You're Fired, Now What?

If you came into work today and were told you’re fired or laid off would you be prepared?

Would you be surprised?

Are you ready for the ever-changing world, with advancements in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), algorithms, automation, and mechanization?

Hopeful today isn't that day, however, that day is coming. For some, it’s soon and for other job fields it farther away. When times are good and life is going smooth, these are the times we need to get preparing. We need to be planning for the future and readying our selves for the changes. In trying times, we don't rise to the level of our expectations, we default to the level of our training. What have you trained for lately?


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The 2019 Coursera Global Skills Index



Python Programming

 Retrieving and processing data, scrape web data, retrieve data from APIs, data visualization

Big Data

 Spark, Hadoop with MapReduce, Processing Using Splunk


 Project efficacy and productivity, negotiation, communicating with executives, time management

Microsoft Excel

 Data management, financial functions, spreadsheet design, data cleaning and modeling


 Business Intelligence consulting, data-driven decision making, data visualization and presentation


 Essay writing, academic writing, punctuation, grammar, verb tenses


 Leading in a virtual world, decision analysis, corporate governance

Marketing Strategy

 Cross-channel customer acquisition, online behavior analysis, email marketing, display advertising

Financial Statements

 Marketing strategy, people management, corporate finance, operations analysis

Deep Learning

 Neural network optimization, Tensorflow, error analysis, sequence models, Hyperparameter tuning


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Speaker 1: 00:03 Opening Music 

Speaker 2: 00:05 Welcome to the social community and show rates are going up. You learn, grow and transform into person. Gonna become today. You're fired, you're laid off. Now what you can, hey, listen, new skills, new world not trying to fear monger or anything like that, but, you know, maybe just a little, just a tiny bit, but point isn't it? Yeah. Point isn't just fearmonger whatever. You know, I, I've been hearing a lot lately in, in things I, I listened to an I read and stuff. You know, there's, you know, I'm sure every, a lot of people out there I've been seeing it too. I mean you know, think things are changing. You know, Ai and self driving this and you know, you know, automation and mechanization, all these different things are happening and you know as they get more adaptive, more developed in more, you know in line with things, jobs are going to go away though, you know, the way we make money, the way things are done, the skills of valleys of humans are going to change and are, are you ready? Like are, are you thinking about these things? Like, is your job one of these that are on the line? You know, a lot of, a lot of jobs aren't safe. You know, I I was listening to, to something about, you know, radiologists, you know, these guys are doctors. They're one of the jobs that are going to go away first. You know, because computers, AI is better at looking at x-rays than a human is, you know, so it's not the full level jobs.

Speaker 3: 01:36 Most of the things nowadays are basically algorithm based and right. Granted, computers can do everything. We can, obviously mechanics are not going to lose their job. Right. At plumbers, electricians, things like that. Yeah. You know, things like that aren't going to go away. But you know, on the, on the flip side it's like, are you ready for the company that you work for to go under? You know, it's like you work for a company that is not in a, to me any company that's not in a growth phase, if they're not growing, then the chances of that possibility that they could go away is, is ace increases. And in my opinion, it's like you can see when companies switched from growth because now all of a sudden they stopped buying new trucks, they stopped buying these new things and now they're like cutting people's hours or management is going away. You're having a lot of meanings, like, you know, just things in general. And not saying that that happens for everybody, but you know, you can kind of tell some of the signs of things that are happening just just with what goes on in the company in general. But anyway, I digress.

Speaker 2: 02:49 No, those are the things you gotta be thinking about. Like are, is their career field you're in or is the job you have, is it, is it susceptible to some of these things that are coming? Is this acceptable to robots, to two computers to algorithms. And if it is, what are you doing now? Well, it's not there yet. You know, a lot of these things are just a few years away. You know, some people on one spectrum say it's going to be 20 years before a lot of these things happen. Some people are saying, you know, anytime now I'm kind of in the camp, you know, within the next five to 10 years. A lot of these things, you know, self driving cars, you know, a lot of AI driven things are going to be, I don't know man. I guess we grew up with that little batch, a future thing.

Speaker 2: 03:30 We're supposed to have flying cars by now to travel back to the future right now. Exactly. I don't mind, my shoes don't lace themselves. I'm not sure what's going on here. Fucking my skateboard doesn't. However, due to like it, it just didn't happen. Right? Yeah. But you know, that is, you know, he got his w as humans, we can't predict the future. If anybody tells you that they're lying, they're full of shit. We're horrible at that. But just let's look at what's happening now. What is tangible now? What is in our faces now? You know, I've got throughout my whole, personally I Google homes everywhere. That is the new encyclopedia. I don't need to buy a 87 volumes set of books. I just asked, I don't need dictionaries. I just ask, you know, it's just like, these things are, are now, are there, here in our hands are tangible.

Speaker 2: 04:18 You know, they can do things for us. You know, I asked, I asked school to do, do something says, does this whole set of tasks, you know, it turns on lights for me. It turns this thing that turns my temperature down. There's so many things from, you know, these are the things that are happening now and I'm not talking about, you know, these things, but I mean self driving cars, they're happening now here in Phoenix. There's, there's a lot of stuff driving test programs. Cars are driving themselves around. No driver in the driving seat. That's real. You know what I'm saying? You can jump in now. Uber programs and was it way more and whatever, whatever it is. These different companies, they have completely driverless cars. It's a real thing is happening, you know? You have a tested test, those can drive you right?

Speaker 2: 04:56 You need to physically sit there. But for all intents and purposes, they're, they're set up from the factory to drive themself. The goal is you plug in your destination, the car does it all, you know that the car you have you on a test and now any anywhere in had a new Tesla that capabilities already in your car. It's just not really whether it's difficulty there or, or the testing isn't quite good enough yet, but the capabilities there, so these things are real, you know, you know, we just want to prevent skynet from taking over the world. Yeah, right. I also scratched it. None of that. I don't, I, I keep my folio hat small, but I look around and I'm seeing what's happening now. What is here now. You know, there's so many things that are automated that are AI driven, are whatever technology driven and it's like, are you, are you ready for that? Have you stopped learning once you graduated college? Like, you know what I'm saying? Like are you out there looking for new skills? Are you becoming a dual threaten? Your job likes to say you

Speaker 3: 05:58 Are when these truck drivers, it's like the common thing. Everybody's like, oh 7 million truck drivers going to go on a business. Like first of all that's going to be some time down the future. But secondly, if you are a young truck driver, like what are you doing about that? Like you love that. That's something you've always wanted to do and say, okay, are you on the weekends or on your off days? Are you studying like electrical stuff? Are you working on coding? They are you working on your mechanic skills like you looking around on robots, you write to help robots make decisions and in driving or you know, now you're gonna start looking at, okay, once the trucks drive themselves, they're still going to need people to unload them, right? Until they get robots to do that. Like again, this show is just about awareness.

Speaker 3: 06:42 I know we're driving a little fearmonger episode here, but at the same time, the show is about awareness to show us about helping you grow and transform and become something. And like, yes, we want to push you into getting a different mindset as in the job that you're in right now. It may not last you for the next 10, 20, 30 years. It may not even ask you for the next two hours. I mean, sorry if that's actually happening to you, but you know, these things happen and it's always easier to prepare for a rainy day when it's sunny. I mean is I can go out and the sun is out. You can go buy an umbrella, you can go buy a coat. You know what I mean? You can go get those little booties that we all used to love when your kids, those were in the rain boots.

Speaker 3: 07:26 And I love those things. You can go to the store, but once it's raining, it's like, damn, now I gotta go to the store. I'm going to be soaking wet because I don't have this stuff. Like, you know, put some time into that. Or like Tyson saying, maybe you can double down on the job. If you love the job now, do those things that are going to make you a better worker or more valuable asset to the company that you work for. You know, something as simple as learning a new language. You know, something as simple as that. Like who who are aware are customers coming from? They're coming from Japan. Well maybe I should start learning Japanese. Nice. Guess what? Hey guys here, company x times are tough. Things are good. Like we, we've got this new softwares, new programs. We don't need a lot of view.

Speaker 3: 08:14 All you guys that don't speak two languages, I'm sorry. You gotta go, you know, valuable to us anymore. I guess what you did, you went and learned Japanese, you went to learn Spanish, you want to learn Chinese, Mandarin, whatever it is. Like now, guess what? They, hey, we need to keep you guys around like you are a valuable asset. Not only are you a CPA and attorney, whatever it is you're doing, guess what? Now you speak two languages, I guess what you are more valuable than all the rest of the guys that's in your office that don't do those things, didn't take the time to continuously learn and educate themselves and you, you're kind of hedging yourself against getting laid off or having this multifaceted, this dual threat triple threat skill set that you know, there's not a lot of you know, attorneys that's just call it our CPAS that speak

Speaker 2: 08:55 Two languages that also do this and also do that. Like you are a very few amount of people that do all of them. I heard you say this double

Speaker 3: 09:04 Threat, triple threat and maybe you can explain to some of the viewers out there like what do you mean? I guess by that verbatim,

Speaker 2: 09:11 Right? So, so let's just say you, you know, you not only are you and you know, let's call it, you say you're a personal injury attorney, let's just call it that. Okay? So that's one skill set. You're, you are good at that. You maybe even have mastered that area. That's just one. You're just one threat. You're one dimensional. Just one type of thing. I guess what I went on the weekends, I took some free classes or maybe a paid for some stuff. Now I speak Spanish, you know, now, boom. Now I've got two things. Now I can practice law in English and in Spanish. I guess what I mastered the Spanish language. Guess what? Now I'm gonna go out and I'm going to study this other facet of, of injury. Maybe you can even niche down or get another language or whatever it is that you, you know, now you know what?

Speaker 2: 09:54 Now I'm going to train other attorneys to do these things in different languages. Now, boom. Now you've got four things that you're good at and how many, how many, how many injury attorneys that speaks Spanish that also train other attorneys. You know how many of those people out there, there's probably not very many, but now you're a triple threat, quad threat. Whatever it is, you're skills are more valuable. You know what I'm saying? Maybe you used to be an engineer, now you're going to turn, now you understand this, like there's not many engineers that are now injury attorneys that also speak Spanish and English. You know what I'm saying? Does that make sense?

Speaker 3: 10:26 Who are engineers? And you're also attorneys. You can not become pat patent attorney.

Speaker 2: 10:31 Well, now look, it's common. You have those guys are out there. You see how valuable your skill set is. You're going to, you're going to have a more longevity in your career. You're going to have more versatility with it is either what you're doing on your own, whether it's in a company, is like, listen, we gotta lay off 10 guys, so we're going to lay off not him. He does five things. Well, he is not on the chopping block, you know?

Speaker 3: 10:52 Yeah. And then I, you know, and we're speaking to a lot of different audiences out there. This, this can also go for people out there who are entrepreneurs, right? Right. If you're out there running your own business and you get 90% of your business from Facebook, man, like if Facebook goes away tomorrow or they changed their algorithm or all of a sudden gets pricier to use Facebook, like you might need a backup skill. You know what I mean? Like where his Instagram going or what's happening with snapchat or his Twitter making a comeback. Like, you know, you have to learn different platforms. Get up there and kind of at least test the waters. Flirt with these platforms to see, you know what I mean? Like have a contingency plan. If Facebook goes away for your advertising, you know, what's the next thing that's going to take lead and you know, how good are you learning that? You know? I don't know.

Speaker 2: 11:52 Yeah. That too. If you're building

Speaker 3: 11:54 Your business on somebody else's property, you know, you've got to be mindful of that at any moment in time. They can change the rules and you're gone. They can evict you at any moment, you know? So make sure you're, you're also building your yourself, your business in your, in your own properties. Whether it's on your own website, whether it's on your own, things that you control a hundred percent nobody has control of that and nobody can tell you, hey Tyson guests, while you're no longer a lot on Instagram anymore and everything dries up or you've already been spending the time driving people from these other platforms to your property, to your house where you live and you own the land. You know, you've got to remember that and keep that in mind. You know, I know, I know stories. A lot of people that make millions of dollars on Facebook and they, they've, they've said like, I'm scared.

Speaker 3: 12:39 I don't know when the day going to come that it's going to just stop. You know, and a lot of people that has, you know, Google will make an algorithm change and guess what? You don't show up in search anymore that a lot of people, it's 50 80% of their profits come from that. You don't have any control over that. So you've got to maintain things that are within your control. You can control the property, you can control the people that are there, the access you have to them and all these different kinds of things. Yeah. It's just, you know, if one thing you can get from this episode, you just add on something else to your business. I understand you're doing what works. I get it. You should double down on what works at the scene time. You've got to put that 20% into trying new technology or trying something new, like being like, okay, this is working age for the sign of the time.

Speaker 3: 13:26 Let's take this extra that we have and try something new. See if we can generate more leads. You what I mean? And just, and I keep in touch with your contacts. Build your network, you know, those, those are the kinds of things that we're talking about on this show. It's like, you know, spend some extra time, do the extra things, go the extra mile, I guess. You know, because I come from two different sides. I've worked in the entrepreneur side and you know what I mean? Like as an entrepreneurs, I like going out and getting education, learning other skills is so important. And on the flip side, when I worked with my health care job, like there are so many things in healthcare that you could do to make yourself a better employee, you know, one of them to start cross training brother areas, you know?

Speaker 3: 14:12 And some people say, oh well that's just going to allow me to do, you know, the bosses just going to use me for two jobs. Like that's what you kind of want good, no problems. You know what I mean? In the event that you get fired or you know, the company that you work for, it doesn't exist anymore. Now when you go out looking for new jobs, you can be like, hey look, I just cross train in this area of crushing in this area. I'm crossing across many different areas. So you can, you can be more valuable when you go to other companies. The other thing too is about increasing your education. I know, I mean, and again this audience stretch is bigger than just entrepreneurs as people who are also working. But there are a lot of people who have two year degrees that are stuck because the company that they work for now is like, oh, they grandfathered you in and because you have a two year degree, you can still work here.

Speaker 3: 15:03 But if you want to go outside of that and go somewhere else, it's like you need a four year degree, like sound. I'm working on f four year degree. Just take one or two classes like Oh, some nester. Like it's not going to kill you to take an extra class, just go online, read some stuff and turn some homework and tick a few tests. Like, I mean, these are all things that you can do now or the times good versus you get fired tomorrow and it's like, oh, now I gotta go back to school for two more years. I don't know about all of that.

Speaker 2: 15:31 Yeah, it's tough start. But you know, it's, it's easy to think and to do things when, when, when life is going well, when you're, when our basic needs are met, when we have shelter, we have clothes, we have food. That's when, when you can start to think of other things and other problems and other areas of improvement. Now if it's something that's you're struggling with, I get it. Let's start working on that. Let's start building that security. And so that you're not struggling, you're not worried about. So you can start to think outside of that, like get these basic needs met, get that settled down, and then start going, okay, what's next? Like, like just calm. And in a sense now I can, I can start to think about my future. I can start to think about leveling up ice, cause to think about increasing my income, maybe starting us microbusiness or a sign on.

Speaker 2: 16:18 So like when your basic needs are met, you can start to think about these things. But until then it's hard. And in Saint Goes, you know, on the, on the, on the converse of that, if life is good now and you're just going to rest and chill and on your laurels and tomorrow you walk in and the doors are clock, you're, you're gonna start to panic and you're not going to know what to do. And it's gonna be hard to think in that scenario. It's really shit I needed to get paid next Friday. Like I got these bills. I don't have money for the hell am I going to do? Try to think about that. I try to scramble in that feeling like I don't have money to do X. I can't eat after this week's paycheck has gone. Like try to think now. You know you're going to run to Don's and unemployment office, you're gonna be scrambling and you're so stressed out. Like you've got to prepare now for these scenarios that I don't want it to be fearmongering thing, but I want, I want you to think about things like, just be prepared. What's your continuously? What? What are you doing every week? Every weekend?

Speaker 3: 17:14 Yeah. It's like, what if something happens? I mean, don't, don't go down the rabbit hole, but just be like, you know, stay on a positive sign. If something happens to monitor, say, oh, well I know a friend who works for this and I can get a job. They're like, just having something like that. The simple as that. I mean that doesn't take care of all your problems, but that stops the bleeding, you know?

Speaker 2: 17:35 Yeah. Keeping your resume up to date and stuff like that, it's easily just pop it off.

Speaker 3: 17:39 They're simpler to do. Keep your resume up to date. It should almost always have a resume on hand, ready to fly out. If somebody asks you tomorrow a you know, got to opening like that's like double your salary. It's a little bit different work though. You want it, they'd be like, yeah, no, like stuff like that happens all the time.

Speaker 2: 18:00 I, I've, I've had, I haven't personally, several times I've gone to do work for another company. Like you are amazing. Like, could you work here? And it's like, you know, and it's like, oh, you know, she was, residents will show I'm not ready for that. Like, I don't know about if I want to move companies, I, you know, but when you, when you're thinking about these things or thinking about that longterm, what's next? What's the climate like out there? What, what's happening in my industry? What's happening in my area of expertise? Like, you know, and the things that are gonna are gonna start to become commodities or or like you know that personal touch that that human to human connection that, that these are teasing things that are kind of cool and popular now they're going to become even more so later. Right. But so, so these things are going to become more value in more, more, more sought after when when everything's being three d printed and everything is just, you know, popping out, you know, of of factory so quickly, you know, the, the, the, that handmade, the human element, that human connection.

Speaker 2: 18:56 If you're working on that now, if you're working on your communication, if you're working on your writing skills, if you're working on your, your, your, maybe you love doing little things on the side and you're like painting on Rice, Greens, whatever it is. You know what I'm saying? You'd like whittling things out of wood, whatever it is. Like those are going to become very valuable skills and you're going to be able to say, hey listen, I've been doing this for 10 years now. I've been working on some weekends. I had a good time. I think I can make a little bit of money off of this now and I'm not worried about losing my job.

Speaker 3: 19:23 Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you never know. Like we generation freedom video that we did the review on, like the guy just started in tables and then like Maxine, oh, he's a furniture manufacturer. It's crazy. Life is completely different. Yeah. And then like a friend of mine knows this guy who like, he like takes you know, the railway pins that they used to pin down the road. He'll take railway pins and he like makes knives out of them. Like, oh, that's super cool. He's a blacksmith dude. Like, I was like, dude, I never heard that. It as, like I said, cute friends, a blacksmith, no fucking way. Like the, that winter's coming bro.

Speaker 2: 20:06 But I, I've even seen the 50 caliber bullet shells, the guys make model of person out of the, out of that.

Speaker 3: 20:13 Yeah. It's just like little nichey custom things that people you've never would think would pay for. And it's like, oh dude. Like all of a sudden they, you know, I saw it just this thing is just about possibilities. Open your mind to possibilities and get out there so that when the rain comes, like you have new things, you have, you know, new life force coming into you or you know, your wells not going to run dry or you know, whatever. You know, your, your purse won't be emptied so quickly. I mean, whatever, wherever you

Speaker 2: 20:48 You know, we're just getting in there. So I don't know, I guess this jump off to the fear monger train here and we just came off, you know, I'm just saying like, let's, let's get to some of the positives. What are we going to get the list of? Where did you get this list from? Of like skills that are so Coursera global is, it's called the club of course, Eric global skills. It's a, Coursera is a court. They have a bunch of courses in there. I, Eh, I signed up for the learning how to think. And then, and then, so now, then I got an email from them, hey, these are the trending skills right now that they're seeing from their global skills. And next I will link to the article. There's great things not only for what's happening here in America, but there's opportunities in other countries, different regions.

Speaker 2: 21:36 Like if you ever thought of maybe moving on to this country and moving, working somewhere, you know, maybe tropical or maybe an Asian thing. There's a lot of things that is in demand there. Maybe you're just a, I hate to, I hate to say this, I don't mean to diminish what you're doing, your skill level, but maybe here in America you're just, here's a good average guy. You got average skill set. But in these other countries you are the man. Like, we need more of you like you can you come here and can you train our workforce? And it's like, whoa. Guess what? Now you've got this amazing opportunity you never thought of. You can go live in Argentina. That's just call it and, and guess what? You're the, you're the head trainer for now of of Argentina, x and, and now you're making, let's call it six figures there and that could be a half a million dollars in American money in American value.

Speaker 2: 22:21 You know what I'm saying? You have this amazing life, none as new country and nothing really has changed, but your, your outlook on the possibilities in this world. We live in a global world now. You know, there's so many things out there and these are opportunities for you. Maybe it's not here in America. Maybe you've always dreamt of going somewhere else. It guess what? Now it's The Times I've looked at that. Get your passport right and get your shit in order. Yeah. A couple of friends of ours too. Right? Like you know English language is the number one language. Yes. My, yeah. My sister got paid for two years to teach English in Japan and Japan living in Japan got paid. It'd be amazing just for something to everyday, everyday basis. Like you, you spoke English your entire life qualification. Like you speak English. Yes.

Speaker 2: 23:08 Check. Okay. You're good. Teach. She wasn't an English teacher. She didn't major in English. She's got it. She's got degrees in business and marketing. So nothing to do with English. You know, you went to college, check, you speak English, check when you want to start. Exactly. And they paid for her flight out and they set her up with an apartment. I mean, there are so amazing opportunity and she got paid well. Exactly. But these are things out there. I'll link to this thing, see what's out there. See what's it may be. Maybe your dream job. You're not doing it now, but it's available somewhere else. Maybe it's in a different state. Maybe it's in a different country. Maybe whatever we can, we'll work remotely now. We can work over video. There's so many things out there. Like if you were looking for something that you want to change careers or you want to change things up with that dream you've always had, you haven't quite done it yet.

Speaker 2: 23:58 Maybe this is a time not to go after that. See what's out there. These are the trending skills right now according to this thing, a python programming. So that's a programming language. I'm not 115 minutes and I don't know that is, but retrieving and processing data, scraping web data, retrieving data from Api Apis and data visualization and then big data spark how to hoop with map, reduce processing using Splunk. I don't know any of these things you do. These are trending skills. They're shipping. That's what I was talking earlier. Right? Leadership, this person, that person thing. Like if you want my leadership, go listen to Jocko. He's built a career off of this. He's, he's built this empire off of leadership. Yeah. He goes into companies and teaches, you know, the management all the way from top management to middle management to the bottom.

Speaker 2: 24:53 Leaders like it's crazy and he's giving, these veterans are coming back from, from, from, from there. They're either towards the duties or their service. In the military, it's giving them opportunities that you are a leader. You know what leadership is about. You've been the battle, you've been to war. You're going to come back to America and you're going, oh, we're going to put you to work. You're not going to be stuck in limbo like these is because this opportunity that's been created, you know Microsoft Excel, oh go ahead. Sorry. Yeah, that's huge. It's so amazing. Like Microsoft Excel, like creating like back in the day. Yeah. This is what the night is date, this branding, global skill data management, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet design for how to do functions and formulas. Like like this is like stuff that you could easily, I think I paid $60 to go to a Microsoft Excel class.

Speaker 2: 25:44 Like the best $60 I've ever spent teaching everything in all about excel and like do creative things with it. Like it's crazy. And you know what you can do too is you can build these template documents and sell them. People pay all day cause guess what? They don't want to learn that skill and you're saving, you're saving them time ty giving money. Oh prebuilt templates. Like that skill, that skill made me a rock star in the army. You know, being able to manipulate that stuff and run those things. Word, excel and PowerPoint. I don't even know how I learned it. I just fucked around with it and broke things and figured it out. Read books and I became an invaluable employee. I've seen this huge skill. I train people, I made templates, I did so many things. And it's like you don't want to let me go. You don't want like we need, we need

Speaker 3: 26:44 You around. I don't know how to do this. So this is a simple thing like some things like the Microsoft started Richard, a lot of us have overlooked that. Like yeah I can do excel. Like I rock excel it really, wow. Please. You know, formulas, formulas to different pages. You know, how many farmers do you know? Right. And do you know how to design the spreadsheet properly so that it looks pleasing the anesthetic to the eyes? Do you know how to design the spreadsheet properly so that prince properly? Right. Cause that's the thing. It sells out all that data. But anyway, I'll get too much of biotic saw. I love the program. Sorry guys. It's so subtle. But even even the next day on the list analytics, you know, business intelligence consulting, even data driven decision making. We talk about this algorithms, you know what to make algorithms like you got a, you got a lot of stuff, data, visualizations and presentation.

Speaker 3: 27:39 I think the only thing I comes to my mind is stuff like Vizio, vizio and like, you know, can create these algorithms on paper so that people can read them. But parsing that data and getting a human touch into that. You know, the computers do a good job at this mindless work with any humans to look at this and say, what are we seeing here? What is this trend? What, what, where is the opportunity here? Where's the blue ocean and aware of heart, the fish not swimming right now. You know, your lotion and blue ocean strategy are great books. They'll tea very good but happy Earth Day of either way. Passed along pass. Yeah, right. We're talking about this earlier. Writing. This is a skill I suck at, but no, I've been doing, I've been hedging myself against it. I've been learning stuff. I read a book on w a w not copyright.

Speaker 3: 28:41 Copy editing. Yeah. I learned so much stuff and it's like I, that I never knew I invest in, in, in, in things to help me communicate better. How many, right. Better. Like I learned so many things that you put commas there. I don't know that, you know, like for whatever reason I didn't learn it, I don't remember it. But any part of this, even like in the healthcare field, this like, you know everything nowadays is about document, document, document nick. You have to be able to like just meet the other day you gotta take it for making it illegal, left hand turn. So like I was like, there was no sign there. So like I took pictures and now you have to physically write out what you see, right? Learning how to describe what you see to describing what's in the picture, describing it for your audience, right?

Speaker 3: 29:30 Who's the judge now? And you have to explain it to them in a way that makes sense. Like just something like that. And even in the healthcare field, you have to document date at such and such time. Patient did x, Y, Z, this is what I did, ABC. And this is the result. Like this is just things about clear, crisp communication and you know, writing is one of those things that you know, helps you in everything you do. It helps your speech, right? It helps your listening ability to help, you know, be effective communicator and it does so many things for you.

Speaker 2: 30:04 Yeah. And then leading into the next scale decision making, do you like trending skill making [inaudible] imagine that you, you become a, this, this decisive decision maker. You can go through and you could analyze things. You're, you have all this experience, you know, like what w w what do we need to do? Who can we talk to right now? We're, we're at odds. I don't know what's going on with all this information. We need somebody to come in here and we need somebody to help us think, lets it go. This is it. X do it now go guess what? Your, maybe your consulting, maybe you gonna pay big bucks for this stuff. You know, cause you can make decisions quickly and effectively. You know, marketing strategy is another one here. You know, these are the things, you know, getting, helping companies get their message out there, helping companies and people get their products and services out there. These are things that are happening, you know, preparing financial statements. Here we go, ties hand in, hand you your rocket. So maybe you can start selling these things to people that are looking for these skills.

Speaker 3: 31:08 Or you can look at or at least review financial statements, right? This goes from everything. Like it's talking about marketing strategy again, but and people management, we talked about that. But you know, we're also talking about operation and all that and the analysis. It's like, yeah you can, you can look at your whole financial statement, but can you look at the financial statement of the entire hospital and break it down by the department and see, okay, which, which department is spending the most money? Where can we save? Like those kinds of things. You know as far as financial statements go, you know the bigger picture kind of stuff.

Speaker 2: 31:44 Oh yeah. I know people that get paid on a percentage of savings. Like they'll go and say, I'm going to, I'm ever going to read you, excuse me, review your books and I get 50% of everything that I find. I know guys that do that.

Speaker 2: 31:58 People willingly pay like you just found us a half a million dollars. Like sounds good. We'll split it two ways. Like we didn't have that money. We didn't have $250,000 yesterday, but these things happen. If people do it. People go and they look, they go back through people's tax returns and they go through these things like we know of things. We are, we are masters in this area. We studied this very deeply. We know we can get in there, we can save you 20% on all your past returns. I know a guy, he spent $40,000 getting his, his company's past years things done. He got back a half a million dollars. He overpaid the government for his business like that is you just got paid 40 k for that skill. How likely are you going to be in demand now for these things? Computers aren't replacing me anytime soon. And if anything, you're using that computer to your advantage and you're using your communication skills, your writing skills, your personal skills to convey the messages that computers are giving you.

Speaker 2: 32:54 And then the last day here is deep learning. You know, they have these, I'm sure people, you guys have heard of these think tanks where people sit around and give ideas and they come up with things and try to solve big world problems. They have neuro network optimization. So the neuro network is, you know, like like the computers are things that they talk to and that information they have. How can we optimize this? How can we now can see here too era and analytics. Where are the things malfunctions? Like, you know, sometimes sitting around and deep thinking. I know I have friends that they like to sit in quiet and deep thinking that if they write their ideas out and he just spend a lot of time in deep thought, this is not a trending skill. Yeah. She's just like, you know, so hopefully this episode is brought some light and brought a little bit of fear just a little bit. But I wanna I wanna I wanna spend a whole, don't get bogged down by the news. Don't get bogged down by this bullshit. The robots get ahead of it. Get out in front of it. This isn't now is the time. It's not quite here yet, but you see it. We're all using these things. We're talking to our phones. We're talking to literally a machine sitting on our table there, the size of a hockey puck. Yeah.

Speaker 2: 34:09 If you're looking for more things to maybe improve your life, check out this month's giveaway. Every month we have a giveaway of either a product or service, maybe some books and different things that we found that it helped us in our lives or, or as, or as helping us grow our 1%, whether it's our 1% every month or 1% of your week or, or, or a 1% daily growth. You know what I'm saying? That's our goal here is we always want to be getting 1% better, whether it's every week, day or month. And we want to share these things that you guys to help you guys improve your life, add value to your life, maybe even Aiden and making your life easier, more efficient, more effective. You know, these are the things we're doing. If you're interested in seeing what we got going on head over to the social community that show slash pickney and tennis month's giveaway and you know, if you guys know something's out there that you want us to test out or try or things that you're, you think we should, you know, we should get on it or, or your company let us know.

Speaker 2: 35:02 We'd love to check it out. We'd love to, to, to pass it on and share with you guys as well. I'm going to link to some, some resources for you guys. I know, I hear it. I can hear it now in my hand and out there. Yeah, that's, that's great guys, but I ain't got money for that. I ain't got time. You, you know what I'm saying? Like I'm from this economical, whatever. Like fuck you. You're full of shit. Like that's bullshit. You go to the Damn Library, they're free. You don't have internet at home. You don't have a computer at home. Go to the library, get a library card. It's free. It was not in your area.

Speaker 2: 35:37 Figure out how to get one, you know, get into library. There's books. You can rent, audio books, you can rent all kinds of things for free. Sometimes they're a dollar. Whatever it is you got to do, there's tons of books. Get on the computer, get on the Internet. There's so many free sites out on link to a bunch of free sites. You guys to help with looking at skills, getting skills, go. Universities have free things for you guys and they have inexpensive things. Community, college colleges, and it was a tech school out there. Whatever it is. You know, somebody was telling me that day like Tyson, yeah, that's great, but you're white. It's, it's easier for you. It's like, no, that's bullshit. I have access to the same information you do. I have access to the same things you do. And I've asked them.

Speaker 2: 36:21 It's the same privileges you do. I, we all can go to the library. It's free. It doesn't, nothing to do the color of my skin or any of that bullshit. That's your limiting beliefs. That's a story you're telling yourself. Stop it. It's full of Shit. In this day and age we live in. It's bullshit. I don't care where you live. You know, walk, get on a Goddam bus. I don't care. You want a better life? That's a bullshit excuse. There's nothing stopping you. There's so many things out there. You want to go to college, you want to go to adversity. There's so many programs. There are so many things out there. The scholarships and grants that go

Speaker 3: 36:52 Unused every year, crazy money

Speaker 2: 36:55 All the time. It's bullshit. Stop using that as an excuse. Stop. Limiting yourself is your stories. You're believing them. I don't believe it. I know there's more out there. I notice more for you.

Speaker 3: 37:07 I don't, I don't believe any there, man. And if, if you're, if you're trying to convince me, you're not going to convince me. You make of Vince yourself that that's the reason why you're not successful or you're not, but you don't convince me. I challenge you to change that belief. A challenge you to put your mind for a different purpose and focus on how you can accomplish it and not why you can't.

Speaker 2: 37:30 Exactly. And then that leads on to this which challenge. Look at your career landscape. What changes are coming? Is it AI? Is it automated automation, mechanization? Is it downsizing? Are you ready for the next evolution? What skills can you acquire it? Now? What? Can you perfect now? Can you achieve mastery? Now get ready when the times are good and there's no stress about where your next paycheck is coming from. Show your company. I multifaceted, I'm flexible. I can adapt and change to any environment. That's your challenge for this week. Figured out, out. Go do it.

Speaker 3: 38:16 Nice and final thoughts for this week is that nothing lasts forever. Things like adaptability, flexibility, commitment to better yourself can help you through the winds of change. When would now be a good time to be prepared

Speaker 2: 38:35 Right now?

Speaker 1: 38:37 And if you've got friends, colleagues, family members that are talking about this, maybe they're a little scared, maybe they're worried. Share this with them and those that aren't, share this with them too because they need to be prepared. They need to be thinking about these things, whether it's thinking about their, their, their, their longterm, maybe life insurance, maybe retirement, maybe whatever you gotta be. We've gotta be starting to think about these things. You know, you know, the best way to support the show is to share it, is to like it. Leave a room, let us know what's going on. Let us know what your thoughts. That's no, there's something we can help you with that is, there's something you want to talk about in the show here in between shows. You guys connect with us on the Facebook show on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can subscribe on Youtube or your favorite podcast app for past episodes and links. Everything we've talked about here today. You can have her until social media not show, and until next time up your skills up your game. Keep learning, keep growing and transforming into the person you want to become.


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