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We overcomplicate things, we tell ourselves it's just complicated. Have you ever stop to think why? Does it have to be this way? Is “the way we’ve always done it” the best way? Is the complexity there to keep me (us) confused to ensure those in the know stay that way? If you can't explain something to someone (even an 8 yr old) you don't understand it that well yourself. On this episode we go down the road of this thinking, inspired by an article from The Daily Stoic. Join us and learn to cut the BULLSHIT!

Daily Stoic Original Article

There’s not much in Stoicism that’s particularly groundbreaking: Focus on what you can control. Be a good person. Manage your emotions.

A lot of the famous Stoic quotes are pretty basic too:

Epictetus: “It’s not things that upset us, it’s our judgment about things.”

Marcus Aurelius: “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

Seneca: “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality”

The elementary school-level simplicity isn’t a bug. It’s a feature.

There’s a great line in Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle:

“Dr. Hoenikker used to say that any scientist who couldn’t explain to an eight-year-old what he was doing was a charlatan.”

A lot of complicated stuff isn’t actually complicated…it’s made to seem that way so no one will notice that it’s actually bullshit. A lot of philosophy is badly written…because if it wasn’t, people would actually understand what the “philosopher” was saying and laugh them out of a job.

What the Stoic writings are about is not impressing anyone, nor making the reader feel like a genius for getting all the way through. No, they are designed to be short and to the point. No puffery. No throat-clearing. Using the absolute minimum number of words to make the most straightforward point.

We might call this counter-signaling, or better, a show of confidence. When you’ve got the goods, you don’t need to dress it up or make a hard sell. Just lay it out and let people take it or leave it.

So it should go for us, in all aspects of our lives. No obfuscation. No dog and pony show. No sound and fury. Just do the work, be the best version of yourself you can be, and people can take it or leave it.


This article was originally published here on DailyStoic.com

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Daily Stoic

Visit the Daily Stoic for a better understanding of  Stoicism, an ancient philosophy used by everyone from George Washington to the New England Patriots as a source of much-needed strength and stamina for their challenging lives.

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