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Let's talk about the basics for your car and must have household tools. For cars we go over, knowing about tire pressure and how to find it, how to change a flat tire, how to check the battery and basic fluid levels for your car. As well as getting to know some of the basic tools we think you should have around the house for everyday fixes. We’ve put together an Amazon list to help you get the proper items to add to your car and household tool kit. In this new series, we go over these and so much more on this episode of The Social Chameleon Show.


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Car Basics

Amazon List - Car Basics

  • Tire pressure
    • check inside drivers door jam or manual
  • Tire change
    • Spare full
    • Tools
    • Jacking up a car
      • where to find the jack
      • lift points on the car
  • Visual Battery check
    • connectors tight and clean
    • corrosion
      • protect with connector spray
        • or vaseline
      • fabric rings under the connector
      • clean with baking soda and water
      • adding water to the battery
        • Only for non-sealed batteries
        • Distilled water ONLY
  • Fluid level check
    • engine oil
    • radiator fluid
      • Green or orange
        • DO NOT MIX
      • radiator reservoir
    • power steering
    • clutch fluid
    • brake fluid
  • Other parts and operations
    • check the owner’s manual for more
      • dashboard light(s) understanding

Tool Basics

Amazon List - Household Tools 

  • Hammer
    • Ball Peen 
    • Standard, w/nail removal tool
    • Mini-sledge
  • Pliers (needle nose, slip joint)
    • Plier wire cutter combo - linesmen
  • Wrenches
    • Boxed End and Open End
    • Socket
    • Alan wrench and Torx wrench 
      • know the common sizes for your car
    • Breaker bar
      • Cheater bar
      • Pipe slide over a wrench
    • Crescent  wrench
  • Screwdriver
    • Sizes, types of heads (deep, shallow, +, -)
      • #1 and #2 size in standard and Phillips

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