, but Yeah. You gotta play your hand, man, and you can't just me, personally, I just didn't wanna keep, blaming people. I just didn't wanna keep blaming the system for all the you know, my dad wasn't there.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:10:53]:
Unfortunately, he, you know, he he got hooked to drugs and alcohol, man, and, you know, that was a big, chunk out of my life that still hurts me till this day. But I know that, hey. I I can't be responsible. I can't, you know, I can't feel bad that, hey. My dad made those choices. You know? I have to make my own choices. I have to make my own way, and, it it's possible, man. Like I said, it it's very much possible, man.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:11:20]:
I'm just one one testimony as many others out there, but it's, you know, it's definitely possible. You know, sir?

Tyson Gaylord [00:11:26]:
Absolutely. What's what's new on the list?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:11:30]:
Yeah. So absolutely, man. So as always updated, so, I wanna say was it 20 24? 2022, I got my license in in in real estate, became a licensed realtor. That was a goal, since 2011, actually. So when I was even in New York, and we discussed that. It was actually one of my goals at the time, but, of course, you know, things going on, it didn't allow me to achieve that. But when the cold on steroids came, it gave me an opportunity to sit back and really reevaluate other opportunities I wanted to go after. Doing the tire drive, it was a great deal.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:12:10]:
But with COVID, as you know, everything got shut down, man. Schools, different workplaces, companies, small businesses, everything just got, you know, whirlwind flipped upside down. So I had the opportunity to say, you know what? What's something that you wanted to go after that you really didn't have the time, but now you do things a lot slower, And I'm and getting my my, real estate license is definitely one of them, that I'm I'm I'm extremely proud of Mark Law. And, yeah, that that was definitely a goal. And, also, a new goal, was opening a a juice company, which I did, and we'll definitely just talk about that as well. But Mhmm. Getting the license was was really big for me, man. It took me don't laugh.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:12:48]:
Like I said, I'm not the smartest guy. It took me 5 times. So I started in, 2020, and, you know, you have to take a 75 hour class. I did that. After the 75 hour class, you have to take a test. You have 2 times. And if you don't pass, you know, you gotta take the whole course all over again. Like I said, man, not I'm not a book guy, but I didn't pass.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:13:10]:
So, failed the tow times, but one thing about me, I don't give up. You know? If I'm set to go, I have to go after it. And, went after it again, and once again, it just took me 2 2 years longer than I expected. But after that 5th time, I was able to get my license, man. And, it's a it's a big deal, coming from homelessness, coming from, you know, poverty, to have a license, to help people get in homes, to show them the, importance of ownership, you know, if you're able to. That's not fair everybody, of course, but there's so many avenues with real estate, not just owning a home, you know, you can achieve passive income in other areas. But for me, personally, it it meant everything, to achieve that and, to be able to say I'm a I'm a realtor in in Georgia. Yes, sir.

Tyson Gaylord [00:13:56]:
First of all, give yourself credit, man. You are a smart guy. I know you are. I've talked to you a lot. I've seen you. Yes, sir. You're just not smart in the maybe traditional sense, but that's okay. Right.

Tyson Gaylord [00:14:05]:
Not all of us are. Right.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:14:06]:
That's not

Tyson Gaylord [00:14:07]:
a big deal, dude.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:14:08]:
Yes, sir. I appreciate it.

Tyson Gaylord [00:14:09]:
Smart in the in the way you're smart, and and that's it. And then secondly, 5 times. I'm I mean, that's gotta be rough. What was the mindset like? What was the self talk like going through that? Like, I mean, the 3rd time, like, shit. The 4th time, shit. What what what kept you going? What were you talking to yourself about?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:14:26]:
Dude, man. I'm like, do I even wanna keep going? Like you said, you know, I'm I'm human. I have my days too. I know I, you know, I have have a a level of poise, but trust me, I you know, that doubt creeps up sometimes as well. And, what was going through my mind was was really just my son, honestly, my son, my family. You know, I I feel like I am in a position where there's not a lot of examples, man, to be honest with you. You know? There's not a lot of examples of, you know, people going out there, those at least in in my circle aside from, you know, certain, associates or friends and things of that nature. But it was my son.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:15:03]:
I didn't wanna give up on him, and I knew this was something I always wanted to achieve. And I was I was every time I failed, I was a little bit closer. So the very first time I failed, because you have to get a 109 I believe someone in many states, but for Georgia, you had to get a 109 correct. And then out of a 181, forgive me. I don't know exact number, but around 109. And, the very first time, I I missed it by, like, 24 points. But, you know, I can went studied again, went back. The next time, I missed it by, like, 15 points.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:15:34]:
So, you know, I kept going lower. Mhmm. 3rd time, it was about, 10 points type of deal. And then the 4th time, I missed it literally by 6 points.

Tyson Gaylord [00:15:43]:
Oh. I'm

Pharaoh Kelley [00:15:44]:
like, dude. I'm like, dude. I'm there, man. I'm like, I'm there. I just just you know, it's gotta buckle down, focus, you know, grasp the little bit of things that I need to get. And that very and that 5th time, man, I just I just went in there, like, look look, Farrell. Relax. Breathe.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:15:57]:
You know, you did all the studying. You put the work in. This is yours. And, I I essentially just psyched myself out, man, and, it it worked. I like I said, that belief overcame that anxiety of not achieving it again because I I was feeling like a failure, you know. Having to tell my mom, man, I, you know, I failed again. You know, of course, she's like, hey. No problem.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:16:16]:
You know, you you know, you'll get it. You'll get it. Keep going. Definitely helped. I love her for that. But, you know, when you're going for something, you don't get it right away, it can definitely be defeating. You know? It could definitely tear you up, and it and it can get you off your track of what you're trying to do, but just quitting is not in me, man. It's just I don't know.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:16:33]:
Like, I'm a I'm a rebel I'm a rebel at heart, dude. It's like, you know, I'm not gonna say quitting is easy, but I've seen I've seen what quitting does. I've seen people who, you know and I speak on my dad, and, this is a gentleman who worked at Wall Street, man. And, unfortunately, he got he let alcohol and drugs get the best them, and I just I think of I think of stuff like that. I don't wanna I don't wanna I just don't wanna be that. I don't know, man. I just don't wanna, you know, I don't want my advices to get the best in me. And I'm like, look.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:17:05]:
You gotta take it 20 times. You're gonna get this damn license, and I'm just happy I got it on the 5th time. So, yeah, it was a journey, but that wasn't one of my that was a big goal of mine. Definitely a big goal of mine. And, I'm very proud, man. I will say that. I don't say that much about myself, but that is something I'm very proud about. Yes, sir.

Tyson Gaylord [00:17:22]:
I know I'm proud of you, man. Five times, that I can't imagine what that's like. I can't imagine, that like you're saying, that fear of failure, like, shit. And especially when you got close like that, it's like

Pharaoh Kelley [00:17:31]:

Tyson Gaylord [00:17:31]:
Yeah. I I'm sure correct me if I'm wrong. The self talk out of it, like, you know, maybe this isn't for me. I just can't get it. There's math. I have friends. My sister's got a real estate license. I have friends with his broker.

Tyson Gaylord [00:17:44]:
I know the questions they told they told me. They're like, these are weird questions. They you don't know how many square feet in an acre, and it's like, what? You know? I was like, how many square feet in an acre?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:17:54]:
You know? Right.

Tyson Gaylord [00:17:55]:
So I understand. I like to undertake it, but I understand. Yeah.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:17:58]:
Right. It's definitely tough. Yes, sir.

Tyson Gaylord [00:18:00]:
At your at your lowest point, if you can remember, what what did you do to bring yourself back up?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:18:08]:
My lowest point, it would it would definitely be my 2nd stint in a shelter, I would say. And I was back in New York. That's 20 2014. Like I said, this year marks the tough year of that. But, I just didn't wanna key I didn't wanna go through that anymore, man. It was you know, we speak of generational cycles and traumas and all that good stuff. And, right there, I just say, you know, something has to change. You know, I don't care if it takes me 20 years, you know, 10 years, 15 years.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:18:36]:
Something has to change, and I know that, nobody's coming to save me. And I think a lot of times we are waiting for somebody to change our circumstance. And I think right there, that proved to me that, hey. Nobody's coming to save you, dude. You have to, you know, you have to figure it out. You have to create a game plan. I didn't put myself in that situation, and I don't blame anybody for that. You know, life happens, unfortunately.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:18:56]:
We you know, life is not black and white. I think we try to make it black and white, and, you know, it's really not. You know? I was working, family was working, but, you know, it we just couldn't keep up with the build. You know? Shit happened, dude. So it's like, you're gonna keep blaming your circumstances, or are you gonna, you know, put your best foot forward? And, that was definitely my lowest point, and, it just it just drove me. I said, I can't do this anymore. You know? I need stability. I need, I know it's more out there.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:19:23]:
Like I said, I would I would, meet different people who would, you know, speak highly of me. At the time, I couldn't see that myself because, I was it was so 20 I was about 21. 2 years prior, I had just graduated college. I got my, criminology degree.

Tyson Gaylord [00:19:38]:

Pharaoh Kelley [00:19:39]:
And, I had the opportunity to, intern at the, Supreme Court. So that's the court that's downtown Brooklyn, big court. I was working in a foreclosure department. I'll never forget. It was this one lawyer lady. Nice lady, very sweet. And, I remember she just looked at me one day, and she's like, you wanna be something one day. It's like, you're you're special.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:19:57]:
I see something in you. And, like, me, I'm like, you know, I'm in the hood. I'm like, I can't

Tyson Gaylord [00:20:01]:
I don't see nothing other than me. What you

Pharaoh Kelley [00:20:03]:
see, lady? But it's like, you know, that always stuck with me. You know? And there's other few few other things that always stuck me. That always stuck with me. And, you know, she breaks she she breath life into me, and, that that always meant a lot. You know? So it's just different moments and and points in my life that that let me know that, hey, man. This is bigger than you. You know? And I just think, being being in the shelves, being in that intake, getting called, you know, getting served crazy jail type food. You know? It's just that's just not the life I wanted to live.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:20:34]:
You know? And I think it was it would have been easy for me to be like, you know what? This is how it's supposed to be. You know? You're from Brownsville, Brooklyn. You know? Statistics is against you. You know? I you can make excuses. You had a rough life, but, I wanted to go against the grain. Like I said, I'm a rebel at heart in a good way, and, I just wanted to, you know, prove self more than anybody that, hey. You can you can overcome what you're going through. It's gonna be hard as hell.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:20:59]:
And I think we gotta be honest with ourselves when we're going through certain things that look. When you when you look at everything that you're going through, it is gonna look crazy. Right? You know, you don't you don't change in a day. And my circumstances definitely didn't change in a day, but it started with my mindset. It started with me saying, you know, enough is enough. And you gotta get to that point where you say, hey, man. Enough is enough. Whatever you may be going through in life, it has to push you enough to want change.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:21:24]:
And I think, being in that last circumstance, it was like, man, enough is enough. So, that was definitely my lowest moment, and, that was definitely me saying, you know, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Something has to change, and and it definitely led me in my journey and path to, you know, being able to talk to you, man. So, definitely, that was definitely my lowest moment. But, you know, it gave me motivation to keep pushing and, and and once again, just know that, you know, this is big on you, and you can you can get out of this situation. Just work hard.

Tyson Gaylord [00:21:52]:
And so, yeah, failing 4 real estate 5 real estate test, no big deal. It's like, this is that I've been to way worse than this.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:21:59]:
Right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And not and not feeling like a failure. You know? We're not always gonna get it on the 1st, second time. Some people do. You know? Everybody academia is a little bit different.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:22:09]:
I think when you go through stuff, it doesn't necessarily make you a failure. I think it actually, you know, builds character. Suffering to me builds character. When you go through stuff and you overcome it, especially when you're at a place of hopelessness, man, to be honest, that's what drove me, just a state of hopelessness and just wanting more. I think, you can you can find power in that. It's very it's very empowering when you know? Some kids, they tell me, hey, Farrah, man. You just don't know. You know? I'm going through hell.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:22:36]:
You know? I'm going through craziness. And, and I say, listen. You might be right. I I may not know. But from everything you're telling me, it sounds like you have all the tools you need to change your life. What else do you need to motivate you? Right? You may not have the steps. You may need help aligning your career, aligning your path. That's different.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:22:55]:
But you you have the fuel already. And I think a lot of times, and not everybody has this hardship story and and all that good, and that's okay. But you have something in you that if you dig deep enough, man, you can achieve anything. And I I totally believe that. I totally believe that. Nothing's gonna change my mind about that. And I just I just keep preaching that. You telling me, you know, you you tell me what you don't have, and I'll give you a hundred reasons of of why you should be even more focused or passionate about trying to achieve where you're going.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:23:22]:
So, yeah. Any anything's possible, man, if you put your mind to it.

Tyson Gaylord [00:23:27]:
And then That's the hard thing that's the hard thing, I think, that happens. When you're in that, it feels like there's no end. Right?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:23:33]:
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [00:23:33]:
It feels like it feels like this yeah. Yeah. This is great now, but there's no way out of this. I can't see it tomorrow. I can't see the future. But if we can step back and and somehow try to realize, like, this is just temporary. No matter how long it's been going on, it's just temporary.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:23:47]:

Tyson Gaylord [00:23:48]:
Eventually, if you if you if you do what you gotta do, eventually, this will change. You know, this too shall pass. Right?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:23:53]:
Absolutely. Absolutely. But it it it passes, but also just, you know, create creating a plan. Like I said, I'm the kinda guy the stuff that I'm a tell you, you may not like to hear it. It may sound boring, but it works. You know? Yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [00:24:07]:

Pharaoh Kelley [00:24:07]:
Yeah. I'm a I'm a I'm a repetition kinda guy. And I will say the first step is is definitely creating a plan, man. Since since back in the day, I I've always written down goals. You know? Small goals, big goals. You know? I've always had an idea of, you know, what I wanted to do, or how I wanted to overcome what I was going through. And I think a lot of people need to start there because if you're not even clear on what you're trying to achieve, you're gonna just be spinning the wheels over and over and over. And every day is gonna feel like hell.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:24:37]:
Every day is gonna feel like, hold on. What what what's what's going on? What am I, you know, what's going wrong? But you have to really sit down and ask yourself, hey. What am I trying to achieve? What am I trying to overcome? You know, those are small things that some people are not even clear on what they're trying to get after. And I and I would recommend, hey. Start there. What are you try what what's something going on in your life that you would like to overcome? You know, is it hardship? Is it trying to go for a different career? Is it trying to get to a different level of life? Identify what that that thing is. That's number 1. And determine what your why is.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:25:10]:
You know, at the time, once again, you know, going through those hardship, that pushed me. You know? Some some some people, you know, we we come from same places, but I went this way, and some people went that way. Some family decided to go that way. Some friends decided to go that way. For whatever reason, I don't you know, they have their own personal battles and demons. You know, we're all human, but I decided to go the other way. And I'm telling you, you know, you can as well. You can as well.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:25:35]:
Just put your mind to it, write it down, figure out, what you wanna do, figure out where you're trying to go. And, and you will be surprised how naturally things start to come into place, when you realize, hey. This is where I need to be. This is where I'm trying to go. You start meeting the right people. You start getting to the right circumstances. You start, you know, just naturally, waking up within with a passion of, like, hey, man. I got shit to do today.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:26:00]:
You know? There's no time for games today. I know my friends, they wanna chill. I know they wanna go to the movies or whatever. You know, this one wants to hang out. I don't have time for that today. You know? So get clear on what you're trying to do is definitely a big step. There's other steps as well, but that's that's the that's the number 1. Identify what you're going through and, and create that plan of how you try how do you would like to overcome that.

Tyson Gaylord [00:26:22]:
Yeah. That's that's great. That's I really that's really great advice. It reminds me of a book I recently just read, by Cal Newport, Slow Productivity. Nice. And he he talks about I guess, the thesis of the book is is think about these things over a longer time horizon. I think, especially in American culture, we think everything's gotta happen now. Fast.

Tyson Gaylord [00:26:41]:
Fast. Fast. Fast.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:26:42]:
Fast. Right.

Tyson Gaylord [00:26:42]:
You know, like, oh, I tried this. It's been 3 weeks. Why am I not the manager yet? Right.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:26:46]:
And but

Tyson Gaylord [00:26:46]:
if we if we spread out the time horizon a little bit and say, listen. This is what I'm gonna work on. Maybe today isn't the most productive day, or maybe today isn't the best day. But over the past week, over the past month, over the past quarter, over the past year, How far have I gotten? Like you're saying, if you get that plan, and you're like, well, what are you doing? I'm just heading west. Well, what does that

Pharaoh Kelley [00:27:04]:
mean? Right.

Tyson Gaylord [00:27:05]:
I mean, it's nice. What what how far? Where where are you going? What if you're like, listen. I'm headed, you know, I'm headed to California. And you're like, you know Right. Okay. I'm only in Texas right now, but I've it's been 2 years, and I've made my way.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:27:17]:

Tyson Gaylord [00:27:17]:
my way. Right. Like, oh, today, I didn't go anywhere, but that's okay. When I look back on my life, I have a goal I'm headed toward. I'm chasing that. And it sounds like this is something similar. Like, you know, put these down and just start marching forward. You know? Every little bit, What's the next action step? What's the next thing? Let's just march forward day after day.

Tyson Gaylord [00:27:37]:
And don't don't beat yourself up if today wasn't the greatest day. Right. But you know you're still on that path forward.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:27:43]:
Absolutely. You're gonna have your days, man. I have them. Like I said, I know I I display a poise, but trust me, I have my days where it's like, dude, I don't wanna do this shit today. You know?

Tyson Gaylord [00:27:51]:

Pharaoh Kelley [00:27:51]:
don't wanna get out of bed today. Yeah. But it's like, I look at, you know, the opposite of that. So I look at life as a

Tyson Gaylord [00:27:55]:
duality thing. You know? You have hot, you have cold.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:27:55]:
Opposite of that. So I look at life as a duality thing. You know, you have hot, you

Tyson Gaylord [00:27:59]:
have cold, you have light, you have dark. You know, I look at where I'm trying to be

Pharaoh Kelley [00:27:59]:
and where I've been, you know, and I want you guys to do the same thing. Look at what you're trying to achieve and where you've been, you know, and I want you guys to do the same thing. Look at what you're trying to achieve and where you've been. And a lot of times, like you said, we don't appreciate the the small victories that we've achieved or how far we've come. You're not all of us, we're not the same person from 5 years ago, even 4 years ago, 3 years ago. And if you look in your phone and look at a picture from a year ago, and now you look totally different. You know, that's just common way to show you that, hey, man. It you know, you you change is gradual.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:28:31]:
I do blame a little bit of the social media stuff, you know, keeping up with the Kardashians. Right? Everybody wanna keep up with the Joneses, man. It's like Jesus. And I and I and I'm here to say, man, that that's just you know, that's not that's not real to me, dude. It's not that's not like I feel like when you look at other people's success and where they're at, it's so easy to say, man, I'm a failure. You know? I'm I'm I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do. You know? This person has this. This person has that.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:28:56]:
They're traveling there. They're traveling there. And and, truthfully, man, you don't well, 2 things. You don't know what that person's been through to achieve that. That's number 1. So you should never even, you know, be envious of that. And 2, none of that's gonna help you out. Right? You know, comparing yourself and comparing your life, that's not gonna bring you closer to where you need to be anyway.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:29:15]:

Tyson Gaylord [00:29:16]:
it was important, you know, just

Pharaoh Kelley [00:29:17]:
to have that laser focused vision, have your goals for sure, and understand, like you said, man, change is gradual. It happens over time. It's not gonna happen in the day. It took me, like I said, 10 years technically to change my life. Right? You tell somebody, hey, man. You could change your life. You can be in a different tax bracket, whatever, but it's gonna take 7, 15 years. They gonna look at you like you crazy.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:29:41]:
Now I need the quick fix.

Tyson Gaylord [00:29:42]:
Yeah. Right. Right. Right.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:29:44]:
Yeah. You know, a lot of people would go for that you know, they go for the microwave food. I need grandma's own cooking.

Tyson Gaylord [00:29:49]:
You know?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:29:49]:
I need that that that food that tastes good. You know? And a lot of times when you when people come to you with stuff that sounds too good to be true, a lot of times it is. And, like I said, there's no quick fixes, and I and I'm definitely not trying to teach or sell anybody a quick fix. You know? What I'm preaching and and teaching and and and I'm inspiring is is something that's gonna take some time, but your results are gonna be quality work. It's gonna be, long lasting. It's not a it's not a microwave fix. And if you really wanna fix your problem, you have to be honest with yourself and say, you know what? It's gonna take some time. It's gotta keep going, and, and you'll get there, man.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:30:23]:
It'll take some time, but you'll get there. And that's

Tyson Gaylord [00:30:26]:
why your your stuff is called legendary visions. Like, in order to be a legend, it takes time to be a legend, man. Yeah. It's gonna take work. Working on it. Yeah. You're not gonna get it renting Airbnb and flashing it off on Instagram. Right.

Tyson Gaylord [00:30:38]:
That's not gonna work. You're not gonna rent a Lamborghini and get that quick. And that's the thing people don't I think people miss out is so much of that stuff is set up. It's sulfate.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:30:47]:
A lot

Tyson Gaylord [00:30:48]:
of it's fake. And then like you're saying, they're selling that dream. Right? They're selling the microwave meals. Listen. I'm a get you 10 k in 30 days. I'm a get you this in whatever. And it's like, cool.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:30:57]:
Yeah. Hold on.

Tyson Gaylord [00:30:58]:
Yeah. Whatever stupid thing they're promoting next.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:31:01]:
And Actually, ask yourself this. Why are you so special? That's how I look at that stuff, you know, and I try to teach people that's because, you know, let's be honest, man. When you're when you're when you're when you're in a messed up situation, you know, you're thirsty, you're looking for ice cold water. Let's just be honest. We're gonna call a spade a spade, and there's nothing wrong with that, but you have to ask yourself that, hey. There's people out there that wants to take advantage of your circumstances. There's people who don't give a damn about you that truly just wanna dial off for you. You know what I'm saying? So you have to be able to see that, understand that.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:31:30]:
Look. What makes me so special that you wanna give me this great offer? You know? Because like you said, I'm tired of seeing those people too, man. It's like, it's so and and it's it's twist the reality, and it's making people think that in 30 days, 90 days, my life is gonna change by just doing this one thing, and that and that's not and that's not realistic, man. So

Tyson Gaylord [00:31:47]:
Yeah. It's it's like the narrative. And it's sad. And and and like you're saying, these guys will take your last $27. Yeah. They don't they don't care. Not at all. I I I get what it feels like because when you're in that low place and you need to you're thinking of a man, I need gas in the car.

Tyson Gaylord [00:32:03]:
I'm hungry. You're like, well, like, maybe I could just do this one thing, and I'm gonna get 3 grand. And life's gonna be good. I'm gonna go get a

Pharaoh Kelley [00:32:12]:
stretch off. Right. You know, the 8

Tyson Gaylord [00:32:14]:
of power balls up to 700,000,000. Like, I got my last $2, and

Pharaoh Kelley [00:32:19]:
it Right.

Tyson Gaylord [00:32:19]:
It's tough because when when you're in that brain space, you're just thinking about survival.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:32:24]:
Survival. Absolutely.

Tyson Gaylord [00:32:26]:
That part of our brain, that reasoning part of our brain, it's kinda turned off. Like, because you're just thinking about what's the next thing I could do when these little flashy offers come along and you see these things and yeah. It's it's man, it's tough to to stop yourself or to not fall victim.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:32:38]:
And that's a great point. You you like you just mentioned, man, you're in a survival state. So like you said, you're not even able to think logically. You're not even able to, you know, realistically say, hello, this doesn't sound good. You know? So I think as hard as it is, right, you have to get out of that survival mentality. You know? Mhmm. Because it it leaves you it leaves you desperate, for answers, and also you're gonna be susceptible to, once again, people just trying to, you know, take advantage of you, and I hate that, you know, because it's people out here like me and you who work hard, who who wanna bring who wanna unify people, who wanna teach people and show people like, hey, man. There is a other way.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:33:19]:
There's a right way to, you know, what you're trying to achieve. And, you know, yeah, I I I wish we could just get rid of all those people, but, unfortunately, we got the Internet. It's not going anywhere, so you just have to be mindful. You know?

Tyson Gaylord [00:33:31]:
We just gotta speak louder. It's okay. Absolutely. It's it's okay. We'll we'll keep we'll keep we'll keep We'll clean them up. Yeah. Speaking of that, man, what what is like what's it like being a dad? What is what is what has it been like over these years? What have you learned? What what have you learned about yourself? What have you learned about humans? What has that been like?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:33:52]:
Being a dad, it's, it's been a full circle moment. It's it's it's interesting you even say that because yesterday, my son, he had a, you know, they I will say about and they reward everything, good or bad. There's a participation trophy, but I love it, you know. But, he actually got promoted to the 4th grade. So he's 9, turned insane. And, being a dad, man, is it has its challenges, of course, you know, it has its challenges, but it's very rewarding. When I go pick up my son, as soon as he sees it, he's gonna be daddy, you know, and Yeah. It it it just it warms my heart up.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:34:30]:
And once again, I didn't have, you know, have my dad to a certain period, but not having my dad, not, you know, my dad didn't come to any of my graduations. You know? Like I said, he he fought his own team. I don't blame him. You know? I don't blame him at all, but I would have loved to have him there. You know? I would have loved to, you know, go to games and all that good stuff. So now that I'm in the position I'm in, I'm able to do these things with my son. I'm able to travel. I'm able to take him places.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:34:55]:
I'm able to be there for him, you know, take him to the park, get him ice cream. You know, just the small stuff. I'm I just love on him, man. That's my baby boy. And, and, honestly, he's the reason why I even made the transition and move, that I did because he was gonna be born. And one thing I always said that, you know, if I ever have a kid, at the time, I didn't know his son, but I said, you know, I would never let him be fatherless. And I stayed true to that goal. I'm in his life.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:35:21]:
He's looking the majority of the time, you know, but, I love him, man. That's my baby boy. And without him, I

Tyson Gaylord [00:35:27]:
don't know where I've been. For sure, I don't even

Pharaoh Kelley [00:35:29]:
know if I would have made the move to Georgia. So I could have still been in New York in my crazy situation. So I think I think my sunlight has been a a blessing in disguise. And, you know, a few, 2016, man, we we had a life altering event, that I discussed in my book with my son, and it's been tough and challenging, man, to be to say to say the least, but he showed he's the reason why I don't give up. I'm a be honest with you. He's the reason that, I keep going because I see how far he's come with the challenges he has to face and go through on a daily. And, to see his progression, to see how far he's come is like, dude, you tired, get up, man. You gotta work.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:36:05]:
You gotta, you know, keep going, keep fighting. If my son could put the work in and and improve drastically, and keep going and and, be happy and, you know, be a little a little angel that he is, man, I can surely keep doing what I have to do to make sure that he has a good life. That's my goal, and that's my mission aside from the family and the loved ones. Take care of my son and making sure that he's good and doesn't want for anything. And, I can I can proudly say that at least right now, as long as I'm breathing, that is the circumstance of him not wanting anything, just wanting him to be a kid, live your life? What new toy you want?

Tyson Gaylord [00:36:39]:

Pharaoh Kelley [00:36:39]:
want McDonald's? Let's go.

Tyson Gaylord [00:36:41]:
You wanna start with, you know, back in the day, you wanna

Pharaoh Kelley [00:36:43]:
do better than that.

Tyson Gaylord [00:36:44]:
Right. Yeah. Y'all got McDonald's money? McDonald's in the house. I'll make you a cheeseburger.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:36:49]:
Right. Right. Right. And, you know, that's how it is. But, yeah, man. That's my that's my boy, man. I love him, man.

Tyson Gaylord [00:36:55]:
He's he's he's the re he's the

Pharaoh Kelley [00:36:55]:
reason I'm here, honestly. He's the reason

Tyson Gaylord [00:37:06]:
yes. That's my boy, man. I love him. That's That's that's beautiful, man. I I can relate. I I feel you on that. My dad, he he he was around, but he worked so much. We we had a family business, that my grandparents and stuff owned, and he was just never there.

Tyson Gaylord [00:37:21]:
He just he was just working. He just doing his thing.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:37:23]:
Right. He put

Tyson Gaylord [00:37:24]:
food on the table, and he never went to any of my games, never went to any of my stuff. So that was I had the same kind of thought when I was growing up. I said, if I remember a dad, I'm gonna I don't know what I'm gonna do, but I'm gonna go to every game. I'm gonna go to every recital. I'm gonna go to everything. And I I'm so I'm so, so lucky I get to do that stuff.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:37:39]:
Yes, sir.

Tyson Gaylord [00:37:40]:
I I am so blessed to see him. Being a parent, being a father, I I it's just so magical, and I'm glad you get to experience that.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:37:48]:
I appreciate it. And I you know, and and to touch on that point too, I think a lot of times, man, we you know, I always say, love don't pay the bills. So it's like, even though your dad wasn't there, man, I respect that he took care of you guys, you know. Yeah. It it unfortunately, when you're going after your goals or you're trying to make sure the house is good, you're gonna miss you're gonna miss some steps. You're gonna you're gonna unfortunately, you can't be at every game. You can't do everything you would wanna do. Like I said, we're fortunate to be able to do that.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:38:14]:
But your dad is very honorable, man, because he he stepped up and took care of you guys. And Yeah. I know with some people as well, because, I've talked with some people that that's that's like a heavy void on them. You know, a lot of times, a lot of great leaders, and I'm not perfect by any means, but, you know, when you're great in one area, unfortunately, you're lacking in another. You know? And, I just wanna be balanced. You know? I'm not perfect by any means, and sometimes, you know, I might have to miss a work event because I need to go be with my son. Or sometimes, unfortunately, I can't be with my son because, you know, dad has to make sure, you know, things will keep going. You know?

Tyson Gaylord [00:38:49]:
So it's

Pharaoh Kelley [00:38:49]:
a it's a healthy balance, I think. As the generations are passing, I would say we're pouring more into our children. We're trying to be there more. Yeah. We see what our parents lacked, you know, for whatever reason, not good or bad with us, and now we wanna provide that to our children. That's all you can do, man. Just, you know, the things that you wanted as a kid and things you wanted with your dad, just give that to your children, you know, or future children if you don't have kids right now. And, trust me.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:39:14]:
They they'll they'll appreciate that love in the long run. Yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [00:39:17]:
Yeah. And it's nice. I mean, you've broken the cycle no matter what. Right? You've broken that cycle. You're you're around. And and that that was something that that you didn't get to experience. And now you can break that cycle, and he he'll know what it's like to have a have have a dad. And then, yeah, you know, it doesn't have to be quantity of time.

Tyson Gaylord [00:39:37]:
I I I think I've I feel like I've learned. It's quality. It's these little moments that you're saying. Absolutely. Go into Starbucks. My son, he just loves getting little drinks. I'm like, dude. Yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [00:39:46]:
Stop wasting my money on beverages. You know? But

Pharaoh Kelley [00:39:50]:
loves the, the, what's the, the, cake pops? That's his thing. He loves, like, a chocolate cake. He has a sweet tooth, man. So, yeah, I get it. Yeah. But those But he'll always remember that. He'll always

Tyson Gaylord [00:39:59]:
remember that. Yes. You're yes. You're always remember those little those little special moments, and it doesn't have to be, you know, oh, I I gotta spend 6 hours with my kid a day. Like, if

Pharaoh Kelley [00:40:07]:
you I mean, that's fine.

Tyson Gaylord [00:40:09]:
Times. Right. That's good. That's good. But, you know, hey, listen. Hey, I got a I got a work event tonight, bud. I'm sorry. Let's have dinner early.

Tyson Gaylord [00:40:17]:
Or, hey, let's go let's go get a special treat real quick. I'm not gonna be here tonight. But, you know, those little moments, that's what he remembers. Like, when I talk to my son, he's 13 now, and he thinks back as these little weird things, like, we don't even think about, but they remember those.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:40:30]:
They remember. Yeah, man.

Tyson Gaylord [00:40:31]:
Those are the best Right.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:40:33]:
Mine mine's a sponge, man. And, and that just shows, you know, you like you said, you're not perfect. I'm a show you not perfect either, but No. Got it. You know yeah. You you did your best, and and he sees that.

Tyson Gaylord [00:40:43]:
And I think kids, like you said, they they they see the

Pharaoh Kelley [00:40:45]:
things that we don't necessarily see and pick up on. And for him to tell you that, I'm sure that meant a to you to hear that from your baby boy, man. So It does. Yeah. That's beautiful. Absolutely.

Tyson Gaylord [00:40:55]:
Yeah. It it it's such it's just so man, I just it is I just love it so much. It's I just I have such fond memories, and I look forward to the future and what what what's gonna become of all that. It it's

Pharaoh Kelley [00:41:07]:
You gotta you gotta get them when, you know, they still think we're cool right now.

Tyson Gaylord [00:41:10]:
Yeah. Yeah. They get that. They get all the He's on the edge. He's 13. He's on the edge.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:41:13]:
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm seeing his. I'm I'm I'm creeping. I'm creeping. My son's turning, turn this year. You know, he loves playing and all that good stuff, but I I hope, you know, he's forever feels like that, but, you know, we all go through those phases, man.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:41:25]:
I can't I gotta be honest. You know? But Yeah. That's good, man.

Tyson Gaylord [00:41:29]:
You know, one thing I like to think about, and and if I can to try to tell people, is is you never know when the last time something's gonna happen. Mhmm. So, you know, there's gonna be a there's gonna be a day where you guys go to the park. And for whatever reason, that's the last time you're ever gonna do that. Because he's because he's too old. Now he's wanna go hang out with his friends. You know? Right. Like, this past year was the 1st New Year's Eve ever that my son wanted to go hang out with his friends.

Tyson Gaylord [00:41:54]:
I'm like, dang. I'm glad. Like, it it came out of nowhere. You know? He he's Right. Right. Right. He's 13 now. He wanted to go hang out with his friends at their little event.

Tyson Gaylord [00:42:01]:
It's like, wow. Now that's it. No more New Year's Eve with my son. Like Right. But you don't I didn't think about last year. Like, oh, this is gonna be the last one I'm gonna do this. But we don't know. We don't realize that.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:42:10]:
That's a good point.

Tyson Gaylord [00:42:12]:
If we can I you know, the point is, I think, stay present? You never know when this is the last time they're gonna wanna throw the ball at you. Jump in your bed with you, you know, watch, watch Curious George with you. Whatever their thing is. All of a sudden, one day, it ends, and you're gonna and you're gonna sit back and be like, damn. I wish I went down a slide that time with him. Fuck. I'll never get to do that again. Right.

Tyson Gaylord [00:42:31]:
So be in the moment. Be present.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:42:33]:
Absolutely. And create those like you said, create those memories, and that's that's all you really got in life. I think, we get too caught up in materialistic stuff, and all of this stuff is here today, going tomorrow. But, you know, when he gets older and he becomes a man and eventually, he becomes a father. He's gonna remember the things he did with him, man. Mhmm.

Tyson Gaylord [00:42:49]:

Pharaoh Kelley [00:42:49]:
think that's priceless, man. And that's what I just try to do with my son, just create memories. You know, may not have it all the time, may not get everything he wants all the time, but trust me, he'll remember the good times, and he'll remember the time we spent and things we did and stuff. So like I said, that makes me happy. You know? That makes me, it's like a it's like a like I said, definitely a full circle type of type of deal. You know? And it just proves, man, you know, with certain things that, like, family being one of them, if you didn't have something growing up or if you lack something, be that what you want, you know. Be what you felt like you were missing to somebody else. And, it brings you joy because ironically enough, I I went through a 7 year depression, you know, not having my dad, certain family member leaving my life, and it tore me up.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:43:31]:
And then having my son and being able to do these things with him, I don't even I don't even think about the stuff that I didn't get, you know, get a chance to do with my dad because I'm able to pour that into him. And and it, it's a fulfilling it's a I don't know. It's a weird you know, you would think that you would still harp on certain things. Mhmm. But, being able to give and pour to somebody else, it it it means everything. And, you know, that's just it doesn't just have to be your family. That's why

Tyson Gaylord [00:43:55]:
I'm, you

Pharaoh Kelley [00:43:55]:
know, I'll just pointed to others. And if I can give any advice that may help you out, I'm all for it, man. So we gotta continue to pour, continue to be there for somebody because you just never know what somebody's going through. You know? Simple hello, simple, you know, how you doing can, change somebody's life for sure, man.

Tyson Gaylord [00:44:12]:
Yeah. A a a congratulations. A thank you. Congratulations. Right? Or whatever. I I know like like you say that it doesn't have to be your own kids. There's a couple of neighborhood kids and stuff, friends of my son and stuff that they don't have dads. And and at first, it was a little you know, I you know, it it was a little annoying.

Tyson Gaylord [00:44:29]:
I'm like, dude. Like, I'm not your I'm not your dad, dude. Like, what is going on? And then I was like I was like, oh, shit. You don't have a dad. Right. And I think to myself, I'm like, Tyson, you're just an asshole. What?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:44:40]:
Yeah. But

Tyson Gaylord [00:44:40]:
now now I'll entertain him. Like, man, in my mind, I'm like I'm like, dude, when are you gonna when are you gonna go home or something? But I'm like I'm like, this is great. This is awesome because I know you don't have a father.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:44:50]:
Not much of me. Know. Yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [00:44:52]:
You have. Or or they don't even realize it, but I know when they look back somehow in their subconscious or something, they're like, adult male talked to me. An adult male was interested in what I was doing. An adult male listened to my problems. An adult male congratulated me. Like Absolutely. You know? And and and and I came to the realization after, you know, kinda being a jackass in my head about it. And and I it feels good.

Tyson Gaylord [00:45:16]:
You know? Right. You know? Yeah. You know, even if it's even if it's a little selfish, it feels good for me to know, like, I spent 5 minutes with this kid. I don't really care to. I don't know him, but I know it's gonna make a difference in his life. And I know if they leave, you know, happy and and and somewhat fulfilled a little bit that an adult was listening to them.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:45:35]:
Yeah. And and, you know, speaking on boys in particular, listen. I was raised by a single mother, and, I love my mom to death forever. But it takes a man to raise a man. Right? And I think as a young man, as a young boy, naturally, you yearn, to wanna get that guidance from a old from a male figure, whether it's an uncle, friend. So I think it was just natural for them to wanna come to you, but, it's important, man. You know, like you said, that may not be a biological kid, but I'm tell I'm telling you, he's gonna remember that forever. You know? He's gonna say, man, Tyson looked out.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:46:07]:
I came. I had a conversation with him. He poured into me. And, and that can inspire him to do great things. It is and, you know, everybody's story is is different. You know? Like I said, you don't have to come to these you don't have to come from these extreme hardships to have to be something great or to be empowered by something. You know? So I think, you know, that's great that you're doing that. And, and guys and men and women, be there for your kids, man.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:46:29]:
I'm I'm big on that. You can't you can't be around me if you're not taking care of your kids, man. I'm I'm shy. Yeah. You know, I can't trust you, honestly. But I

Tyson Gaylord [00:46:37]:
I hear you. Yeah. I'm in Costco. I'm like, dude, you're a kid. Like, come on.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:46:40]:
Yeah. Yeah. You know? But I just saying Yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [00:46:44]:
Yeah. But we're we're a community. Wherever you live, that's a that's your community. You know, we gotta take care of our community. And if we do good in our community, that will spread outward. And then the next community will have that whatever that was that happened there, you know. I like to call it, pockets of greatness. Yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [00:47:01]:
What what's this pocket of greatness you can create? It doesn't have to be crazy. It doesn't have to be, you know, a 1,000,000 social media followers or whatever it is. Right. If you can Right. Influence your neighbors, if you can do these little things, like, connect I I got a friend who's a plumber, and I got a friend who's he's he's a this. I got a guy that does this, and this guy can get can get meet. And you've got this little community. Right?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:47:23]:
A little community. Yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [00:47:24]:
And then the other and then that person goes out, and they have their own little pocket. And all of a sudden, you have all these things.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:47:30]:
I'm a

Tyson Gaylord [00:47:30]:
tell you something, man. And I think

Pharaoh Kelley [00:47:31]:
well, I appreciate you and I respect you a lot is because we obviously obviously come from 2 different worlds, but we have similar mindsets and we have similar traditions and values. So even though coming from the neighborhoods I've come from, obviously, we don't have much money, but we definitely have morals. You know? Yeah. And I don't think being poor makes you who you are. I don't I don't think that makes you less of a person at all. Yeah. But I will say going back into those times, especially in school, man, you know, teachers had the right to spank you if you was acting up, You know?

Tyson Gaylord [00:48:02]:
Oh, yeah.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:48:02]:
The parents gave them permission, like, yes, please. I remember one time, man. I'm in I'm in, this is elementary school. And, you know, we had a substitute teacher. And you know when the substitute is in, you're going crazy. You know, you're not the real teacher.

Tyson Gaylord [00:48:15]:
Like, you gonna be here tomorrow.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:48:17]:
And, I'll never forget mister Branson, man. Great guy. Still hope he's doing well. And, you know, with the certain teachers that, you know, some you could tell they're just there for a paycheck, and then others, you can tell they really love what they do and really care for the kids. And he was definitely one of those. So I'll never forget. We're acting up, not listening. Lunch comes.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:48:35]:
So we're about to get out, you know, we're getting our butt back. I'm, like, 4th grade. We're getting our butt back, about to head out. Soon as the door's up, who's there? Mister Briston. So as soon as every he's the, you know, strict, you know, no nonsense. Everybody knows you don't play with mister president. And, he comes in the room. He said, girls all the girls, go ahead.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:48:52]:
Y'all can go to lunch. All the boys, sit down. And we're like, man, we're in trouble. So he's like, you know, I've heard y'all been acting up, not listening, this time, the third. He said, everybody get up, put your hands on the table, and he had a paddle, you know, and he he gave us a little he gave us a little paddle. And, you know, once again, man, it wasn't like an abuse type of thing. You know, it came from love, and you you know that a lot of us didn't have fathers. We didn't have those male figures.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:49:18]:
And once again, for me to still even remember him, it shows you that that meant a lot. You know? It kept me on the straight and narrow. Obviously, everybody's not gonna be on the straight and narrow, but kids can tell when you care, man. And, they can tell when, you know, you want the best for them, and that always stuck out to me. You know, pain is a constant reminder that, hey.

Tyson Gaylord [00:49:34]:
I need to tighten up. I need to get it together. Yeah.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:49:37]:
Yeah. It's not because I hate you or anything. It's because, hey, man. I just I'm trying to show you and teach you that, you know, life, you know, is gonna throw some stuff at you. You can't act like that whenever you want. So it was a, a big life lesson for sure for sure, man. And, yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [00:49:53]:
Especially kids. I don't think people realize it. They they need, they want, and they yearn for discipline and structure.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:50:00]:
Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [00:50:02]:
And a lot of and not in our American society nowadays. That's void. It's a void. Right? The kids are in charge now.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:50:08]:
Gentle Fairlane.

Tyson Gaylord [00:50:10]:
Yeah. You know? I mean, we we unfortunately, you know, we see this in the we we hear about this, and maybe we see this in the schools and, you know, social media. The kids are in charge. You you know? Right. Like, they go to the therapist, and then the therapist is like, oh, your parents. Oh, your parents. So the whole time, they're talking about their parents. They're the enemy.

Tyson Gaylord [00:50:26]:
You go to school. Let's not tell your parents this. Let's not do this with your parents. You're watching TV. You're reading books. It's like the you know, Harry Potter and some of these things. Your parents. Your parents.

Tyson Gaylord [00:50:35]:
Your parents. You know? And so there's a lot of that where where we're not getting that. And we I think, you know, this is part of why we wonder why are kids acting up? Why are kids wilding out? Why is this happening? Well, guess what? There's no disciplinary structure. There's no authority thing. And the people that are in charge they don't care about you, and they're just, you know, they're not giving

Pharaoh Kelley [00:50:53]:
you the right time. Program, I call it. Right. You're right. Going along the pro and you're right. I think that, just to add to that, that respect factor, you know, like you said, it's like, it's a weird dynamic where, you know, you are the parent. You know, obviously, you wanna give them some freedom, but kids are kids, man. And, you know, I just believe at certain ages, you you your your your brain capacity is not even developed to make certain decisions.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:51:17]:
You know what I'm saying? And to take that role from the parent, with you and I I don't you know, I'm definitely don't support that fully. You gotta work around it as much as you can, but I think it's important that you have to have that respect factor there. We don't we never agreed with everything our parents said. Oh, god. But, yeah. That's

Tyson Gaylord [00:51:34]:
I was so smart at 14. What are you talking about? Right. Right. I knew everything.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:51:38]:
Right. Exactly. Exactly. But you just deep down, even when you didn't agree, you knew they cared, man. You knew that, hey. It's coming from a good place. Nobody never wants to hear what you don't wanna hear. You know what? You wanna do your own thing, but at least you know it was coming from a good place.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:51:51]:
But now it's just, you know, the inmates are running to jail in a in a sense, and and I think that, you know, we gotta get back to, like I said, just as a community, raising these kids, man, and raising these young adults because they are the future. As, you know, as cheesy as that might sound, they're the next generation. They're the next ones, to fill the void. So we gotta be there. But it it also starts with us too, just like you said, being present as much as we can, providing that value, and, you know, allowing to make certain decisions, you know, you know, that that makes sense and that's not over overly going to, impact their life. Because one thing I tell these students, one wrong decision, man, your life is done. You know? One one one one stupid decision and your life could be turned upside down. And to speak on that, and this was recent, I personally knew somebody who had an altercation with the dad and, unfortunately, killed him in that argument.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:52:48]:
And, and like I said, man, it's tough. And when you see that, it's like, what would cause you to do that to your parent? You know? And, to me, personally, it's just that emotional intelligence is not there. You know what I'm saying? It's something it's a disconnect where it's like, alright. I had you know, you you can match your parents, but I never thought to go that far and, like, alright. I you know, take their life. You know? So it's a lot of work that needs to be done, but I think, you know, all we could do is our part, and we just kinda try to let the rest, you know, unravel and and and move forward. But we gotta be there as much as we can and provide that that value for these kids, man. They need it.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:53:24]:
They we needed it. So Yep. You know, they need it, man.

Tyson Gaylord [00:53:28]:
Support it. Right now, we're the leaders, and that's leadership. Right? You've gotta you've gotta give them ownership. You've gotta you've gotta, you know, let them carry out the plan as much as possible. If you see some really, detrimental hole in their plan, you gotta be like, hey. Listen. You thought about this, but you gotta you gotta let them go out there and carry it out. 80% is good enough.

Tyson Gaylord [00:53:46]:
That's the thing I think As parents, we we have a hard time with it. It's you know, for myself, it's like, let me just tie your shoes. Shit. Jesus Christ.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:53:53]:
Like, this will take me 14 seconds. Right.

Tyson Gaylord [00:53:55]:
But you gotta you gotta hold that back and be like, alright.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:53:59]:
Let me load it.

Tyson Gaylord [00:54:00]:
It's gonna be 7 minutes for you to tie your shoes, but I gotta be patient.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:54:04]:
But but that's because, you know, also, you know, because you know what's gonna happen if you don't tie the shoe. They're gonna fall, crack their head, or something's gonna happen. Right. Right. For them, it's like, hey. I just wanna do what I wanna do, but we're comfortable with certain, like, listen. We've been down this road. We know what can happen.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:54:19]:
And I think, unfortunately, you know, kid young adults or, you know, young kids, they wanna make their own decisions. But I just think we have to find that common ground of, like you said, just allowing them to make their own decisions and allowing our input to let them know, like, hey. You know, I don't really think that's a good choice right now. You know? So I think it's it's it's, it takes both parts, man. You know? It's not all on our parents, and it's not all on our kids. But as a equal, we have to find a a good balance of when I give criticism, constructive criticism, can you please take it and know that I'm coming from a good place? You know, I want you to be independent and and do your own thing, but, you know, like I always say, however age you may be, it took that amount of years to get to that age. So if you're 30, if you're 40, took 40 years to get to 40. You know? You're only 18, 15.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:55:08]:
I know you think you knowed everything. I know you think you got all the answers, but, you know, take it from, you know, take it from an older. Like, listen. This is not the direction you wanna go down. And I think if you can just show them that, hey. I I have your best intentions at heart. I mean well. It can go it can, you know, it it can lead them in a good direction.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:55:25]:

Tyson Gaylord [00:55:27]:
Speaking of that, you were you were messaging me about, you had a a life changing health care. Can you talk about that?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:55:33]:
Man. Yeah. Absolutely, man. Yeah. So early this year, I wanna say, guys, ladies, audience, anybody's watching this, man, please get your physicals. You know, it's very important. You got health insurance. Make sure you're doing your yearly, if not 6 months, but, you know, most insurances yearly.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:55:51]:
But definitely make sure you're getting your physical. So, I went, got my physical, and, I will say once, you know, the cold on steroids happened after I got my, like I said, I was going through the motions, not passing my real estate. And to be honest, man, like I said, I had my moment. I kinda let myself go, you know. You know, I was dealing with some personal issues too, family issues, and I kinda went into a funk, you know. I'm human. But, with that being said, I, recently this year went to the doctor, and, they let me know I was diagnosed being prediabetic. And, it was the first time yeah, man.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:56:26]:
It was the for that one. He was a big scare because he's like, hold on. Pre diet? What? But, it allowed me to realize, man, I have to look after myself. I think a lot of times we're so much on the ground, so much, hey. I wanna achieve this, achieve that. I wanna take care of this family member, take care of that family member that we forget about ourselves. And I could be honest, I forgot about myself, and I kinda let my health go. But I'm here to say that that also inspired me to, start my juice company.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:56:56]:
You know, I've always actually been a, I actually since 2020, I've been a juice person. So I like to make smoothies, love to make juices. A 100%, real food juice. And, I stopped it for a little bit, but now I'm back on it. And, now I wanna share that with the world as well, man. And, I'm working on getting my health back. So I'm personally doing a 30 day challenge, where I'm just fasting, drinking my my juices. We have different flavors.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:57:24]:
And, the name of the company is Juice My Type. And, the reason being is I wanna make juices, for everybody. You know, you got your health nuts out there. You got your people who don't even know what a juice is. Right? And, and that's where I come in because I was that in between there. You know, growing up, we didn't really

Tyson Gaylord [00:57:42]:
know about nutrition, man. You know,

Pharaoh Kelley [00:57:43]:
we did we just knew, look, You're hungry. You got something in the fridge. You need to put in your stomach. It wasn't counting on calories. You wasn't you're not doing any of that. Now to be in a position where, you know, you know, as you get older, man, that weight doesn't come off so easily. You know? You can't you can't just eat with you on how you used to.

Tyson Gaylord [00:58:03]:

Pharaoh Kelley [00:58:03]:
And, once again, you know, getting that news, it just, you know, it just pushed me to you know what? This is the opportunity to change your life again. It's gonna be hard, like I, you know, like I like I teach others, but it's something that's needed. I have to be here for my family. I have to be here for my son. I have to be here for myself more than anything. You know? And, it motivated me to, you know, once again, start the company. So it's called Juice My Type, which is just made just for you. Once again, you don't have to be a super health nut because I'm I wasn't.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:58:32]:
And if you don't know anything too much about it, we would love to teach you. But, essentially, the juices that I provide, it's a 100% organic, non GMO, vegetables, fruits. We have beet juices, which is good for the blood, good for the heart. It's the blood pumping.

Tyson Gaylord [00:58:50]:
Pre workout?

Pharaoh Kelley [00:58:51]:
Yeah. Pre workout, we have I have, different flavors. So I have the grapefruit, good for immunity, digestion. I have the green juice. And if you're OJ level like me, I love OJ, man. I could hit I could stick a IV in me and just let OJ drip. But we have a pure, orange juice as well if you love OJ. And then also, once again, man, I'm just trying to teach the people the importance of health, the importance of, you know, getting your checkups, the importance of, you know, just trying to live and be here for your loved ones, be here for yourself.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:59:22]:
And even, you know, once again, I had to take my own advice. Going through that, getting that news, I got even down on myself, but I'm like, you know what? Alright. This is another challenge. You've been through different challenges. Push yourself. Let's get better. Let's get healthy. And, that's what I'm doing now, man.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:59:37]:
So, yeah, Juice My Type. By this by the time this airs, you'll have the link. You'll be able to go ahead, go on the website, order. Everything is shipped, fresh, frozen. By the time you get it, you can drink it. You have the option of drinking it within 72 days. So at this after about 3 days, definitely toss it. Like I said, it's it's it's purely fresh juice, Or you can actually, freeze up to 6 months.

Pharaoh Kelley [00:59:58]:
So, if you don't wanna drink it right away, not a problem at all. You can you can, freeze it in and drink it at, you know, at your own leisure. But once again, I'm excited to announce that this is the first place I'm announcing it. So I'm excited about

Tyson Gaylord [01:00:12]:
the exclusive.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:00:13]:
So yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. No better place to do that. And, I'm excited, man. So this is another journey. And then also, once again, it's it's for all people. So don't, you know, if you don't don't feel intimidated.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:00:24]:
You know, you don't have to be a super health person. You don't have to know too much about it. I'm not sure if you're familiar with, like, even the autism community. I have different family and members, you know, who's dealing with that. And if you know anything about autism and kids, you know, they when when it comes to their taste buds, they don't really like certain foods. You know?

Tyson Gaylord [01:00:41]:
Right. They're very picky eaters.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:00:42]:
They're very picky eaters. Very, very. But I I was able to, get feedback from, a child with autism who drunk my beet juice. Loved it. I got feedback from people who don't never in the day touch the juice. Drunk it. Loved it. You know, avid avid health people who who drunk some of the juice and and gave me great feedback.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:01:01]:
So just let me know, man. I gotta get this out here. And once again, I'm just trying to do my part and, you know, it it really is, once again, another full circle thing because I teach a lot about the mental, but a lot of times we forget about the physical, and not realizing that the gut is the second brain. Right? You know, we think about a lot of what we put in the time mind, but we have to be mindful of putting it in to our our bodies. And, you know, once again, you don't have to be a super health person. One a day is good. You know? We have, different detox plans you can you can choose as well, but, just get us some something nutritious in your body. You know? I don't want you to change.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:01:36]:
Whatever you feel like you're doing, do that, but get something healthy in you. You know? Even if it's not for me, man. Just it's important because I lost a friend, during the COVID, for health issues, way too young. A best friend of mine, Justine, man, our rest in peace, barely miss still miss it to this day, and, it breaks my heart, man. When I think about it, too young to have the health issues that she had. Of course, it's not her fault, but, that's that definitely was a big motivator. And then when I got the news that I got, I'm like, no, man. Something something's gotta change.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:02:07]:
Because a lot of times too, we say, you know, things run-in our family. Right? I don't know about you, but, you know, my every family, we have certain health issues. Right? You know, with my mom's side, it's it's the heart. You know, they have a lot of heart issues, but when you really think about it, it's a lot of habits that get passed down, not necessarily runs in the family. Yes. And I think we just have to be mindful of that that, hey, anything could be overturned. It takes time, but you have to be mindful of what you're ingesting in your body. And, you know, once again, that's that's why I wanna fill a void at.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:02:39]:
It's a it's a full circle moment. We preach about, the power of the mind. Now we're gonna attack the body, get healthy, and, you know, just wanna get get it out to the world, man. And if you feel like that's something that you would like to try, what Tyson will put up the links. Please, man, try it out. We definitely gonna send you some samples.

Tyson Gaylord [01:02:57]:
You wanna

Pharaoh Kelley [01:02:57]:
get your opinion on it, let me know. Honest honest opinion for sure.

Tyson Gaylord [01:03:01]:
Okay. I I would appreciate that.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:03:02]:
Yeah. Absolutely. If it's yeah. We're gonna get you some and, yeah. So that's that's where I'm at with that. So, yeah, by the time this airs, you guys will be able to order and, and let me know what you think.

Tyson Gaylord [01:03:11]:
Perfect. Yeah. Don't worry about, if you guys are driving or out walking or something. I'll have it linked in the show notes for you guys. And, a couple of things I'd like to say real quick on on on some of those things. You know, health checkups, if you don't have health insurance, there's a lot of things now where you can do maybe a la carte, we could call it, where you can go online websites. You can get, blood draws. You can order them.

Tyson Gaylord [01:03:33]:
You can you can get stuff like they they have, like, levels and stuff like that where you can get CGMs and stuff where you don't need a doctor and you don't need health insurance. I think, Amazon has a thing now. I think it's one health or something like that. I'll link to it for you guys. But it's like I think it's like $100 a month or something. And, I mean, there's different prescription things. Like, Mark Cuban has a thing. There's so many things now.

Tyson Gaylord [01:03:56]:
So if if health insurance is something that you can afford or something like that, there I'll I'll link to some things I know for you guys to to to do this stuff on your own. Lot of these things are very, very affordable now. So don't you know, like I said, simple to get a blood panel. I think you can get, like, a blood panel for, like, $35. You go on I think it's, like, Wellness FX, and and then you

Pharaoh Kelley [01:04:19]:
go over to, like familiar.

Tyson Gaylord [01:04:20]:
You go into, like, a LabCorp. They draw your blood. They send it off there. They go back, and they and and they they give you your results. You don't need to go to a doctor's visit. A lot of times, you know, if you don't have an insurance doctor visits, 100, $200 just to walk in the door Yeah. And then labs. So don't

Pharaoh Kelley [01:04:35]:
be get pills yet.

Tyson Gaylord [01:04:36]:
Yeah. So don't be intimidated if you don't have insurance. There's lots of things you can do with that. So I'll I'll I'll gonna make some resources for you guys, to to to just to like you're saying.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:04:46]:
And and listen to your body, man. I think it's important too. You know? Sometimes we overlook certain things. It's similar to a car. You know? That engine light pops on.

Tyson Gaylord [01:04:54]:

Pharaoh Kelley [01:04:54]:
You know, something's going on, you know, we kinda overlook it. But, yeah, I as you get older, it doesn't get easier, I would say. No.

Tyson Gaylord [01:05:01]:
It doesn't.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:05:02]:
Listen to your body. You know, definitely get some exercise. There's other things you can do that, once again, I'm I'm willing to teach and and show people. But, the first starts with getting that nutrition in you. So even one juice a day, man, I feel like it makes a total difference for me. And, I'm on this journey, so you're not alone. If you guys wanna deal with me, you're more than happy. But, yeah.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:05:20]:
So once this airs as well, I will have all the transformation photos and everything up here. So, you know, so just to, you know, provide that motivation. Like I said, I was like, man, where do I start? Where do I start? But you just gotta start somewhere, and Yeah. This is where I'm starting, and, I'm I'm excited to share this with everybody. Yeah. For sure.

Tyson Gaylord [01:05:36]:
And that's that's what I love about you. You you you had a problem, and you went on. You made a solution.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:05:41]:
I just love that about you, man. I appreciate it. That's all.

Tyson Gaylord [01:05:43]:
A lot of people sit around and talk shit. You just said, like, I got health problems. I'm gonna make a juice company, and I'm not gonna be the only guy that goes through this. I love Right.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:05:51]:
Yes, sir, man. Yeah. Because, you know, it's it's a it's a big problem in America. Let's just call it

Tyson Gaylord [01:05:56]:
a state of the state. You know?

Pharaoh Kelley [01:05:58]:
It's a huge problem, man. And, you know, I you know? And I I just feel like some things can be overturned. You know? Not everything, of course, but it you know, if you can catch it early, and you have the ability to change, you know, like I said, he he let me know, you gotta get your weight down. You know? You gotta you gotta exercise more. You gotta get out there more. And, and that's that's that's on me now. He let me know what I needed to do. Now I have to put the work in.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:06:21]:
I'm letting you guys know, so hold me accountable. You know? Track my journey. Let me know where I'm at. But, yeah, I'm excited and I you know, you're not alone. So let's let's do this together if we need to. But, yeah, in about another month or so, I'll definitely check back in with you and just let you know how everything went as well, man, for sure.

Tyson Gaylord [01:06:38]:
Ah, I would love that. And it's it doesn't have like you're saying, it doesn't have to be hard. If you go on a walk after you eat, your glucose response goes way down. Just something like that. Getting all that into your muscles. It doesn't have to be far. Just I mean, if if you're new to this, you know, maybe you gotta speak with a doctor. I don't know what your situation like.

Tyson Gaylord [01:06:56]:
But, hey, walk to the end of the driveway. Walk to the end of the sidewalk, and then walk a little bit. Next time, next time, I'm gonna go to the end of the street. Next time, I'm a go around the block. It doesn't have to be crazy.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:07:05]:
Right. Right.

Tyson Gaylord [01:07:06]:
Just that little bit, just a walk after a meal will will blunt your goose gross response. I don't know. I I I'll link something for you guys. But it's a huge

Pharaoh Kelley [01:07:14]:
it's a huge difference. Huge difference. Absolutely. Difference in

Tyson Gaylord [01:07:16]:
your blood glucose levels.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:07:19]:
I have a, it's so it's funny you say that about walking. It it's free. That's the number one.

Tyson Gaylord [01:07:24]:
Yeah. Yeah. It's a 100% free.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:07:26]:
Go walk around the block. You know? But that's one thing I do miss about New York. I will say I'm a city boy at heart. Yeah. He walked a lot. I didn't really have a car. So, you know, being in being out here, you know, you drive everywhere.

Tyson Gaylord [01:07:36]:

Pharaoh Kelley [01:07:36]:
Transportation is, you know, you have to have a car. So, once again, it's a challenge for me to get get back active, because I was active at one point. But like I said, you know, when 2020 came, 2021 came, you know, everything got flips flipped upside down. I had things in the works in regards to the speaking, that fell through, you know, kinda got down on myself because I I love I love talking to the youth, man. That's you know, this is my baby right now, but my my baby, my passion is speaking to the kids, man, speaking to the youth, motivating. And when I didn't when I wasn't able to do that, you know, it kinda you know, it made me sad. I'll be honest. Yeah.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:08:10]:
I have feelings too, guys. Yeah. I I cry at times too. You know? I'm human, but, you know, like I said, I love a good challenge, and, once again, I'm happy I'm able to share this with you guys, and let's do this together. So if you feel like you're in a similar situation, you wanna, you know, get your health health together, it's never too late, and this is where you start. And I wanna help where I can and inform people, let them know what they can do, And, it definitely will start with the juice. And and it tastes great. I know I know people like, of course, they're gonna say that, but it's not your grandparents' juice, man.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:08:42]:
I have a beet juice that that that tastes really good. Because I I remember, I'm not sure if you know, like, the v eights.

Tyson Gaylord [01:08:48]:
Oh, yeah. Oh, god. Oh, it's a horse.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:08:50]:
You're right. Exactly. So nothing like that. Nothing like that at all. It's it's it's good quality juice. We have a watermelon juice, very nutritious, 90% water. Obviously, we're predominantly made of water, so, it's different flavors, different types for everybody. So you got some that's for the super health nuts, but we have the refresher types that, you know, if you're not an avid juice drinker, you know, try that out, get used to it.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:09:14]:
You'll love it. So I'm excited, man.

Tyson Gaylord [01:09:16]:
Yeah. Like you're saying, I mean, self care. I mean, if we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of nobody else.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:09:21]:
Nobody else.

Tyson Gaylord [01:09:21]:
No. That's alright. Another good thing I was thinking about when you're talking was, you know, maybe I don't know if you're familiar with this, maybe the audience. Getting a a walking treadmill for, like, under your desk?

Pharaoh Kelley [01:09:32]:
I've heard of those. Yeah. I've heard of

Tyson Gaylord [01:09:33]:
those. They're about a 150 as what I've seen on Amazon. Maybe you can get a a open box or something. I don't know. But I've heard people, like, putting on miles at their desks working. I have a standing desk right now. I'm standing up at my standing desk.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:09:47]:

Tyson Gaylord [01:09:48]:
I've been looking at getting one of those. Like, just standing here, you know, when I'm working or something and and just walking. I mean, I've heard people say they get in miles and miles. Yeah. I forget I forget there was a study or something. I think, like, the average person lost, like, £15 just walking at their desk.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:10:01]:
I believe it because they they say, if you can get about, steps wise, yeah, about 10,000, 8,000 around that area. Yeah. You can definitely start losing weight. But I did hear about the, the the the treadmill. So that Yeah. I see. What what what better than sitting down and walk? Come on. You can't

Tyson Gaylord [01:10:15]:
beat that.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:10:15]:
Just just get active. Whatever you gotta do. I purchased myself just, you know, one of those stationary bikes. So that's what I do. Yeah. That's what I do as well. But yeah. So definitely wanna get some exercise and even if it's 10 minutes, 20 minutes.

Tyson Gaylord [01:10:29]:

Pharaoh Kelley [01:10:29]:
You don't have a membership, go walk. Go do a light jog, you know. It's it's other things you can do to stay at the get the walking treadmill. That's a great recommendation. But just, you know, get active. Get that heart pumping. Get the right things in, into your body and, you know, you'll you'll see that change. You know, it's very inspiring person because, like, man, looking at myself now, it's like, I wanna see the person I know I can be, where my health was at one point and in good standing.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:10:54]:
So it's gonna be uphill battle, but but, I'm a fighter, man. I don't give up.

Tyson Gaylord [01:10:58]:
I don't quit.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:10:59]:
And I'm ready. I'm ready.

Tyson Gaylord [01:11:01]:
And then that brings me to I mean, we we gotta know this because the city gave you an award. What was that like?

Pharaoh Kelley [01:11:08]:
Man, it's I'm still at lost for words. Yes, sir. My, received a proclamation from the city of Atlanta. Out here, they have something that's, it's a Caribbean carnival I've been a part of for about 8 years. Yeah. It's essentially, it's like a festival. So they have food, music, vendors, safe safe area. People of all nationalities come out, but it is, centered around the Caribbean culture.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:11:35]:
Similar to, like, when you have your Saint Patrick's Day parade and Italian Day parade, you know, it's it's for the it's for the Caribbean, community. But once again, we welcome all, of course. And, that meant everything, man. It I'm still once again, I lost for words. I just, you know, do volunteer work, try to, you know, give my time back, and to get acknowledged for that means a lot. The president of the company, she invites me out every year, and, you know, it it means a lot, man. It means a lot. I'm big on Unity, so I try to bring all cultures together.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:12:06]:
And, it's something that every year that happens, it's always a great turnout. Once again, even though it's a Caribbean based, festival, all walks of life come, man. All walks of life come to have a good time, and, I'm excited. I will I'm I'm still stoked about it, to be honest with you. And I'm like, you showed us for me how

Tyson Gaylord [01:12:22]:
to look at it again.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:12:24]:
Alright. Okay. I guess. I'll take it. I'll take it. I'll take it. But, yeah, I'm excited, man. And, it's it means a lot to me for sure.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:12:30]:
My first award and hopefully not the last. But, to get recognized, by the city of Atlanta is a is a is a is a great thing. So thank you so much for that. And, yeah, I'm excited, and, I can't wait for the 1 this year. Yes, sir.

Tyson Gaylord [01:12:42]:
I I mean, who doesn't love jerk chicken? I mean, come on.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:12:44]:
Right. Yeah. See? Come

Tyson Gaylord [01:12:46]:
on, man. Flavor, man. Okay. It's how you get it. Okay. Okay. What is it? What is it? The meat pies.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:12:54]:
Oh, it's alright. Like, the beef patties and everything?

Tyson Gaylord [01:12:56]:
Yeah. Something like that. Yeah.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:12:57]:
Yeah. Okay. Okay.

Tyson Gaylord [01:12:58]:
Or is that is that is that Jamaican? They're maybe Jamaican.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:13:01]:
Jamaica, the the the jerk chicken, then you have your roti, then you have your rice and peas. It's so it's so much food. So that's delicious food, man. But, yeah, jerk chicken is definitely a big staple for sure.

Tyson Gaylord [01:13:11]:
So yeah.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:13:12]:
Okay. Tyson. Oh, yes, sir.

Tyson Gaylord [01:13:15]:
So, I mean, you've just been on this amazing journey, especially this this this path of 10 years. If you can look back on this, what do you think is the greatest lesson you've learned?

Pharaoh Kelley [01:13:28]:
10 years. When you say it out loud, you know, time is really, you can really can't measure time. It's so crazy. It doesn't even seem like it's been that long. But the greatest lesson I would say I have learned is to 2 things, never to quit on yourself no matter how hard it gets, and always realize that wherever position you are today, there's an opposite of who you can become. So maybe you don't have the career you want right now. Maybe you are going through an eviction. Maybe you are going through some some type of hardship or, you know, whatever that hardship may be.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:14:02]:
Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you lost your career. But keep in mind that, hey, this is just temporary. I can't overcome this, and I can't still become the person, that I wanna be. Don't let your circumstances dictate your future, and I think that's something that I didn't allow, myself. I knew where I came from. You don't have to remind me, like I like to say. You know? I know where I come from, but I know also where I'm going.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:14:25]:
And always keep in mind where you wanna go, and always keep in mind that, hey. I may be at this position today, but give me 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, you know, I can definitely be in a whole different position. I can impact, change lives, starting with yourself, of course. And, yeah, I would just say never quitting yourself and and truly understand that, you can be anything you wanna be, man. Just putting your mind to it. It takes some work. It's gonna take some time, but keep going, keep striving. And, you know, where I'm at today is is a lot farther than where I started.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:14:58]:
So keep that in mind too. Where you're at today is a lot farther than where you where you started and, you know, it doesn't make sense to go back. Right? You might as well

Tyson Gaylord [01:15:05]:

Pharaoh Kelley [01:15:05]:
keep trucking along. It's hard. It's a hellacious road sometimes, but I'm gonna keep trucking and, just have that mindset. You know? So, yeah, just thinking about I would just say those 2 for sure, man. Just never quit and and keep them in always keeping in mind that it's another person. It's another side of me that I can become. You know? This is not gonna determine who I am. People may laugh at you.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:15:28]:
People may judge you. You know, you may not have the latest stuff. You may not, you know, have the career you want right now. But I believe in you. Believe in yourself. You know, you can be anything you wanna be. You know, if I can do it, there's a kid from Brownsville where Mike Tyson came from, you know, you can do it, man, or wherever you may come from. And, and and and also just, you know, be open and receptive to people.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:15:50]:
I'll I always say it. Like I said, I'm big on unity, man. Once again, the reason why I love you, Sean, I came back is, like, I know we come from 2 different worlds of life, but what bring us together is our mindset. Right? It's our mentality. And, and that's what I love about you. I love that, you know, you do the same. You find people in their respective fields that's doing great and amazing things. And, and I think that's huge.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:16:11]:
I wanna give you your prize, man. Thank you so much for bringing people like myself onto your platform, giving us an opportunity. There's friends, family who didn't believe in what I'm doing. Right? But you did. You saw something to me, and that always would mean a lot to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep doing what you're doing. We love you, and I'm excited to see what, you know, what your next journey what your next episode is and who you bring on.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:16:32]:
Because I'm always trying to learn, man. I ain't sharp and dying, and, I'm never I'm I'm I'm dumb enough to know I don't know everything. Right?

Tyson Gaylord [01:16:39]:
I'm always trying to learn. I'm always trying

Pharaoh Kelley [01:16:41]:
to get better, and, I'm just a student of the game. Be a student. Be willing to learn. Take pick up a craft, you know, pick up a hobby, you know, whatever it's gonna take to better, you know, self development. You know? But that you know what that is at the end of the day. I don't know all the way what that is, but you know what areas you need to get better in. There's people like Tyson out here really making an impact. People like myself trying to make an impact and others as well, and we're waiting for you to make that impact not only for yourself, but other people around you.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:17:09]:
And, good morning, man. Let's go. Let's get to it.

Tyson Gaylord [01:17:13]:
That's that's beautiful, man. You are making an impact. And thank you for the the love. I really appreciate it. I'm a huge fan of you as well. I love to see everything you're you're doing. So, I mean, we're we got the juice off. I'll link to that.

Tyson Gaylord [01:17:25]:
If you're in the Georgia area, you got real estate. He can talk to you about these things. We got we got your book.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:17:33]:
Sure. We

Tyson Gaylord [01:17:33]:
got all these things from victory.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:17:35]:
Yes, sir.

Tyson Gaylord [01:17:35]:
Yeah. What anything else we want you wanna point people to or turn people onto?

Pharaoh Kelley [01:17:41]:
You know, just to give a, because I I was asked. You know, we talk about all this stuff, what we're doing and everything. I love to give back. So what I would say, if you're a person, I just wanna give a few quick tips. You know, a question is, hey, Pharoah. It's easy for you to say these things. You're in a different position in life, and you're right. But one thing I will never forget where I come from.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:18:01]:
Right? You know, it's certain memories that will never get erased in my brain. So what I wanna do for you guys, I wanna leave a few quick tips. If you feel like, yo, you just ain't stuck in a rut, you don't know where to start, I'm gonna let you know what I did to get me going. Right? And I'll give I'll give 3. And, of course, if you need more, reach out to us. But the first thing I would say, read. Right? Sounds corny. It sounds wack, but read.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:18:28]:
I'm in the position I am in now because I read a lot. Right? Mhmm. I I love studying people. I love studying people who's who's been in my situation all worse. I love learning from them. I love hearing their story. You know? It lets you know that you're not alone. That's number

Tyson Gaylord [01:18:43]:
1. Yeah.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:18:44]:
Reading also allows you to brainstorm and get new ideas. Right? So if you're confused or you're lost, just keep in mind, I'm not doing anything new. Right? My my, my motto is I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel. I just wanna add to it. Right? There's plenty of motivational speakers. There's plenty of real estate agents. There's plenty of juice companies or whatnot, but I'm adding my flavor to it. I'm adding something that I know is gonna make a difference, you know, and and be an impact.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:19:11]:
So continue to read, continue to sharpen your mind. It's going to not only make you smarter, but it's gonna give you those new fresh ideas. It's gonna allow you to realize, hey, I'm not alone. Somebody else went through it. I could keep going. So that's one. Make sure you read them. Read, read, read.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:19:28]:
Number 2, exercise You talk on it, man. Whether it's 10 minutes a day, 5 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day, get a quick walk in, be mindful of your health. Right? This also empowers your self esteem. There was a study, I forgot the group. You know, certain words I just don't like to say, but, you know, because there's power in the tongue, but depression is a real thing. Right? Mhmm. I'll say that. Clinically depressed.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:19:51]:
I know people, friends, family, whatnot. Yeah. But I also feel like there's something thing there's certain things that you need to do to overcome that. So, yes, you may say that you're pressed, but are you eating the right things?

Tyson Gaylord [01:20:03]:

Pharaoh Kelley [01:20:03]:
Are you working out? Are you talking positive to yourself? Are you sleeping good? Are you sleeping good? It's things that needs to happen that can help you overcome that. It won't be over it won't be overnight, but you have to at least work out. You gotta get that exercise in. Okay? So wanna get some good reading in? You wanna get some good ideas? You wanna get your exercise in? And the last thing, to I'll give a bonus. But the the next thing I would say, speak positive and see yourself. Something I do with my son every morning before school, I I give him a mantra, and that mantra is, I am great. I'm a king. I'm gonna do amazing things.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:20:40]:
I'm great. I'm a king. I'm gonna do amazing things. Once again, it may sound corny. I'm just giving you the guys the stuff that works for me, but every morning I have them repeat that to me. Right? I'm a king. I am great. I'm gonna do amazing things.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:20:54]:
Come over with your phrase. Come over with your affirmation. But every morning, I read my affirmations. Every morning, I take 10 to 15 minutes. I block out everything. I'm not reading emails right away. I'm getting that positive message in any I'm getting that positive reinforcement because, let's be honest, we're gonna go through roadblocks throughout the day. We're gonna go deal with the nonsense, the b s.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:21:14]:
So it's important to start your day with, positive message and positive reinforcement. And last but not least, write down your goals, man. Write down your goals. It's so imperative to know where you're going. You can't know where you're going if you don't write it out. I know you're smart. I know you're probably a student, whatever, but the brain can only hold so much. Yeah.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:21:33]:
Immediately. But the brain can only hold so much and remember so much. So when you write it down, it gives you not only a clear idea what you what you're gonna do, but as a constant reminder of what you need to do. I have I have a whiteboard in my room. We write down our goals every day. You know, not every day, but we check on it, just to make sure we're, you know, on the right track. So write down your goals, Give yourself time. You know? It's not gonna happen overnight.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:21:56]:
Maybe the next 5 years, 2 years, who knows? But don't be so hard on yourself. Constantly reminding yourself that, hey. I can't do it. I can't make a difference. And, I'm telling you, you'll see a difference, man. Just give it give it a little bit of time. Like I said, it could be a quarter, a year. Give yourself time to change.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:22:12]:
Give yourself time to elevate. And if you can do those things, man, I'm sure that that's a great foundation. Similar to building a house. When you see a house being built, you don't start bringing in the doors, the windows. You gotta get that foundation solid. That foundation has to be in place before you start building the frames, before you start installing the toilets, the windows, the doors, etcetera, etcetera. You know? Get that foundation, and and those key points is gonna be your foundation. No matter where you're at in life.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:22:40]:
I don't care if you're homeless like how I was or if you're not, wherever, you lost a job, start there, give it time, and you'll see a difference. And, once again, man, yeah, that's that's what I wanna leave with you guys. Yes, sir.

Tyson Gaylord [01:22:53]:
I love it. Absolutely. And if you guys, if money's a problem, there's a think of the Libby app. If you have a public library card, if you don't if you don't go to the public library, get one. You can borrow ebooks, audiobooks for free. There's no cease I'll link I'll link to that for you guys. It's a free utilize these resources that, our tax dollars are paying for. You know? Yeah.

Tyson Gaylord [01:23:15]:
Library library has these books. They have audio books. I love audio books. But that's something there's no stopping us anymore. There's not nothing that that that's holding us back. Such great great points you had there, my friend.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:23:26]:
I appreciate. Yeah. Great. Speaking of audiobooks, I I'm a definitely audiobook person. And, one of your recommendation, Goggins. I'm a big Goggins fan. Oh, no. That's good.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:23:35]:
I'm a mindset guy, so I love, and and I'll throw that in there too. Follow follow mentor. So, you know, I'm sure you heard of, Earl Nightingale. Right. Some of my mentors is Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor. He created the secret. Not sure if you guys know that once a book, a documentary. But but get get follow people who have the right mindset.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:23:56]:
You know? Jocko, you ever heard of Jocko? He's a Oh, no Jocko. Man. Yeah. Eric, I got I got all this, bro. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mindset guys.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:24:04]:
Man, I'm a mindset guy. So it's like, you know, definitely, just get that get that get that into you. Get that in you, man. It's important. So it'll be a great start. But, yeah, those are some great recommendations. Right?

Tyson Gaylord [01:24:15]:
That's how that's how your Instagram feed should look. Your your whatever. They should be these guys. These are your mentors. So when you go on there, you're seeing your mentors. You're seeing these people. That that's beautiful. I love that.

Tyson Gaylord [01:24:25]:
And then, you know, if you're on Instagram, check out, you know, your Instagram. I'll link to that, the Facebook and stuff like that or whatever. I see. And and this is my I think my favorite part of the show we're coming to here is is the challenge. It's the weekly challenge. And like last time, my friend, I I want you to issue the challenge for for the listeners for this week's challenge. What's the challenge gonna be?

Pharaoh Kelley [01:24:47]:
I appreciate it. Once again, Tysse, I appreciate it. And, the challenge this time is gonna be go through your ugly phase. That's that's what I wanna say. I think we're seeing, you know, we're seeing people who have the glitz, the glams, the success, you know, the cars, the houses, and not realizing that that stuff takes time, guys. You can get there. There's nothing wrong with wanting to, get those things and achieve to those things, but go through your ugly phase. Everything wasn't always perfect for me.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:25:16]:
You know? I may have certain things now, certain trinkets and stuff of that nature, but it took time. Go through your ugly phase. Don't be ashamed. Hey. You know, you don't have certain things. Don't be ashamed that you may be going through addiction. Don't be ashamed that you may lost your job. Go through your ugly phase.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:25:30]:
Suffering builds character. Suffering builds character. The more you suffer, I believe, is gonna build that character for you to achieve something else. So continue to go at the ugly phase. Don't be caught up on what the next person has or don't have. Continue to focus. Continue to do what you have to do, continue to put the work in. And, I'm telling you, you're gonna get to where you need to be now.

Tyson Gaylord [01:25:54]:
Absolutely. Beautiful. What a great challenge.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:25:56]:
Yes, sir.

Tyson Gaylord [01:25:57]:
Thank you so much for coming on the show again. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Thank you for being out there in the community. Thank you for everything you're doing. I I really do appreciate everything. I appreciate your time.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:26:07]:
Abs absolutely. Man, listen. Every great movie has a trilogy, so this is the sequel. It's terminated too. You know we gotta come back for the 3rd one, Ty. You gotta come

Tyson Gaylord [01:26:16]:
back. We'll do. We'll go back round for round 3.

Pharaoh Kelley [01:26:19]:
I love it. Absolutely. Well, thank you so much, man. I appreciate it. Thank you, brother.

Tyson Gaylord [01:26:23]:
You're welcome. Another great episode. Like you said, my friend, that was round 2. We're gonna have to go for a third one, I guess. That's the way it's gonna be. I'm sure you're gonna come up with some great things in the in the time between this one and the next one. If you guys were inspired by this story, by his the things that he's doing, the by the things that is going on, or just inspired by the episode alone, please share with at least 2 other people. Connect with us, connect with him all week long in between episodes, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Tyson Gaylord [01:26:50]:
We have the YouTube version of this podcast, or you can also check it out on your favorite podcast player. You guys know what to do. For past episodes and links to everything we discussed here today, head over to the socialchameleon.show. And until next time, keep learning, growing, and transforming to the person you wanna become.

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