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Time Is On Your Side - Retirement Savings | Ep 64

64| Time Is On Your Side

Time Is On Your Side Retirement Savings What does saving $100 a month towards retirement really added up to in 30 years? Is time on my side? Does compound interest really make me that much money? We answer all these questions, plus other scenarios in the realm of retirement savings. This is an interactive episode

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This is a graphical educational image titled "Understanding Credit," featuring illustrations of a hand holding a wallet, colorful houses with price tags, and another hand holding money, representing financial concepts.

28: Understanding Credit

Understanding Credit Credit can be confusing, slow going and hard to get right. Having good credit can save you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime and give you access to opportunities for a better financial future. We want to help you with this and shed some light out how this machine works. On

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Promotional image for "the social chameleon show" featuring a caricature of a man in a suit holding money, with the text "who's got my money?" on a vivid orange background.

17: Who’s Got My Money?

  The Social Chameleon Show Who’s got my money? Do you understand how the banking system works? What type of awareness do you have about money? We talk about where your money really is, basics about money and some ideas on making your money work harder for you. Giveaways can be found here https://www.thesocialchameleon.show/pickme  Share the

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