Passion, Pleasure & Everything Inbetween

Follow your passion.

Turn your hobby into your job.

Be a YouTuber or influencer and you’ll be rich and famous.

These are the things we hear all the time on the news or social media.

Are these true?
Are these a good idea?
Are these the way to a happy and fulling life?

Let's talk about on this episode.


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Somewhere between college graduation and your second job, a chorus enters your internal dialogue: be realistic and stop pretending. Life isn’t like the movies.

If you’re five years old and say you want to be an astronaut, your parents tell you that you can be anything you want to be. It’s harmless, like telling a child that Santa Claus exists. If you pass 25 and announce you want to float in space or sail around the world, the response is different: be realistic, become a lawyer or an accountant or a doctor, have babies, and raise them to repeat the cycle. Put all of your disposable income in a 401(k) and do your best to enjoy your “too-weak” vacation.

Lifestyle Design offers more interesting options and reverses this repression.

Here are just two personal examples of what’s possible once we reset the rules:

$250 USD: Five days on a private Smithsonian tropical research island with three local fishermen who caught and cooked all my food and also took me on tours of the best hidden dive spots in Panamá.

$150 USD: Chartered a plane in Mendoza wine country in Argentina and flew over the most beautiful vineyards and snow-capped Andes with a private pilot and personal guide.

Question: What did you spend your last $400 on? It’s two or three weekends of nonsense and throwaway forget-the-work-week behavior in most US cities. But eight days isn’t what I’m recommending at all. Those were just interludes in a much larger production. I’m proposing much, much more. How about a four weeks of luxury living—and I mean penthouse apartments, five-star restaurants, and VIP treatment—in Buenos Aires or Berlin for less than $1,200 each, including airfare and stop-over trips in other countries?

Or forget about traveling. A brand-new black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, fresh off the showroom floor at $260,000, can be had for $2,897.80 per month. I found my personal favorite, an Aston Martin DB9 with 1,000 miles on it, through eBay for $136,000—$2,003.10 per month.

The rules of reality can be bent. It just requires thinking in different terms.


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Before we add all of the ingredients that create your ideal lifestyle, it is important to calculate your baseline and subtract clutter that consumes income and attention. Use the below calculator twice:

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Audio: 00:00 Opening Music

Tyson: 00:15 Welcome to the social community in show where it's our goal to help you learn, grow and transformative person want to come say, hey, want to talk about passion, pleasure, pleasure with passion. All those fun buzzwords.

Ransom: 00:27 Yeah. Seeing is how it's episode 69 you know, just probably might be something pleasure for during recess.

Tyson: 00:36 Passion. Yes, but this is, this is one I know when you brought this topic up I was like yes cause I get, I get heated on this one a little, I hate, I hate this, this, this, this term, this thought or whatever it is floating around. You hear a lot of people talk about it, follow your passion and it's like to me that there's this not a bullshit in there.

Ransom: 01:01 I guess I specifically, well maybe not specifically, but the, one of the main reasons why I wanted to talk about this was kind of like to do like a compare and contrast and kind of maybe not put labels on things or get things in the right mindset. Cause I think sometimes people think they're passionate about something but it's just something that they do. I guess either as like a binge kind of thing or something that they do just to, you know, as a temporary stress relief. Yeah. Yet they don't necessarily, you know, continue to do that activity or that episode or whatever it is. When, when times get hard, it's just like, oh, this is, this is something for now and this is something that's like a fleeing or fees. You know, I think we were talking about this the other day, I was like the 40 niners right.

Ransom: 01:56 You're passionate is crap about them. Like you watch whether they win, whether they lose, you know what I mean? It's not like somebody who's like not knocking on any patriots fans. I know some of you out there, but like, yeah, it's pleasurable, right. To be a patriots fan now because their team is hot and cool and it's great. But, you know, in the years later to come, I mean, let's just face it, people get old, but you know, when their team dynamic changes and they're not winning as much anymore, like are you still gonna be a patriots fan or you just kind of on this bandwagon and you're just saying, oh no, I'm passionate about them, you know, Blah Blah Blah. But really like, it's pretty easy in it to be passionate about somebody who wins all the time. Right.

Tyson: 02:39 Yeah. And that's the thing, like that's like when the examples I think about, or I talk about it, it's like I, I'll watch every second of every game win or loss blowouts or smashes to the very last tick of the clock. If I would've followed this advice, I should move to Santa Clara and go work for the 40. Niners. It's true. I have no desire to be involved in that. You know, I don't want to be in the nuts and bolts in the nitty gritty of it in whatever fashion I would be able to, to add value to that team. Cause I want to just look at this, enjoy it during the season B, be a fan, you know, get some gear, get some stuff, you know, win or lose. And I just want to stay. That's the distance I want to stay. I want us to stay there.

Tyson: 03:26 I don't want to get involved in, you know, the players and the, the, the, the nuance and the business and the you know, all that I got. I don't have any desire to be a part of that. I just want this to be a pleasure, passion that I interested in joy and that's where I want to enjoy it. You know? And as the things that, you know, I think we need to think about when especially we get this advice, you know, you're your hobby or you know, I got hobbies, I told want to do them as a job, you know, and, and that's what you've got to kind of differentiate or, or understand. You know, I like going fishing. I have no desire or skill or, or you know, to be a professional Fisher person, you know what I mean? So that's when, you know, and a lot of times, you know, I've talked with people about this and they've done this and maybe even they're still in it and it's like, yeah, you know, I used to like, you know knitting sweaters and then somebody told me to do that as a job and now I fucking hate this shit cause I got a nit 177 sweaters every fucking week and I don't know how to get out of this cause now this is my income and it's like I want to never see a knitting needle again.

Tyson: 04:26 You know?

Ransom: 04:28 Yeah, that's true. I mean there's, there's a difference when you take something to the point of being your job. Right. And it's funny that you mentioned like a lot of other people are talking about this. I was listening to another podcast too, but you know, there is a factor to the fact that if you are passionate about what you're doing at your job

Tyson: 04:46 [Inaudible] you usually have a tendency to work a lot harder than it. Yes.

Ransom: 04:50 You know? And that's just to what to say, but to the point where you're talking about now is like you work so hard at it then now you hate it, no longer passionate about it. I think. I think people get kind of get caught in that trap as well.

Tyson: 05:06 Yeah. And that's the thing, I don't know if it was was one assignments in it's books. I was recently reading and I don't know if it will start with the why or finding your [inaudible] and he was talking about this and I've seen this in other other examples as well. You know, you can be passionate about something you're doing, you know, if you've got the correct why or desire or whatever it be to achieve a certain goal. This is just your means. I never in my wildest dreams ever would've thought ever I'm starting a podcast, but I have, I don't, you know, I'm sure you feel the same way. So much fun. It's this, I've developed a passion and a fun for this and a learning for it. And, you know, putting out this stuff, talking with people, you and I, you know, discussing topics, getting down to this is spun, but I don't do it because I was passionate about broadcasting.

Tyson: 05:52 Yeah. It's just something that we kind of kind of stumbled into and it just became fun and then we'd become passionate about it. You know, another example real quick that really kind of exemplified this, this, this idea to me was if you guys have to remember to show or look it up, dirty jobs with Mike Rowe was this one episode. His guy, he pumps septic tanks. So if you don't know that is real quick. It's like a underground giant vat where all your sewage goes. And a truck's got to come around like a giant vacuum cleaner truck and suck all the shit out, literally figuratively, suck everything out and, and then take that away. And this guy, he stumbled into it for, I don't recall what reason to whatever it was and Nevins was and go growing up saying, oh, I would love to be a septic tank pump owner.

Tyson: 06:40 Like, this is going to be the greatest job in the world. But he was passionate about what he was doing, the service he was providing. And it was literally a shitty job. And he, but he brought this passion and enthusiasm to the industry and to the job. And that's knowing what he was doing, why he was doing it. The means or the actual work is irrelevant, you know, he just loved what he was doing to help and the things he was doing, the community. And that's Kinda what I think this thing should be about. Like you can become passionate about anything. You can stumble into a job and just be like, you know, these are the reasons I'm here. This is what the, you know, what I want to bring to this company in this world, whatever it is. And you can become passionate and that's the driver and the, you know, that's going to drive you forward in your career. And it the pleasure for, for after, for the, you know, the, the, the weekend or the off hours, you go home, that release. You know, I like to clear my head and I walk over to the lake and you know, Dota Rodan thing, I catch nothing. I suck really bad, but it's fun. You know, it's nice to be out there by yourself and yeah,

Ransom: 07:41 You do. Yes. No, I guess along the same lines, you know, and I'm not trying to crush anyone's dreams. If you're out there to be a professional basketball player or whatever the case might be, like go, go live your dream, go do your thing. But you know, at some point you got to understand when something is just something that you do to pass the time, right. And versus something that you are extremely passionate about and kind of want to get into the nitty gritty. You know, and it's, I dunno, for me it's kind of hard to, because if you're passionate about something, like you don't want to give up, you don't want to quit on bullying. And even though, you know, and I guess that's kind of where I was at too. It's like you don't know when to throw the towel in. I mean, if you're continuing to do this thing for your job that you're passionate about, but you're not very good at it. Like Ooh, that's Kinda rough too. So I mean, I dunno.

Tyson: 08:36 Yes it is. I, you know, my dream is a child was a play in the NFL to be the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. I was not that good, but you know, I busted my ass. I had a fun time. I right now I would drop everything I'm doing and I would run over and I'd play football. Right now I don't care who I would go anywhere and play football, go in the yard, we play some football. But I know, I realized I wasn't going to do it. It wasn't going to be a thing. But that never diminished my passion for the game. For free. No, for watching it, for, for all of that. But yeah, it's hard and it's tough when you kind of come to that moment where like, you know what, I don't gotta was, takes her, I'm not gonna do what it takes to get to the next level.

Tyson: 09:17 You know, a lot of guys I seen they, they, they were taking, you know, different things and stuff to bulk up. And so I was like, I'm not doing that. And you know, like I told me like, if you're not, if you're not doing it where we're doing, you're not, you're going to get left behind them. Like, I'm not going to do those things. You know? And I understood that. Yeah, you gotta know where that line is and understand maybe you can do your passion or your whatever, you know, in another form, you know, you know, there's lots of

Ransom: 09:41 This is true. And then like there's, there's ways to find, especially nowadays with Youtube and you know, whatever it is out there. I mean, I'm just going on a little tangent a little bit, but it is just say you can't play football or you can't play basketball, but you're good at video games. Like, I think I spoke about this earlier, like there are people who go on twitch to recruit people who can play Madden or NBA Two k online. Like it's crazy. Like they're recruiting like a real team of human players to play a video game against other human players. Like you mean like who would've thought, right? Like, but there are ways that you can kind of change that and it just, I dunno if you thought about it, but if you have a good enough personality for you since you like fishing but you suck at it, like you might be able to just make like a youtube channel you fishing.

Ransom: 10:35 Right. And just like you love doing it, you're out there and like, you know, it's just like people just like laughing at you because like, oh, like this guy, he thinks he's so good. And then like you reels up like a sock and like, Hey, I'm good at Dow man Zona all the time. One week even caught the left and the right foot, you know, they're like, you know, but and who knows, that might, that might do something for you. One of my coworkers, like he just has a youtube channel where he just does gardening stuff and like, I think he's, I think he has like over like a thousand followers or something like crazy. Like I was like, you, you never know, like these things that you're passionate about. Yeah. Okay. You want it to be a professional sports player. That's not going to happen. But that doesn't mean that you can't be a youtube channel person where you and your friends go out and play basketball and have a game and like talk about it and like that. If you're popular enough, if you have a decent enough personality, like people might watch it. I have no idea.

Tyson: 11:38 Yeah. You know, and along those lines I've heard of people in, in race car driving games and shoot 'em up, kind of what does that, like I'm on a duty kind of stuff like that or whatever. Like they've been recruited by real organizations to do like drone work or statisticians and different types of things. Like, you're really good at this from a technical aspect. Maybe you're not good at beating the race car, but there's something to this like, can you come work on our driving simulators? Can you teach our drivers how to do these things? Can you come work for us and you know, fly drones or whatever it be and you can get something in these, these are become a professional game or whatever. But you've got to understand the difference between you know, setting up a youtube channel like, oh, I'm going to do this and I'm gonna be rich and I'm gonna be famous and it's like in this subject matter or whatever.

Ransom: 12:28 Right? And I, you know, I just like, the key thing is that you can hopefully find something that you enjoy doing right, for stress relief that you are passionate about and you know, you can find ways to either make that about money or find that way to just really stress when you come home from your job because you both are equally important, right? If you're looking for that like balance, like you need both, you're going to have some sort of stress no matter what that is from your job. You have to find a way to relieve that. And you know, in today's Day and age, I'm not saying we need money, but like money kind of helps and gives you options in life, like food, place to sleep, that kind of stuff. But anyway, just going off on that tangent, but getting back to the Taco Ball, you know, I know we've been talking about things that people are passionate about, but just take a step back real quick.

Ransom: 13:23 You know, on things that are just pleasureful or things that you do for enjoyment purposes. You know, a good example of, of doing those things is like, for me, like game of Thrones. Like I love it. It, it's a great series. I Dunno, a lot of people talk about it, but is that, is that something that you just do one time and it's over right? Leaky just been watch all 17 seasons in one city and like, you know, oh, that was, that was a good, that was a good show. And then like after it's over, you're done. Or you know, people who are passionate about something. Like, maybe there's something inside of what you're doing. Like, you know, in this example we're using game of Thrones. It's something you're either passionate about or something that you do for pleasure. But I guess for me, if I take a step back and like I am like a people kind of person.

Ransom: 14:15 I like interacting with people, doing things in that nature. So when I take the look back at game of Thrones, like I don't necessarily, you know, enjoy the show. I mean I do enjoy the show as a whole, but one of the reasons I do enjoy it is because of all the relationships between all the characters in the story, you know? And like that's the kind of part. So I am passionate about creating connections with people and helping people and doing things. And I find that inside of watching game of Thrones, because all of the characters, you know, you're talking about families, brothers, sisters, friends, like, you know, creating bonds and helping each other through hard times. So like I'm passionate about that kind of stuff. And it just so happens that in game of Thrones there's a lot of that going on. So sometimes what you're passionate about is kind of hidden in the things that you enjoy doing.

Ransom: 15:05 And you know, you kinda gotta watch out for that too. So we're gonna just want to throw that in there. Interesting. I never thought about it that way. You know, so it makes me wonder about my, my TV watching list of, sorry, is it mark Cuban that you're, you know, so excited about or kid, yeah, yeah. This is Tyson we're talking to, but or, or is it the fact that you actually like to see businesses like go from startup to becoming successful? Like, you know what I mean? Like if you, not everybody has that kind of mind where they can sit there and break things down to that kind of, you know, micro basis. But if you can do that and you can find like, well, I like watching game of Thrones and I like watching shark tank and what is said what we cleaned them, you know, for your questioners out there, that might be a little bit easier.

Ransom: 16:01 You know, I like, you know, one thing I do like about that is I like the process of the people and the conversations that go on and it's like when, especially when they don't listen and they don't shut the fuck up and they just keep going. It's like what you just, I was yelling at my TV, shut up, stop. Just stop. But by the things I like to, I like to watch that kind of stuff like this especially. Yeah. I it just interesting the way people act and interact and the way they think and make decisions and choices and I liked that stuff's fun. I Dunno, I shouldn't, I'm the born to this, but see that's the kind of thing too, right? That's another reason why I wanted to do this in the episode. It's like people are like, Oh yeah, I'm really passionate about, you know, game of Thrones per se as like are you really passionate about gave it Thrones.

Ransom: 16:45 Cause there was a lot going on in there. Right. You know, they got blood and guts, you know, they got their soft pornography. It's like any come, like what is it exactly that you're into? Cause you know there's a lot going on there. Same thing with shark tank. So it could be a social element to, you know, your, your friends and colleagues or whatever talking about it and you want to be a part of that group or whatever. You watch that for the social comradery of it. Yeah. And it just like sometimes things aren't as what they are mean. If you say that you like doing something like do you really like doing that, you know, as it's something that's just like a guilty pleasure of yours or is that something that you're actually down right into? Like you read all the books and like you'd go into the background of all the characters behind this, go to the website and I'm like look stuff up.

Ransom: 17:32 Like, Oh yeah, you wouldn't be a shame or embarrassed. You're caught somewhere like doing something at your house. You're like, oh no, but game of towards books put them away. I don't want anybody to know I'm a nerd in this, you know, like, you know, I mean I got a lot of friends who play Pokemon go, but leave me, there are some out there. It's like we're out there and like, I'm just like standing out like doing my thing, catching my Pokemon. And you got like my other friend who's like sitting down at the bus stop, like dipping his hat and then like, you're like, look up at me. Hey, what you doing bro? I was like, they pulled him out. What you doing? He's like, nothing bright. Texting my friend or you know, like you freaking play ball your mind dude. But you know what I mean?

Ransom: 18:16 Yeah, that's true too though. I mean, but that's a little different though. Like your social aspect and what you're, what you're passionate about. I dunno, those, to me they kind of go hand in hand, but for some people they care more about their image and what really matters to them. So yeah. Yup. You know, that's a, that's another conversation for another, something you've got to work on, on your own. But what about, what about the aspect of like, you know what man, I'm going to be rich. I'm like famous. I'm starting a youtube channel. I'm gonna do me a Instagram. I'm gonna be an influencer. I'm gonna build this personal brand. What about that? Ah, it again, with the invention of the smartphone, like these things are all plausible you know, but is that really something that's possible for you as a person?

Ransom: 19:06 You know, going back to the whole sports thing, it's like, yeah, everybody wants to be a youtube, you know, youtube or Instagram influencer or you know, who knows what's next, right? Snapchat influencer. If that thing ever pops off and become something like it may or whatever the next new thing is that we haven't even figured out yet is going to come up tomorrow. You know? But, but when that stops or when you actually come to the realization that you're not as popular as you think you are, right. And or people don't actually like you, or even worse, you get caught in the mix of things and now all of a sudden you're, there's great influencer but you hate what you do. Or you're selling out to somebody. Like those are the things that I think is even a worse situation. It's like you started out to do this thing and now you're no longer passionate about it. Like, like the last kind of rough, I don't know.

Tyson: 19:59 Yeah, I've heard a lot about that. That especially in the youtube world, that burnout. Yeah. You guys get tired of creating stuff. Like I can't, how many more dumb gimmicks can I come up with? Like, yeah, that's tough. And that, I mean, that kind of goes back to this whole concept in general. Like when you're just doing something for a check, doing something for monetary gain or fame or notoriety, whatever it is, when these difficult things come up, you know that the first thing that you're gonna do is just give up like, fuck this I didn't really care about. Anyway. Yeah, that's true. And I think, you know, if you, if you come up against this obstacle and your first thought is, fuck this, I don't care, you probably should think about why you're doing this to begin with and understand that. To me that's like the telltale sign of like, you know when, when these things come up in a hard problem comes up, when, when something challenging comes up in your first artist that run runaway, shut it down, whatever. Really, really evaluate what you're doing there. And there's no shame in quitting and shutting something down and like, you know, trying a bunch of things and dabbling and you know, a lot of people, whatever, fill a Phi that and it's like, no, like we gotta stop this shit. Like it's okay to like try a bunch of stuff, fail sock in, this isn't what I thought it was. And then just move onto the next thing and just like, yeah, I gave it a shot, you know, not for me.

Ransom: 21:22 Yeah. And, but you know, make sure that you sat down and, and at least gone through some sort of process before you give off. Like, sometimes just simple, you know, we talk about all this stuff on all their other stuff, like something as simple as outsourcing or whatever you eat. But you know, the true driver behind something that you're passionate about keeps you going. If you've lost that drive, you know, for whatever reason that is like, you know, try to get that back. And we started talking about this too. We got a friend who loves to cook, but like he would never in his life ever run a restaurant or we, we almost are almost got into the food truck. We've tried, but you know, I don't think he'll ever do that one because you know, that's his passion, right? Like now that I think about it, it's Kinda like that best friend that you never really have sex with.

Ransom: 22:16 You don't want to cross that line because it's like crossed that line. Like it's over, you know, you're not going to be friends anymore. You know, that's, you know, and that's kind of maybe how they take it. But yeah, like you know, you, once you cross that line and like now this is your income that you have to do it at the time, you know, and sometimes when you have to do something you really don't want to do it. Especially if your rebels out there. Right. Talking about or any obligers who have been an obliger rebellion, you know what I'm talking about? Like it's all fun and Dandy until you are now obligated to do it and now that you're obligated I'm out like dry.

Tyson: 22:57 I ain't doing this shit no more. Yeah. And then it's a thing that's like, we're saying that that's the time you got to sit down and say, is it that I don't want to do this anymore? Is it that I don't want to be here anymore or is it that I don't like accounting. I don't like this step. Like I want to like a, I was listening to James Dyson basically back in guy, whatever and he's saying like he doesn't want to be the CEO of the company. He doesn't want to be that guy. He wasn't me, the engineer in the room with engineers because he knows what he's good at, when he enjoys and what's going to keep him. You don't know him from year to year to year and venting and doing these things and right. You know, he know, he figured that out. He's like God for now. I gotta like in his early in this, the company and stuff. For now I gotta be the CEO. But as soon as I can get somebody in here, I want to get outta here cause I don't want this to be the end of me here and the end of my creativity and my passion and my, my drive for

Ransom: 23:46 Engineering and you know, innovation. Yeah. And that you, you know, that all comes with knowing yourself and you know, knowing yourself unfortunately means that you have to fail sometimes. Yeah. You know, you've got to go through that whole thing and risk it and put yourself on the line and be the vulnerable human that you are, regardless of whether or not you want to admit that you know, and make mistakes. Because from those mistakes, then you're going to learn like, okay, that mistake hurt. So let's try our best not to make that again. Or you know, that that mistake really felt good. Like I don't even think that was a mistake. Like I thought it was a mistake, but it actually ended up being something good for me. Like, you know, that takes practice no matter what you do, no matter where you go. So, and it takes that self awareness.

Ransom: 24:33 You know, we've got, you know, all scheduled time, take time each day, you know, each week or whatever it be to, to, to disconnect and let your, you know, let your mind wander bid, you know, get your thoughts going. Like, what's going on here? And like, what happened this week? You know that post-mortem like, ah, okay, what Shit went wrong? Shit went right. We know what, what was this? What was the things there we miss out on something. Can we improve this process? Even though we won? You know, like both those scenarios you got to go through, give yourself the opportunity to, you know, to go through that. And it takes, it takes time. And because it takes that self awareness and different things like that to be able to look back, look over and say, you know what, this is what went right. This is what went wrong and I've got to make changes or corrections or add to this or whatever it be.

Ransom: 25:20 Yeah. And sometimes people just stumble upon it, you know, it's just as much as luck doesn't exist, right. The right if the right thing shows up at the right time and you just happen and be prepared for it. Whatever the case might be. But some people, some people do that and they get their meal ticket. You know, it's like damn, like I figured this out. Like one of the Youtube Ers I watch cause I play Super Smash Bros is like zero. I don't know if any of you guys know him, but he was a super smash Bros player for Nintendo and he wasn't tournament, got popular. Now he just goes out in those twitch and youtube and he makes good money playing video games. Like, you know what I mean? And he did it on his own terms and like he found out what works for him and it's good.

Ransom: 26:08 I don't know the guy personally, but I mean, from what I see asis assess assessables like he's got a lot of followers. Like I was like, guys pretty, he was pretty shit man. He's just, he's a dewy things. But you know, and not saying that you should rely upon luck and everything and we have an episode on luck, it's not really luck, right? Think this can take place in how they happen. Just like free will's not really your own free will, but you know, if that does happen then that's good. And if you can find a way to make these activities that you are very passionate about and that you get a lot of pleasure from and make them, you know, income generating activities legally, you know, whatever you're into now or whatever and whatever you're into. You know, just, you know, know the consequences come with that.

Ransom: 27:00 But if you can take that something that's you're passionate about and make it into something that's income generating, like that's, that's your golden ticket. Like, I don't know, I don't even think you need to make that much money. Like, no, I need to make like $1 million to be successful. No. Like you find something that you are passionate about that doesn't feel like work. You can do that all day, every day for infinity that you work 16 hours a day just because you're passionate about it and the money will follow. Like it's crazy. Yeah. And that's the key. Like you're saying there is, if you took the money component away, would you still be doing this? Yup. That's like the answer's yes. Like you're onto something there. Right. Got It. You know, but you do need to make enough from that to sustain, you know, your lifestyle per se.

Ransom: 27:50 Or you know, to sustain life. You know, I don't know what that number is, is different in every state, but generally I think it's different in every person too. I mean, there's many ways to live nowadays I think. I think on average, you know, the statistic is around 60,000 or so, something like that, which is ironic cause that's poverty in Hawaii. That's what I'm above the median in the continental. Yeah. In the gray zone units. Yeah. But I, I think that's, that's around the ticket, but I mean, who cares? You make half that and you can live a good life. You know, a lot of live good lives on, you know, 20, 30,000 a year and you, it all the stress in your life. Like you, you know, when friends come into town or found me come like you can be a part of that or you can, you know, do whatever it is you need to do and not have the stress of having this job because you need all this money or whatever reason you think you needed.

Ransom: 28:42 But you know, so I guess, yeah, we were talking about sustainability, you know, in hardship comms and doing things, you know, and it's like some of the questions you can ask is like, you know, is this, is this something that I want? Like I intended out for this to happen. I'm getting something now, right? I attempted x, Y, z. Now I am getting ABC in return. Like, you know, is this what I wanted? Now that I'm getting it, do I really want to continue to do this? You know, you gotta kind kinda ask some of these questions for yourself. It's like if you're, if not, then in maybe that activity or whatever it is you're doing is not sustainable for you, you know? Yeah. A lot of times when we look out at your others, whether it's your physical neighbor, it's your Instagram followers, your Facebook, whatever, and you're looking at these things like, ah, this is what I want. And then when you attain it, you're like, this is the one I thought was, no, no, no, no, no, no. Nothing like that. I thought it was like, oh, I don't, yeah,

Tyson: 29:45 If I just had that Lambo, if I just had 10 grand. But you know, you get that, it's like you realize these things don't solve your problems.

Ransom: 29:51 No. Only sometimes, yes, sometimes I'll prop the process of going through it was just unhappy. Like, yeah, I want that six pack abs, but this is all the foods you have to eat. It's in your hands. You're like, well, I don't, I didn't sign up for that one rock solid abs. Like you might have to do that.

Tyson: 30:11 Hmm. Are you going to do it? Yeah. You gotta put in the work to, to, to, to, you know, do this crazy, you know, and maybe training regimens or something like that or whatever. Put in that sacrifice. Yeah. And you start doing it. It happens all the time. Every, every mid January, beginning, February, people are like, fuck this. I wasn't what I signed up for. I'm out. Right. So, but you know, this is when those types of things come up, this, so when you need to evaluate, like, you know, let's just stay with this workout, you know, idea. Like what are you after? Like you really, after the six pack abs are you after not being out of breath, chasing around your fucking eight year old.

Ransom: 30:51 Yes. You just want those apps. You can get all the girls. I mean, who knows, right?

Tyson: 30:55 Yeah, yeah. Whatever it is. And they say, well, can you know what this isn't, you know, rock hard abs isn't what I'm after. I'm after a healthier life. I'm after getting rid of my diabetes. I'm after stopped buying new pants up a size every other week, you know, like that's what I'm after. And you start to, and then you can craft what you're doing around that. Like, you know what, I don't, I don't need this $200 a week trainer to give me some rock hard abs. I just need this. Maybe I'll join this class and I'll get healthier. And you know, like you can start to really think through these things. You just have to craft your outcome based on where you're trying to go, not what you're seeing. Like, you know, I need this beach body and it's like, oh, I just hate all this shit though. You know, it's not what you're after. You know, you're after something different. Now look, dig down a little deeper, figure out what you're really trying to truly accomplish.

Ransom: 31:42 And maybe this question, this next question doesn't really work for rock solid halves, but you know, can you, can you outsource something? You know, if you're going off to rock solid abs, like, can't really outsource much of there. Like you need a healthy workout regimen, you need sleep and you're gonna need a lean diet. Like that's just no matter who you are, no matter what you do. That's the science of it. I mean you could go to or you can outsource surgery. Maybe. I have no idea it'll temporary either, but I'm just saying it's temporary or they give you apps, but after that, like he just gonna put it all back on.

Tyson: 32:18 Yeah. But that's the thing. That's a good point. Maybe you need to outsource other things so you can have the time to sleep more to get in there. What

Ransom: 32:26 About more or you know, get those food services that bring your meal prep to you. You don't have any time doing that. But yeah, like you know, these kinds of things or like, you know, how can we solution like you having these hurdles come up, you know, it's like the senior passionate about you just keep smacking your head gives a damn thing. It's like, you know, maybe hire somebody to move those hurdles out of the way so you're not back in your head.

Tyson: 32:52 Yeah. And there's lots of ways that can be done. There's softwares, there's services, there's people, I mean, yeah, get creative when you're not thinking. If you understand what you're after, that's when these things start to open up these ideas that to open up your, you can get creative with your solutions or give yourself that time for your brain to kind of relax, get away, disconnect your creativity will start to come about. Especially like we talked about and we're going to be talking about soon is sleeping. You know, these things are things that are just gonna accelerate all of these things that you're struggling with.

Ransom: 33:25 Right. You know, and then other questions as to is in the car, are you stretching yourself too thin? Like you want rock solid abs, but you work 60 hours a week. Like how are you going to have time to prep food? How are you going to have time to sleep? You're going to have time to work out. Like, you know, it's like, yeah, you kind stretched it in there. You're going to have to probably work maybe even less than 40 hours a week to get rock solid abs because you're going to need all this time to do other stuff. You know, you gotta sit there and be real about, you know, what your time constraints are or, and, or what your budget is. Right. You know, like, I mean, in Hawaii it's hard to eat healthy. Believe me, like food is like $6 a pound if you want fresh produce and eat a lot of fresh produce, you know what I mean? Like get, I eat a lot of protein. Like it's, it costs money to eat. Well

Tyson: 34:19 It does, it does. And, and even that is something a lot of people get kind of bogged in and they just, you know, they shop labels and they shop, they say, oh well this has gotta be good for me. Cause it's non-gmo. It's, it's gluten free. It's whatever the new buzzword is. And you know, really, really, you know, there is no such like, there is no non-gmo gluten free coconuts. Like there's no other alternative

Ransom: 34:45 As soon as I, yeah, maybe papayas, but a, you know,

Tyson: 34:48 But even that there's, you know, those are things you gotta, you know, especially when your budget's tight. Like, these are the things you gotta look and say, Oh, do I really need to be doing these things like this, this stuff real like, you know, I see a lot of this stuff. I see people fall traps, different things.

Ransom: 35:05 Do I need to eat Turkey all, I mean, you know, whatever. I mean you can find a budget like you want to eat lean for real, like go, go buy a fricking 20 pound turkeys like this, the cheapest meat you will ever get. Like

Tyson: 35:16 Oh, whole chickens. Yeah,

Ransom: 35:18 You're probably, I was tired of eating it real quick, but you know it is cheap and right.

Tyson: 35:25 Yeah. And I think we've talked about before, you know, a lot of times in this example eating healthier is actually cheaper for you cause you're, you're full, you're full more, you're not craving different things. Like there's a lot of science to that and sleeping,

Ransom: 35:38 But I don't know about that. I tend to think you're going to, you're going to go buy groceries, fresh groceries all the time versus getting frozen. Best flash frozen vegetables. That's, well maybe vegetables for vegetable. And I'm talking about like, you know, the standard night, you know, box a hot pockets, you're going to be a lot hungrier versus if you got some, a nice Turkey. Oh, well I've, I've had this conversation with many people, believe it or not, and you know, Vienna sausage and Ramen goes all along. It does it don't find me a better meal budget than Vienna sausage and man I, there you, I've doubled. Yeah, why not? There's no one, right? Yeah. Especially here. I think they're like 10 cents a pack or something like that. Like in real life, that fluid is just not really great for you. Yeah. It's garbage.

Ransom: 36:25 But but will it sustain life? Absolutely. Right on it for years over and over. Every now and then I, I'm like wake up in the middle and I'm like, man, I'm craving something right now. VN sausage. No, no. I, I never, I never liked it. We've been spruced up some Vienna sausage one time. It's you know, cause some of the cheese visit fried them like hey yeah know, well you know, things we did when we were silly but it's good. But anyway, so getting back to, sorry we went off on a tangent there, but it's like, you know what I mean? Like you've got to be realistic about what it is you want to accomplish if you are spending too much time in anything else. I'm not saying that those things aren't important to your life cause they probably are, otherwise you wouldn't be doing them right.

Ransom: 37:15 But you know, realize like I only have so much resource either. That'd be time. Would that be money, right. Where that be knowledge. Like you've got to get out there and get these things and put them in check and make them sustainable for whatever it is you are passionate about or you know, something that you want to do for enjoyment purposes. Oh yeah. That's, those are good. Those are good tips. And I know, I think another fun question to ask yourself in this topic line is, you know, when, when the plan for money CC's, when you're no longer chasing after that, what would you do? What would you do with your time? What would, what, what does that look like to you? What is, what would your life look like? How would you shape that? Yeah, cause I think a lot of people look at things that they're passionate about and they're like, oh, I could never do that. A, you know, I'm not smart enough or something along that lines or, you know, whatever the excuses who, who knows what the excuse is. But, you know, if you could take those obstacles out of the way and make it happen, I, you know, what are the possibilities? They're kind of endless. Huh. Yeah. Tim, Tim Ferris, I, I can find

Tyson: 38:35 A link to his, his good, ah, like worksheet that, you know, you, you can plug in what your life, what you want your life to look like, what that would cost, you know you want this kind of car you want, it's kind of whatever and then a bottom and to tell you what you need to your monthly income to be. And it's really, for a lot of people, it's very shocking that it's a lot less than you think. Oh yeah, for sure. You know, so, and if you can get something like that and you need, you know, a work, a plan to, to do that, I mean, take a note to link that for you guys. You can start working backwards from that and say, I think I can live this lifestyle for 1800 bucks a month. Like, I, I thought this was like a $5,000 life lifestyle.

Tyson: 39:22 And he said, okay, what can I do no to, to cut some expenses? Maybe let's work on paying off some debt. Let's pay off that car. Whatever it is. If I do that, you know, you know, x and y like I can go do this thing. Like I have a friend I W I was, I was talking with and I was, we're talking about I was job or work or whatever it was. I forget how the conversation started, but he's like, he works in autonomous vehicle startup and he's like, I fucking hate it. I don't want to do this. I'm like, why are you doing it? So I got, got my student loans. I was like, well, what do you want to do? Is I want to be a teacher, I want to teach math. I was like, why don't you figure out how to go do that?

Tyson: 40:03 He's like, I can't, like nobody can is why make a lot of money and I've got options Sarah. And I was like, yeah, but if you can craft your life in a way that all these things still get done and you can go be a math teacher, I think math teacher doesn't have to be what you traditionally think it is. No, you can go on these platforms, skillshare and these different things. And you can have a course that you get paid for, you shoot at one time, you feel me at one time and it just keeps generating money for you each week. Maybe it's not working on a high school or a middle school for 32,000 a year, you know? And, but that's the thinking that we get locked into, you know, like, well I can't do that. I I, you know, got $127,000 of student loan debt. Like, I got stock options like this, this like IPO, I could cash out. You know, I'm like, I think you're going about this the wrong way. You know, we had a good conversation about it, but the point of the story is, is don't get locked in that like the amount of money you need, it's probably a lot less than you think it is. And you can really craft your life in a way to live the way you want to live.

Ransom: 41:07 Yeah. And you know, again, just take some time to think about it. You know, most people don't. You can just go on and they have this great plan of what they think it should be and then when they get it, they don't even sit back and evaluate like, is this what I want? Or I mean like should I do something else? It's just like, oh, this is what it is now and that's just how it's going to be. Like, I dunno, I don't necessarily live life that way, but [inaudible] teach, they're all maybe, I don't know. Yes. You know, like I think we're getting down to to the, to the end, the nitty gritty of this whole thing is I loved your, I guess number one thought rule in this whole thing like gratitude, that grateful. I never, I never put that into this conversation. Can you take us there?

Ransom: 41:57 Ah, yeah. I mean this is, this is something that you know, we're talking about right now that is going to be the driving force in your life. Like just think about that for half a second, right? This is something that is going to drive your life forward, that you are going to do from the bottom of your heart, from the goodness of your heart, for other people, for yourself, right? Things that you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life. Dang, I should really be, you know, I don't know. I should be a rabbi or something or police you know, but just think about that. What's the number one thing when I start saying these words, like something you're going to enjoy doing for the rest of your life. You know, something that you are so passionate about that you would give your soul to do it.

Ransom: 42:51 Like, don't those sound like positive things, right? You're down with that. You know what I'm saying? Like those things only come from positiveness, right? I'm going to go back to the power of intention, right? Seven faces of intention, right? Talking about things like love, talking about things like gratitude or hey, talking about things like Joey, like those are all positive feelings that you just gotta be grateful for. If this is something that's going to last and something that's going to be a part of your life forever. Like a, to me the number one thing that speaks is gratefulness. Like how are you going to do something and not be grateful for it? It doesn't to me, I, you know, maybe there are people who can be even wrong, but like those are the things that you will do over and over, like the things that you are grateful for.

Ransom: 43:44 And that's just, I dunno, to me that kind of takes it back and takes it all to square one. Whether you're a Pi, whether you're passionate about or where there's something that you do as a pleasure, like you're grateful for you, you know, and I think not enough people spend time doing this. I can't, can't express to you how, you know, go walk down the street or go to your job and like, just be like, hey, real quick, real quick coworker what are you grateful for today? And be like, man, I dunno, I'm sobbing me. I'd be grateful. And I mean, but like, and think about it because if you can find out about the things that you're grateful for, I think that you will find a lot of where your drive comes from, what you do, why you are passionate about things and why you enjoy doing certain things. You know, start there if you start. I mean, just think about it. To me that just makes sense. I don't know.

Tyson: 44:46 Yeah. You know I don't know if we talked about it either on a previous episode before. It depends on what this witness Kinda goes. But an a fun thing I've been having fun with is all the shitty stuff, all the stuff that nobody in their right mind would ever say. I'm grateful for it. My bills, my mortgage came in my rent. Nobody, I've had been having like a good time with this. I don't know about, I'm grateful for the shitty stuff in life. Like, like, like damn. I got, you know, I got a flat tire pressure came up. I came on another day. I was like, you know what? And I'm glad I'm right near this exit. I said, pull right off. I'm like, Dang, I only got four quarters as dollar 50 I had to go inside to get changed for a dollar. Like I said, no I don't. We can't give you change. I can open a register so you got to buy something. I was like, all right, that's cool. I get it. I go buy a pack of gum that the gun was only a dollar 37 I saved myself money by buying that gum and I got the air pump turned. Not for free.

Tyson: 45:43 I was stoked, you know. But it, I've, you know, even though when the electric bill comes on like Oh man, it's high bill this month. Like yeah, Nice. I'm glad I had fucking center. Ac is 115 outside, a little above that electric bill. But it's up to you. But you know, I've got the money to pay it. I don't have to stress like shit, I can't pay this late cause paydays after the due date. Like you can, we can be grateful for like all these things and, and, and that's been fun. I don't know about though. Again, I don't know about the bills thing, but do a judge try give it a try. I it's fun. Everybody out there give it a try. It sounds stupid. When I first heard it I was like, this is dumb and it's been fun. Like you really open your eyes up to a lot more stuff

Ransom: 46:29 You're saying about the bills. Like I'm going to agree to disagree on the bills, but the fact being I can agree with you completely on, you know what I mean? If none of that happened, you never would've saved money on gum. The other things I like to think about are like, you know, somebody needs me or somebody needs me to be in this place at a certain time, which is why my car broke down, my car broke down so I can avoid being in town right now where I get into an accident. Right.

Tyson: 46:59 You know, it's funny, I actually came from somebody's house that needed my help with their car. Yeah. It was funny. I was on my way home,

Ransom: 47:05 But you know what I'm saying? Like whenever things like that happen, I always think, okay, this is, this is a life plan. I'm going to go down this new path now that I was not intended to go down to [inaudible]. I never would've thought I would've been here and my car not broke down, but I'm here because I'm here. Like there's a reason for that. Like I, I can kind of believe in that.

Tyson: 47:26 Yeah. As I was thinking [inaudible] you know, it's great that I was on my way home. I was myself, my son wasn't with me and my wife wasn't going to work or coming home. Like I was always thinking, I'm glad I got this taken care of. It was on a Saturday night, Sunday I went over to Costco and I had them all check everything out. Like I was glad, like all of this was like, I was able to just knock all this out. It didn't affect anything or anybody, nobody was in danger or whatever, you know, it could have easily gone the other way. And I had just gotten my car service. So, you know, I've heard first thing come, I had was it God damn four, it didn't fill up my tires and I was like, Whoa, hold up here, hold up, hold up. Alright, I got, I see this, I see this, you know, going to take this opportunity to just check everything out, you know, make sure everything's okay. You know, and I can agree with you on that. Just like kind of this whole thing about being gratefulness like you ever, you know, and just remember like whenever you know, expansion comes, you know, it's like recession is going to be next senior grateful. Like as soon as you think that you're the happiest person I life and you have every reason to be grateful, believe me, something's gonna come test your patients, give you something to be unpleasant about or it's got a 15 year old whatever could be a wife. Who knows.

Tyson: 48:42 You didn't hear that. I'm sorry, but but you know what I'm saying, that you will be tested rather quickly and see, you know, you think you're, you know, just like the patient, same thing. Patients that you think you're the most patient person in the world, guess what? Somebody's going to come along and test your patients. You know you got just enough money like, aw, I'm rich. I got, believe me, some problem come up. It's going to take that money away. Real always. I swear to God, always find a way to test you, whatever it is, but you know, again, we're talking about passion and pleasure and you know for those reasons like you keep moving forward, you keep going through. So yeah, definitely. Definitely, definitely. Anything else, man? We talked a lot about different passion, pleasure type things. Do you think we hit everything you were looking for?

Tyson: 49:36 I think I'm good, man. If you're looking for something to maybe add a little passion or pleasure or something to your life, check out this month's giveaway, social chameleon.show/pick me. See what we've got going on. We've got all kinds of things we want to help with your pleasure projects, your passion projects, your work, your gratitude, whatever it is we've got. We do books, we do courses and anything we can get our hands on. Go over, see what we got going on this month. The social chameleon.show/pick me. See we got going on. If you want something to be a part of regulating something you're interested in, also let us know about that. I will link some different resources for you folks in this area of, of you know, there's finding your passion or whatever it is, different things along those lines. If you're interested, head over to the social media shows, check the show notes.

Tyson: 50:31 I'll put a bunch of things in there including this embarrass thing I was talking about. If you're looking to, you know, still kind of life, what would cause you to live a certain type of lifestyle. You're looking for any other things in that realm? Ransom you want to talk about? I'm good man. And then moving on to this week's challenge, do more of the pleasurable things that you are passionate about. We want everybody to sit down, get out a pen and a piece of paper. If you've got to go buy something, go buy something. Go get it from a hotel or some place for free. Write this question down. You had $10 million right now, what would you do?

Speaker 4: 51:13 [Inaudible]

Tyson: 51:15 Somebody died, you won the lottery. Whatever windfall you get $10 million, what would you do?

Speaker 4: 51:22 [Inaudible]

Tyson: 51:23 Write that out here. Know how to go do that.

Speaker 4: 51:27 Yeah,

Tyson: 51:27 Yeah. That's this week's challenge. Yup. And you know, it just takes us to our final thoughts. It's like, you know, a lot of people put excuses or they're afraid or they're fearful, they want to quit. You know, it's like if this is your true passion and this is only as you're going to do with everything that you've got, like you got to put all that negativity. So I know this is for you. This is for something that's going to be sustainable. No, you got to find the light in the darkness. Get out there, be positive and positive things will happen.

Tyson: 52:08 Absolutely. Absolutely. If this is something you want to talk about, your friends or family, have a little discussion about this. Go ahead and share this with them. Get around and start talking about these things. Maybe you guys can do some things together, bounce ideas off of each other, whatever it is. And you know, the best way to help this show is to share it. Leave a, like a review. If you're enjoying what we're doing, if you're not, let us know in between shows, you can connect with us at the social community and show on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, don't forget to subscribe on Youtube if you like the video version and your favorite podcast app or past episodes and links, everything we talk about here today, you can visit the social chameleon.show and until next time, keep learning, keep growing and keep transforming to the person you want to become.

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