Stephen Hercy AKA Dr. Fitness USA

On this episode, I’m talking with Stephen Hercy AKA Dr. Fitness USA. He is an International Body Designer, owner, and founder of the International Institute of Body Design. No 1 Best Selling Author, Holds the prestigious title Professeur De Culture Physique Weider, certified by the IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilding.

Dr. Fitness USA is the creator of the Body Design Formula strength training protocol and recognized professional empowerment speaker as a pioneer for his successful work with pain management and postural realignment, which affects mood, behavior, and productivity.

Dr. Fitness USA is the leading authority in bringing his revolutionary strength training systems to the addiction and recovery community as a new tool for mood behavior stabilization, stress management, and is the first person in the world to provide strength-training programs for women suffering from endometriosis and auto-immune disorders.


Dr. Fitness USA regularly appears as a celebrity guest empowerment speaker on radio shows including the syndicated show Al Cole “People of Distinction”, L.J. Jackson “Amazing women of Power,” CNN show Tony O’Donnell at KCAA broadcast, Svetlana Kim “To the stars through adversity”, “The Dr. Kevin” show, Lou Hick famous Aimed 2 Purpose global broadcast, Dave Nassaney "Caregiver, avoiding burnout" broadcast and was featured as an expert authority speaker on the International Pain Foundation 2017 first webinar series.

Dr. Fitness USA has worked with all types of people from celebrities such as Linda Gray, Sally Fields, Simon Cranes, Billy West as well as with MD’s, chiropractors, alternative health professionals, as well as students. Young and older people of all walks of life travel worldwide to seek his unique services. Dr. Fitness USA ‘s groundbreaking prescription strength training system assist’s men and women alike to become masters of their body independently of a personal trainer to achieve a pain-free life.

AKA Dr. Fitness USA
Dr Fitness USA is an International Body Designer, creator of the Body Design Formula strength training protocol, founder of the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE of BODY DESIGN. No 1 Best Selling Author, Holds the prestigious title Professeur De Culture Physique Weider.

Stephen Hercy, globally known as Dr. Fitness USA is a body transformation mentor, ergonomic expert, postural alignment specialist. His expertise as a transformative force and a maverick in the field of dynamic wellness and personal development is unrivaled for more than 40 years. Far beyond the scope of “trainers,” Stephen’s transcendent achievements with his Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System compares with those of luminaries like Bruce Lee and Carl Jung in their respective fields. Stephen is often referred to as the next Jack Lalanne.

More than an “exercise plan the “Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System” allows Stephen to personally conduct the energetic harmonics of his pupils, including the unique transformation requirements of men versus women, to achieve mind-blowing physical, spiritual, and emotional triumphs. These are the sorts of instant and lasting results that nobody else can even touch.

An authority in postural alignment, Mr. Hercy personally crafts every “Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System” plan to provide ergonomic platforms that support redesigning and reshaping the body from the inside out, once thought to be impossible, while supporting proper spinal alignment. As a result of altering your anatomy, one day, you will without even thinking about it, stand tall, empowered and will have transformed not only your physique but also your entire life.

Stephen Hercy stands alone as a mentor, master bodybuilder, teacher, and visionary. “Body Design Formula Prescription Strength Training System” is the answer to your ultimate 360-degree transformation and only Stephen Hercy, aka Dr. Fitness USA, can give it to you. Welcome to the new paradigm in fitness consciousness!

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The Dr. Fitness USA Show

The Dr Fitness USA Show


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Tyson: 00:00:15 Welcome to social chameleon show where it's our goal to help you learn, grow and transform in to the person you want to become. Today I am talking with Stephen Hercy, Aka Dr. Fitness USA is an international body designer, owner and founder of the International Institute of by Design Number One bestselling author and holds the procedures title of press suppress your d culture physique. Wielder certified by that IFBB international federation, of body design. Dr Fitness USA is the creator of the body design formula, strength training protocol and recognize professional empowerment speaker as a pioneer for his work with pain management and postural realignment, which affects mood, behavior and the productivity. Dr Fitness USA is the leading authority and bringing his revolutionary training systems to the addiction and recovery community as a new tool for mood, behavior stabilization, stress management, and as a first person in the world to provide strength training, training programs for women suffering from and node Mitri is itis and audio immune disorders.

Tyson: 00:01:22 Dr Fitness USA regular peers and celebrity guests empowerment speaker on radio shows including the syndicated show people of distinction. Amazing women of power. CNN show, Tony will dull the stars through adversity. The doctor Kevin Show caregiving of winning burnout and it was featured as an expert authority speaker on the international pain foundation 2017 first webinar series. Dr Fitness USA has worked to all types of people from cyber, so liberties such as Linda Gray, Sally fields, Simon cranes, Billy West as well as mds, chiropractors, alternative health professionals. That's one of the students, young and older people of all walks of life trouble worldwide to seek his unique services. Dr Fish and USA is groundbreaking prescription strength training system, the CIS men and women alike to become masters of their body independently of a personal trainer to achieve a pain free life. He has been around this game for a long time.

Tyson: 00:02:23 He's got a wealth of knowledge. We go through all kinds of stuff in this episode. It was really a great privilege to have him on. Uh, if you haven't watched the previous episode, the one right before this with his wife Battista, they're partners in this thing. They're both are such an amazing wealth of knowledge and we're very honored and blessed to have him on. And share this with you folks. I hope you guys enjoy this amazing interview. I know I did. Stephen, welcome to the social command shell. I've been actually looking forward to this interview and it's as glad to have. I'm glad to have you here. Uh, real, real quick. Um, how old are you? You're in your seventies. Is that, uh,

Dr Fitness USA: 00:02:59 I'm 71

Dr Fitness USA: 00:03:01 71, if you're listening to the podcast, this guy, you would never guess he's, I mean, he looks absolutely amazing and, and if you're going to listen to a fitness guy that looks as great at 71, I wish I could be half as good looking as you at that age, you gotta understand like you look absolutely great. You look so young and so vibrant and I'm really excited to hear your secrets with that. Okay. Yeah. So how, have you always been into strength training and weightlifting? Or is it something you picked up later on in life?

Dr Fitness USA: 00:03:35 I've always been into it. It's like a great position or anybody that has a raw talent. I've always been able to just dial in. If we go, go back to the beginning, of course I would read Charles Atlas comic books and just like any young man, I would actually rock and roll dreaming of having a body that didn't look like a weakling. Okay. So, so I had, I had a good consciousness that having a more manly body that helped me accomplish things that in life and power me through difficult situations. And I decided that I wanted to do that. And so I started off that, you know, I started off with doing those springs road. Then you see the magazine push ups and all that kind of, it's not nonsense, but I didn't have a father that was into working out. But my mother had a sense of sight towards me. So she always encouraged me to or go out and put the money out. And I would go by the little apparatus and play with it. But I wanted to get to the real weights and make a difference. So when I, when she paid my membership to a health club and you know, in a health club and every month I like 30 people show up. And then 30 people leave. Then I just stayed. I stayed on that and the membership for years and years and years, I was very focused.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:05:07 Did were you, were you working at a sport or was it just just to be stronger and having a better physique or what was your, what was your goal back then?

Dr Fitness USA: 00:05:16 The body's like a puzzle. So when I looked at my body, I wanted to assemble the pieces correctly and I had an intuition about you ever see a graphic form or geometric form and I knew that I had to put my body into proportion and so I would have to work on creating a business plan even though I didn't know as a business. So when I would go into a gym, like a, a gym, at least I had a map, I didn't get lost. Oh, he's been lost in the gym so to speak.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:05:54 No, I have, I've had that problem too. And when you walk in there and you're like, I just want to work out and you don't

Tyson: 00:05:58 really walk in there with a plan or are some type of goal and you just kind of wander around and you're like, oh this looks interesting and that machines available and free and you wind up wasting a lot of time in there.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:06:11 So

Tyson: 00:06:12 through your personal journey, what was the thing that that that clicked or what happened where you decided that this is something you want to pursue and unprofessional professional?

Dr Fitness USA: 00:06:20 Well I came into being by that women were getting contact with women who had serious problems, something like cellulite or their movie behavior was off and they came to me to try to create a solution so that they can be more emotionally stable or they can get rid of cellulite and things like that. And my former name was always about a rebuilding the house of speed and I didn't do it through diet or aerobics. Aerobics is basically a big bath. It doesn't mean that it's not important. Okay. In order to build the house, you have to have a foundation and then you have to build it up a floor by floor and the Diet, oh look, watch this. You know, here's the kicker. People say that, oh, it's a 75% and Trisha, well, I'm on a gold's gym and La Fitness. Can you imagine? There are hundreds of thousands of people working out, killing themselves to have a better body for whatever reason, they think that they could sit home and just watch their food gang take.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:07:27 The gyms would be acting, right? Yeah. It's so Raja. When when you are discipline, you can want to fly your food behavior. But in life, especially with women or even men, when they ask, they take on age, they start to gain weight, their posture shifts. And so there, or let's say a woman, she's tried to get into her address, she's thinking of weight loss. Okay, well wait, gloss means you lose weight. So if you're a hundred pounds today and you're 70 pounds tomorrow, you lost weight. But the thing is to build the actual muscles under the skin and stretch the tissue. Or I'm going to scout your ad work on your skeletal frame and start to have something that's sustainable for the rest of your life.

Tyson: 00:08:17 Yeah, that's the thing I really liked about you might, it was introduced to you guys and your system and things. That seems like a really a really key component of, of you know, health and overall fitness that's really lacking in the industry overall. It's like you were alluding to, you know, people are like, oh, just get on the treadmill and and, and just stop eating the, this, that and another and you'll be just fine.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:08:41 Exactly.

Tyson: 00:08:42 And it seems to be not, not the case. I, you know, I know a few years ago I kind of subscribe to that, well let me, let me, you know, let me try and modify my diet and stuff and I found I just got fatter. I was like, if I'm eating this way that you say I'm supposed to be eating,

Dr Fitness USA: 00:08:56 why am I getting fatter? It really, it really boggled my mind. What, what, what can you speak to that? What is, what does this dietary advice and these different things, what are the components that either were missing or we're doing too much of? What is that? Well, first of all, yeah,

Dr Fitness USA: 00:09:11 take some photos of your body and see what's exactly miss it. You know, some people have tremendous, uh, um, uh, genetics for a while. Anything might work, but if something's off balance when you go, uh, the tool that you would use at spring training you had, have you put more emphasis on that particular area of the body? So I give any example. You take a woman in her forties, 50s. What happens is you see this all the time. You have women that have these beautiful, beautiful legs. Okay, nice shapely calves. But their upper body is like the hunchback of Notre Dame. It's all rattled it out and they don't understand that shows age that shows an age of a woman 20 years older than she really is. So in her logical mind, she's thinking, oh, I need to lose the weight. Okay? But it won't change the upper landscape of the body.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:10:11 The body will just keep on losing muscle tissue. Chose to keep gaining weight. See she's not using the tools to rebuild her upper body to match the legs. And the thing is in strength training, the component is it works on you emotionally. Say people gain weight for all sorts of reasons. They're stressed out. Uh, so, so it doesn't matter what you tell them. There's even hidden emotions. There's, and there's pain, contrived pain, there's all sorts of methods of pain and people don't realize that. So they're focusing on the diet and nutrition and they're not really doing the work there. Spokes too, because when you use weights you can actually develop senate. This synergistic muscles under the skin and the muscles require, especially for women, they require more oxygen, red blood cells. And what happens is when you create this muscularity under the skin, you actually started to lose calories when you're not doing anything. So, so they're going in, they're thinking about dying and roads and things like that, but he's not doing anything to relieve stress on an emotional level, which is causing the weight gain.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:11:25 That's very interesting too, to learn. So, with, with, with your formula, what, what is, what is that the core of, of this Bible design formula? Where did, where did this come from? How did you discover this or find the solid where is, what is that about? I just know how to build a better mouse trap.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:11:46 It's as simple as that. You know? No magic magic formula is when I actually developed program for a person's body. It has to do with rhythm sequencing, rep sets. Wait, so you're not an example. So, uh, you can take a, okay, so w and just give me an example. So the one comes in and with the personal trainer. Okay. Okay. So there they want to do a press, right? So, so, so what happens is they knew what they call a flat dumbbell press. Well, there's four fears of my fear of rejection, abandon of noise and failures. So when you take a woman, you put her on a flat bench, it feels out of control. I remember there's a foreign environment for women. So, so angulation, ergonomics, is Mary very important to know what you're actually doing. Yeah. The second part is women's store. Most women's store, their emotions in their chest, so you wouldn't put them on a flat bench.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:12:47 He put them on a 30 to 45 degree angulation bench and you have to make sure that the seat is tilted app. This happens to me and I go ahead and I see man, they're trying to do chest press and they don't know they're sliding off the seat. Oh, I never, I never thought about that. Yeah. Your bias body has to be grounded and it has to be supported. So now the woman is actually, she can see her movement in the mirror. She thought right angle. So now because they store their emotions and their chest and they have to lift a certain amount of weight to produce a ridge out. So 10 pounds isn't going to do it. So we know that 10 pounds isn't going to do it. We know 15 pounds is and you got to do it. We know 20 pounds. So the object is to get her to a correct.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:13:33 Starting wage would probably be the lowest, would be 25 pounds. When she started, when she listed 25 pounds, she's going to start to release their emotions and they're going to get this ah ha moment. But you have to have like a chess board. You have to know how to create a stepping stone. So they get there within a couple of weeks, not a couple of months, a couple of weeks. It's very different than personal training because the ergonomics that I pray is uh, very much like acupuncture. It hits certain Meridian points in the body that regenerates the though of your entire system into being a new, you can just go ahead. What does that, I don't understand what that is. The Meridian, what? Can you speak a little bit to that will give us an assurance? Sure. Okay.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:14:30 I have a one way expressing that. Okay. You go to a car. Okay. In eastern Western medicine, acupuncture is believed that they use less energy than a cap. Chiropractic is the lesson. If base though, we would use the word less invasive. Okay, so you go to chiropractor. What does a carb duty does? An adjustment. So you're looking for a popping sound, something like that. And then, uh, sometimes they have like balls and stretches or some personal training, you know, it's money making business even though they play God and then they're going to put you on a table with rollers and those rovers actually roots and okay, so the person is going to keep coming back. You will never see on their menu. Strength Training most of time to work on the pain. Hey, the car are readjusting your joints and your spinal connection, things like that. But the strength training actually solidifies the muscles around those joints. So holes the adjustment in place. So if you're only going to a chiropractor and you're not doing strength training, you're actually wasting your money.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:15:44 The engineer, this is the what the, when we talked about very, very fascinating. I never, I've never been to a chiropractor, but I also never thought about when you realign them, the body, that the weaker muscle that perhaps aided in that misalignment is something you've got to go ahead and strengthen. Is that probably why they people keep going back and back because they just go right back out of alignment again. Exactly,

Dr Fitness USA: 00:16:07 exactly like that. If I'm looking at your body and you're not a person that would do really well with chiropractic adjustment, now you wouldn't do it if I, if I was a car park and I lied, you face down in the cradle, so that means your whole head and your upper body weight would be supportive. That would make you comfortable. Then I can the new or your head of it. But if you're lying on your back and the card pack to try shit, yeah. You know, you'll go all of that. That's painful and it'll come back. So you have to be very careful to it. And it's the same way.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:16:48 Some exercise aren't textbook correct, but they don't fit with the person that actually caused pain way down the line and you won't know where it came from. So if we get back to the acupuncturist, okay, yeah. Visually, okay, you go to an acupuncture, what do people say? Wow. Eastern Western, Miss, Miss Nicole. And then you see the chart at all the wines and the body and then the, they tell you to hold up your tongue. That bears ways. Okay, but now you're intrigued and they say, well, we're going to treat, your kidneys are going to treat that. And they have, and they don't always use needle, but we're giving example, they take a needle. God, I hope they put the needle in the right Meridian. See, so insurance, right, and training and my systems, you've got to know where to put the right needle approach. Yeah, exactly.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:17:40 Okay, so we moved to personal training, which is a legitimate profession. Sure. Most people when they think of a personal trainer, those thinking of him as a heart surgeon, so let's put them in a good [inaudible] there. The general doctor, they are not the heart surgeon. So if you have a hard problem, better go to a heart surgeon because you met her hope that if he operates that he knows what he's doing. But people assume that the trainer is the, is the Eh, the expert. They don't ask clarify, but because when they go in, when personal training and they don't know why they're doing it because most of the time they're going and they're explaining to the trainer what they want or how they'd like to look basically losing weight. Okay. It's never going to happen for them. The business is based on confusion. All those exercises I do, I have nothing to do with the body.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:18:36 Okay. Yeah. It's unsustainable with the correct word. Unsustainable. So what happens to the trainer? A, okay. What happens with the trainer? They come in, they stretch on white stretching personnel. Okay. Why are you doing exercise and off a ball? Why are you doing walking lunges? Why are you doing a plane? You see it all the time in the gym is kind of interesting. Uh, you know, I won't mention the gym and some people really want an education or, and it's frightening to see what the trainer is doing. The trainer is actually portrait of the person and hurting the person. So you hear a lot of times have trained trainer injured me. Well you should have done more research.

Tyson: 00:19:16 Yeah, definitely. That's the thing, you know, um,

Dr Fitness USA: 00:19:22 that what, you know with that,

Tyson: 00:19:25 what, what is, what are the types of questions? What are you looking for when you're trying to work with somebody to improve your physique? Or, you know, on the surface level, people want to lose weight. What are those clarifying questions? What are those things that we should be asking or looking for?

Dr Fitness USA: 00:19:39 Well, first of all, okay, so three ways to be successful is mindset. So you want a person that has a mindset to be healthier, okay? And then you're asking them a question. There's three types of people. One sends out a really want help, but you're going to do all the work. The second one says, I really want the help, but I'm going to SAP. It has whenever you tried to do to help me. And the third one is they're going to say, let's work together. Uh, whatever it is that you need to be partners, so to speak, and we'll rock and roll through life. Now, what's interesting is, and most people are quite difficult to deal with, okay? But as of lately, the men have jumped up, uh, [inaudible] star off doing online pro mentoring's are women. They become very difficult, but the men have jumped on board.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:20:33 Isn't that amazing that that man, if I ask him, the men loud, like program they love online, whatever it is, and they're just rocking and rolling with it. If I ask him for a video of, I asked him for something, they never say, Oh, I'm too busy today and they just get it to me. Well, why are you seeing that difference? Do you know? Okay, there, okay, let's go here. There's a reversal role in the, in the forties and 50s, the 60s. If we look at the business community that the women have become passive aggressive and the men who have become weaker. So we've gotten women who go, he comes stronger then up becoming weaker. So, so, so when you go to a seminar here, let me explain it this way. For a female and a male for the that we all have male and female energy in our body.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:21:34 So left side is thinking, right side is feeling okay. The difference between a women and left hand, the men and they have a large brain trap passage. People left and right side of the brain so they can, they can feel safe at any moment if they feel threatened, they can be. And they're thinking side men. We have a small brain pass. So we're very sensitive and so we're only safe if we stay in our thinking. So that's why it takes so long to think about something cause I want to make sure that the unknown isn't detrimental to their business or their health. So it, so what's happening in the, in the gyms today, the younger generation, the strange dreams and number one, the reason is because the gym's today, not personal training gyms. And I clarified when you have personal training, gyms are usually ill-equipped.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:22:34 Okay? They don't have the right pair of shoes. And then you get bonded with the wrong type of people in a sense. You know, you see a muscle guy and you just think that's going to happen to you. Uh, but they, uh, major gyms can be Gold's gym, La Fitness, 24 hours. They are spending billions of dollars and producing the right equipment. So when people go there or children, they have a great time working out. There's not a child that I know of that looks like a ballet dancer that can go into, let's say an la fitness. I might press three or 400 pounds. Wow. I never thought about that easily. Easily. So what happens is you've got, when you train your lower extremities, there's a tremendous amount of positive energy. So you're seeing, you're seeing a lot of positive energy happening. Now what's happening is they're drawing in the a certain segment of, of, of nationalities of people.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:23:31 Okay, that's not me. It doesn't matter. They don't have to be in shape or whatever it is. They're drawing their parents into the gym too. So that's actually where they actually come together. See parents are always trying to understand their children, but it's never going to happen. The children are just rough. Our events, they can see if their child is working out, if they're safe. And it's good to see their parents taking care of themselves. Cause I was asked when I see people who are beef but they go to the gym and they work out, then I go to a network mixing and the people are overweight or obese and they don't do anything. Most met Werner meetings or business meetings that I go to, 87% of the people are 20 years older than than they ought to be. The reason is is because just like carb reactor or the business, meaning they're feeding in intellectual.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:24:25 So what happens is when women have to, when they're thinking is on too long, they ruined their immune system. There is sitting there, they're estrogen base. They cannot sustain that constant thought process. So going to the gym stops that progression. But these women, when they're going to seminars, they're being fed how to make more money, how to be a better person, how to do this. And uh, that's where I say they become passive aggressive. They don't answer their phone and their message machine is Paul. They talked back to man, they lost respect actually for men, unless it's a subject that they're making money. Okay. So all these bad habits are transcending into the children. So the thing is that Jim is the greatest place for the children because they can be their own person. That doesn't mean they have my program because my program helps them to train inappropriate ways. When I say appropriate, if you want your personal dab, good posture, and you wanted them to learn a ballet, there's a certain format, so my program has a certain format. If you follow my program, you're going to wind up with good posture. You're going to be able to use it through your lifetime. Everything is going to rock and roll a lot easier.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:25:46 What does that, that core where, where have you found that that that core thing that enables all of those things to kind of come off of in my program is built in, you know, every, every year there's some new expression of thought of how to be a change, so this is a great thing. Core or if you didn't have a cord, he wouldn't be alive today. Don't worry about it. I give me an example because, and this is coming out, we have our show coming out. So we're having an interview with an acupuncturist and RN nurse and actually saying, okay, son, go to Pohlad A's and you go to yoga, you go to massage therapy and they're telling you re you know, he go straight through with Lakey math to think about it at all. You'll breathe automatically pounds, man. And they made the two, 300 pounds. You don't have to think about breathing. So it, this core stuff that they're talking about is really taking you away from the meat and potatoes of what training is about. What does that mean? Potatoes? What? What, what is that?

Speaker 5: 00:26:55 Yeah.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:26:56 Okay. Depends what does the person want to do? I do. Okay. You have to clarify what the person wants. You just want to be, they'll say, well, it's probably not going to happen in California. Has to get up at six o'clock in the morning so you'll have the illusion of being physically fit. Uh, do you just want to do some what they call occupational therapy or do you want to actually rebalance your body stones since in your clothes differently? You have a different ceiling of expression. Okay. So there's so there. So when people say, or you want to do cross thread and get injured, okay, so you don't know where the person that they are. They never say, wherever the person is at is ugly. That's the thing. That's a little world. Now, you know, if you want it to a lawyer or a doctor, you say, Oh, you're a lawyer, you're a doctor. What specialty you, they never asked those questions or they become the expert, then go, oh, but I have a personal trainer. I love my trainer. Uh, Oh yeah, I think I'll do that. Why are you asking me a question? See, people are not that open.

Speaker 5: 00:28:11 Yeah.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:28:11 To Change, right? Because there's a tremendous amount of publicity and visual images that give people the illusion that if they follow this, uh, this crazy paper system is gold mine, of course, that that is going to happen for them. No, you don't know where your body's at and you don't know where you're going. So if like I can even give out a name. You have like a intuit academy, a, she's a personal trainer. Susan up here. Okay. You getting to me at 23 years old, she's almost 60 she's a personal trainer for anytime fitness, right on Kevin as she looks just as good as she was 23 years ago. Wow. She was, what are you doing?

Dr Fitness USA: 00:28:59 Itching. And I have a lot of people like that when they can get gym owners and they start to teach and things like that, but they, their strength training is a fastest way to anti aging. So, so, so, so attitude is really great. But the second part is that sport is, and wire meant engaged. Our people go to a gym and they go, Oh, it's fully equipped. What do you know? It's fully equipped. They got the worst pair of shoes that anybody, they have no orthotics and shoes. They have the wrong colors. You probably got about pitching your feet.

Speaker 5: 00:29:35 Okay.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:29:35 See when I develop a program and the gym rejective on Youtube, Youtube, Dotcom, slash doctor sickness USA. I actually get a virtual camera or I have students take a video and I studied the exact pieces of equipment in the gym so I can make an informed decision of what would work for. So in a gym, in a gym, you have a life fit. Well in the major Jim's you'll have like a life fitness, you'll have a matrix, you'll have star track, you'll have hammer strain. Okay, I won't say which one is the worst. It was none of them. I mentioned there is major companies that do very well there in gyms, but I would work on this piece of junk. Okay, so watch this in a hammer roll machine where you're working your back is the same coming Hauer like fit this. They both have the same role in a piece of equipment, but what is hammer and one is miserable look different in the late press.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:30:48 Would I go to La fitness one? I won't use their leg press. I have to go to La fitness too. It's the same company, but they're totally different than the application in our, in the comfort. When I say application is where when you get into it and feel like 1 million bucks, the other be some machine is very tedious. It doesn't roll up them down properly. Some of them that are and people work on broken machines, they have. So environment is very important. And then the third thing is they need an education of what to do with their body once they entered the gym. So watch this, I go to La Fitness, sorry. There's two things I practice. I practice being a good neighbor or giving back to society. So I'll stand there. I'm hoping somebody will ask me a question. Okay. And sometimes the young guys do. But here's the old guys that, it's funny because I'm 71 but the boys, they look pretty old to me. You don't know who else crunched up there too bad, you know? And now they're doing bench press on a machine, not dumbbells.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:31:54 And I stand there and I just stare at them and they don't look at me. See they're seekers. They don't ask me a question, you know, why am I staring at them? I'm saying, I'm kind of saying sh uh, sir or madam here on the wrong machine. It's killing you there going it's terrorizing their joint. What's interesting is I'm using the machine next door. It's the St Jesper residency but different company. Okay. In a way it's good. It's good in a way because they are not taking up time. It's always free, but it's amazing. Every time I had the good increase in volume. Three of the ones that are real horrible people are twin exercise on it. Well what is it that you're looking for in the machine that makes it a better or worse than

Tyson: 00:32:40 the others?

Dr Fitness USA: 00:32:40 Uh, first of all, you're looking at brands. Yeah. Uh, like in a, in an la sit mass or hammer strain, they have maybe five different [inaudible] types of machines and three of them are horrible. Yeah. Yeah. You'll hear in know words and when you go use it, distress is more on your arms and your back, but there may, uh, not correctly. So, uh, most of the time the people are on the log. We sooner they know know how to use a prop. So to say in my system it's different. Does it quiets the mind? Is personal trainers based off Forrest who I'd work out it all. But mine is getting you exquisitely and touch brain muscle connection to who you are. So you're in control. It feels uncomfortable. You're not going to be doing it or are you going to read 40 back to me and I'm going to help you get to be comfortable.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:33:32 So give me an example of in a, because we have uh, I said the males jump on board. Okay. So, uh, now they're in Atlanta and, and when I spoke to the person, the beginning, I took him up on a challenge about my program and he laughed and my blog that, yeah. And then he said, oh, I'm not going to send the pictures and me the fake news. Okay. So one day actually it fills out the form. He sends me pictures of his body. Okay. I couldn't believe that the person is actually a workout person because when I was looking at us and when, when, when was the last one you saw Jim?

Dr Fitness USA: 00:34:16 He has a program over the line. He's already in the gym and I say to him, can you get me a video once you're doing? Yeah, yeah, I'll get a cute girl to do it. I mean in three minutes flat. I can't believe this charm. He actually sends me a video and then I said, wow, this guy really knows how to work his legs, but I send them instructions. I explained to him that he needs to be three inches lower in the DSM and as that it's not the upset that's important. He sent me back. I'm sitting, no, it's three minutes per person and I've been coaching him like that and he's busy working all in the, you know, he's a very busy person that right when it comes to his body, he listens and with a video or incident combat, I can tell them exactly how to places be, how to make it more comfortable. How does, how does, how would you rock and roll with his body? Wow.

Tyson: 00:35:14 That, that, that's good to hear. I mean that's the thing that seems to be missing is that that interaction with the other person or that, that uh, the willingness to, to, to do and make the adjustments and say I'm doing it wrong or I've been doing it wrong for so many years. I need to learn to write. You

Dr Fitness USA: 00:35:30 do the right things in the right ways. Uh, yes and another thing is, well because they didn't take, they gave me what I want when they send me a copy of the program, I'm a mold to actually guide them and where they need to be with the weights. So the object of the program really in any program is to increase a person's string 20 to 70% and 20 minutes. Though sometimes it takes longer if I'm not there, but they will, they will increase their strength 20 and 60% because it controls your emotional behavior, controls how much weight you're going to use in your upper body is all a matter of proportion and sequences. They don't know how much weight they lift and they, even if they did the exercise, they don't know the outcome are a one person will say who he is. This is a fitness guru. So now he's also said, well, okay, so you're basically a side guy. Oh yeah. But here's the action. Oh, I love it. Everybody's standing it. I love it. I love some feedback. And the thing is, actually when I looked at it slow, rose and I looked at his cousin, he wasn't a fat guy in the, in the, in the context where the guy's got a pot belly and he sat in his, that he hasn't done the work to create a more muscular body with less effort.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:36:59 Was it just like a toned physique or was it, no, actually my story is to the person, if they follow my by format, they'll lose anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds. He's awake. But the y was a muscular aesthetic, beautiful bottom. Because we're working on a synergistic muscles that they know nothing about. We'll, we'll, we'll, we'll, do most people have a more, um, functional strength instead of just that, you know, one motion kind of, I'm strong in just this one type of exercise. Yeah. Yes, exactly. That's very good insight. Uh, some people, uh, okay. The person's been guy. Okay. And uh, so in the, in the beginning for many apps like shoulder pressing. Okay. But I'm going to take it out. He doesn't meet her. I've just creating a format that he doesn't need shoulder press or other exercise that actually can sink his people. Twitter, what do you, what is one of your favorites?

Dr Fitness USA: 00:38:05 Well, first of all, the leg press. Of course, now you're late, late press, but you have to have my ergonomic support system to actually accomplish what I'm talking about. Right. Okay. Yeah. The other one is what we call a rear delt machine where you're working the back part of your shoulder. Okay. You see people do this, right. Okay. So ask him why you doing it with two arms? Cause I thought about that. Is it, why are you doing with arms causing compression on your neck? You're not even ceiling. What you're doing, you're taking the energy through the center of your body and you want to feel the energy in your solar. So what they don't know is there's five different ways to doing that because there's the trapeze muscle runs from the middle of the top of your head in the middle of your back. So they're trying to work their rear delt, but they don't know that it's finding with the trapeze muscle, which holds your neck up, hold your vertebraes in place. Say there's, there's all sorts of different levels within a Pacific exercise and when you combine with other exercise, your program becomes wonderful because right now the men are going in the gym and uh, they can get through a terrific workout within an hour, three times a week.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:39:21 Wow. That's, that's, that's a whole lot better than the general advice of five to seven days a week of an hour and a half, two hours. Sometimes I hear some guys are here if they're in a gym for three, four hours, I, I know, I don't get it.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:39:35 Do it. When you're younger, you know, younger, nothing bothers you, say because you to add more responsibilities, you want to be in the gym, in and out there. Uh, I've been able to work on my own body and I go in through that. Before I used to go and find like a young guy today, like there's different people hog the machine. They're in your way. You can't find a dumbbell. People are rude. A got to learn how to rock and roll in the gym because not everybody is. Oh, okay. Okay. So you have to learn how it's like in a truck and you're driving your car and the guys went two miles and hour. You have to be calm, cool, collective and use etiquette. And sometimes etiquette doesn't even work. Sometimes you have to go away to another part of the gym. Okay. But yeah, but you have to use the bike programs states that you need to do though exercise in sequencing, you don't jump around from,

Dr Fitness USA: 00:40:38 so the order plays just as integral of a part as the actual exercise. Absolutely. And why is that? What have you found? How did you discover that? What is, what is that about?

Dr Fitness USA: 00:40:51 Well, they're in the architectural plan. I have a vision for their body. So we're sending energy from her lower body to her upper body and we're trying to create a pattern of exercise that's laying the foundation, even if the body is already set. And later on I'm going to start to move chess pieces around. Like when I'm explaining it as a person, he's been doing it a long time and he's doing chest back and then he says he hates the dumbbell row, but he's doing it and he's losing grip. But there's always explained to him and uh, I can change things or wraps from seven reps. Okay. Okay. One arm dumbbell row. It's one of the back. Okay. What people, uh, they do this.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:41:38 So the demos in the air. Okay. But that was supposed to go. Oh, interesting. I, I've always done it had, that's how I was always taught. Yeah. So he made no progress because you can take the way you're supposed to do in your waistline. Wow. So that we can start off. Okay. So if I want to raise the weight, I can stay a, okay, let's do five reps. The might've said, oh, I couldn't find Reps. I could change. And new radical numbers are very important. 10 reps, your numbers night, it looks at me. But do we need where I tell a girl she's doing quote white doing 12 reps, you're number seven. They don't understand all that. So the one arm dumbbell row are using the full grant. Are you using your fun list? What is it that you want to do in this particular person's mindset?

Dr Fitness USA: 00:42:43 He doesn't know. I'm going to drop that exercise because he has other exercises program that's far more efficient and more up to date. See, because I look in his gym and I see, Oh wow, we could build this. This is all they've got back with a piece of putting down here. Oh forget about that. So I'm already building the platform for him to be successful. Okay. So what's interesting is like, so when we go back to women and because they're back and forth, the reason that it's important to increase their strength, 20 to 50%, is to control their emotions and to be able to set their body up to lift weight. So I have an Ergonomic set up that puts their vertebraes in the proper biomechanical position. So you know, the, the, the woman when I go in and I, we're more careful when, when I'm not there.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:43:40 Okay. But let's say we, uh, take a woman then it's close to 50, and she was doing a leg press or, okay. So first of all, most people that I knew always put the feet in the wrong position. They put it in the middle of the board or high level board, raw a good. Now we're getting back thigh. He defines us. He had no sensation. So what happens is, um, explained to the woman how the machine works so she feels safe. Okay. Then I might say, okay, well let's put a little weight on to, okay, okay. You don't have to do that with everybody. And then you rent 25 pounds and you're at at at a 45 panels. No, I'm talking to two plates plus 45, 25 it's only been 20 minutes. That's straight increase is significant because what happens when women feel accomplished that there's no yelling, there's no screaming and there's nobody in their face and they can duplicate it by themselves.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:44:56 They go, oh, that feels so second massage. And you go, oh, that feels so good. She, you know, and then I take a whole, the little pill, sometimes I kick him off the little plates and I say, well, why don't we put these out or points on, I put the same weight. I'm like, oh, I can play different tricks in their mind. You know, once they do and it's permanent, he'll stay in their system for weeks. That's why you don't have to train everyday because when he will strengthen your body. Okay. Like, uh, for the gentleman, he, when I put him on the pro, he's trained his legs every day, you know, but the truth is, is, you know, he hasn't trained his legs every four or five days. Say I'm guiding him so that he doesn't waste energy. Right. Especially somebody that's busy recapturing hours a week and keeping the same, if not better results.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:45:50 Oh, you'll get a better result because you'll actually look forward to in these men are so busy and they can't wait to get to the gym. It's unbelievable. They're ready at the gym. Wow. I have somebody that's getting up at four o'clock and doing a full day's work and he has to get up at four o'clock in the morning and he's already at the gym. Wow. So is it, is it just that sense of accomplishment and that that I can get it done and attitude is what's inspiring these people to have? Yes. When they have boy format, they're following at, okay, I got to wait. It's very simple. Okay. So you can go in, you'll look at a person and they're so proud. They got a suit on, but they might look like it came out of a garbage can or they read their whole list, you know, nothing fits.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:46:44 What I'm trying to do is create a better suit for them. So everything has to match. The color, the way it's, it's, it's not too tight on the neck, you know, it's gotta be clean looking. Okay. And then we put the APP, uh, um, the uh, acupuncture type of philosophy behind it. And then we've got a person that's rocking and rolling like a with Brian Kelly in the bin. I'll send it to you a mentioned. Wow. I used to go in the gym and just work out sequencing rhythm. What's that all about? I never thought about it. There's a logic behind, but now it's interesting. Now they experienced the difference. They never go back to the way they trade because what they do, but my way is very exquisitely comfortable because what happens is as men, when you're younger, when you're younger, everything could work in recuperate faster and things, it doesn't matter if you have a lovely body.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:47:42 But what happens is when you get older, the hormones change and going to the gym for an older man is a feminine experience. They'll get it. When you comb your hair and you brush you teeth, you put on a nice shirt that's feminine as a man taking care of himself. When they go to the gym, they need to learn to do things. I feel comfortable, efficiently, comfortable, or result oriented. Right. Okay. But they can't go in the gym and try and lift weights like nine used to. So you have to go in the gym and train smarter. He could have a more interesting plan of attack. You can work on things that are a little easier to do, but some of those muscles never been developed. So you started to get more of an a ha moment in your mindset. Like a for Tim Ray. I mean it's one full force. The first thing he said, man, you know, I already lost eight pounds. I'm not even working. I lost eight bells and that never happened before. You know, this program must be working. Of course it's working because he act up instead of inactive. When he goes to the gym, he's actually having fun with his body. He's very important to have fun with your body.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:48:58 I, you know, I, until I talked with you, you guys before, I never thought about these things. I had probably been out of the gym for maybe 10 years or so. And I went back in and it was just kinda like what you were saying. It's just, you know, get in there and try to lift the weight that used to and it's just, it hurt and as a, but this is, I like, I love where you guys are going with this and the, the, the whole encompassing this of all these elements. I never really put that together and I really liked that you guys have discovered them and I see why people have gotten such tremendous results and not only that, the longevity of this system is really, really well. I think where the magic sauce is at,

Dr Fitness USA: 00:49:35 well on my website we have a sustainable, uh, uh,

Dr Fitness USA: 00:49:43 right. Yeah. That's what really impressed me about what you guys have going on.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:49:48 It's the greatest place for men and women or they have a lot of stress in their mind or responsibilities when they go to the gym, they actually discovered that's the safest place to be because all of a sudden they don't have to solve any problems. They just have to hang out with themselves. So it's the magic of the program. Um, we all have those days. And so now I've got one, I have friends on the play, lot of stress. Maybe I didn't sleep the night before, man. Do I want her mother to go to the gym. But you know what, I followed my advice. You pick up the program and you don't think you get in the car. So I pick up the program again in the car and I'm still bitching and moaning and a already right. No, I mean, no, it is a gym. I'm in the gym.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:50:39 Yeah. And then the first exercise is not a particular day. Says uh, you're going to do a Jesper. So you have to find the machine. That's right. Right. And just rest requires me to sit and followed up weight scales, like combination door. So you don't have, it shouldn't be busy. And now I'm on the just brass, but I'm saying okay. And then now in gym to the chest press machine, it's a matrix actually works. Okay. So what in gym one is a matrix, but it's terrible. So I'm sitting in gym to experiencing those of the page to get some of the first reason and way I go, wow, that's great. Wow, this is so I have to do three sets. I heard three sets. You're already back home free. Everything becomes a gym and a joy to do all the rest of my exercises itself for the chest is a, I can't wait to do it because I had to use the badge ergonomics step, put the body in a body. Oh, mechanically physicians, so that you're much more comfortable in, in the movement and you don't care, raise your joints. There's very educational type of system.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:51:58 Yeah, yeah. That's very interesting. Whoa. It just like, it just really, it seems so simple and so common sense, but it's really, I've really never heard of this way before. I never thought about going to a gym and having an ergonomic comfortable seating in position. It's, it's always like, well, this is how it works, or this is how it is and it's just going to suck and I'm just gonna deal with it. But go and, you know, um, the one thing I wanted to ask you about was, you know, there's 20 to 50% gain, especially in females. How, what's, what's the myth you dispel about them being bulky and big enough? You know, I'm sure that's a thing you get all the time. How do you, how do you handle that? How do you come back that

Dr Fitness USA: 00:52:39 good question. So I'll answer it a little differently. Sure. Did they ever look in the mirror and see what they look like? They look terrible.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:52:47 Yeah. The alternative. It's gotta be better.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:52:50 Yeah. They look terrible. I'm trying to tell you that at once, you can see that they were pretty or yell, right? Wilson going in to a state of old age and, and, and, and their bodies and distorted and they're worrying about being too much. Wow. That's like me saying, I don't want to look like Bartels. It's never going to happen is they're going to happen. So what happens is when the woman is in or intellectual, why she's thinking all the time. Okay. So what happens is when they go to the, because they're learning a system that teaches them not to do anything that's uncomfortable as the structure of the program that gives him the way to train to lift the weights, and they're being supported by monitoring and mentoring calls or gay or by video, they're going to be fine. So what happens is when I'm going is when women are in there, okay, give me an a Battista as an example. Okay. In my relationship at TC is the God I am the girl. Why? Because creativity for a man could be a musician comes from our female side. We're very sensitive, very sensitive side. She's like other women gum home share. Mine is even thinking when she goes to neck or a mindless thing, when she gets up in the morning, I'm doing the dishes or making breakfast students. Now there's a phenomenon like that man. Lack smart women. When we find out they're smart, they're gonna do all the work.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:54:36 He doesn't know regards. We don't have to go to a program to learn about our feelings. We know we can hang out there anytime we want. We have a feminine side, so she's working in same bucket. If she after three or four days, if she's really like 1250 hours a day because she doing technical work, just learn responsibility. What happens is, I explain this, sorry, she's been hearing me talk about this. You can see the stress in their face. Okay. They're getting older. They got wrinkles or ice shift, their posture shares and we men. It's very frightening to seek somebody that we once loved old, not in a good way have, we can't, we can't do anything about it except if they go to the gym or my program, they're going to come back 15 to 20 years younger.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:55:34 I had been tracking for 10 years. I have a calendar, I can show much grass, uh, with their sex and ball, whatever it is and everything is pinpointed and you can see that when she goes to the gym, she actually comes back 15 to 20 years younger and the fidelity that is, she goes back and does more work, cooks and does everything else. Men Don't understand that, that great. What happens for men is like when I go to the gym, the man said, I wish my wife worked out. Okay. Yeah, but would you like to introduce it to me? No, because that'll cost money. See, the men are really quite selfish. They don't understand that women, once they go in their intellectual martyr, don't necessarily say, I want to go work out. They don't know how to do that there. There's two types of ways.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:56:21 They go in their head intellectually and live there, or they become over reactive. If they become argumentative, they dropped the water or the breakfast tray and then they think about it afterwards. So what they don't realize in any situation, all of these habits are be transmitted to the children. So men, women or men don't actually have to look like a bodybuilder, but the internal benefit healthy wise is there because strength training right now is the number one at the aging component. So I say to a man, the greatest gift you can give your woman or [inaudible] could be mapped to a, I know because sometimes there's a male, two males. It's okay. They have a similar energy. What happens is, uh, when, uh, when they, the grace thing that can happen is when they go to the gym, they're going to come back young. The second thing is, the greatest thing in the world is when you, when the person sees his wife went to the gym, because at processing our emotions, yeah, she'll take better care of you.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:57:33 Oh yeah. You know [inaudible] when you come home tonight and your wife going to ask you to say what she thinks or how she feels, they'll say most, she'll ask me know when women express how they feel, then you can track him. Nick can't track women that keeps saying what they think is good at work, but men usually don't like to hear what women are thinking. So they have to use a different vocabulary. Like A, I have an idea, not at work, but work. You're right. Like I have an idea. Would you be up to listen to it? Oh right. You have a better idea than me. Sure. A few say do this, do that. Like, but where we drive very difficult. There's a stop sign.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:58:18 She never relaxes in the car. Oh, you jumped over to the sidewalk. No, I didn't. You know, so I use this example that I'll play it today. You know, this is, there's two, three things that you can see how opposite man of our, because we're, we're, we're in our heads. So what happens is the, for the men, there's three things that happened is we're very locked in place of, the joke is that they go to the, the uh, therapist and they say, well, what's wrong? And the therapist as well, what's wrong? And the guy says, well, uh, we're okay. In a man's mind. She's breathing. She must be okay. Okay. So I tell him, so this is interesting. I tell women, women mistakenly tried to look after the children, look after their husband and watch the money. They don't know that if they come in, they want to do my, they just have to sit and say, uh, uh, the med centers, how much is it? They, they, I said, don't answer cause men, men, one cheats. Precursion and I'll say, not now, honey. Whatever it is, you're okay the way you are. Like you're breathing. Okay. You have to say, you know, intuitively I really like what Steven's doing and uh, it would have much feelings if I wasn't on that program.

Dr Fitness USA: 00:59:47 So all she has to do is then she can ask men for money. She says, take care of it. You can ask me for money cause I take care of her. Women don't do that. So they cheat themselves. It's called relationships up the fence, school and Salad and dialogue with a man. And uh, because a lot of times in society they say, do women, uh, you have to ask what you want. No women won everything. They have to mark down what they don't want and work around that. Then they'll get what they want because everything, so it gets too, too overwhelming. But there's a lot. So in the my training and things like that and teaches them how to make more a man or a woman and teach them how to be a better person. So here's the second thing. Okay. So I will pull out, I don't have any, but I have a little small pop foam. It's like that big, it's called small pond or a straight talker whatevers, but decent goes out and she gets those new iPhone or an envelope, right. This is going on for like a year or two and she said, oh well my phone's all kin. You know, what are you talking about? Link works gave up data of course, but one day she calls me to the store and for whatever reason, now I get the phone. That's how it happened. Now I a in a Gillette razor and you got three blades, five [inaudible].

Dr Fitness USA: 01:01:14 Now they come out with a turbo blind. Okay, so now that like the turbo blade, so now, now it's like $18 for a card out. Now they come out with a roller turbo bait. I say I'm not, I am happy where I am right now for whatever. There's a little package and now there's a sample blade. So I said, well, okay, well I'll try it. I know the chins chain say was so fast with no cuts and lasted longer than the other ones. That's the way I use. You see how it pops into men or were because the unknown is very frightening for him. It so we're a creature of habit. Yes. So women have to be very careful not to teach big ritual, but to use a little bit of kindness and getting us to do things seemed like in my relationship. But Ben Theaster's, auditory and visual, if she doesn't mark it down and put it on my gas, she says iconic told you about it.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:02:14 Well, I don't know. I don't see it anywhere. So there's a way of what we're a street and the in the relationship, but whatever happens when you go to the gym, you both come together. Because men know that when women are working out in the gym, they'd probably are getting a better, but whatever level, it doesn't matter if it's true or not, but we just know and it's very visual to see Ahmed's no, I seen a woman actually doing physical exercises like menus. They do and they, they, they, they, they, they are very accomplished. You could really do that. I didn't know that. Oh, it's so beautiful because I don't like dance. You have to know the dance except for the strength frame kind of go, oh that's, she knows how to do that. That's going to, cause we have people in Belgium, Africa, a land who had never seen the inside of a gym but deadly trained with men.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:03:12 Wow, that's incredible. But you were talking earlier about like through your mood and different things and stuff like that. And I was reading on your site about helping with depression and different types of addiction.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:03:25 What does that happen? Where does, where does that come from? Well, what happens is for a male or female, when the straight leg, let's say a person, let's say you're a person who lives 100%, okay. When you drop the strength down below 50%, then you're subject to your emotions. What happens is for women, they go inside their head and killed her body. For men, when they're spraying level goes so low down, they stopped their hormones and support their emotional state. Then they get very sick. And the, uh, the addiction community is just, we had a major article that my system is revolutionary. What we're doing is we're taking a person and we can increase their spring. Let's say you're at 30% or 40% which is controlling all the electrical circuits in the body. If we raise it 30% in 20 minutes, that's going to take care of their emotions when their emotions are more steady and we can work with their habits. See, but if you don't raise that spread, that's what the thing is with personal training. The person's using a weight that's insignificant and so they're never going to get the body. They want to learn it. They're always going to rely on the trainer.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:04:43 Yeah. They'll always rely on the train them that they don't use a trainer and they use their own body. I mean, and it's sustainable through the years because like there's a fitness school. My Guru, okay. We did a show again, I look at him, I said, man, well when that guy a CMG and then he's talking about women, what does he know? Don't you think for is terrible? No, no one who wants you to do a thing like that? Okay. So now, now he puts it on Facebook that his leg pressing 600 pounds. He's doing a terrible gay, no boy, second video, but Teesha using six 50 and she doesn't perfect.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:05:32 She doesn't even use that much weight. But one day she went in the gym and all of a sudden she felt so strong and thing, okay, go do it. You know what? I'll have to use that much weight. But if we drop it down to let's say about three 75, that's a lot of strength for the body. You can't get that in yoga or polarities or anything like that. It's impossible. And you can't do it by, uh, by traders giving you ball at hall. I'm an la fitness men. I see grown men scratching and balls and why are you, why are you on the floor? It's, it's unbelievable. Or what they call walking lunges, white dude walking to lunch. There's a machine over there that's $5,000 in the center of it.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:06:20 Way more effective. It's comfortable. It's kind of, when I say comfortable is means you can actually feel your muscle working and you can control it. That means you can go fast. You can go slow and somebody texts me and they say, well, how long do I arrested in between set? Why don't you just follow the program? The program has built in rhythm. Sometimes you go fast and bunch of little small. Don't look at watch them all. How long blast away Jesus man, relax. Must be having a good time with your body or Jim, I know in an hour I'll be gone. Right with that. What are the common misconceptions you do you see in the industry that you just want to dispel these myths and different things? What are some of your, just that pet peeve you have the all the time you hear about, well the pepe one is about diet being 75% that if you go with a trainer, he so expert in what he's doing. He's going to give you the one about doing these core exercises. Planks, a walking lunges. They don't understand that strength training. They're actually in my system is a science to it. I've been doing it for over 55 years ticket.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:07:44 I gotta tell you when I go into these, these, these, uh, these, uh, the gyms that I've seen men around my age, their faces drawn and it's their attitude, their lie. They're there. They're, they're like a dry piece of fruit is the, and the thing is when people don't know is when they see a commercial and they say as somebody that's older, they look muscular. It's because they're on testosterone. When men are to say, you didn't go to the gym and raise your testosterone naturally, or you can go to the doctor and they give you some tests with a needle and you take just wash. And when I see these men that are older and muscular, first of all, it's not very aesthetic looking or you know, it's not that beautiful image. And second of all, they're like dried up piece. Enough fruit, you know.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:08:36 And second of all, uh, their idea is working muscle to muscle, muscle to muscle. You know what I mean? Biceps, triceps, I advice that I really good biceps. What I would do, two sets, only do three sets were my tricep, but what tricep would I use? Okay. At the end of my work I did. I won't say that I will, I use a uh, uh, knowledge, bicep curls, tricep on the way out. I do it backwards in three sets. I'm doubting about the gym already. I don't waste any time at all and I do things that are actually fun to do.

Tyson: 01:09:16 That's a huge difference I think in, I think that's what with me, I, I, that was nothing to work for anymore. I lost the fun in it and I wasn't trying to compete in anything anymore and, and that's really, I liked that component and bring that fun back in and bring that passion back into it. I really liked that. That component.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:09:35 Yeah. Well that also to urea, how old are you? 39 so right now you're in your apps. What you don't know is that if you don't do something different, it's sometime in the future. I don't want to say when you're my age, you'll either be 20 or 30 pounds heavier or when men are spin, they will lose half their body. Can you imagine half their body? Wow. I got up one day. I lost half my body. Okay. What does the do to the body? That's pretty has body. Wow. I look in the mirror and you've got like those bitch gets, where'd that come from? Oh my God. Okay. So means that when I do my back programs for my back, I have to do my chest first. That means I got into three times as much work to my chest before I do anything else because I don't want to have men books.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:10:36 Right. Okay. So you have to know how to work with your body. So that doesn't happen. Yeah. People don't realize that later on in life, they just, when you're younger, that's the time to create the foundation as a state. Like in a Bruce Barton, he, uh, he's a medical is on my website and get seen his wife, how they look before and afterwards. Uh, what happened that you can get a bodybuilding champion? Uh, what happened is he, he ran on a by bicycle, bicycle, bicycle, not motorcycle. Hey Lucas, my bone in four places. They said he'd be a cripple. The thing is he had muscles during the injury. You got to have muscles on your body, which leads me to this. But how does that patient come in

Dr Fitness USA: 01:11:25 and you got these die hard men, they, they're business owners in their life and they said, you know, a nice rounded that used to be and sale. I'm feeling a little less weight in a man. I'm doing a lot of rash and route 50 rat. And I'm saying, wait, you're doing high reps? Slow raps. Why? Why are you doing high reps or you're trying to do in germs? I don't tell them, of course, because they won't listen. They're doing the exact opposite to what they're supposed to be doing. Yes. Slow Reps. You will feel that. No, no. We don't do slow apps either. I got somebody who says, let's do some. I've now, uh, and Brian Kelly and showing me us specified art curl. And he's saying, Oh, I'm going down really slow. I said, what? Why are you doing a slow? You ever see our own supposed to pump your body?

Dr Fitness USA: 01:12:15 Why are you doing Sloan? You come up so, but don't go down slowly. You can come up slow and tear the contraction and you've got to know how to turn the bicep. You have to know when to stop, but you don't go down slope. All this stuff and people later, it had nothing to do with their body. You got to have fun. There's nothing great going down slope with the waste. There's a great sensation on what I put the weight. As long as you don't bring it all the way into your shoulder, you're dong a, they do an article link list. So there's a an angulation that they missed, the contraction. Uh, these are all these little good nuances that really most people don't teach her or know. They know. And of course, you know, yeah, go ahead. No, no. Go ahead and continue what you were saying. Well, I'm just saying, like I said, I get a virtual camera or I get the person to take pictures so I can see what equipment is in the gym. Like a, the two people I'm working with is a pretty crummy gym. It's a better agenda than most, but there's one or two pieces of equipment that I can build on. I see. They'll be able to do most of their exercise, but the exquisite exercisers, I could actually build it into their program.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:13:32 Yeah, I see. I see the benefit of that. Well, what about treadmills and ellipticals and these types of things? A stair climber, things in Wa, what do you think about it? You only have, we have a video on that where, uh, you can see in the gym on the treadmill, nobody's in the gym, southern California, there's 5,000 or $500,000 worth of equipment in an La fitness that can sculpt your body. Why you want to trend and you know, neat treadmill and you don't need any of that because you only have so much time in the day, right? So you want to work on your body. So get in the gym guys in the workout. In the beginning when you started to use the machine, there is a workout. There is a sequence that warms up your body, but it's with waste, so you know it's funny is I won't say what it is.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:14:28 I see on Facebook there's a fitness guru. Okay. He's very successful by the way, but Hollywood and stuff, but he's only a shirt. My Body. Okay. Now he's saying that you don't need any cardio. You just have to work hard with waste, but wrestling 20 seconds in between. Yeah, right. You know what a which taking at home, they all take drugs of some sort at home. If you're a man, do I want to be rushed? The way I get through a workout is I stay focused and this has just, I work at the chest and I stayed there until I feel that I've accomplished. Then I go to a second. I don't go look at all I have to do, I hope program. Somebody says, well, you've got the seven. I have to do the dining sets. When I go to the gym, I knew 15 sets with my my my chest, but I'm done 10 minutes.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:15:23 There's a scene wins. You need three, you need 3 cents. The warmup, then you need a certain, a range of weights. Okay. I got a chest press machine. I might do, I used to hate this machine is by matrix. Okay. But now I'm in a gym. I have no choice. But I learned how to use the machine ergonomic. And so if I got up to 95 pounds, okay. So when I come in now, I started off with 145 pounds. Wow. Okay. But that's where the terrifying spot is in the gym. One I go to experiencing the pain. The other one, there's no pain. It's amazing how the brain works. Now, once I get pat, so I first start. So now in the beginning I had to do five sets of five, then I had to do five sets of eight. Now I come in, I do, we'll leave three sets of 10 c but then I jumped to 175 pounds. See, the body now wants to get to the proper weight. The good adding the good GM, I jumped the tool five. Wow. Yeah, but it's significant way to stimulate the muscles. So you need a sequencing of how to manipulate the weights. People don't know that. So I make a program, I know exactly the person is doing a 50 down pull over. Okay. You know, you're 80 they go 80. Yeah, just do relax it. And then they'd do it. They'd go, wow. Because it's the power of the program because it's sequenced properly.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:17:00 Accurately that confidence as well. Yeah. And videos, you can pull things over. If somebody says, oh, I have a pain in my shoulder, watch the video, I'll gauge doing it. I pull over. He's supposed to be doing it with dumbbell a barbell, the barbell. Right, right, right, right. But he was saying that a barbell pull over would cause pain in shoulder. It can. Right. So you know, I follow everything exactly to the letter t. So when they follow a sequence, I can pinpoint exactly how to work around like, uh, we get sometimes a shoulder problem or something that was able to heal my shoulder by using a, a, a license is kicked back, kicked back is where people are working there. But can you imagine I was using that to heal my shoulder. There's some, some rich, there's machines or a biomechanical movements are very comfortable to the body.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:17:57 I bet a lot of people were coming to come out cutting up to you telling you, sir, that's not the way you use that machine.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:18:03 Uh, I know they do that sometimes. I have a little old lady that's a 73 open heart surgery and cancer survivor and uh, she just wanted to be sensitive, but she drives as mint as a provider. So now they stay away from her and they don't come up and talk to her because she keeps her last year's one hammer Roshi here, two plagues, two and a half inside. I mean, we trade really well trained. That's the name of the game. Trade,

Dr Fitness USA: 01:18:32 definitely

Dr Fitness USA: 01:18:34 raisins.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:18:36 Yes. Yeah, absolutely. And the thing, that's the thing I, I I rediscovered when I started getting back into it again is the, the amount of ice it, you know, I don't got time for this. I, my schedule is so busy and everything is so packed as it is. I don't got time. It's not that important, and then I was like, you know what? I really need to make this important, and I found that not only is the time there, but I'm more productive. I'm more energetic. I have all these, does so much more benefit to this stuff. Just like you were saying, taking just that little bit of time. That's the thing. I think people have that misconception of like, oh, I don't have the time for that. It's not really that important, but you just, I get so much more done now. So much more energetic again, like I used to be when I was a lot younger.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:19:17 It's more than that. If you get sick, yeah. Have a knowledge of your body, you can get a back. Something happened to me, a small black now rescue a hostel. Do you know what it's like to be in a hospital? You'll lose your right. People are like, it's a different world. It's like so broadening that Battista I screaming, yell. They have to sit in a room with me, but here's the kicker. I knew how to ergonomically adjust the bed so I didn't wind up with low back pain. And then I signed a surgeon to my program.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:19:56 Okay.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:19:58 I know. But the thing is once you're in, you'll see, okay, uh, I think no one's had a hernia, but, uh, was it a week? A radio lake pressing 800? I know how to get my body back. You cannot just not do anything. That's the worst thing that people do is they wait and they wait and they think the more restaurant, the more their buddies are going to cooperate. No, no. You have to send new signals to your brain that this exercise is feeling good. The pain is going away. I can function properly. You know, you can tell all about your body when you go to the gym because you biofeedback nowhere to go wherever it is. Okay. Uh, when was it yesterday? I forget what it was. I think I had a cold coming on, uh, doubled our, I'd like, I don't know if I can train as soon as the feet hit the board and I put my ergonomics system.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:21:10 I know. I'm okay. So I go 500 pounds, 700 pounds now and met a thousand pounds. How come? How come I had no pain? Thousand pounds like soothing to my stomach. They'll meet pain or muscle, see the mat and the program is magical in this, in the signals a sense to your brain and your body has a biofeedback. So you know, if you can do it or he can't do it, wow, that's, that's one way to get rid of a cold better today. You know. Uh, and you know, it's not that I'm a smart ass and shit that people don't ask the right questions. There are no it all they become and they become their own expert and become their own expert. I'm a master of what I do a to us as people think of the new Jack [inaudible]. I don't think I'm the new Jacqueline and they'd accident because I come with an educational component.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:22:13 The Cup educational pro and somebody gets something from today is that people think of white tray like orals, but wait, turn this for everybody and it's anti aging and it's at the stress and it works on your organs and it works on everything in your body and your, when you don't go to a trainer, you learn how to rock and roll with your body. Like when I went yesterday, I skipped two exercises because I knew that I was low on energy, but I did the three exercises, perfect c and then I was sure I wasn't going to do calves after working my legs. But we have a great calf machine. Don't like gotta do is sit in it because when I look, when I walked down the oil, I saw if the seat is on nine know if it's on, which is one of the back, I'll be comfortable in and cover what that means.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:23:13 Instead of doing five sets of eight or 10 I'd put almost the whole machine and I did 40 reps. There's my five sense. How long did it take me to do it? Okay, now there's the Ab machine. We've got a different APP machine and so instead of doing like a 70 pounds or eight pounds, not put at 40 and when I did was I followed the natural rhythm of like body wasn't too hard and I didn't do flights. I did 3 cents. I mean you seem you couldn't play with your body and have this rolling effect where you, when you leave your gym you feel really good and that straight will stay with you from the rest of them. Greek dealing with business because I don't have to go back to the gym till next Sunday for the legs. Right. Oh. And trade my legs once a week. I like the sound of that. Yeah. So with that, what, what does a typical day look like for you? The first 60 to 90 minutes, what are the habits or routines that you, you'd like to just do every day that's going to funding? First of all, I can't wait to met t step to get up because I know she is so creative, so it's going to start to create or do business. Wow. So I wait and all of a sudden I hear the squeaky voice.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:24:36 So what I do is I come in with that an energy drink. Yeah, they work and there's very, there's different companies, different things like that. But you got to know what it takes because you could take some that could make you sick that I come with their mood glass and she takes it and in a flash really ethic computer work and there's some great, so what do I have to do? Like go in the kitchen and I wash all the dishes and I make her her protein drink. She has to have nursing. I know that when she has nourishment for the day. So she has protein, she has a very high class protein is $90 a cat. Steven Hersey doesn't have a cat digest a whey protein. So I have beef protein. Okay. And right now I take mass means broke deep because I don't want to lose any weight.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:25:32 Okay. Now I make her the dream. So sometimes I put them in that in some mango, but I put it as a breeze. I could coconut oil, I put more energy staff and then once I get rid of those, that thing, it's like you get to go. In the meantime, I ready on all these, the men's programs, I'm on the theme of a race setting up intellectually where they're going is a passion. It's very similar to somebody getting up every day and painting. I knew exactly where they are. I know I can't wait till at night. When they correspond with the are they okay? It's kind of like leather though, was the okay. You know, they jumped, they jumped me. Oh, I love that exercise. So everything that I did for them was pinpoint. The actors you have, okay, somebody is an exercise and they took two much away. They're doing this role crunch. What was interesting is while they're doing it, they're seeing, Steven said that exercise will be comfortable. There's some June too comfortable. They start analyzing all the way they'd been training all those years. St. It's kind of interesting. So the thing is just don't go back to your machine. You have an ambition and he doesn't know he has even a better atmosphere.

Speaker 5: 01:26:53 Okay.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:26:53 See, sometimes I'm in a gym. It was a whole apartment gym, and there's this brand new ab machine. So it was, and the teach to go try it out, and then they come back to me and say, we hate this. We hate this. Hamish pushing it on. Really? Oh, okay. Let me try it some time next month and how to put their body. Then they go, oh, I love this because I'm saying to put their feet forward. All machines. So, but the fee for, and it's a tremendous specimens in the body. What happens in, if you put your feet in the back, they'll put, the curvature becomes natural. Oh, I love these little nuance things that you've just discovered. Yeah. So I'm really on top of it. So that's most of my day. Yeah. I worry. It's like, who am I going to talk to? Who's going to listen?

Dr Fitness USA: 01:27:43 I have somebody that's, um, was two years ago. They did really well. Now I hear from them after eight or 10 years and they said there had been a swale out other, they were in the autumn of Lake action that had been bedridden for over a year. The car practice not working, nothing's working for them, but while you wait a year, call me. Okay. And then I said, you know, you want to see, I know you have the answer now. As soon as I tell them, okay, but TC gets on the phone and she said, okay, if you want to work with us yet we're very Pacific and you have to follow what we're doing. So what we like is where the first one you mentioned don't do anything except the program. So we can track, she says will work for me because I have to do pull out of, I was in an accident and the doctors, so that's where I come in.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:28:36 I come in, I grabbed the phone and then I calm them down and they don't understand. And sometimes I have to do the, Oh hi, oh hi. Yeah, you a doing this lake breast. Now here's something interesting. She send me three cancers. So what happens is we started off on what they call a selector rise lay press. It goes up and down. It doesn't scroll straight out. It's a newer one. I know that they have to reach a certain amount of weight. I know once a certain levels are reached and certain amount of weight, that exercise becomes useless. When things are on a cable, it gets very hard on the body. Oh, maybe that's why would trainers meeting you stretch or pulleys. And it's very hard on the body. It's tiring away with pain. So now we switch. So now we buy her mouth to 70. That's pretty much machine or goes to around three 40. So now, now, now I'm going to transfer her to an angulated light press where he put the plate on the machine. Okay. We fast forward now. Uh, but decently, see, when I go personally to the gym, I'm a trainer, a, I'm an engineer. So I walk they, they've got two people in the same jobs. So now I'm walking around the gym in case that comes along and she says to me, Oh, she's having us there. She doesn't want to just slow lane.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:30:19 So No, I'm the good cop, bad cop. I come on and I say, you're so lovely. She said, you know what I noticed was that the machine where the Flipboard is on top is it's on the wrong peg. There's no adjustment. So it's like trying to get a Candace to why on Michelle so she doesn't feel safe. She doesn't feel supported. But what I did was I went out and had an extra pad may and I put it in the back of her. So she's closer to the sub floor. No. And he would point that out, right? Yeah. You have to know how to fit your body into a machine and, and play with it.

Tyson: 01:31:10 Yeah. I never would've thought about that. I always just, I'll suck it up. This is the way it's made. It must be just how it's supposed to be. And I never thought about adjusting to the machine.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:31:21 Yeah. If it's a flex light board, you can do the last foot out. It's, it's a habit or you got to put your legs straight. Everything is as is the ocean. That's what people don't understand it. Everything is negotiable. Machiners uncomfortable is never going to be comfortable. Right. Never.

Tyson: 01:31:40 And then like you were saying, you don't get that confidence in that, that, that you know, that relaxation. So to be able to do the exercise you want to be doing.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:31:49 Yeah, I like it. And Brian Kelly, all secondary, uh, explain to me what he was doing. Sure. No, I got it. I got to tell you that I didn't talk to him for years because to me he was like a bodybuilder. Who's doing that? I sit in this programs online. It was a business man who's tall driver, black corvette. It's kind of neat looking. I never got to talk to that guy. Now, years later now I talked to him about what I'm doing. He said, oh my God, I have to do what you're doing. Okay. It's got an interesting, I ask him three questions, what are you doing? And then he explains to me, I says, well, last, totally illogical. He says, well, I don't really train my legs much because I got paid like us. The a that's song right ass and put them on the program and he has no pain, no pain thing.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:32:40 Isn't that magical? Ergonomics and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. I have a dance or good numbers. I don't want to get away of this sauce. The secret sauce though, we'll link down to the doctor fitness and you guys can get ahold of him and so the best thing to do for people to be successful is as Tony robins would say, if you want to rejuvenate your laugh, you have to work on your body as a priority and this way you do that as you take action, you schedule a strategy session. I'm giving up my toy and doing a strategy session. Do you know if I'm doing a program for somebody that's three days of work to find out if their gym all fine. Wow, this is this like a science. Then you got to, man, I watched those videos were two weeks, day in, day out, just like go Sherlock Holmes movies.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:33:31 I'm watching these. It's moving too fast and you never Finio I got to this. But when I put it together, it's like a switch up. So the thing he has to put away what you know and the open to have a conversation with me. You know people are thinking too much about money. Instead of focusing on the information given to them, everything is negotiated. So there's a person, I won't say that she said no, go her. She goes all over the world. She's a negotiator for years. I see a man, you don't have much of a body and she's not the only one. Pretty soon on Facebook now he sent her a link. Can you call me? Oh, I broke you got it. On the Facebook and central, I have the board to lie and seems to be helping people do the most logical things and the way you have to be.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:34:27 First of all, recognize that the person, first of all, research, and if that's the doctor that's going to do the breast, then have a little respect that he might not have time for you. Right? Okay. So then you have time and then you can make a decision whether you, whatever it is that you want to do, but the longer you take the heart of the coin and then you know, Matissa is a highest level teacher in the world for for anti aging. I mean, she's on the phone with men or women. They're talking to somebody that's five to $700 an hour. They're not being charged that, I won't even do that. Are you kidding me? The time and effort she goes into it, it's amazing, but it will affect them the rest of their life because the program is set up and be sustainable without and trainer. That means you can trade tomorrow, you can go on vacation and come back in. The program builds on each other. That's the amazing part. You're not relying on that person for the rest of your life and no, no. Because you know, in life people and relationships change. People get the board. The program we always be paying comes, you're safe

Dr Fitness USA: 01:35:44 because it's working on you, right? You can hang out with yourself if you're really into yourself or things like that. And things are down. When you go to a gym, it's a healthy environment. People work out. I mean, I even did, I don't understand it. Well I do, but the thing is they never get up in the morning. And if I was younger baby, because I'm going to wear a muscle shirt, but today, you know, it's bigger shirt or whatever it is. I want to feel good. I want to be healthier. And the strength training is easiest activity you'll ever do in your life. Like I said, you go in a gym and just sick people's telling me that are doing long distance. They're on their bicycle. Oh my God, I don't. Uh, there's a guy, I will say it is very cool. And he's telling me that now. He, and when he went to the gym, he would walk and then pretty soon it took them four hours to get to the gym. Pretty soon be welded to the hospital, heart surgery. I said, you know, different between me and you.

Speaker 6: 01:36:45 Okay.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:36:46 I don't walk to the gym. I drive to the gym. We used to live across the street from the gym and I used to get in the car, drive to the gym. I don't waste any energy at all, but I go to the gym. I don't listen to the music, I don't listen to anything that applies to women though, Jim is when women go there, it's the teaching. Teach them to stay present and to stay focused. So this is what you seem, the dryness do an excellent text me get there. They're there. They're not understanding, uh, how to create discipline in their body and to get the body that they're missing. So the girl next door to me is, uh, she's, she moving pretty good as a spear fishing or a squat. Say how many, how many exceptions she's, she's been like 12. Okay. So I said, well, why are you doing 12 which supposedly night

Dr Fitness USA: 01:37:42 I, you know, I want to get leaner or thing. You want to get leaner and you'd have been here. I don't tell her it's her legs are massive. Okay. But she's got only 10 pounds on each side of the machine she needs, she, she needs 90 pounds. See there their illusions in the machine, it's a license. This membership, they don't know that's an inferior machine. If they are doing 50, if there was a good machine, maybe doing a hundred. So they have to train smarter. In other words, they could do an exercise and then they have to combine it with another exercise to cause the same effect. So people don't understand all these things. There's good machines, bad machines. If that's Amanda, she, you're either don't do it or you have to combine it with another machine.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:38:27 All right. Very, very interesting and fascinating stuff. If people want to learn more about you and once you're up to what's the best place to, to, uh, to reach out to you. And

Dr Fitness USA: 01:38:37 they can go to the website and create us a strategy session. They can leave a message and I'll return their call, but they have to say what it's about and uh, who they are. Uh, uh, but teaching, is there a number that they can call for a strategy session? Yeah, just go to the website. You can post it afterwards if you haven't.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:38:59 Yeah, I'll, I'll, I'll go ahead and link to all of that in the show notes. Everybody, all your guys, uh, social media and websites and all the,

Dr Fitness USA: 01:39:06 for people who have a good mindset that are coachable, uh, and you know, you do know that people spend more money on their pets. They, I know doctors fill time, yet they're playing golf. I have people's, they will have no money. And of course, you know, if you have a toothache, you'll find the money. Apparently people don't look at their physical body as a big factor that it is a big factor. They just come out and you better hope that you at least creating some fortitude in the body to deal with it, either physically or emotionally. And people sometimes in the older generation where they say, ah, I don't like jam. Hey, come on. Do you know people have epilepsy? They had their amputees, uh, they're sick. If they didn't have a gym to sustain, right, they'd be get, so you're talking about your old stab wounds. So, uh, think twice before you make such a statement. I remember if your mind can conceive it then a doctor fitness or Steven Hershey, I'm Battista can help you achieve it. But you have to come with an open heart and an open mind.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:40:12 Absolutely. That's why I love that policy. That's a great policy here on the social committee and show every week we'd like to try an issue, a challenge to help people, you know, get to the next step and improve a little bit every week. I'd like to give you the opportunity issued this week's challenge.

Speaker 5: 01:40:30 Okay.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:40:30 What would you like to challenge people to do? What's the, what's the one thing

Dr Fitness USA: 01:40:34 you already took me up on that child? I'm going to be doing a strategy session with you tomorrow is to create and book a strategy session.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:40:42 Perfect. That's a great job. As you, you know, like I like to think about, you know, the, the things that I use now, the, the money and the resources I put up now for, for my health. This is against the future prescriptions and doctor's visits and things I'm not going to need or at least at least I saw what I hope and that's what it wants to think about it. I like to put this money to work now instead of in the future on doctors and prescriptions and surgeries and all of these types of things. Yes, that's exactly true. Yeah. Is there anything that we hadn't talked about here today that you wanted to talk about it, you want it to enlighten people about?

Speaker 5: 01:41:19 Well,

Dr Fitness USA: 01:41:22 what I've said before is, but t says highest level teacher in the world. Yeah. And she runs a mentoring program that can be delivered without them physically coming to see us and they can be successful. And there's different levels as far as cost. And, uh, when I'm talking, it sounds like they can work directly with, we know they can't work directly. Where's the, I only work on five projects. Uh, projects means that somebody guy was like the men that I talked about, they're there. They're just an interesting subject or the apple, a lot of visions for themselves. And they laugh. They like winning the way I say, and they want to learn more. So when I look at their body, where they're at, and I do a whole markup, which takes me about a week, uh, can I do the impossible? Yeah. Here's two man that, uh, are really into working out.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:42:18 They actually have strong bodies. Did I do something so magical that they go, oh my God, this is the best thing I've ever done. So it's happening. Yeah. Yeah. I can hear in their voice. I can hear it in the way they conduct themselves, you know? Uh, but that's what worked for me as people. And we have that when a person fills on any check for and then they send it to us and you look at, it's like color question. Are you hearing perfect and then you can't and they won't call you back. Or if they try to negotiate might be on the phone. Can you text them back? It's not a question. It's not a question about money. It's a question of what is, what if somebody says about money that doesn't, it doesn't sound to say what's going on in my body because they were hearing what I'm saying. Is this reversible and then what would it take? Yeah, there you go. Somebody work with you. [inaudible]

Dr Fitness USA: 01:43:20 people say, I have no money, but they join a gym. They take their dog to you ever pass by a pet store? There's this funny play, but yeah, we'll do this and she thinks us to have respect. So the person that you're dealing with, it's like a, when you go to a march, March and cademy and there's a master black belt and all that, people, people have respect. What is it? The physical fitness trainer? A Jack Bacon. Today, the dog die a or somewhere because a trainer or a person that's interested in your house is absolutely invaluable. But if you ever with a trader, better market because otherwise you can't track them of personal trading is divided into three things. They stretch you out and they do some aerobics and all that stuff. What does that got to do with straight went chain and is that, it is a markdown kidney. I can factually show you that the person is this thing, this much weight today and this is how much they're doing. Now I can see everything I've talked about is Pratt have a way of tracking it so there's no pie in the sky or be hyping them out. Uh, I want to be finding the person that wants to be partners in life with nice so that we can walk head and head and it 10 years fine. We're still talking to each other.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:44:42 That's an amazing philosophy. That's, that's been lost over the years, that type of mentality. And I love that you guys are still doing that and having that level of attention and caring us about, about what you're not owning what you're, what you're doing, but the people you're doing with.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:44:58 I think I've got a pretty much, uh, you know, the man, you know, there are articles on this, there was a person that was bringing people together and he once wrote a letter and he was explaining that the women had become so strong and the men have become so weak and they have to really kick back their power. So the gym allows you to actually become more badly. So, uh, what I find is sometimes there's couples that they work out together, I've done work up together, then you can work out together, but they don't do the same program. You don't want the men to need your eye hills. And then, uh, when I find sometimes that guy is in the eight is in a position in society that needs like a, like a Jock, you know, he goes surfing, that's a, but the wife is like 60 pounds overweight and then I, and then the woman and the woman comes along and says, I can't afford this.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:46:01 What are you talking about Kevin afforded to buy you talking about money. Go to her husband helped take care of him. Oh my husband is going to tell me to go to work. And then the money. Well what kind of relationship is that? You understand? So you, you want to, why you would wonder why children grow up a little bit dysfunctional. So I was guessing that the children actually do my program so they don't develop bad habits and they rock and roll for life and they could get to set a good example for they are our parents take better care of themselves.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:46:31 I liked the sound of that. Yeah, it's been an absolute blast. I've learned so, so much from you. I folks, if you haven't listened to but [inaudible] interview, go back and listen to that. Uh, you guys both are doing absolutely great work and I really appreciate you guys being on and spending so much time and passing on so much. Great Information. Thank you so much for being on. I really do appreciate it.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:46:52 I think you are a great host. I bet you, I bet you mentally you think your body's changing already.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:46:59 My mind is turning with all these things. I never thought about it. I guess I spent, I spent many, many hours in the gym. I, you know, I and I, I had to go to play professional football. I never got anywhere close, but I train like it. I tried to seek as much as I can. I, you know, the, the things I never thought of, the things I wish I knew 20 some odd years ago when we did this things. It just really is mind blowing.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:47:22 Exactly.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:47:25 Thank you. I guess the thing again, very much, I really do appreciate your time. I hope you guys check out everything out instead of or to the social community that show for all the links and everything we've talked about here. Get in touch with, with uh, Battista and Steven and, and you know, dre change your life for the better.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:47:41 There is a waiting list to go on my program. You, but remember the program becomes part of who you become. It's not where you started off, it's where you wind up. And uh, taking care of your body is number one. It's like you don't brush your teeth one day and then two weeks later and you brush your teeth again, you have to have a program that you actually look forward to doing. So. And one last example. So the uh, I go to the dentist and she says, oh, you have bone loss. This is kind of funny. Yeah, actually I wanted to promote my book foster for Powell. So now I go to Rosea Tab. I can say yes because, and she's a high end and get this mean she has the proper office. Everything is cool. Now I go there and she married beautiful. And I, you know, she's a looking and I say, well, you oughta be doing my program. She said, well what are you talking? What do you mean about that?

Dr Fitness USA: 01:48:46 She says, I'm doing the bar method. I said, well, it's not working, is it went to get a from her back. So she read my book and then, uh, when the phone as well, what followed was a, she made an appointment with me and uh, I said, don't, I had a, a professional office in my area and I said, don't bring your husband. Okay. Who hasn't taken care of himself? So anyways, the long story was that we had an interview and I stopped a husband with Battista for about three hours. You say, how can you do an interview with somebody for three hours? Because we were the first hour sal, they don't get it. Then all of a sudden the light bulb goes up. They go, oh, I think there's something different here. And her husband said, don't do the program that she did the program.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:49:39 Okay. Now that now when you look back overseas and she's got the body of a 40 year old, see, wow. Yeah. You know, and she said, do I have on my website? She's in her sixth year and saves her practice and injuries and then so here's what employment, then you have bone loss. I say, Oh, can I have it back? No, you can't have her back. So that's where people go with their body. If I get something to cross, they say, oh, can I do a few little lecture slides work when a person like, can I have my body back? No, but we can get turning close. Yes. You, uh, a about mine, more often than not, you'll become a student of the Cisa because what decent is the highest level of teacher in the world for anti aging is a personal trainer. But Geez, Scott, it's dance education isn't seven seventh degree level teacher in the auto body side and her former education question as best one mango or who else? That she comes from that background. So you're dealing with somebody that lives and breathes health and wants to empower women to take better cousin and we're looking for women's. You get behind her.

Speaker 5: 01:50:56 Yeah.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:50:57 Yeah. We'll those strong women or men that come forward and assist each other and helping to change the way people think of strange grading.

Speaker 5: 01:51:08 Okay.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:51:09 Absolutely. And if you guys, like I said, if you didn't get that interview, goodness, nobody says she's amazing. Like, like Steven saying, great information. Uh, somebody we all want, we need to link up with him

Dr Fitness USA: 01:51:19 and learn from her. Exactly. Exactly. So anyways, the interview was spectacular. I think I gave some information and super thought. Yes. The thing as Tony Robbins would say, you gotta take action. So I'll pick up the phone or the text whenever it is and take action. Absolutely.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:51:44 Go ahead. Yeah, we, yeah, like you said, action. As you know, we, we all, we can and we all can have a plan and we all can have dreams, but until we take action and that massive action, none of it's going to come to reality.

Speaker 5: 01:51:55 Okay.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:51:56 That you could beat 15 to 20 years younger. Most people, most people 20 years old. I like that. I know. Just look at the before and after pictures you, we'll see, uh, that we're going to put the link up because [inaudible] has a show coming up this Friday. Okay. And, and it's a real eye opener role. Why is it a right over a year we're going to reveal why body design formula system by Steven Hersey is stronger than yoga.

Speaker 5: 01:52:30 Ooh,

Dr Fitness USA: 01:52:33 Gotcha. On topic. Yeah. Because before we used to say I'm under system is beyond Yoga, Pohlads and personal training, but it's been revealed that actually medically that my program is actually exact stronger than yoga and this Friday and can check the time. I think it's on Facebook live. We're going to reveal some of the facts.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:52:57 Okay. And the show notes for everybody and catch that. Thank you. You're welcome. All right. Thank you for sticking around is fine. It's a great interview. I hope you got a lot to learn. I know I did. This is a great, great, we have these people on, but this just immense wealth of knowledge. It's really in our hopes to, to pass it onto you post so you guys can live a better, healthier life with, with, with health and these things. You can be more productive. You can be in live longer, have less problems. There's so many things to it. If you guys haven't, make sure you guys get into this month's giveaway. These doctor fitness USA and his team were so gracious enough to giving away one of their programs to one lucky winner. It's the healthy eating and plus the gut busing bonus is $197 value.

Dr Fitness USA: 01:53:48 Head over to social communion.show/pick me enter for your chance to win this amazing package. If you don't want to take a chance with that, there's also going to be a link to just go ahead and get over there and start now by this program. It's an amazing program. Uh, don't miss this opportunity guys. This is great. And if you know somebody that this could help, uh, the best way to support the shell, the best way to help your friends, neighbors, and family, share it, share it with them, share with your community if you had to leave a review. That also helps us bring on more amazing guests like Dr Fitness USA and other people like that. You guys can follow us all week long and social media show on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You guys can feel free to subscribe for the video version on Youtube as one as your favorite podcast app for links to everything we talked about, resources and everything from this episode. Using Habits and social committee in that show and search for this episode should be right in there on the top there. And until next time, keep learning, growing, transforming, not just your mind and your body into the person you wanted to become.


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