Having A Mentor
Being A Mentee

A mentors hindsight becomes a mentees foresight.

A professional athlete would never go without a coach, why would you?

Getting a mentor isn't just about the progression of your career, it's about achieving a higher understanding and proficiency in all areas of your life. Becoming a mentor to those around you, not only reinforces your understanding, it builds up the next generation for a higher level of excellence. This and much more on this episode of The Social Chameleon Show.

How Will Smith Mentored His Bother-In-Law

Books & Links From The Episode

Do they have a book you can study?

Look around and see if the person you want to learn from has a book, ebook or audiobook. You can start with this as a beginner and start to build a base knowledge at a low cost and start applying what you've read. After that you can move on to the next level, maybe a direct line of communication with a highly specific question via email/DM or a seminar/speaking engagement or coaching session or mastermind group.

Is There A Course or Class?

Does your projected mentor have a course or class you can enroll in?

Do they have a Youtube or website with information you can consume and learn from?

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