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On this episode, I talked with Teresa Porter, inventer & founder of Sirrine Yoga. Sirrine Yoga is online yoga videos designed by Teresa for people of every body type, yoga level and are convenient with videos ranging from  15 – 45 minutes. On this episode we talked about:

  • What happened that made her start yoga
  • Some best practices for starting yoga or getting to the next level
  • Making yoga stick for the long-term
  • Using yoga to help with anxiety

And much more.

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12: Teresa Porter | Inventer & Founder of Sirrine Yoga 1

Where it all began…
Teresa’s passion for yoga began in 1999 when she decided to take a couple of classes to attempt to alleviate the tension she experienced from her job as a massage therapist. Not only did she love the instructor, but she remembers leaving the class feeling relaxed, lighter, and less tense.

After the birth of her first daughter, she had severe back problems. MRI’s and doctors could not give a diagnosis. Seeking answers, she decided to create her own healing path with regular yoga, Pilates, walking, and acupuncture. She was amazed by the relief she felt in her back by combining these activities. When she ceased to do them, the pain would quickly return.
She desired to learn the theory behind these forms of exercise how they could provide better overall health and well-being. This led her to enroll at Scottsdale Community College in the 200 teacher training program. She never dreamed that this would be the beginning of her yoga journey and how life-changing it would be on so many levels.

Learn More about her story here

12: Teresa Porter | Inventer & Founder of Sirrine Yoga 2


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