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Today I’m talking with Wes Schaeffer: The Sales Whisperer

After being in the US Airforce, Wes worked in the sales field making a great income,  traveling the country and the world and still wasn’t happy. Wes started The Sales Whisperer in 2006 to train passionate but confused sales managers, rehabilitate hungry but abused salespeople, and wake up dreaming entrepreneurs. Since then he has helped over 5k executives, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals in over 29 countries achieve predictable, repeatable sales growth by implementing his transferrable, proven processes. Wes combines un-common sense, pig-headed determination, and attention-to-detail to help his clients dig deep to do what needs to be done to grow. He is also a prolific writer with over 800 blog posts, two books in print, his third set for release and nearly 400 episodes of The Sales Podcast. Wes is a sought-after international speaker, sales trainer, and copywriter who believes marketing is just selling in print.

The Sales Whisperer
Wes is The Sales Whisperer®, an unemployable entrepreneur, sales trainer, copywriter, and speaker who believes marketing is just selling in print. He is the author of 2.5 books on sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship and has helped 5,400 of the world’s top speakers, authors, coaches, and sales professionals achieve nearly miraculous growth by implementing his repeatable, transferable, and proven processes.

A.B.C's Of Sales

The old ABCs of selling 

Always Be Closing—


New ABCs of selling:

Always Be Curious.

Always Be Courteous.

Always Be Connecting.

Always Be Concise.

Always Be Consistent.

Always Be Congruent.

Attention. Bond. Connect.

Attention. Brevity. Charity.

Asking Builds Connections.

Asking Builds Clarity.

Asking Builds Cash.

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The Sales Podcast, Hosted by Wes Schaeffer

The Sales Podcast, Hosted by Wes Schaeffer

Podcast Description: Unscripted, real, transparent information, and interviews from Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®, to help you master inbound marketing and generate more inbound sales that close faster, easier, at a higher margin, with less stress and more fun.


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The CRM Sushi Podcast

The CRM Sushi Podcast, Hosted by Wes Schaeffer

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Chris Voss: Former FBI Hostage Negotiator

***We were unable to find the "winning through negotiation" course Wes talks about. We are familiar with this similar resource.***


Chris Voss is the CEO & Founder of the Black Swan Group Ltd.

Author of Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It.

He has used his many years of experience in international crisis and high-stakes negotiations to develop a unique program and team that applies these globally proven techniques to the business world.

Prior to 2008, Chris was the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the FBI’s hostage negotiation representative for the National Security Council’s Hostage Working Group. During his government career, he also represented the U.S. Government at two (2) international conferences sponsored by the G-8 as an expert in kidnapping. Prior to becoming the FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator, Christopher served as the lead Crisis Negotiator for the New York City Division of the FBI. Christopher was a member of the New York City Joint Terrorist Task Force for 14 years.  He was the case agent on such cases as TERRSTOP (the Blind Sheikh Case – Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman), the TWA Flight 800 catastrophe and negotiated the surrender of the first hostage taker to give up in the Chase Manhattan bank robbery hostage taking.

During Chris’s 24 year tenure in the Bureau, he was trained in the art of negotiation by not only the FBI but Scotland Yard and Harvard Law School. He is also a recipient of the Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement and the FBI Agents Association Award for Distinguished and Exemplary Service.

Chris has taught business negotiation in the MBA program as an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.  He has taught business negotiation at Harvard University, guest lectured at The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, The IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland and The Goethe School of Business in Frankfurt, Germany. Since 2009 Christopher has also worked with Insite Security as their Managing Director of the Kidnapping Resolution Practice.


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Episode Transcripts

Tyson: 00:13 Welcome to the social chameleon show where it's our goal to help you learn, grow, and transform into the person you want to become. Today I'm talking with Eden Myers. She's a health and wellness consultant that has spent over 20 years helping people realize their potential to live a healthy, happy life. Having been mentored by the best teacher on human potential and success she has used these tools that we all possess to find success in her life and is especially passionate about sharing them with women who want to grow and achieve what they desire while balancing their busy lives. Uh, we spent a good amount of time on that, um, where she's very passionate about helping women, um, that, you know, have been, uh, mostly I guess I want to say have bene a housewife or something like that. Where are the kids have gone off to kindergarten or preschool or off to college and they've really spent most, most, most of their life or a good chunk of their life, a tending to the children in the household.

Tyson: 01:07 And they really, um, a lot of other identities wrapped up in, in, in, in being a mom and being a housewife and they, they feel a little lost and they, um, aren't sure what to do that, you know, um, so she helps them find their goals and get back to the things that they want to do before they took on that role as a, as a full time mom. Uh, we talk a lot about self image, uh, and we're talking about some other things that she's into and it's really, it was a great conversation. I hope you folks enjoy my conversation with Eden Myers. Welcome to the social community. And so it's so great to have you. Thank you so much for reaching out. I think it's gonna be a great conversation on not just between us, but I think for everybody listening, uh, a nice, a woman's point of view on things. Uh, I think it's going to be really great. Thank you so much for being here.

Eden Myers: 01:57 Thanks for having me Tyson. I'm excited to be able to share and talk with you.

Tyson: 02:03 Great. So I, you know, through talking with you, I hear this is your first podcast. I'm, congratulations.

Eden Myers: 02:09 It is. Thank you. Thank you. I feel honored. And so you're Podcast. Yeah.

Tyson: 02:14 Oh No, thank you. I'm, I'm the one that's honored that you'd have taken your time to talk with us today. That's really it. Really, so amazing. So great. How we can, uh, ecology and things to see how we can easily just communicate with people we've, we've met across the Internet, we connected on instagram and not. Here we go and look at where I wanted to have this kind of conversation and share ideas and messages. This is so, so amazing.

Eden Myers: 02:36 Thank you.

Tyson: 02:37 So, I know when we were, we were chatting and we were kind of going over things you wanted to talk about self image. What, what do you mean? What, what, what are you talking about? What is this about?

Eden Myers: 02:47 Well, yeah, this is one of my favorite subjects to talk about is our self image and so many people you understand it more and um, basically you know that the results that we're getting in our life are a direct reflection of our self image or the image we have of ourselves. Maybe we think of ourselves. Doesn't it make sense that if, if you change your image or you prove your image of yourself, then you're going to change your results in life and improve the results in your life?

Tyson: 03:24 Absolutely. So many people are so blocked in their own thinking about the things they can't do and it's really just in their mind.

Eden Myers: 03:34 Yeah, it really is a block. It really is a block. And you may have heard of, of the book psycho cybernetics by Dr Maxwell. Malts.

Tyson: 03:47 I have heard of that. Yes.

Eden Myers: 03:48 Yeah, that's a great book for anybody that hasn't heard of it or read it. Um, but of course, you know, he was, he was a doctor, a psychiatrist. He had a man come to him and he says, doc, he says I'm bankrupt. I'm ruined. I'm disgraced. And Dr Rawls says, Oh, well hold on here a minute. He says, you know, the fact may be that you're bankrupt, but it's your opinion that you are ruined and disgraced. So it's our opinion of ourself. And then in turn we reflect that out to the world and that's how the world sees us. So we really got to be careful, you know, how we're thinking about ourself and our self image.

Tyson: 04:36 What are some techniques you'd like to either use for yourself or teach other people to improve ourself? Image?

Eden Myers: 04:43 Well, you know, personal study, investing in yourself is really, really important because we get so caught up in all the daily things we got to do. Taking care of the kids, the house, the wife, you know, the highest good, what have you. We don't spend any time on ourselves and we really got to get to know ourselves before we can help other people. You really have to see, there's a lot of really cool techniques to um, that I'm sure we'll talk about. But yeah, just invest in yourself and in, in read. Educate yourself doesn't stop just whenever you get out of school or college.

Tyson: 05:24 Yeah. A lot of people think as soon as they're done with high school or trade school or college that they're learning is over and really just begun there. Um, I think, um, I forget who said it, but, uh, oh, is that the school didn't get in the way of your learning. I forget who said that, but it's really great. Great thing to think about it. Uh, do what, what are, what is, what is your goto kind of technique or for somebody that's new to, to this or someone's having self image problem. What's the one thing you say? Like if you just get this done and you do this, you're gonna, you're gonna. See a big improvement.

Eden Myers: 05:55 People come to me at levels. Uh, I, you know, I made a lot of people that are struggling and sometimes the most basic thing they, hi, tell them to do is sit down and write 10 things that you're great,

Tyson: 06:14 okay.

Eden Myers: 06:15 And then you automatically just start thinking about yourself. Well, I'm grateful for my good health. I'm grateful for my children. And you start looking at the, you know, the things that you have that are good in your life that helps you start feeling better about yourself.

Tyson: 06:34 Yeah, you can't. You can't be upset or angry and express gratitude at the same time. You're just not gonna happen. That's a great technique. That's one of the things, especially in our society nowadays, it seems like we're so wrapped up into things we don't have and the things we're chasing and we really forget the blessings that I mean something like 3000 people everyday just don't wake up. You, you and I and everybody listening and watching here today, we woke up, we were ahead of the game. Most of us are fortunate enough to have free time to be watching this and how have have expendable income to have a device to wash this on and have Internet access. There's a lot of things. Just the simple things we take for granted everyday. Absolutely. If you just started thinking about those instead of the, the, the, the car or the house or the whoever or whatever, you don't have, you'd really, really start to see how fortunate we are. Especially most of us live in America or some, you know, something along those lines where prosperity is the poorest people are more prosperous and you know, the whole rest of the world.

Eden Myers: 07:32 Yeah, they appreciate the simpler things. And now I wake up every morning and I'm grateful for having a nice long sleep because that recharges your body, but the next day and so that you can be your best. And you know, Dr Maxwell Maltz in psycho cybernetics, he was a, he was a doctor, but he was a doctor of reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery and he found it really interesting. So he would work. He would perform surgery on somebody that maybe had a bad scar on their face or their, you know, something was really just distorted about them and he found it when there was a change in their appearance. There was also a change in their psyche, their personal psyche. There was an improvement. And so was the way they looked at themselves and then there were other times where he performed the surgery or what have you, and there was no change at all. So it led him to postulate that we have two images. One is how the world sees us and the others, how we see ourself.

Tyson: 08:54 What would you say to people to get them to kind of let go of that self that they want the world to see and they're so worried about how the world sees them instead of the self that they should just worry about is, is the way they see themselves. What are some things you'd like to teach?

Eden Myers: 09:10 Well, you know, when we're always trying to please someone else or to someone else were never really happy. And if we, if we can just be yourself, there's a lot more to us than we can always appreciate it. So again, that list. Write down some good things about yourself and you can write down some things that you don't necessarily like about yourself, but you'll find that there's more that we do.

Tyson: 09:44 Yeah, I like to be careful. Do we all can sit down and we can rattle off 80,000 things that we just hate? That's easy. The hard part is the things that we like, we appreciate and we're grateful for. We all have unique gifts. We all have unique abilities and things that we've, um, we've cultivated over the years. Let's focus on those and so easy to say, I suck at x, Y, and Z and Oh, I just, you know, horrible person. I'll never succeed in all this because I can't do thing like this other person. It's like, nevermind that. Like you, you know, if you want to be now you can get that and do that. Just focus on the right things.

Eden Myers: 10:20 I tell people, okay, so take a look at the results that you're getting in your life

Eden Myers: 10:28 that's going to dictate how you're really thinking about yourself. So one of the things that we can do to, to work on changing that image that we have of ourself internally is to use our imagination. One of our mental faculties are imagination. And think of some people that you admire. What are, what are some traits that you admire? They stand tall, they have confidence, they dress nice, you know, whatever it is, [inaudible]. So sit down and relax and create this image in your mind with those traits that you admire about somebody else or traits that you have to build on and you're so it's called, it's, it's an actor's technique and they, they act a certain way and you, you, so you relaxed, you sit down and you imagine it and then write it and you read it and you reread it over and over again, like an actor does a script until you internalize it and you start to feel and be like that person, like that technique to.

Tyson: 11:54 Yeah, absolutely. It's amazing. Your brain doesn't know the difference between a memory. You create an, a memory that actually happened. So we can all easily create memories of, of a life we want to live as if we are living it as if we have done it or is that we've been there. Um, yeah, it's very, very powerful and it works in the opposite of, you know, if you're constantly focused on imagining how crappy and Shitty your life is and the things are going wrong, I mean, you're just going to create more and more of that. So yeah, definitely. I like that sitting down and imagining the way you want life to be and, and feeling that in getting that, uh, um, if you can put on some music or like a scent or something, all these things, you can start to really create and bringing all your, as many of your senses as you can. I'm writing that helps really submit things into your brain. Those are all really absolutely the techniques.

Eden Myers: 12:44 Yeah, that's a great tip. Things that you enjoy, like you said, music and you're using your imagination. Absolutely. Because you know, when we're born we're well, so let's take a look at two important parts of our mind, our conscious and our subconscious. So when we're or were brought into this earth, we have, we don't have a conscious mind, our intellectual part of our mind, our thinking mind, our subconscious mind, which is our emotional mind and everything that's going on around us. We're laying there like little little babies. Everything that's going on around us. We're taking it all in it. It has to go somewhere. So it's going into our subconscious mind. So we become programmed, so to speak by the, you know, the things that are happening around us and the things that people are saying. And, and that ad is a big part of creating this. How we get our self image.

Tyson: 13:51 You gotTa, you gotta be careful that they say up to about seven years old. You just, everything you see and everything happens around, he just goes, goes right down inside of there and it, it just becomes unconscious things that unconscious habits and unconscious things that happen. And you have to, from that point on, you have to actively get rid of them. Up until that point, they just become part of your, you know, who you are as yourself or your children or whatever it is. Yeah. You gotta really be highly aware of those things.

Eden Myers: 14:18 Yeah, and unfortunately some people have gone through some really, really difficult, hard times add things when they're real young and they don't know why they feel so bad until, until I get into discovering things like this and so it just really goes to show you how important the self image is and how it controls our life. It really controls our lights. Yeah.

Tyson: 14:43 It's amazing how things that you don't even remember and even your parents even know why or how they do them. It just becomes your life and how you operate your life. You know, these things that we. Somebody invented a thousand years ago that you still do to this day and we have no clue why we're doing the things we were doing it and why you know, and all, all these things is really, really. If you start to sit and think about it for a second, you just drive yourself crazy saying, why do I do these things the way I do them and I'm so passionate about. They're so locked in, right? It's got to be done this way and lake. Well, why? I don't. I have no idea. It was like nobody's out to think. Um, I was, I was at a department store a month or so ago, maybe a couple of months ago, and the, they were ringing up the clothes and my daughter and she was buying some clothes and every item they had to punch in the color and the size and the make and model. I'm like, what are you doing? She's like, oh, we've got to do this. And I was like, why? She's like, I don't know.

Tyson: 15:48 How long have you worked here? I've worked here for years. I was like, you've never stopped to think why you folks are doing this. She was like, oh no. It's just how we've always done it. It's like, yeah, maybe how you've always done it, but that's not how you should be doing it. I was like, you should talk to somebody about this. This is, this seems a bit crazy, isn't this line just builds and builds because you have to take every item and log all of these. I think there's like 12 things. She said she's got to log each clothing item that's purchased. He never stopped to think why they're doing it. It's just something that did. Who knows when they started the company 20 years ago is the way they had to do things and they've never changed even though when they scan that Barcode, all that information is already coded in there and it's not even a need for it, but nobody stopped to think about why we're doing this.

Tyson: 16:28 Why are we wasting 10 minutes a clothing item? I'm entering all this information and where those things go for a lot of things that we do in our life. Why don't we do the simplest things? Um, you know, sometimes you gotta stop, take a look at the things you don't, you don't, you don't like it the way you're doing them and say, I don't like this. I don't know why I'm doing it this way, but I got to stop. I gotta change and I find a better technique and maybe more efficient or more effective or whatever it is you're doing.

Eden Myers: 16:56 Our minds are kind of like a Thermostat, right? Okay. So it's set to be a certain temperature at night. Certain temperature during your day, so say it's said to be 75 during the day and somebody comes in, they opened the door, they leave it open and all the hot air comes in. The next thing you know that thermostat is kicking on to cool down the house to the temperature it's programmed to be so our minds are the same way, their program and that, that Thermostat is going to keep on doing that and our mind is going to keep on taking the way it's thinking and we're gonna keep on doing the things we do until we get in there. We changed that program. Got To do.

Tyson: 17:53 Absolutely, and I know also when we were chatting earlier you, you're talking about a women's mental health. Can you talk a little bit more about that and what you're passionate about, what you're working on in that area?

Eden Myers: 18:06 Oh, absolutely. Thank you for asking me. I'm like I said a little bit earlier, but we get so wrapped up in taking care of everybody else, the things in life and you know, making sure our home is nice or children or, or taking care of our highest bid, you know, the family has the kids, you have the proper education, whatnot, you know, we're always kind of our role in life and we forget about who we are and lots of times women get to a certain point in their life and they're just saying, who am I, you know, what am I doing? They feel like they've lost their identity or they may have never found it if they went from living at home with mom and dad to be in married and starting a family. And not that there's anything wrong with that. It's a wonderful experience. But yeah, so it's really key to, to spend time a little bit everyday on yourself and relax. And when you quiet the mind, like Eckert told, says he says if an artist is an artist because they find their creativity in the quietness and they're not always trying to think of, oh, how can I be creative? What can I get it? It's in the quietness and that's what we need to do is to find the quietness in the day too.

Tyson: 19:41 I hear that a lot with women. They either when they're finished with college or just, you know, they kind of just started their career a little bit and they really haven't got a lot of traction and then all of a sudden you know, they get pregnant and then they're like, you know what? I want to stay home with the kid. And either they wanted to stay home with the kid either through through high school or through elementary when they go off to kindergarten. And then when that happens, it's like they, they're like, who am I? I've been, I've been just a mother and a wife for five years or 18 years or whatever it is that they chose and they don't even remember what they used to want to do or who they use to want to be or who, who they used to be before that or what they did before. And they have a lot of. I've heard that a lot of women have a problem with that and um, not, not, you know, remembering of the dreams and the aspirations that they had. What, what do you say to someone like that to help them kind of find their way again?

Eden Myers: 20:35 Yeah, there's always hope. Definitely always hope. And, and that's why I especially enjoy working with women and with the program that I teach and I coach and mentor it really. Um, it really focuses on helping them to understand who they are in, into, to spend this quiet time and study just a little bit every day, getting back to re realizing what it is that makes them happy, what their goal is. And when that starts coming into play, then everything else just starts unfolding and they're able to to improve the self image and to allow their goals and their dreams to grow. And to realize though

Tyson: 21:33 what is the one thing you keep seeing over and over again that that gets that spark in somebody. What is the one with the question or technique or lesson or whatever they use. You see it time and time again. That just kicks us. Switching in these women's minds,

Eden Myers: 21:53 the goal, well, what really makes you happy? What, what? What just gets you excited about getting up in the morning and getting on with your day, what gives you contentment at night before you lay your head down on that pillow, we've got to have something, something big that we're working towards, something that it's not something that we work on everyday in our online. It's got to be big. It's got to be a dream. It's got to be our fantasy. And with that excitement, that keeps us going because those big goals as fantasies, they're not easy. And so we have to because it. It's something that really excites us. It'll allow us to stay persistent and strong and endeavor until we reach it. And, and when you reach that, while it's just so, so gratifying. So that's what I really find them, you know, a lot of women come into me with why I don't know what I want anymore. I've been so busy with my life in my family and work and that I really don't know what I want anymore.

Tyson: 23:16 We've talked to a lot of people in general and ask them what they're doing for their self. They probably would have no idea. So many people going around and doing everything for you, whether it's your spouse or your kids or your boss or, or, or your neighborhood or your pta or whatever it is you're doing. A lot of people just don't stop and think for themselves. Like, what do I want to do with my life? What do I want to do with these three or four hours after work or, or, uh, two hours in the morning before I go to work, whatever it is. That's a great question. We all should be asking ourself, what do we, what do I want to like, what do I want for me, what do I want to accomplish? And it's this crazy thing, you know, I, I've talked to you about before.

Tyson: 23:52 It's like, well, that's selfish. It's like that's not is if you're not here and you're not present and you're not ready for this world and life and to give, there's nothing you're going to do for anybody. You're no good to anybody if you're not taking time for yourself. If you're not sleeping and exercising all these things, you're no good to your family. You're no good to your neighbors. You know, and, and that's the selfish part when, when you, when you take, you take away from, from your family because you're so concerned about everything else and you're not taking that moment for you. That's the selfish part.

Eden Myers: 24:27 I see a lot of women, they're just, they're on the verge of a breakdown and I, I say human breakdown or if you get really sick, no one's going to be any good because everyone relies on you. So we really do have to teach those around us that I need some time for me and if we teach them that they'll give us that time and everything will go a lot smoother. Things will go a lot farther.

Tyson: 25:05 Take your time for yourself. Is it in the morning, the afternoon, the evening before bed. What do you like to do?

Eden Myers: 25:11 I usually do in the morning as soon as I get up. Yes. That's my quiet time.

Tyson: 25:19 What kind of timeframe do you like to go with?

Eden Myers: 25:20 Oh, about an hour? Yeah. First thing I do is I write in my gratitude journal, you know, things that I'm grateful for and it just, it just puts me in a good frame of mind to positive frame of mind and uh, and then I can move forward with a little self study, just another for maybe 15, 20 minutes. It's just another way to get me up and positive going out the door to, you know, to be a good influence on everybody else and be a positive person.

Tyson: 25:59 Excuse me. What does a, what does a typical day look like for you? What, what do you occupy your day with? How does that go for you?

Eden Myers: 26:07 Well, yeah, I do like do my little bit of time in the morning and then I exercise for about 45 minutes, whether it's working on it, you know, in the gym room at the clubhouse or maybe two students and stretching and CEO that it's very peaceful to pennzoil kind of mood I'm in when I wake up and you know, and I just make myself a nice smoothie in a good, smooth the healthy smoothie and that sets me up for early till early afternoon, get myself ready and I'm. And I'm out the door to find out who I can help for the day.

Tyson: 26:51 That's amazing. That sounds like a fulfilling day right there.

Eden Myers: 26:55 Yeah. My days are, I have to say I'm in a sweet spot, tice and pretty grateful for that.

Tyson: 27:03 That's amazing. So many people go through life and they never find that is so great. You found it and you're helping other people find it.

Eden Myers: 27:10 Yeah, and it wasn't always like that, but yeah. Over 20 years ago I started working with this company that they harvest a super food and I was able to stay with them and find ways to help people live healthier and happier lives. And it's, it is, it has been very gratifying.

Tyson: 27:34 How does that work? What does, can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Eden Myers: 27:37 Sure. Um, you know, this is this super food. It's actually a water plant and it, it's a, it's a blue green algae. These, these are super foods and because they're so nutrient rich and you're looking at vitamins, minerals, nutrients, protein, you're a mega is your aminos. I mean, these, these algae are the blue green algae. They're super foods. You could live on the if you chose to, but you know, we use them as a supplement and um, it just, you know, when you give your body the nutrients it needs, that we often miss from our food or the lack of eating because we're so busy. Then you know, your field good, you, you're, you're, you know, have a clear mind. You're able to handle stress, but freak out because you're not feeling well. And if people just don't realize how connected the audio and the mind is. So it's important that we keep our mind healthy too.

Tyson: 28:48 It's one of those things that I think growing up and stuff here in Americans have, we're just not taught. And uh, even if you eat, you know, tons of organic vegetables and the greatest stuff, the soil, we grow these things. They're so depleted of minerals and nutrients. There's not that they're not in those plants anymore. Um, I seen some, um, I know if documentary studies or something like that, the levels of minerals and nutrients and the plants that they have specimens from in the fifties and sixties are, are so much higher than the stuff we have. Even the best highest quality things we can get now are just, they're just not there anymore. And we need to be taking some type of supplement, um, to, to, to have, you know, the, the building blocks for, for, for ourselves and to fight off cancers and all these different things. And I'm free for your brain health. I can't imagine how people just go through a day just in that days. And that fog and I, I'm so glad I learned about this at a young age and I just, I don't even know you'd be been even would feel like I can't even imagine it

Eden Myers: 29:50 super foods. They're so green and that's the core does, is it oxygenates are and what our blood is properly oxygenated. It creates the environment we're taught. Oxic cells cannot exist. So it really keeps our immune system strong. And I tell people that's really what it comes down to because they're like, he said, things are depleted. Um, there's a lot of, we have to worry about our water and the food and the air. And so we've got to keep our immune system stronger.

Tyson: 30:31 We're constantly bombarded with, with all kinds of environmental things in whether it's cleaners are just the things that have products that are off gassing. And Yeah, there's a lot of stuff we've got to be really aware of all the tronics that are around. I mean, I'm just surrounded in this cocoon of electronics right now. You know, it really, really got to take care of ourselves and help our bodies replenish and rebuild on a daily basis. And like you said earlier, sleep is one of those things too. We just granted that. Oh, I'm fine. I've had three hours of sleep and it's like, boy, if I, I mean, I don't play with that a, I like operated at the highest level I can and you know, I try to get, you know, I definitely am getting my seven, eight hours of sleep, you know, and people just think that that's so crazy and I just don't get it.

Eden Myers: 31:15 It's like your car battery, you can't shut the car off. Well maybe older cars. This, you shut the car off and you need the lights on, the battery's going to go turn those lights off. Everything has to rest. And so we need to rest and to charge our battery.

Tyson: 31:35 Know at the time our brain cleans itself out. Our body repairs itself from all the damage was done all day long, you know, a home, our whole moral reset and all these different things that happen when we go to sleep. But we need a good block of time to be sleeping so that these processes can get going. You know, you have to be asleep for so long for certain things to kick on. Hormones and stuff and different things like econ and you know, it's a surprisingly how much more you can get done in a day when you've had a proper night's sleep. You just operate at a higher level. You think more clearly, you spend less time wondering where you are and what you're doing. It's so much a much better way of living and being able to achieve so much more.

Eden Myers: 32:20 Yeah, exactly. And another thing about these super foods is green. Now Jesus, the omegas, the central fatty acids in there, they cross the blood brain barrier. So you know, it's not only our bodies that need those tax as essential fatty acids, but our brains do to. Our brains are deprived that these essential fatty acids in water. Those are two things that our brains really need to function at a high level. And I totally think that's why you're seeing what are the reasons why you're seeing more Alzheimer's is, you know, the brain becomes calcify. So yeah, the, you know, the, the connection between our body and our mind is, is just so amazing. I got a book, it's an older book. I haven't read it yet. It's, it's called our body speaks, our mind know. So how we feel and what we do has to say what's going on up here.

Tyson: 33:38 That's something we got to really pay attention to is as, especially the science to catch up with this stuff. And we start to get a lot more into that. It's, yeah, it's very fascinating. Um, I like to dig deep into those things and I like to try and keep my brain running at its optimal level as I, as I possibly can know through, through diet. Um, you know, from what we want to eat too, you know, exercising and different types of things. There's so many great, great benefits in all of that stuff.

Eden Myers: 34:07 People when they say, well, this is what I do and I don't know why I do it. Like you were saying before, I don't know why I do it, I shouldn't be doing it, but it's in my major, it's in my nature and it's like none. None, none, none. No. It's how you weren't nurtured. It's what you were taught and it's how you think and what's really fascinating is we can change the way so that we can change our results in life and it, it the, the, the first thing is understanding that we can do that and then learning how to do it.

Tyson: 34:43 Yeah. So like some people I was like, so how's it working out for you? And they're just like, it's not so stop doing it. And it's like the most novel thing in the world that like I can stop doing that. Yeah. Anytime, anytime. Nobody's forcing you to do this. No, nobody's making you this and it. And it really opens people's eyes are like, I can like, it's like, I don't know if they need permission or or what it is, but it just really does open people's eyes up and they just realized that they absolutely can just stop, stop it at any moment, whatever they're doing, they just dislike it. I don't know. I couldn't imagine going know that walking around every day with a nail in my shoe and when they saw the shoe came, I don't know. I mean it's nothing I can do about it. And then somebody comes to me, says, no, just pull the nail out. Wait a second. Why? But that's, I mean, it's funny when we talk about when we look at somebody else, but when it's happening to us, it's so hard to just see that. But listen, people are. You can stop whenever stuff you're up to, whatever you're doing, you don't like, you can stop right now and never do it again. It's, it really is that simple.

Eden Myers: 35:58 I remember my mom used to say that to me, this is who I am. Right? There was just something from a very young age. I was just always intrigued with the mind,

Eden Myers: 36:18 you know, you ask the person when, what? When you think of the mind, what picture comes to mind? Because we think in pictures as humans and a lot of people say, well, you know, that gray thing up in there, that gray matter and that's our brain, that it's not our mind. Our mind is the activity and our brain is an electronic switching station. So our mind, we think with our mind and we in our brain is an electronic switching station that tells our arm to move or walk over there and so our body is an instrument of, of our mind. It really is.

Tyson: 37:06 To get that concept. At first it's really hard. It's like, no, what do you mean? I control all of this. I'm doing the thoughts. When you really think about it, you're not. Most of the things we're thinking about or things that pop into our head or from a habit or some external stimulation that we have no control over and you know, and, and to trying to think the next thought you're going to have, you're not going to think it's just going to come to your head. You have no control over how that got there. You can only control what you do about that thought and whether you act on it or don't do something about it or not, or stop thinking it or change the thoughts that are coming into your head by reprogramming yourself. Like you were saying, you know, we, we can stop these things. We can reprogram it and have a new program. So the new thoughts come in our head and new ideas come in our head and these different things along those lines.

Eden Myers: 37:52 Yeah. And when you know that, when you learned that and you learn how to stop it and change it, then that's when you're on track because you're always going to come up against that with all the, you know, all the things that are happening around us. In our sentences, come in, coming in through our senses and you know, there's so many more distractions nowadays. You're driving down the road, you're looking at your phone, you're listening to so many distractions and you're thinking of something else. The yeah, there needs to be a little bit of winding down and in that way we'll be able to think more clear and, and we'll say, oh, wait a minute, this isn't good. I'm going to stop thinking that way and then get right back on track again. Absolutely.

Tyson: 38:43 When I first started I was just like my brain. I would have, I don't know how many thousands of things. I was like, how is anybody just sit here? I just got so many things I got to do and think about and the more I kind of started doing it and just understanding that there's Costa that are going to be there and they're just going to come and go and I don't have control over them. I can just observed them and let them be and let them go on their way as I do this. Now what I've found is I'll be doing something and I'll get into that habit or that routine or whatever and I'll be like, know, just all of a sudden I was catch myself. What are you doing? Why are you doing? Why are you scrolling on instagram right now? Went out here to post something real quick or check a message or whatever it was and next thing you know, what are, what are you doing?

Tyson: 39:32 And it's so amazing that just start to train your brain to just catch those thoughts and catch those things that are happening and, and it blows my mind every time I catch myself, like, what are you doing this right now? And I stopped and I asked myself, what are you doing? I'm like, I have no idea what I'm doing. No idea why I'm doing this. Why in fact, why am I doing this? You know, it's so unbelievably crazy, but to learn that skill to, to, to quiet your mind in a way of of being focused on what's happening, what's your acting on the thoughts that are coming in and like, are you going to act on them and let it go? Am I going to act on this? I'm going to go let and go. That is a skill so hard to get. Once you do, you'll start to just realize all these crazy things that not only is going on in your brain but that you're doing and going on around you. It's really, really awesome

Eden Myers: 40:26 exercise. We exercise our body. We don't just wait. It's one time in your arms are in shape. It's, it's repetition over and over again on a regular basis and so we have to do the same thing. Exercises for our mind over and over and it changes it.

Tyson: 40:53 I have a question here for you, so what are the. Whatever one, two, three things that you just must do or if you do those things, you set yourself up to win everyday. What are those things for you?

Eden Myers: 41:08 Well, before I go to right before I go to bed, I have my planner and I have five things, well usually have more than five things, five things that are the most important that has to be accomplished and so those are like a one and then the other things that I feel that I to address then they'll be be. So I do that before I go to bed, so as soon as I wake up on I know I know what I've got going on the day and then when I wake up again that writing down those 10 things that I'm grateful for and then do it a little bit of self study. Those are the three things that really they work, they work well for me and they work well for a lot of people that are, that are trying to get specific results in their life, be successful in whatever it is that they want, whether it's it's in a relationship in their life or or be successful in their work or building a business. It's really that little bit of organization and positive thought really, really goes along way.

Tyson: 42:29 Yeah. No, I like that technique when I don't write down the things I need to accomplish tomorrow and you wake up in the morning and the day gets you and somebody else starts asking for your time and your input. Your. Yeah. You just get so messed up and so scrambled when I. and it feels good when you wake up in the morning, you start your desk and like here's the things I got to do today, and you just start knocking those out. You just feel so good. Get them this high and his energy, like what's next? Not even lunch yet. Oh yeah,

Eden Myers: 42:59 yeah. I had a day, like yesterday was Sunday and I was like, what is going on here? But it dies. You feel so good. You feel like you were given an extra day in one day.

Tyson: 43:12 Those are the best days when you just start nailing those things. Yeah, I, I was, oh, it was a week or two ago. I was in one of those, like real, real deep. It was, I think it's about 3:00 and I'll say I don't know what else to do. I've done it every like my list was completely blank. I was like looking for more things. I was like, I was like, well, let me take some time to start planning the next phases of things as I was like, I had just killed everything I had written down for months. I had stuff piled up. But yeah, those are the best. So what, what book or books have helped you the most on your journey in life? What's your top one? Two, three favorite.

Eden Myers: 43:55 Well, and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. I studied, still study that. Um, that's a really, really, really good book and

Tyson: 44:07 yeah. Okay.

Eden Myers: 44:10 I like, there's so many, so many books out there.

Tyson: 44:20 What is something you'd like to gift to people when somebody asks you a book recommendation? First things that kind of pop off your head.

Eden Myers: 44:29 Oh, you're talking about A. Okay. Well, one thing I really do like to get Gif is a gratitude journal. Everybody loves those. Something on the gratitude journal. Yeah. Um, but the book that I gift them is thinking grow rich. I mean, it's pretty, it's pretty deep and intense, but like anything, you read it a second time and the third time and so on. You get something new, something different out of it. Every time it has been changed or eight, nothing has been added. In the meantime, you just, you just become more knowledgeable and more aware and you see those things that were always there. You just didn't see them for.

Tyson: 45:18 Yeah, absolutely. I always recommend people read read books several times. Here. You're a different person. Every time you read the books, you've got different experiences, different knowledge, different things that have gone through revolutions, new habits. Whenever you're always gonna, find something new every time you read it.

Eden Myers: 45:32 Exactly. And it can't say enough about continuing to read and do self study. Just because you're out of school or college doesn't mean you stop. Like you said,

Tyson: 45:46 you're learning never stops is where can people connect with you and find out more about what you're up to.

Eden Myers: 45:54 Well, um, they can visit me on, on facebook. My Page is called my new paradigm for the number for life. So it's my new paradigm for life. I just have, you know, little quotes on there everyday of positivity. Um, I sometimes do two little videos and it talk about different subjects and then of course my website is, is, is the same as well, my new paradigm for Life Dot Com.

Tyson: 46:27 Awesome. And then I'll link those for you guys in the show notes. So it's easy for you guys to get rid of it to her pages. You guys want to connect with her and learn more about what she's up to a different thing. She's into keep this conversation going on with her.

Eden Myers: 46:41 I appreciate that. Tyson. Um, there's just so much out there. Like I said, I love to help people and you know, I worked with this company for 20 plus years but, and I didn't mention this but a few years ago, you know, I was like, there has to be a deeper way to help people to achieve their goals and have what they want in life. And like they say, seek and Ye shall find. I was reintroduced to who is now my mentor, Bob proctor. I was reintroduced to him and I decided to, I said, Bob, will you be my mentor? And he mentored me and it just totally, totally changed my life and it's level me up so to speak, and helping people to change their life or even grander scale. So I really, really love what I do and there's a lot of people out there that need the help. So that's what keeps me going everyday too.

Tyson: 47:51 Bob is a, is a great guy, great guy. He's an amazing individual doing tons and tons of goodness world.

Eden Myers: 47:58 He is. Yep. You know, he teamed up with a Beautiful Woman, Sandy Gallagher. She's so intelligent and they're growing the organization, but they're growing it with every time you turn around it's just, they're just given more and given more. Helping people. Yeah. We all, we all need to do that.

Tyson: 48:20 Yes. More giving without trying to get something back in return. Exactly. Absolutely. Well out here on the social committee show, we like to do a weekly challenge. And for this week's challenge I'd like you to issue the challenge. So what's this week's challenge? You this week's challenge.

Eden Myers: 48:42 Guess what, it is soon as you get up in the morning, write down 10 things you are grateful for and see how I feel

Tyson: 48:52 that is the best challenge ever. Lesson people. Um, I'll, I'll put, I'll put together a little pdf you guys can print out if you want, um, and, and with, with 10 lines on it, do that. Get up every morning, write down those 10 things. You start simple. If you need to know, hey, I woke up and my kids are alive. The electricity still works now and eventually chart looking for more creative things. That's a great, great challenge. I love that. Cool. Well thank you so, so much for being on. It was a pleasure talking with you and great. Great connecting with you

Eden Myers: 49:26 anytime. Thank you Tyson. It was my pleasure as well.

Tyson: 49:30 You have a great day and a beautiful new year.

Eden Myers: 49:34 Thank you very much. You also happy new year everyone.

Tyson: 49:38 Wow. Thank you. He didn't. Once again, that was a great, great conversation. As always, guys, you can, you can head over to the social community that show slash pick me to get into this month's giveaway and I hope you guys really enjoy this interview with eating. If you guys want to hear any other people on, please let us know. We'll try to get those people on for you and have some good conversations with them. As always, if this episode has been a help to you when you think could help somebody else, please share it with two other people. That's a great way to support the show by sharing a, make sure you guys liking comment. Let us know what you guys think. You guys should follow us all week long in between shows on the social community to show a facebook, instagram, twitter. You can also check us out on subscribe on Youtube or your favorite podcast app like apple podcast school podcasts on spotify and all the major podcasting is out there. If you are enjoying the show, you always want to leave a review on the podcast app platforms that are very greatly appreciated and it will help our show and each reach more amazing people like you as always, for past episodes and links to everything we've talked about here today, the social community.show. Until next time, keep learning growing and transforming into the person you want to be taught.


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