From Adversity To Triumph:

From Adversity to Triumph: The Inspiring Journey of Tamaris Augustine

The Inspiring Journey of Tamerus Augenstein: From Adversity to Triumph

Today's guest is Tamerus Augenstein, a friend who has overcome a troubled past filled with mistakes and found his purpose through fitness. His journey includes numerous physical activities, but he hit rock bottom after a breakup, leading him into substance abuse and homelessness. With guidance from mentors, he rebuilt his life and now inspires others.

On October 16th, 2023, Tamerus posted about his one-year transformation, which caught my attention. I wanted him on the show to share his story in hopes of motivating you all. He reminds me of Marcus Aurelius' quote, "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."

Tamerus had struggled with identity during tough times but turned to God for direction. This shift led him away from destructive habits towards self-improvement and discipline through fitness routines and nutrition—key steps that helped eliminate vices like late-night indulgences.

Key Points Discussed:

Breaking free from others' expectations and finding your purpose can be life-changing. Once you discover what the universe or God intends for you, unnecessary habits and substances lose their appeal. You start to address the root causes of discontentment.

Conscious congruency is key – aligning with your conscience means pretending or escaping reality through altered states is unnecessary. Identifying negative habits, defining them as weaknesses, and then building strengths in opposition transforms your life.

Committing to self-improvement requires patience; instant gratification isn't sustainable. Instead, focus on consistent efforts over time – 100 days might sound long, however it's manageable and transformative.

Sometimes, we chase things thinking they'll bring happiness, only to realize they don't fulfill us. Growth involves learning from these experiences and understanding that the journey matters more than the destination.

Language shapes our reality – speak kindly to yourself, as words have internal and external power.

Invest in simple daily books like Tamerus’. They guide your thoughts and help you reflect on personal growth. Revisiting the same book shows how far you've come, like a video journal documenting progress.

In fitness, people overlook macros and mobility training. Macros are crucial for achieving goals, while mobility keeps joints flexible as we age. Incorporating activities like yoga or balance exercises into your routine is essential.

For finances, cutting unnecessary expenses is key. Allocate money purposefully: some for living, business, savings, and giving back through tithing or charity.

Finally, write down a vision of your ideal self – physically fit, financially stable, intellectually capable, etc., and then list what helps or hinders this goal. Eliminate distractions and build daily habits that bring you closer to this version of yourself.

Enjoy the episode!

Mindset, Training, & Nutrition Coach

Tamerus has a past filled with mistakes and has now transformed his life and discovered his life's purpose. His passion for fitness led him through various physical pursuits, from hockey and weight lifting to parkour, ninja warrior-style training, calisthenics, pole dancing, and acrobatics.

However, after a difficult breakup, he hit rock bottom, allowing his business to tank and resorting to a career as a male stripper, which was against his character. This led to a downward spiral of shame, substance abuse, and even homelessness.

During these challenging times, Tamerus found God and sought guidance from coaches and mentors who helped him turn his life around. He successfully overcame depression, anxiety, and destructive habits, replacing them with constructive ones. He now prioritizes his life's purpose over temporary pleasures and is on a constant journey to become the best version of himself.

Tamerus's story is one of resilience and personal growth, and he hopes to inspire and support others in their battles, encouraging them to become the best versions of themselves.

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Welcome to the social chameleon show. It's our goal to help you learn, grow, and transform in a person you wanna become. Today, I'm talking with my friends, Tamerus Augustine, Tariffs has a past filled with mistakes and has now transformed his life and discovered his life's purpose. His passion for fitness led him through various physical pursuits from hockey, weight lifting, to parkour, ninja war style training, calisthenics, pole dancing, and acrobatics, which is how I know him during accaro yoga and whatnot. However, after a difficult breakup, he hit rock bottom, allowing his business to tank and resorting to a career as a male stripper.

Which has gone against his character. This led to a downward smile of shame, substance abuse, and even homelessness. During this challenging time, Tamara Spom god and sought guidance from coaches and mentors who helped him turn his life around. He successfully overcame depression, anxiety, and destructive habits, replacing them with constructive ones. He now prioritizes his life's purpose over temporary pleasures, and as a cons is on a is is on a constant journey to become the best version of himself.

To match this story, 1 of resilience and personal growth, and he hopes to inspire and support others in their battles, encouraging them to become the best version of themselves. So Tamara is a friend of mine. On October 16th, I noticed he posted of 2023 that he posted a remark that he had just completed a 1 year transformation. I really didn't realize it that he had gone through that. And I really wanted to share his story, which is why I wanted him to come on the show, share that journey.

I wanna hopefully inspire you folks. He goes through a bunch of stories. He's very vulnerable. With a lot of his stories in here. And it reminds me of of one of my favorite quotes from Marcus Aurelius, the impediment to action advances action what stands in the way becomes the way, also known as the obstacle is the way Ryan Holiday called coined that term.

He he talks about a lot. He's very vulnerable. He goes through his different things. It just goes to show no matter where you are, no matter what road or path you've gone down, at any moment, you can switch and flop and and change it up and start to become the person you know you can be, the person you're meant to be, the person you would wanna be. And without further ado, let's talk to Tamaris.

Tamaris, welcome to Social Community Show. I really have been excited to get you on. I know friends and stuff. We know each other. We're like, maybe it's a little different than my normal podcast.

I I do usually speak to people. I don't know whatnot or whatever. Okay. Knowing you, for the years now. And then suddenly kinda seeing your your post on social media super vulnerable, really intriguing.

And seeing your transformation. Wanted me to get you on here. I wanted you to share that. I wanted you to talk I wanted you to talk about that. Excited.

I I think it's like we're friends, but it was an interesting one. I was thinking about this, and I was preparing. I was like, I knew of you for, like, a long time, but I never really saw you or knew you. You know, we'd go over we'd go over to Shane's house, we'd go over your place, and I never really Yeah. I think I I know Tamara's, I know I've met him then all of a sudden, I'm like, you just started popping up out, you know, here and there, you started, you know, training and coaching at, the the Arizona Circuit Center.

You started taking class. You know, what happened? Why didn't, like, why didn't I feel like I ever saw you? But then all of a sudden now, like, you're you're all over and and you're kinda doing you're taking classes, you're teaching, and stuff like that now. Did something change?

Am I missing something there? Oh, no. So I was, like, kind of around. Right? So Yeah.

Fitness is my passion. Right? And I pursue it through movement. So I've opened different types of movement So, Accra, I dabbled in when I was in California. I'm from California.

So a little background, but I grew up in California. I came out here in, like, 2015, And then I tried to move back to California in 2020, actually. And then 3 3 months later, COVID happened and completely messed up my plans out there. But anyway, while I was at that time, I started getting into Acro yoga. Right?

So Dublin is Santa Monica. I had a consistent partner, but then I came back here and, you know, I was doubling in the, I guess, the the sport, right, and mining partners. And then so I heard about, you know, it was vertical fix at the time, and I started going over there. And that's where I met Shane, actually. So I met Shane at vertical stakes, and we ended up becoming roommates after that.

Right? So that's why I was, like, kind of around. I wasn't, like, fully into the ACRA community yet, but we probably saw each other here and there because I was, like, still stepping in the door and stepping back out. Right? Yeah.

Yeah. And then I've been working with Thomas, actually, training him, and then he wanted me to get over at the Arizona Circuit Center to start being a coach. And finally, like, you know, we're just connected with Brent and Alicia, and then they got me over there coaching. And then right around that time, I was like, alright. I'm gonna dive into this growth thing.

So I started taking classes there and everything. I had a consistent hand to hand partner right away. That's why why we started seeing each other more as hand to hand. Yeah. Meet me at the studio coaching three times a week.

So and then, you know, hand to hands right after one of my classes. So we see probably see each other passing too. So and then I committed to Saturdays also. So that's why all of a sudden, you started seeing me a lot more. So I was wondering, did it also have something to do with your your transformation and the things you kinda went through into becoming the new Temaris we know now?

Accurate. Well, okay. So I usually dive into a sport or a movement, and then I I do it for a while until I don't wanna say get bored or, like, distracted with another one, but I kinda, like, become satisfied with, you know, where I'm at, or, like, a live transition happens to where I'm not able to dive into that certain like, for example, I was big into parkour and free running for a while. Right? And I loved it, but then I moved to Arizona, and that was in a consistent place for me to train out here.

So I found indoor warrior training, so I got into that. Right? So, I kinda, like, moved on from pole dancing at the time. Right? So And that goes into, you know, why I got into full Nancy.

I was, like, kinda getting over why I was still doing that in a sense, and we can dive into that later. But then ACRA was like, my new I guess venture to go into. I I love doing things with other other people, right, moving wise, specifically women. Right? My goal is to find my wife, my future wife being see all the awesome macro or sport or, like, moving base related things with her and just travel the world doing awesome things in awesome places.

Right? So An Acro. I see couples do that. I'm like, that's that is what I want. So that's why I really dove into it.

And for those, on on the podcast listening and watching, and don't know ACRA is I will link to some stuff in the in the show notes. It's really fun. And if you haven't tried it, I really recommend trying it. 100%. I was introduced to I'm not sure.

Are you are you familiar with Tim Ferris? The name sounds familiar. He he wrote the 4 hour, work week, the 4 hour body, and whatnot. Right. So I wanna say maybe 7, 8 years ago, he just wouldn't shut up about this.

I mean, he was on, like, like, I wanna I don't know if it's Jimmy Kimmel or something like that. He was doing Accru on there. And and I was like, okay. What what is this guy talking about? What is this going on?

And, I had I was like, okay. I gotta I gotta try this. Like, he won't shut up a bunch. I got I gotta go try this. And I found a place here, in Arizona.

And it it, man, it is so much fun. It's not something you typically would think especially, I wanna say some, like, people like us that, you know, played sports and stuff like that, more traditional sports, you know, I play football and wrestle it and play basketball, something that you you did hockey and and something like that. It's not something, you know, guys like us, I wanna say in a way, wouldn't do something like that, but, man, it's really fun. And I guess one of the biggest things for me with ACRA was I don't like touching people. I don't like hugging people.

I don't like shaking. I don't like any of that stuff. And with ACRA, I mean, you've got to do this stuff. And so kind of unintended consequence of doing ACRA was I really got over whatever that was in my life. The reason I don't like that, I really got over.

I don't even care anymore. It's, like, so interesting how that happened. I had a I had a shoulder problem. I was dealing with it for years. I did get my shoulders very severely playing football, and I never really kinda got over and ACRA really took took care of it.

It's gone. I have no more problem on my shoulder. So I really encourage people out there if you if you've heard of it or if you've never really dabbled in, like I said, I'll link to some stuff. Go find a place around you. They a lot of times, they have park dams and stuff like that.

I think it was really a game changer and to open up, avenues in your life, you never really expected. 100%. I agree. Yep. So another thing that's interesting knowing you is you're very vulnerable on social media.

And I mean that in a good that you share you share stuff that especially on social media, everybody's life is curated, and it's the best picture. Your family looks perfect. You have the perfect job. Everybody's got a fucking private jet in the Lamborghini. You know?

And but but your vulnerability is all the shit that happened, and now you're you're in a new place. And that's kind of, like I said in earlier, and I talked about I talked about in the the intro to the episode is you know, I all of a sudden, I realized you post some of these. And this, you know, 1 year ago, I was this. And I was like, woah, wait a second. You know?

Look. But if you look at back at all your your your post and stuff, you're so vulnerable. Like, all the things, and it's funny. I really one of my favorite videos you did was was a year ago you and then, nowadays you. And I didn't realize, like, you're saying the video, how much of a bitch you were And it's like, weird.

You can see that your body language, and I don't remember being with that. You you you were very down as, like, your first post and stuff like that or whatever. Why are you vulnerable? What what's what makes you do that? And really put yourself out there in in a good way, but talking about bad things and how you overcame them.

Right. You know, I went through some dark times, and we can get into that later. But why I feel vulnerable is, you know, the journey I went through So I got a coach. Right? And my coach, he helped me go through the process I'm going through.

He helped me develop my program. The system that I run every day, it's something I just don't miss on. I prioritize in my life because help me have the massive changes that I needed in my life. Right? But he helped me also find my purpose, and he told me our purpose in life is to Create the man that we admire or women for women listening.

Right? Create the man or women that we admire in always. And then once you become that person, give it to the world. Right? And as you're becoming that person, everyone has problems.

Everyone's going through things. Right? And I was going through some crazy crazy stuff that I did to myself, right, you know, in hindsight, knowing that But overcoming these challenges, you find that the root of most people's problems, it's all the same. Right? It's our habits.

Right? It's our choices in life. Right? So the the end result problem may not be the same, but the cause of it is simply the same. So if I'm going through these challenges and overcoming them, I gotta share my journey because want something I've been through might help someone with some something that they're going through.

Right? So I'm just if I that's us to go. It's when I was in the middle of my darkest times, it was the most horrible thing for me. Right? But now coming out of that and, you know, well along the path to becoming the man that I meant to be, I wanna make those times worth it.

Right? So if I can share my journey in a way where I'm saving at least just one person from what they're going through, to me, it makes everything I went through with Right? So that's why I'm so vulnerable about things because I gotta show people, hey. This is where I was. This is what I'm doing now to get through where I was.

Right? This is where I'm doing to overcome these challenges and everything and so forth. So, again, if they can pull a nugget from one thing that I say, boom. Let's go. That makes me happy.

So that's why I'm so vulnerable. Yes. And then your my favorite catchphrase you have is let's go get it. Like, yeah, that doesn't fire you up. If that doesn't get people going, man, I love when you say that.

I love when you say it in person. Love when you say that you in your videos. Like I said, please continue doing them. Please continue being vulnerable. I just love seeing when people can be honest, especially on social media, especially on that.

Please keep going. I'm sure you're helping people. I'm sure you're changing people's lives. You're changing people's perspective. I learned a new side about you that I never knew, and I like this.

And it's really it's really great to see, and I really I I just love it. Awesome. I appreciate that, man. Thank you. Yeah.

Very cool. So, I mean, we keep kinda dancing around this a little bit. So you you went through a tough time. So I know you wrote with with me who talked about things. You know, if we can get into what happened, you said it was a breakup, but I wonder.

I mean, I don't know I don't know anything here. So I'm I'm just wondering as I'm reading things and I'm I'm looking at this stuff about you. Preparing for this. You know, you said it was a breakup, but I I wonder, was there something else going on in your life that the breakup made you tip over, or was it completely the breakup that really brought you down to the start place? So the breakup was just part of it.

Right? It was kinda like caused the direction to me to go for me to go, like, down the wrong path. Right? What was the main cause was a man I was. Right?

I was a poor excuse for a man. I caused the breakup. I had a great girlfriend. She was a wonderful girlfriend. But me who I was at that time, I put so much strain on the relationship because I was so needy, dude.

I had these vices and just habits and, like, just I I needed stuff to be who I thought I needed to be. Right? I needed something to be happy. Right? I needed something to be, you know, fulfilled.

And or I thought I needed that, right, when it turned out reality, I didn't I didn't need that stuff. So part of my program was limiting these needs and stuff I learned over time. But, anyway, that caused me to make stupid decisions in the relationship. I thought we just weren't right for each other, but not can I cuss on here? I was being a little You do say what you want, man.

I understand. Good. And so more of the stories, I was a bitch, and I needed to overcome that. Right? So Yeah.

Because I was a bitch, I caused the breakup. Right? We split up And I ended up so when we were together, I was working in network marketing business. Right? And I was doing okay.

I was making money. Right? I was personal training. Just my life was good, like, financially. That was totally fine.

Right? But when we broke up, We lived in Peoria together, then I moved to Chandler, which is, like, fifty miles away. Right? Right. My business was in Peoria, right, and just who I was, I was not a business owner mentally.

I own a business, but I was in no way able to maintain a business. So my business tank, I was on email because I missed my crew already because I was reminded and can't get over my stuff. Right? So everything just started declining, go downhill for me. And it was all my own fault, right, hindsight, knowing this, but I didn't see it coming.

Right. So I went from doing okay financially. I got super behind on everything. All my bills I started getting into debt. I didn't pick up work on this side of town.

And then got to the point where, like, man, I was really struggling to make ends meet. I started losing things. I lost my place that I was living in, and I had my car. Right? And it got to the point where, like, I I went so downhill that I was living in my car.

Like, my finances were so bad. And then had to make ends meet. So I'm like, alright. We gotta make some money here. And I got to the point where, like, I was like, okay.

Craigslist. I remember back in the day, Craigslist, you can go on there and for, like, gigs or, like, like, I was a labor. I did construction in California, like, Marley Twenty. So I'm like, I'm gonna try to find some, some, like, some construction gigs or something, something to make money. Right?

Yeah. So I'm on I'm online looking at this, and then I see, an ad for a strip club. And I'm like, woof. Shit. I wasn't looking for that, but that's, you know, it's it's hindsight funny.

I was a stripper for Halloween for, like, 4 to 5 years. You know, I'm, like, eighteen to, you know, around those that age. Thought it was funny. Something, you know, let's try this out. It was gonna be a chippendale.

And I went that route to make some money. And I I made money, but due to that environment with so toxic, so horrible. And, like, hindsight, you're looking back at it. It's just evil entities there that just kinda tore me down the wrong path. Right?

So I just continue to spiral and spiral and spiral with downhill. So, you know, I was looking at my car and as a man, taking my clothes off to make money, dude, it's like, man, it was so just degrading. Right? And I you don't realize it at first because you're kinda making money, but, like, that's just, like, bad money. Right?

So every time I get ahead, something in life would happen, and the money was gone like that. It's just hindsight. I realized all that. Right? So, anyway, that's, like, kinda my story to to to rock bottom.

And got your initial question. That's kinda one off on a rant there. No. No. I love it.

I love it. It's great. And that's what I love about, you know, this is kinda setting up these conversations. I guess my my my question really was, you know, and you kinda I think you kinda answered it in a way. It was so you had to break up, but before then, you're you're you were you're not the man you should have been or you you could have been.

You you were being a you were being a bitch. You were needing and all these things. And then the breakup was a catalyst that let you down into thinking like stripping was okay and all the other things. What I've I mean, one of the things kinda happened from that, as much as you are willing to share, Yeah. Totally.

I mean, that environment, I mean, you're in a strip club. Right? So there's, like, sex drugs or rock and roll, man. It's Right. It's nuts.

Right? So and Yeah. So it oh, god. We talked so much about it. Right?

Just like all these evil, just bad influences there, broken people. Right? Everyone there has problems and vices, right, and, like, it's it's just it's just like a crazy place to be in. And you don't realize that at the time because, like, you know, it's It's fun and exciting at first, right, especially when, like, you know, some bachelorette parties come in a ton of women and give them all sorts of attention and pain you just being me, like, our sexy self. Like, that was cool.

Right? Right. But then, like, you know, it's it it it gets to a point where, like, you realize that the people that come, and this is something I realized when I was out of that environment. I realize how much problems I have. Right?

Mhmm. And its weaknesses that I have, but one big problem I always dealt with was lust. Right? Mhmm. And these people lust, right, true fulfillment, these people are coming there for a reason, and it's to fill a void that's missing in their life.

Right? Why come in and I play this part where I'm feeding off their problems in order to make money? And I didn't know I'm doing this at the time, but it clicked on me one day. I'm like, man, that really just ate at my soul to know that I'm hoping these pro people have a problem with something that I lust or, like, true fulfillment or something. And here I come.

You know? I'm gonna take your money because you're gonna pay me for this sorts of fulfillment that you're looking for. Once that clicked me, I'm like, oh gosh. I hurt, like, it hurt my soul even more. But over time, dude, I always I started saying this, man, like, that type of work in, like, that environment, it just eats at your soul over time.

So it's pretty bad. And then knowing so, I gotta go in there and make it okay for me somehow, right, because I'm playing this part. So here comes alcohol. Here comes the drugs. Right?

It takes my mind. And all of a sudden, like, It's it's it's wild, bro. Like, they talked about, like, possession. Right? When you're when you're on under the influence, you just open up your your yourself to, like, liter it felt like literal possession because I wasn't myself.

I'm my my stripper name was Dominic. Right? So here here's Dominic, this other character who gets the job done who who makes money to sexiest stuff. Right? He goes in.

Like, that's who I am. I felt like I was possessed by this other character that I was playing over time. And then That's another thing that eats it you sold because now I'm playing Dominic who does what he he has to do to get it done, but then today, I'm still too embarrassed. So Tamara's carries all the shame, all the regret, all the worry, all the fear, and all the bad negative side effects that comes from that. Right?

So Right. Yeah. That's some some of the stuff that happens there. So It was interesting as you're talking about that. In my mind, what I'm thinking about is you're just you're using Dominic to disassociate yourself from this this this shitty feeling you have, plus you're, like you said earlier, you're needy So these women and the situation is fulfilling some of those needs, I would imagine.

Yeah. Yeah. Totally. And the drugs and alcohol help you continue to disassociate yourself. I mean, I'm sure yourself talk with something like, you know, this isn't really me.

I'm just doing this for money. It's a temporary thing. This isn't Tamaris. This is dominant doing this. Kind of stuff.

Yeah. And all these things. I mean, I'm sure that really bucked with you. Yeah. Because, you know, in the moment when I'm working there, that's exactly what I was saying to myself.

This isn't to Marris. I'm Dominic now. Right? Yeah. And then you you started doing stuff that's way out of your character.

It's, like, way out of your your moral standards. Right? Literally creating a different person that you're not. Right? But, again, like I said, at the end of the day, I'm still am.

I still am from Eric. Right? So then when I'm sober and hungover, right, and the next day, I'm I'm fucking depressed of how I acted the night before, like, you know, the the things that were going down, but nothing like super, super, like, horrible happened, but just like, out of my moral standard, man. Like, as a man, the stuff I was doing there, I feel I should not be doing. You know, as Tamaris, who I am, 100%, right, should not be acting that way.

As the man that I meant to be. So and that just, you know, that that really got to me over time. Yeah. I bet you're you're giving it to every vice, every need, every every pleasurable thing. I mean, mean, I I I kinda imagined, you know, oh, look here.

Here's it comes a firefighter. Here comes the police officer and you're fulfilling all these wishes and dreams and hopes and needs of all the people that you're seeing in the audience. That they're probably broken or they're missing something in their relationship or they're trying to escape from something and you're providing this escape But then the but the sacrifice of that is is you. You're more a character and who you are. And I'm sure at some point, I don't know how far you got down there, but maybe these two people started to merge a little bit.

And I don't know if that's when you kinda said, wait a second. Hold on. These two people are kinda starting to intersect a little bit or not. Yeah. That did happen because it Domnick didn't see at the club sometimes.

Right? And then there's some times where I'd be out and about. And, like, you know, I party too at that time too. So I'm like, an Old Town Scottsdale, getting to that level of drunk that I was at the strip club. I was letting Dominics out in in real life.

I have to make a fool. Like, gosh, kicking girls up licking legs in the club, but, oh my gosh, shit. Like, Oh, man. So I thought you're going into here. Yeah.

Just it's it's great in a way that you were able to recognize it because it would have been so easy to just stay there. Like, listen. You know what? This is fun. I'm sure you could get a sugar mama or something.

I mean, you could have probably had a good time. You just think, you know, fuck it. This is life. This is my path or whatever, but you're able to get out of it. And that's admirable.

You know, it's fun. It's great now. We can look back on it, and you can laugh a bit about it, and you need to be scared at journey. Yeah. Yeah.

I told him. I'm so there there were so many turning points where I could've just gone down that path and, like, being ten way worse than I was. Right? Could have always been, like, oh my gosh. Yeah.

I I I did I still did have my limits overall. Right? And so I didn't completely let go, but I gotten to that point where I completely, like, oh my god. It's scary to think about where my life would be. So I'm definitely thankful that I did have that moment where I'm like, yo, let's let's stop this and turn the other direction.

Right? So definitely definitely thankful for that. What was that rock bought a moment for you? Yeah. So okay.

I I remember a a crazy turning point that I had, and I was my money, like, disappeared so quick. So I was spending so much money on food. Right? I was looking at my car. I had no, like, way to meal prep for, like, be smart.

And I was looking at my car for pizza. I was bad with money to begin with. Right? So that wasn't a that was a problem I never attacked initially, and that's what caused me in the to get there in the first place. So no matter how much money that came in, but it was gone because I didn't know I spent it probably.

Right? But I remember one point where I was struggling so bad, and, like, I had to make my car payment and everything, And then I I finally got over this little hump. Right? And I got some extra money. Oh, and, like, to me, extra money was, like, a couple hundred bucks.

I'm like, yes. They're, like, 200 bucks. I'm like, good. I can go buy I can buy food. There are nights, dude, where I had to decide, like, am I gonna buy gas or am I gonna go am I gonna buy food tonight?

Right? And I need a gas to go make money. Right? So there's there were nights where I had sleep for dinner. You know what I mean?

So Yeah. That's how it was, but this one specific night, and I was working at Eos at the time too. So what I would park in the gym parking lot because this 24 hour gym, no one bothers me. Right? And I'd use the restroom there and shower stuff there and everything too.

So But one night, I'd been stripping all night and, like, finally got ahead a little bit and, like, I I get to my parking spot. I was in the back of my car, you know, I'm always beating myself up know, once I'm, like, sobering up and, like, coming to you and just reflecting in my life and everything. Yeah, I do have one of my thirties at this point. Like, dude, I should not be here at this point. Anyway, had to go to the bathroom.

I had this little pee bucket. Right? So it's like a pro a protein container. Right? It's like, go to the bathroom.

And I get out of my car. I'm in my PJs, and it's cold in Arizona, which doesn't happen too often. Right? So I'm in my PJ pants, and that's it. Bear foot.

I go to port my p out in the planner, like, embarrassing stuff. Right? I don't care. I'm gonna share my story. Yeah.

I as I'm pouring it out, I hear my car door just click. I'm like, no. Dude, locked myself out of my car. Right? I'm out there in the cold.

In my p j pants. I had to go into my work like this. Right? And I talked to the deer that was working the night shift. I was like, hey, man.

Can I can I use a phone? I locked my keys in the car. And so I had to call Locksmith. Right? Locksmith comes out.

I give him the money that I just gotten up on. Right? And that moment, I get back in the car after everything. I'm broke again. I'm like, gosh.

Every time I get ahead, something happens, And I had this turning point. You at that point, I was contemplating my existence in this life. Right? Other man, this is it. Like, I should just end it.

Like, I'm never gonna this is never gonna change. And then, god, I hear his voice, and he said, shut you a bitch ass up. Come on. You need to avoid this. Yeah.

Right? So I took it, and that that was a turning point. I remember that. Like, that at that point, I was like, alright. I don't know what to do, but I'm giving it to you guys.

And I'm just gonna stop trying trying to do it my way. I'm gonna have to start listening to you. And, you know, my journey with god since then has been what changing. That's what got me going. You know?

Cause and I noticed the more I get with him and the more I understand him and his purpose for me, the more my life blessings to start to flow to me. So that was, like, the tipping point where I started to go in his direction and just give my life to him and be like, alright. Whatever you say, dude, I'm I'm gonna listen. You know, I don't know what, obviously, I don't know what to do with my life. So Right.

Might as well give it to someone who does. Right? So Yeah. But that was a major turning point for me. What do you think of that?

You know, that's kind of a kind of a common story when we seem to give ourself up to a higher power. Do you have a thought on why that seems to be I do. Yeah. Because god, the universe, whatever you believe in, everyone has different beliefs. But no matter what, it all comes down to, like, a similar power, and that power loves us.

It wants the best for us, and it has a greater plan for us if we would just give ourselves up to it and be open to the planet has for us. The universe is made out of love. God's made out of love. Everything is love. Right?

So when you when you stop trying, we always think we know what we want. We always think we know what's best for us. Right? So we're doing this, but there's sin in the world. Right?

They're sin in our hearts. Right? And we give into that. Right? And then over time, what happens is when you fall in that direction, you start to realize that know, we don't really know what's best for us.

We don't really know what we want for us. But when you give yourself up to the higher power who does know what's best for you because it loves us, that's when we start going in the right direction. Yeah. That's a good answer. I I really like that.

There there and then I think it kinda goes back to, like, what you said earlier you know, with needs. I I feel like somehow that that it's it's kind of an American thing that we maybe even have exported a lot of where we we we seem to need all these things. And we we want all these things. But true, I think enlightenment, true you know, peace and true freedom and and and true power is is not needing all these things. I'm set.

Yeah. Not needing all that stuff. And and I wonder if that's where that comes from. Yeah. I think so.

Yeah. Because when you give up, yeah, on that path, you know, you give up your needs, and all you need is whatever your belief is, like, the higher power that you believe in. If you put all your needs into him, or give up all your needs to him or the universe, whatever. Right? That's when they start being fulfilled.

I am so at peace now. When I thought I needed so much stuff to be happy, when I thought I needed things to, like, make my life the way it should be at this age, whatever, it was, like, worry. It was doubt. It was fear of scarcity, right, scarcity. But once I gave it up, I don't need shit.

As long as I wake up in the morning, I stick to my program, I'm good to go. I don't need anything from anyone else. I am so in love with myself and who I'm becoming. I'm I'm awesome. Like, I'm I'm fine.

I'm good. Whatever happens throughout the day, I'm sick in my wake up time. I'm sticking to my workout. I'm sticking to my macros, and I'm sticking to my character. As long as you do out that throughout the day, I'm good to go.

Like, it's a good day. I don't need anything from anyone else, and that's where the piece and the fulfillment started to set in. Right? So I don't need the Lambo. I don't need the house.

I don't need, like, the the badass chick. Right? And that's all stuff I thought I needed. And that left me so ungrateful for how much I did have in life. Right?

But once I gave all that up, I'm grateful for it. When you're living in a car, stripping to make money, anything outside of that, you're just grateful for it. Right? So the more needs that I eliminated, and the more I realized how grateful the I am for the blessings that are flowing to me. That's good.

Hey, listen. I lived in my car too once upon a time. When I was in my twenties, I did some dumb shit making some decisions too. I finished with your plate. I mean, when you're fucking pulling over somewhere and you're like, guess I'm sleeping here tonight, crack the windows a little bit, lock the doors, and just Yep.

You know, lean your seat back. I mean Yeah. You get it, man. I get it. I I really get it.

And and it's funny. It says something about when you realize you don't need this shit, you don't need to impress the people. You don't need to make your mom or your dad or whoever it is happy. You don't need to impress these people. Yep.

There is something so free, but, I mean, even something, maybe maybe 5 or so years ago, food. You know, we we we think in this country, especially, we're we're so fucking privileged, and and a lot of us don't even realize that I'll just it's for sheer luck. Nothing to do with you. You were born in America. We have an abundance of food.

But this attachment we have to something like that. And this is, I think, an easy one for a lot of people because we all we we all kinda have that. I mean, yes, there are some of us that don't have food, but It's it's abundant everywhere. But when you can just associate yourself from that need, when you're like, I don't need lunch. I remember, you know, driving to meet a client or go into a meeting and like, oh, shit.

It's 1:30. I'm gonna die. I gotta pull in the jack in the box real quick. I've gotta stop the burger in my fucking face. Will you just negotiate yourself from that?

Mhmm. Man, there was some power in that. You know what I mean? I go sometimes. You know, I I'll be like, oh, shit.

What time? It's 6 o'clock. I said, I didn't even need today. I was like, You know, but Yeah. You can dissociate yourself in that.

And and and that to me is like a stepping stone, like, you know, these other little things that we think we need that we think we have to have. You know, there is so much power in that. Mhmm. Totally. 100%.

Yeah. Yeah. And you know what's cool is you mentioned the food. Once I, like, really doubt in my macros and doubt in my nutrition, that's what kick started this process because, you know, like, you mentioned food. You think you need it at some point or, like, you you want it.

Like, there's a lot of good food out a lot of good tastes. I love food. I'll be honest. Right? I could if I allowed myself, I would eat everything from everywhere.

Right? And you start to crave and, you know, get addicted to these things. And overcoming those addictions of food, it's one of the hardest things to get over. It's everywhere. Right?

Yeah. Sometimes you can't even, like, walk a place without smelling something phenomenal. Right? So Yeah. Once you're able to eliminate that need, I eat very basic now.

And I've you food is a tool. Right? I don't need it out. That saves me money. And I I get the nutrients I need to gaining muscle and losing fat.

Right? So that's that's I call that a need, like, an necessity to live, right, because in that sense, there are certain needs. But in other sense, where you gotta know the line between instant gratification and an actual need to live. Right? And once you break that down, overcome that, then That was it.

That's what kick started it for me. Yeah. And if you guys are just listening to this, Tamara's just jacked. Let me tell you. So if anybody if anybody knows about putting off some muscle, it definitely Samaris.

I'm good at what I do. But it's on that path of food. I know what you're saying, man. Like, I've I could eat fucking ice cream every night. I could have a good old time.

I got some pizza. I got some sushi. I could you know? But Like you're saying, there there is some some type of addiction or something. I mean, our brains create this.

We, you know, if anybody knows anything a little bit about nutrition, we create the salts and the fats and the sweetness, these things that are rare in nature and and and whatnot. So when all these hyperpalatable foods are there, everything's constantly available. All these things are ready to hijack you. Yeah. But I I know when I started cleaning up my diet some years back, it's funny if you're sitting down and chilling, but, like, Why do I want that?

Like Yeah. What what is this? I just had a fucking steak, and I just had it. Why do I want ice cream? Why do I want this stuff?

But it's that addiction in your brain. It's, you know, some people talk about it being part of your gut bacteria and stuff like that or whatever. So there really is. And not to mention the high probability of the food is addictive, I believe. Yep.

100%. A lot to that. Yeah. And companies literally, they'll they'll make their food as addicting as possible. So you come back and buy more.

Right. I think your ego's literally has chemists that, you know, create formulas to where you can't stop eating them, sir. Right. I mean, it's marketing slogans. I bet you can't eat just one.

Because they know what we're gonna win. Exactly. 100%. Yeah. It is.

So But, like, people, if you're listening in watching, if you if you haven't experienced this, I would encourage you to do some type of experiment, you know, be safe. If you need to see a doctor, whatever it is, those disclaimers do it, but try try maybe a fast. Try skipping a meal. Try cleaning up your diet in some way. Tamara says a guy, you know, he he he lives this stuff.

He can really help you out. I mean, try to try to say it from the Instagram heroes that have every cure for everything on there, but, you know, there's a lot of power to this stuff. You're, I mean, you could see your brain transforms your body transforms. You sleep better. When you sleep better, you're you're motivated to exercise.

You exercise your your body functions better. You work better. Every it's just this vicious cycle. And just cleaning up 1 or 2 of those things really puts a lot of things in his alignment. Mhmm.

Totally. I can dive into something. Yeah. Nutrition and fitness is a gateway to discipline. You can be disciplined with your food.

You can be disciplined just about anything Right? You can say no to the foods that you love that have no benefits to you. It's just a medication. If we can get rid of that, you get into the habit of eliminating instant grader education, and you start choosing purpose over pleasure. Right?

On top of that, when you commit to a workout program, I I work out every I've been missed a workout in over a year. Like, every single morning workout. I usually work out multiple time today. But committing to that, especially in the morning, it sets your mind right. You're winning right off the bat.

Especially if, like, you have a program that you're following where you're constantly hitting PRs on a consistent basis, those are just winds you're stacking every single day. And, literally, the blood flow creates a blood oxidation level to where that raises your vibe, raises your frequency, you know, and puts you in a good mood and everything too. But if you can commit to a nutrition program and a fitness program and you prioritize that every single day, that gains discipline because I work out every day, but I don't wanna work out every day. I am thankful to say that fitness is a passion for me. Right?

So I do. Majority of days wanna work out, but not I don't wanna give it 4 AM. I do. I haven't missed the morning wake up time either. Nutrition, wake up time, and fitness, gateways of discipline.

Right? So with that, when I'm waking up every morning at 4 AM and going to work out, that create discipline. Sleeping in is another one of those things that I love to do, but I haven't done that over a year because I committed non negotiable to my wake up time. Right? So always hitting my macros, always hitting my wake up time, and always hitting my workout first thing.

No matter what, those are some of the hardest things to do, I would say. Right? I bet everyone struggles with that. But once you overcome those things, there's so many positive benefits I can totally dive down a rabbit hole with. But the fact that you're coming over overcoming these hard things when you're faced with a vice, and you've been waking up for at 4 AM for a year.

I laugh at my vices now. My vices used to have so much power over me, like, so much just seeing them smelling them or, like, them being brought up in conversation and our friends like, hey. You wanna do this? Fuck it. When I just said the night before never again.

Right? But now when those things come up, Not. No. Because I know what it does to my life, and I know I've built the discipline up over time with my program. So and that started with the fitness.

It started with the nutrition. It started with those disciplines. And anything you do is everything you do. Right? So if you get really disciplined in one area, you carry that discipline into other areas of your life too.

So that's how I got started. Yeah. No. That, I mean, that is so spot on. So many things.

I mean, I'll stand in in front of my ice bath in the morning and just stand there and look at it. And I'm like, what the fuck are you doing? Scared. You can just get in there. It's not that fucking cold.

You know? Exactly. Yeah. I mean, you listen to everybody out there. I mean, David Goggins was talking know, I stare at my motherfucking shoes for 30 minutes in the morning before I go to run.

We all have that, but unlike you're saying, you create that discipline, then you create the habits. And then you create then you get those habits, you get to where you are, you don't miss. And when you don't miss, I mean, there's so much that builds from that. You know? Like, I I heard I heard something.

I I don't know if it's a theory or whatever it is, but if you just do something for 18 minutes a day for a 100 days straight, you'll be ahead of, like, 90 something percent of the population. But just think about just think about, I mean, 18 fucking minutes. That's nothing. Right. Fucking you can fucking fuck off on Instagram for fucking 20 minutes without even thinking about it.

Like, you don't even realize it happened. But if you walk if you just walk book up, at a consistent time, well, guess what? You're gonna go to bed at a consistent time. Exactly. So you're you're gonna then you're gonna get a consistent amount of sleep.

So when you wake up in the morning, you're gonna you know, maybe not motivated, but you're gonna know, like, listen. I can do this. You you you get the discipline, you build the habit, and then And then you just do these things. I mean, 18 minutes, you just do some fucking push ups, you do some pull ups, whatever like that. Yeah.

In a 100 days, you're gonna be a different human. Yep. It's unreal. Oh, yeah. So so much power and all this stuff.

Yeah. Totally, man. Totally. It's it's a routine. It's it's huge for anything.

You know? You mentioned waking up early, you're gonna go to bed at a certain time. Right? Yeah. When I was so weak to my vices, I realized that they typically happen past 9 o'clock.

Right? So when I'm getting up at 4 AM and feeling like shit, because I didn't go to bed till 12 o'clock. Right? I started realizing, hey. I should just go to sleep at 8 or 9 o'clock, and nothing good happens fast that time anyway, and I wake up with more sleep or I'm feeling better.

Right? So the morning wake up time really helps me eliminate my vices because I just wasn't a a wake during the time that they typically would happen. So No. That's that's that's those little things. You when you start doing these things, you can think clearly about these things.

You can dial in, like, what is my trigger? Like, a lot of times it happens. Right? It's like, it's a trigger, and then it So if you can figure out what the trigger is, you can eliminate the action. Yes.

If you find your trigger, hey. Listen at 10 o'clock at night. Listen, my my inhibitions are down. I'm tired. The ice cream looks good.

Yeah. I shouldn't have bought it, but I did, but now it's in the freezer. Well, I'm in here. Then let's, oh, let's put on another episode. Next thing you know, it's fucking 2 o'clock in the morning.

You're like, shit. Yeah. Oh, so all those things stack. There's so much there. Like, I don't one thing I like is I set policies.

Like, listen. I my policy is I don't drink. My policy is I don't do things. And then when you have, like, a policy, it's like a weird different mentality in your brain, I guess it is. You're like, well, you know, I don't do these things, but, you know, then you start making exceptions.

You start making. You start making things. And, you know, rules is also maybe another one that helps to either rule or a policy. I really feel like that helps a lot of people. I call them non negotiable commitments.

You know? Yeah. There you go. Boom. That's another thing I'm a year on.

I'm a year sober So over a year sober. That was Congratulations. Yeah. Thank you. And I'm never going back.

You know, I don't have a problem with it anymore. Like, he doesn't really call me like it used to. Mhmm. And it's because I'm so fulfilled now. Every substance that I was taking, I was using to fill a void in my heart, right, or, like, try to fill a piece of me that was missing.

Well, I've been filling up those voids. I've been filling up those pieces of me, and I'm so whole myself. I don't need that stuff anymore. Like, it used to, but, again, that's a nonnegotiable commitment when it comes to that. So a 100% agree with the policies or whatever term you wanna call it.

Yeah. It's just that standard. Like, this is the way it is, and I'm sticking to it. Yeah. It's a good thing.

I remember too. I used to when I'm a junk guy, I mean, I should drink at 22 fucking oblivion, and and and I can put down some I can put down some drinks, man. They tell you, I'm not a cheap hate. And and then one day, I don't know what it was. And I was like, what the fuck am I just getting myself fucking shit faced drunk?

Pretty much every night of the week. I mean, Sundays was like a day off kinda. You know? I mean, I don't I remember, you know, the bed at 6 AM and getting up at 8 for fucking work. And it's like, oh my god.

Yeah. One day, I I realized it was like, I'm drinking because I am still trying to fulfill these expectations that my dad set for me. Wow. Okay. I don't I don't wanna I don't wanna do them.

That's why I'm not doing them. Which is causing angst, which is causing a rift in my family, which is making my dad, you know, disappointed in me, and I honestly hearing this. I don't wanna work in a family business. I don't want anything to do with these fucking people. I don't I would leave work, and I would go get drunk, and it was fun.

There's fun Tyson, and here we go. He's partying. Latest fucking idiot. Let's give him another another drink. And then when I when I realized that, I don't know what it was.

I wish I could remember what happened. I just like, I don't need to fucking impress his motherfucker. I don't I don't I don't need his approval, and it's like a switch like that. It was owned. It was fucking over.

It was like, weird. Right. I don't know. Some this is not something about, like, when we have the opportunity to introspect and find out, like, we were saying earlier, What is this trigger? Mhmm.

We need to figure that out, and it it's not fucking easy to dig deep into yourself and stop lying to yourself. The we all lied to ourselves so much. If you just talked out what you said in your head, the shit you can fit yourself of, you'd be like, people look at you and be like, you're a fucking dumb. What are you talking But in your head, you're like, man, this is a good story, man. You're you're right on.

You're onto something here. Yeah. Getting getting past that. I mean, I I recommend people It's hard. And like Tamara saying, I mean, he'd spent a year, and this is just the beginning of hard fucking work.

But I've seen a massive change, you know, and and somebody that I I know. It's not easy. It's hard, but, man, the things that you get freed from are just unreal. Totally. Totally.

You know, a bit about your story. You know, that's what happens when you try to live someone else's purpose. Right. Live a purpose that someone else has for you. Right?

Right. And that's why. Yeah. So glad you made it on the other side of that. That's what's up.

But once you find you yeah. I feel like once you find your purpose that you're made for or the universe of god, whatever you believe in with that that has for you, you don't need a lot of this stuff. You don't have to act like someone else. Right? And you don't need to find substances to alter your state so you can be okay.

And then you start attacking what's causing you to feel that way. Right? If it's not someone else's purpose, there's something. And this is, like, you know, conscious congruency is a term that I got from my coach. Love it, Craig, because your conscious is always telling you how you should live, the person you're meant to be, right, your moral standard, right, whatever it is, you're conscious and all of us up.

And when you're connected to that and you're not going against your conscience, you don't need to be anything else. The times we need to be in an altered state or, like, seek out a need. It's because we're trying to fulfill something that our conscious is telling us to get over. Right? So that's that's how I view it.

So I really had to listen. Like, like, you mentioned, like, dive in deep and just do some self reflecting. I'm like, why am I fucking my life up? What is doing it? What's the root cause of it?

Right? Yeah. So you find the root and then you find out why you're doing it. And the habits is it comes down to the habits. Right?

So you identify the habits and those are your weaknesses. You gotta build strengths on the opposite side of those weaknesses. Right? So but, anyway, even at church, this I go to CCP, and I love that church first off is geared towards men. So that's that's what I like.

Right? Yeah. So and the pastures there, they always have a message that just makes sense. And one thing that I got from last service is you cannot defeat what you do not define. Oh.

That's exactly right. That that boom. That's exactly what I did. I defined all my bad habits. Right?

Tacked them. Right? So I started limiting the bad habits. And then from there, what was wild was when I limited them in my bad habits, I'm just kinda sitting there. I'm like, alright.

Now what the fuck do I do? You know? That took out most most of the things I was doing on the do. So I'm just sitting there. I'm like, and I always prayed for answers.

So I just sat in silence, right, and that's kept there's times where I wasn't doing anything, but at least I wasn't taking backward steps. I wasn't doing the bad habit. And all of a sudden, the right habits, the the answers just started to flow to me because I created that space for them to start coming to me. And then I started filling the the that space with the good habits And that was the beginning a year ago. And then I was like, alright.

This is what I should be doing. This is what I shouldn't be doing. I'm just I'm just gonna keep doing this day by day. And it was a day by day thing because in the beginning, with my program. I was like, I don't know where this is going, but my coach said it's gonna work, and it worked for him.

So I'm just gonna keep running it. And then all of a sudden, Man. Oh, gosh. I love this process. I was talking about one of my videos because you just going with faith.

Oh, this is going, but I got faith that it seems aligned with my previous, aligned with what he wants from me. Right? So I'm just gonna go for it. And then months into it, it's like, okay. Man, I think, like, 6 months it took where I was finally like, alright.

I think I'm onto something here. I'm like, I think I'm going in the right direction, you know, because he's going so long and he there's no delay gratification takes time. There's no visible, you know, results or reward for it. Right? And then once 6 months out, like, man, I started seeing some results.

So I was like, man, okay. Well, at least I'm not fucking my life over anymore. Like, nothing bad's been happening in a long time, so that's cool. And about 8 months in, like, I just felt this this feeling of peace to start to come over me. Right?

And that's that's what we wanted, especially as men, we just want a peaceful life. Right? Don't don't don't bring drama into my life. Right? And I was the one bringing the drama to my life.

So I stopped doing that, and the piece started to come in. And then, like, probably, like, 10 months around, I'm like, man. Okay. This is really cool. Like, good things started to happen.

Things started to flow my direction. Like, I literally felt blessings were just flowing to me. Right? And over a year in my program, I'm like, everything I was praying for, everything I was hoping for, everything, like, I was visualizing myself becoming 6 to 8 months ago. Right?

It's it's happening. Like, it's just blowing to me. And, like, every way I wake up more aligned, more purpose driven, more just like, I'm on the right path. I was gonna stick to this program, and everything's gonna happen the way it should happen. So that was a little bit about, like, the process I went with that.

So That's beautiful because I'm not sure about all the countries. I I know we have a lot of listeners in other countries, but in America, really, there's a lot of people ain't gonna stick through that stuff. The second there's something hard. The second there's something that, oh, I'm not getting results. I've been in the gym for 4 days already.

I haven't seen anything happen. And we've all victim to these things like that, but there is a power. If you just, you know, I think if you just just initially commit a 100 days at something. It sounds crazy, but it's not that long. You know, it's a little over 3 months.

Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. That consistent that that consistency and and and going through these things, you're gonna you're gonna be like to measure. You're gonna start to see things.

You're gonna start to feel a little different. It's it's something we really gotta cultivate and and especially on American culture is is allowing this this Get rid of this instant gratification bullshit. It's it's all bullshit because as soon as you get this thing, you don't even want it anymore. You don't even know why you were pursuing it. You left it for 14 seconds.

You got shit piled up in your closet. You're like, why did I buy all this stuff? It's like 1000 of dollar stuff I thought I wanted. I didn't really need. You know?

So so take a moment. When you're when you're looking at a roadblock, you know, take take that moment to say, you know, what am I doing? Like you're saying, like, Doctor Mercer is saying, you know, his visions he had for things, the things he wanted to you have something like that, you have that laid out. When you get these roadblocks, you you look back and say, like, listen. Hey.

Wait a minute. I know why I'm doing this. Let me give this a chance. Let me work this thing. Let me work the system.

Whatever it is that you're going through and doing. Give these things a chance. Like I said, try at least a 100 days. Commit it a 100 days. And when you get to the 100 day, You you can make another commitment.

You can keep doing on it's so easy. We quit so easy. We we don't see this. You know, I signed up for a program. My son's been a 1,000,000 fucking 3 weeks.

It's fucking 2 weeks now, and I'm still not even there yet. And we're we're we're just constantly going these things. And somehow I think there's a little bit of a design there. From from maybe these companies that they understand in psychology and they do these things and they constantly are like, you know, picking out that stuff. But once you recognize these things, you can start to pick them up and and whatnot, you're you're gonna be able to to not fall for these traps and then stay committed.

Stay on this path. Stay stay doing these things. Mhmm. 100%. You know, it's funny you mentioned once you get the thing, sometimes you don't even want it, there's stuff I was so set on.

I'm like, this is meant for me. And sometimes, like, you know, especially the women. Like, I'd be charging towards this goal or, like, this vision or this person. And I get there or I get it or get her, right, and all of a sudden, like, man, that just made my life even worse. Truth, I don't know what I need or don't know what I want.

You know? I totally get that. I mean, we hear it too from people. I wanna say most most in the wealth kind of thing we hear from people, but you hear that. I say, oh, you know what?

I chased the money. I got it. And it's really not worth it. And it's weird because we don't believe that stuff until we go through it. So sometimes we kinda need to go through it.

And that's part of, but that's part of being a human, I think. That's part of growing is, like, getting that thing, chasing that thing. And then when you get it, being able to go back and reflect it, like, like, you know what? It wasn't about the thing. It was about that journey.

And the person that had to become, the things I had to do, the sacrifice I had to make. And if you can extrapolate that from whatever happened, not a negative. It's just a situation you went through, and you're just gonna be a better person, a better boss, a father, mother, parent, whatever it is you're you're gonna do. Yep. I like that right on, man.

It's Yep. Yep. I would like to circle back to something you said earlier about, you being a bitch. Like, what, like, what it, like, walk us through. Like, what was that?

What was the feeling? What, you know, what what did you what did you mean? What do you mean by that? How'd you get through it? So I call that, you know, being a bitch.

It's just like being weak minded, you know, and not going listening to your conscience. Like, okay. This is something I thought of actually today. You know, I used to say I got demons. I I have demons.

This is stuff. You know, these are these voices in my head or, like, these actions I'm doing is because of my demons. Mhmm. And when you think you got demons, that creates this entity And I feel like calling it a demon gives it power because demons, you don't know the extent of their power. Right?

You don't know, like, how you can fight them or overcome them. Right? So that's what I I felt like I was dealing with. I was giving my vices more power that way. I was giving my poor choices more power that way.

Wasn't keeping my word to myself because of these demons that I have. Right? Well, I started calling that the voice of my inner bitch. I can overcome a bitch. You know what I mean?

So come at me. I'm a little bit. I'll I'll overcome that as opposed to demons. I I changed the wording that I had for that in my mind. Right?

So anytime I'm not doing what I should be doing or what I know I'm meant to be doing or that grand vision of the man that I meant to be, if my actions and habits don't align with that, That's me being a bitch. Right? Overcome that shit. Get over it. Right?

Get on the path to who you meant to be. Right? And I I I call myself that constantly still, you know, because, well, the the voice, I would say, so much. Or Yeah. Now.

Right? Right. I understand that the whole version of myself, it was a big bitch because he needed so much from the world. Right? I don't need anything from the world today.

I'm showing up as a better version of myself. So that's that's where I'm at. But when it comes to that, question was about being a bit. Yeah. That's that's because kinda how I how I how I view it, I guess.

Does that make sense? No. No. It is because Wait. I what I'm hearing from you is is giving that that inner voice a name and giving it power, you know, language is very, very powerful.

We have to be careful what we do things, what we label, what we call ourself. I guess I don't experience it, but I hear this a lot. People say that, like, the harshest critic and the the worst things they ever hear in life is from their own head inside their own head. That's crazy, but we have to be careful with language. Even if it's the language we're saying to ourselves in our head.

Yeah. Totally. Yeah. So when I'm being negative, that's me being a bitch. Right.

Get over yourself. Right. Right. Right. Move on.

Right? Yeah. Any any negative emotion. And this is this is I'm not saying anyone else. This is nothing to do with anyone because I know I've I've made videos and stuff and, like, people get all butt hurt about it.

I'm like, yeah, I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to the version myself. So however you wanna take that That's on you, but this is me talking to myself, and this is what works for me to get over being a bitch. I was calling myself one calling it out, saying how it is. And, again, identifying the problem.

That way, it's a lot of things in life. It's just, like, man up. It's really just man up and handle it. You know? So If I wanna do that, I'm being a bitch.

Yeah. That's just that's how I view it. No. I hear you. I hear you.

When I don't when I don't wanna work out, when I want some ice cream, I'm like, listen, fat boy. Oh, exactly. This is what we're doing. Exactly. Oh, my thought is that's my alter ego, whatever, you know, that boy.

And listen, Pat boy. You don't wanna do this. You wanna you don't wanna do another set? You don't wanna do another thing? It's a bad boy.

Like and that's how I I, you know, I talked to my interbitch. You know? If fat boy's not being a bitch and get this shit done, you know, not being a bitch. You don't need ice cream. Let's go make a protein shake.

Let's get some fruit. Let's go whatever. Let's get this thing. You know? I'm standing in the store, I think I've been I've been doing lately is I I just love ice cream.

That's just that's my that's my bikes, you know, that's my thing. And I I don't know how I figured this out or whatever it is. I just I just go to the ice cream aisle, and I just look. And it's in there. And I just look, oh, yeah.

That would be good. And then when I'm done, I'm, like, satisfied. It's weird. It is weird, but somehow I've come on to this. And then I don't buy the ice cream and I go home.

I'm over it. And I'm over it. It's like really weird. I don't know if you guys wanna give it a try. I just might be weird.

I don't know. It's so strange. And then, you know, and then I don't want the ice cream anymore because I don't have whatever that addiction that gut bacteria thing or whatever it is that's causing me to crayed that ice cream, whatever it is, you know. Sometimes I try to justify to myself. I'm like, I need some I need some glycogen replacement.

I'm like, shut up. Like, how about your lights? Yeah. I was like, this but language, language, listen people. Language is important.

Especially, we're recording this in November 23. Listen to the language around you. Listen to the language or changing language. There this is so important. When you change language, you change words, meaning.

When you change meanings of words, you can change contracts. You change you change these things. You change the laws. You because you've changed the meaning words, Mhmm. Words are very important.

Like I said earlier, especially the word you tell yourself in your head. Be nice to your fucking self. You know what I mean? You might be the only person that's doing it. And and when you when you're able to show up to like that, you you you show up as a different person in the world, and I think you're gonna be able to to to do more things.

You're gonna be able to to get over heart hurdles and all kinds of different things. You're gonna be able to, you know, get in touch with that different part of the universe, get in touch with that those different things that are out there. Yeah. Totally. Totally.

There is a fine line between so I talked to myself pretty harsh. Right? But it's constructive. You know, I laid out how it is. In order for me to understand what's wrong so I can overcome it.

Right? But there was a time where, like, I would talk to myself. And if you would've heard the language I had back then, you'd be like, man, no wonder your life sucks. Right? That's that's how I talk to myself.

And just like you said, words are powerful, and you you you you can speak things into existence, good or bad. Right? Yep. So Yep. Yeah.

I I 100% agree with you. So Yeah. It no Cbo. If you guys don't know, no Cbo's look it up, I'll I'll I'll leave a definition for that. You can trick yourself into making something worse, then it's not.

You can take a sugar pill and you can make it be whatever you can. You can dream yourself into being sick. You can it's it's our minds are powerful. Something something seems like that we connect some different frequency or something in in in the world or the universe, whatever it is. Maybe it's god or whatever you believe, but it seems like somehow our brain maybe it's some type of receiver in a way or or, like, you know, like, a like a radio or a CB radio or something like that.

Somehow, there's seems like there's something out there where where where you're where you can conjure in different frequencies and get in touch with different levels. Good and bad. So you gotta be careful with that. I I don't understand that that negative language. I I never have talked to myself that way.

I mean, I'll tell myself, like, you know, stop, but I I've heard some people talk about how they talk to themselves, and I'm like, Shit. That's harsh. You know? Yeah. I was there.

Yeah. I get that. Yeah. When so you hit rock bottom. You're you're you're you're you got a bucket of piss.

You locked yourself out of the car. You're standing in pajama pants. Yep. What was the action steps? What was what was what was step 1?

What was step 2, 3? Whatever. How many steps you kinda wanna briefly maybe go through or whatever? Yeah. You know, it's It didn't it didn't even start.

They just the thought of, like, that was, like, where I didn't start. Started to have the thought to turn my life around, but I didn't know what to do. Right? And I there's still things I thought I had to do to live, right, survive and everything. So, you know, I think around that time, I decide I gave up on Arizona.

Now I think about it. That's what I want. So I kinda, like, got to the point. I'm like, you know what? That's it.

I'm I gotta get Arizona. Like, my my goal when I was with my ex I was only supposed to come out here for a year and live with her and then go back to California with her. Right? A year later, that didn't happen. Right?

We're still together. We're together for 3 years, and then we broke And then I think in my mind, I had this, like, feeling of a point to I had a point to prove. Right? That's why I stuck around in Arizona longer than I I expected, but, I mean, I kinda liked it more on the east side anyway. So I was just it's not so good.

When I was in Peoria, I didn't like Arizona, but I was in Chandler. I was like, it's not so bad out here. So, anyway, I had tons of justifications while I was sitting out here, but I got to that point. And I thought about things for a while, and this is after the story I just told, And I think I was like, you know, I'm just gonna go back to California. Like, you know, I I had a good life out there.

Worst case, you can get back into construction and everything. Go and figure it out. And I was still working with a network marketing company, and the main organization was in California. So I just felt like I had a lot more opportunity out there. So that was, like, the first step I took.

So I was like, alright. I'm gonna go to California. Right? So I go out to California, and I'm still living in my car. I'm I'm in Orange County because that's what my organization was with a network marketing company.

And I'm establishing myself out there. I was doing actually pretty good. I at the system down. I was with good coaches out there. And my marketing was in colleges and gyms.

Right? This is where I met my clientele. I'm my potential people to work with. Yeah. So I'm there, and this is in 2020.

Right? So I got there in, like, February. And then all of a sudden, you know, around March and, like, I wasn't, like, really paying attention to the news or anything, but Also, and gyms start closing down. And colleges start closing down. Yeah.

I mean, I've been using to make money. 1st college is closed down. I was like, oh, crap. And I was like doing surveys out there to meet people. So I was like, alright.

I'm gonna get get into the gyms. So my my income started to slow down in the network marketing company. So I was like, alright. I need to acts fast because I kinda know what happens when I don't act fast. So I got a job at a gym.

Right? Well, the day I was supposed to start at a Nios out there, all the gyms shut down. Oh, gosh. What do I do? And I'm living in my car showering in a gym.

Right? So I'm like, It goes that? There goes. Yeah. Exactly.

Right? So that was a rough time. But, anyway, long story short, I had to go back to live with mom who lived in Santa Clarita. So I'm living with her, and thankfully, I ended up picking up a little boot camp out there. Uh-uh, I used to work at a kids club when I was eighteen, a child's day care at at a gym.

And one of the parents just reached out, you know, god always sends me enough to get by when I have faith in him. Right? And I had enough faith in him back then. So, like, here you go. So I I picked up a group class out there that was doing a couple times a week, and then I was getting some income to get by.

And then it was wild because, like, gyms opened up again. So I go back to Orange County. Right? And I'm working at Eos, and I go from just a personal trainer and I had an option to be either lead trainer there or, assistant fitness manager. So things were progressing in the right direction.

Right? So I chose lead trainer because I'd rather train than sell training. And Right. When I picked that position, I was in there for, like, couple days and Jim shut down again. Oh my gosh.

So that's mostly alright. I gotta do something. Know, I can't be living with mom forever. I'm in my thirties. This is isn't right.

Right? So I'm looking at Arizona, and Arizona's like, everything's fine. Everything's open. Everybody's living life like normal out here. So I'm like, okay.

Yeah. So I'm like, let me just go out there for a month and see what happens. So I came back out here, and then I got it. Things start progressing the right direction. You know?

So I was making money through the networking company. I was making money as a personal trainer. And then I had a good friend of mine, my best friend John John Carlo. He actually, like, he's like, dude, just just stay with me. So I was like, alright.

Cool. I really appreciate that. So, thankfully, he I let him he let me stay with him for a while. And I was like, making ends meet. At least I wasn't making super decisions and everything, but same old bad habits.

Right? So I got to the point where I started out of tripling again. So I got back stripping again, but at least I had a home to go home to this time because my best friend. Right? But anyway, long story short, I knew things needed to change, but I didn't have the habits to change them.

You know? So praying for answers. This is this is where I was like, god, I know things need to change. I really I just need I just help me, please. And I was waited.

I was waited. And then it's wild because me and me and my best friend, when we go to, Old Town 1 night, right, and we get drunk and everything. We're we're having a great time. And random thought comes in my mind. And my ex girlfriend's sister's husband I saw his he we've we've been cool.

He's an awesome dude. He's always inspired me. When me and my ex first got together, he had he was a realtor, at one property. Right? And then he worked his way up to only, I think, either, like, 16 plus properties at the time.

And, like, he's always been there for me here and there. We we have lunch and everything. We have great talks and so forth. I said, really, I'm like, you know, I'm just gonna hit him up and send him appreciation text. So I sent him an appreciation text and, hey, man.

I appreciate you. They've always inspired me. And then cook, you know, a little run down, I probably felt about him. But then he asked me, I was like, what do you have to these days? I told him my situation And, he's great.

Let's let's let's do something. He he believed in me. Thankfully, someone believed in me, and I'm so grateful for this. His name is Chris. Chris Bowers.

But, yeah, he he believed in me in the point where he wanted to create something with me. And he asked me what I'm good at, and he knows fitness. Right? So I told him about my situation. He's like, well, let's get you a coaching business going.

He was actually working with another coach, Wes Watson, if you hear this guy, this guy's, like, super intense. Like, he went This is what got me with Wes. When I saw Wes, because the way I was feeling, I was so shameful where I'd been in life up until that point. Mhmm. Wes was in jail for 10 plus years.

So, obviously, he did something worse than me. Right? Yeah. In jail, he develops this ridiculous philosophy and mindset, and he comes out just this epitome of a man the way you should be. From the gate leaving jail 5 years later, this guy's making 2,000,000 a month, helping others Yeah.

Overcome their problems. And I saw it. I was like, woah. This dude did it worse than me, and now he's doing it exponentially better than I can even fathom. Right?

So that's what Kickstarter for me. And he's laying down the philosophy. You know? So that that night was the last night I drink. That was it.

West said no drinking. You said, get your wake up time, get your workout, get your, macros. So this I'm running the program that I got from him. Right? So that was what kick started me.

Then working with Chris, Chris, front of the money to start ups, a a coaching program with Wes. Right? So me and Chris, we want 5050 on a business. You know? So, he did the back end.

I did the front end. So he did the initial investment, and then I paid him back through my, what I made through my coaching Right? So, thankfully, if someone has believed in me, I I I even asked for that. I just asked for asking for god. And god sent me way more than I could have even imagined.

Right? But, anyway, I start this coaching program, and I'm getting clientele. And I realized, like, man, I I I'm having a hard time here because I'm coaching people with something that I'm not living. Right? So that's when I I kinda took a step back from it, and I just I said I'm gonna run this myself for a year.

Like, just see what happens. Right? And that's what that's the one that things really kick starter for me. You know, once I made the non negotiable commitment to, you know, the the wake of time, the the the macros, the workout, and then sinking into my character and building it over time. Once I made that nonnegotiable, then, you know, we were ready when I over the rest of the story, but that's that was a that was, the major turning point.

I needed that structure. I needed that discipline. I needed a program that made sense to follow. And Wes was a dude. He was, again, I was so shameful as a man of where I was at, and here's someone that could have been way shame way more shameful than I was, but he wasn't.

He just got his shit together. He'd man the fuck up. Said, I'm gonna turn this around and become the man that I meant to be, and he did it. And that's what I saw. And then he broke down how I how he did it in a way that I could follow and has ran with it.

Yeah. If you guys don't know West, this guy is amazing. I'll link to him his IG and the and, his YouTube and whatever. And the Jonas, this guy's amazing. He he he he lives it.

Like like Turner said, his guy was in jail. He could have been gone back to that old life, whatever. But he's created an incredible thing. He's helped guided to Tamerus. I've seen him help.

Other guys come out of prison. This guy has an amazing YouTube channel. He's an amazing I IG. I highly recommend if you're looking for something like Tamara was talking about, this guy, he is a he is a fucking amazing guy. I'll link that for you guys.

Oh, that's crazy that you you connect with him. That's awesome. I I love his I love his stuff. Yeah. It it really was awesome.

Latching. At 1 month in this program, that's all I needed. You know? I'm, yeah, I'm kind of the type of. Yeah.

If it makes sense to me and I can see the direction it goes. Yeah. I'll run it. Like, I'm I'm a committed dude. Like, everything I get into, and I'm really passionate about, I will dive into that good or bad.

Right? I'm building a lot of things that fucked my life up. But the good stuff, like, a program like that Salas. I got it. You know, it makes sense to me.

I will I don't have any questions. You know, he's broken down a way that made sense. I'm just gonna run it and see what happens and never never fucking sucked. And what's cool is this time, I committed a 100%. Cause I've gotten a multiple things where I'm like, I'll run with it to a point where I'm not seeing the results that I want.

Or I get distracted or, like, you know, just move on whatever outside sources, you know, gets me off the path. This time I'm like, no matter what. That that was huge. The the nonnegotiable commitment to it. That was a game changer right there.

So Yeah. That's a lot of this. That that's a key thing you said at the end there. Lot of people, they don't make that commitment. You know, the was it the old adage or whatever it is?

You know, you wanna how do you take the eye? And you gotta burn the boats. Yeah. 100%. That's it.

You gotta commit. You gotta commit a 100%. And that's the thing. I do it. Don't don't give me wrong people.

I do it. We we all I know we all do it. You try something sounds fun and but you're not committed to it because you're like, you know, whatever. And then you don't and then you wonder why it doesn't work is because you're not committed to doing it. Not gonna be like we talked about earlier.

Not committed to that 100 days. You're not committed to that 6 months. You're not committed to that 12 months. You're not committed to these things. That's why we're not gonna see results.

That's super powerful guys. Listen to that. Listened back to what Tamara was saying Mhmm. That that's that's good. Still kind of blowing my mind.

You know you know, Wes. Yeah. He's he's so he's so crazy. I just let what a I don't know him. I see his content.

What a great seeming guy. He's he seems amazing. What is something that happened along this journey that you didn't expect to happen. Oh, a lot. Like, gosh, the blessings, man.

Like, just how things worked out in ways that were better than I could have even imagined, you know, just the initial conversation with I sent a gratitude text to to a buddy that I stayed in contact with. All of a sudden, I'm 5050 in a business. Right? Yeah. Yeah.

And then that was awesome. And then, like, we we tried that for a while. He's a real estate guy. He does very well on real estate. Do you guys have any real estate needs?

I would say he's the guy to go to. Right? So what what what where the disconnect was, I handled the front end where I was taking care of the clients, and he handled the back end of, like, the the business side of things. So there was a big disconnect between the two of us because he was so busy with his real estate, I feel like. And then I I I guess I didn't really dive into it because I wasn't seeing the what I needed to see out of the right away.

Back to my old habits, you know, I need to see money right away because I was barely getting by. Right? But, anyway, another thing that happened, like, for we parted ways on good terms. Right? So once we parted ways, now I'm sole owner of my business, And once that happened, I'm like, I have full control, and I just really dove into it.

And once that happened, my life just flips. Like, once that's I didn't see that coming. We just had a conversation one day. He told me, like, his what what he thought about where we were. And, again, we left on good terms.

Right? And, like, Alveston now, and he got me helping get started him with my business all my own. And now, like, gosh, like, I have a 100% complete control of my finances. My life. Right?

Once you do that, once you take control of your finances, you have control of your life, really. The way I, you know, can manage and take care of my clients and everything. Everything just flip for me and change, like, with that. So those 2 were huge. Would say those are the bit.

I know there's more. Arts of parts. Yeah. Yeah. It it's awesome because, like, when I ask god for something with a 100% faith that he's gonna take care of me, He usually gives me something greater than I ever asked for.

You know? So it's along the lines of it, but I am bummed more than I could have asked for. Right? Right. And and the more that happens, because This time's where it happens.

It's happened so many times in my life, but I just forget over time. Right? And the the more I build my relationship with him and put full faith in him, now I know. Like, when I asked for something, I give it to you. I'm just gonna keep doing those 4 things I talked about earlier.

Right? Being the best man that I could be on the daily basis moments a moment, and then, boom, huge blessing out of nowhere. It's like, holy crap. Coming. Thank you so much.

Oh, yeah. So You know, something that you you made me think about is as you're telling this this this store here is to tell people in our lives how much we appreciate them. Mhmm. Your your employees, your mother, your father, your brother, whoever it is, a random person like you're saying that helped you before. I I think a fun exercise we can do.

If you guys haven't tried it, I'll give it a try. Send out some thank you cards like OG Go down to Walmart or whatever, Amazon, whatever your thing is, pick up some thank you cards. Doesn't have to be crazy. It's gonna be a lot. Maybe make your own and just write a little something to somebody.

No expectations. It's the key people. No expectations. Yeah. We'll be riding the motherfuckers trying to like, listen, if I got this guy to talk to me again, maybe we could know No expectations.

Just to be, hey, dude. I appreciate your friendship. We're gonna talk tomorrow. I hope everything's great. We'll send out in the mail.

Mhmm. Or shoot a shoot a piece of random people text messages, dude. This is powerful, man. Showing people that that you appreciate them, your employees, especially whatever maybe role you have, even if it's just your colleague and stuff like let people know you appreciate them. You don't know how shitty people's lives or how shitty people's having a day or whatever it is.

And just saying, dude, hey. I appreciate you. Thank you. Hey. Man, thanks for spotting me.

Thanks for helping me in that project. I appreciate you covering me in the meeting. Whatever it is. Let people know you appreciate them. It's powerful.

I think that is something that missing a little bit from our societies, letting people know we appreciate them. I would take that. That's a good that's a good little challenge. I think we should we should, we should be doing. So you talked earlier about habits, adding them, removing them, Mhmm.

If you can think back to what was or is the most important habits, either you added or you removed. Yeah. So anything that was causing a backward step in my life. Right? So for sure, any vice, any sorts of instant gratification, those are all backward steps, right, because you know, you you may feel great in the moment, but does it cause you true fulfillment?

No. Is it adding value to your life? No. Is it getting you closer to your purpose? No.

It's definitely not. Right? So anything along those lines are are solid. No. And you gotta be real with yourself because if you gotta justify why you need something or why you know, you want something that's obviously you don't need to justify things that are good.

It's just obviously that they're good. Right? It's obviously performing in the right direction. So, uh-uh, I personally just say no to alcohol, no to drugs, 100% sober. It's cut that out.

I knew for a fact there's no positive to any of that, right, in in my opinion, I think my opinion's pretty solid on this one. There's no positive benefits to any of that. It's literally a poison that's messing you up physically, emotionally, was making all sorts of stupid decisions that were regulated. Anything that brings me regret, I needed to eliminate from my life. Right?

So I can't cause my own regrets. So drinking was huge. Uh-uh. Oh gosh, man. Even if you added something, whatever.

Either way, add a remove. Whatever you feel like was really things. It was so much our move because the process of removal is is huge, you know, the bad eating, the pleasure seeking. Right? One of my biggest vices that took it's I'm I still it's a still a hard one for me to battle today, but I'm a lot more solid now is is lust, like, anything lustful.

I had to get rid of seeking out, you know, hookups, random hookups, random pleasure seeking like that. I had to get rid of it, you know, because there's hook up, sir. It's it's you can't just do I you can't just do, like, a just It isn't just what it is. The hookup is is more to an emotional level. You're literally connecting this this person on a spiritual level, and they're a part of you.

Now Right? And then that brings emotions that carry on to whether it's regret or negative emotion. That just pulls you from your purpose, your focus on life. Right? So I had limited all that.

Jet. Gosh. This is so much. Like, this is the best How about something? How about something you added that maybe made a really big impact?

You maybe didn't even realize it at the time. Well, the, I The big things I added, those 4 things. Right? My wake up time? Yeah.

That alone, when you're committed to waking by 4 AM, you're limiting a lot of bullshit. You gotta rearrange and prioritize your Right? So that was huge. And the reason I wake up that early is because no one else is up, and I have a good solid 4 hours in my day to set my mind right. Right?

So I get up. I have a process that I start building my frequencies. I used to be the biggest bitch first thing in the morning. I was wake up. There's negative as shit especially when I was in my dark time.

And then I would sit in bed, and I'd start scrolling on my phone just trying to, like, find some sort of hit a dopamine. Right? So I I'm a made all that bullshit. So I I got it right away. Right?

And then I'm building this this this the frequencies, building my vibrations and stuff. Right? So, anyway, the work of time. Yeah. I can go more into that.

Don't go. Go. Go. Yeah. So that process of building myself the 1st 4 hours a day is something I added also.

And it used to taking a solid 4 hours at least to, like, be some sort of, like, positive. You know, I may have come across as a happy guy or used to come across happy guy, but my mind was so fucked. I was so negative. Right? And I was doing everything that I could before my program, before my process, it would take me all day to build a positive vibe.

And then towards the end of the night, right, I'm like, okay. Cool. I I finally, like, go okay about myself. Then I go fuck off with my vices and fuck myself over and wake up the next morning, and I'm not fucking at a square one again. Right?

So Yeah. This, again, that's why I get so, like, my mind's twisted on what I removed because I removed so much. But, anyway, the the morning wake up time in that process of, like, building my frequency is first thing. Right? Building the high vibration, you know, our priority is straight.

That used to take me 4 hours at least, and then I try to go into my day and start from there. Now I'm like, I still wake up a bitch, but I overcome that right away. You know, once I I needed a process to wake up, get this, dude. So my lights turn on automatically in my room. You can set a timer.

Nice. At 350, I have my lights. I have my lights turn on at 50%. Mhmm. That wouldn't wake me up.

4 o'clock, my lights would turn on a full blast. That wouldn't wake me up. And at 4:0:5, I have 2 alarms that go off on different parts of my room. That will wake me up, and I gotta get up and shut off the alarm. Right?

And I used to need all that to get my ass out of bed now when the first lights go on, I'm like, up. I'm I'm good. Let's let's go crush a day. But there is an initial time period right when I open my eyes where it's like, bitch. It's all I can do or anything.

I hate my life, but now, like, instantly, I'm like, oh, let's go. Don't think to get up, do hop into a cold shower. And once I'm, you know, up and going, I'm I'm good. So and now I don't need that full 4 hours, you know, to to set my vibe. Right?

It's it's some usually within 30 minutes, I'm like, fuck. Yeah. Let's fucking crush it today. You know? So but the morning process was huge for me.

I would say, you know, a process to build unique systems, the opposite side of your weaknesses, and that was the system that I needed. My weakness was that I'm a bitch. My my process was I got a process that builds the frequencies and builds my vibration to bring the right vibe, build myself up, like I'm being a better self for me the rest of the day. That was huge. Next, go into the workout, and this is part of that process.

Working out every single morning, when you wake up, you just gotta stack wins all day. If you feel like a loser, start stacking wins until you feel like a winner and little stuff, little stuff. I I I I have so many processes. I like, the numbers app on Apple because I can make checklists on there. So I had to make daily checklists of things that I'm doing.

And every little check I put on there is a win. So, I got this from Ed Mylet, and I doped this more as I got more solid in my program, but I split my day up into 3 different days, right, 6 hour blocks. And I have certain tasks I need to complete within these 6 hour blocks. And those are every time I check something out, that's a win. So it's win win win win win win over time.

And stacking wins throughout the day, and then I had my day like, man, I I I did okay today. And it took me a while to feel like, man, I feel good now, but I felt like such a loser for so long, but now I'm just sacking wins for you. I'm like, let's fucking keep killing it. You know? So Yes.

That's something I added. But the morning workout is part of that stacking the winds because you get into the gym, you start crushing PRs. PRs, you know, you're doing stuff you've never done before physically. You still good. You can't not feel good for doing that.

Right? So never missing a workout with somebody added to. That's huge. And plus, like, I look in the mirror now and be like, fuck. Yeah.

I get to walk around in that body. Yes. I don't mean to be cock cocky, but I worked hard for this. Right? And I'm not confident with myself because I feel like I look good.

So that was huge for me. Hitting the macros too, that's also huge because not only, I mean, I'm bringing back building muscle, more sustained energy throughout the day. Right? My mind is more clear because I'm not feeling my body with garbage. There's just so many positives to that.

Right? So that was something I added also. And the list can go on to you. I think, man, like No. Yeah.

No. That's great. I love that. I I think some of the toughest people need to hear. I mean, Man, I want I'm trying to think back to, like, where do I want?

Why would I wanna go with this? That wake up time. I I love that morning that morning wake up. I used to be, like, a 9 o'clock kind of guy. Mhmm.

Same. And but I wake up. I'm, like, ready to go. I don't like sleeping in. Like, I feel like I'm wasting.

I don't I've always been like, though. I'm some something's wrong in my brain. I don't understand. I never had that problem, but I didn't like waking up early. Then I started transitioning to waking up earlier and earlier.

Having a kid, it really helps if you guys know what I mean out there to have children. But now 5, 5:30, I'm up. Like, no alarm clock. Like, once you get that, like, you're saying earlier, once you get that kind of going, it just happens. It's like natural.

Tired at, like, 9 at 8:30, 9 o'clock at night. I'm up 5, 5:30. No. No thing. And but it's that like you're saying that east in that morning, Mhmm.

Or when he's awake, most of the world is still fucking sleeping. Everybody Yep. See now it's getting a little cold out. Everybody's under their blankets. Everybody's having all you fuckers.

They're under your blankets. I'm out. I'm I'm going already. You know, there's an advantage to that. You know?

Yep. You don't gotta be a 4 o'clock guy like Tamaris. You don't gotta be a 5, 5, 30 guy like me. But I would challenge you. Whatever you wake up now, wake up an hour earlier.

Run that in your life. If you think you ain't got time for shit, guess what? You wake up an hour earlier. You're gonna have time for shit. You know?

America's just saying too, a lot of people, I don't do this. I hear it. Thankfully, nobody in my house does it. You wake up in the morning, you reach over and you grab your fucking phone. Let's stop that.

Let's try at least 30 to 60 minutes from when you wake up. Don't touch your phone. Yep. If somebody's dead, they're already dead, you're not gonna the text message is not gonna help. Okay?

It's not a big deal. So just try that. And have that you have that 1 hour 30 minutes in the morning with no distractions. Do your thing you're gonna be able to do these things you wanna do. Go and get your ass out.

You go for a walk 10 fucking minutes. If you don't do that stuff, you start doing, that's a big difference in your life, or hit a workout, whatever you know, next step you need to do. Those are the things you're saying, I don't got time for. Hey. Maybe you got you you wake up an hour early night.

You got time to meditate. At 10, 15, 5 minutes, 1 minute, whatever it is you need to do. This is powerful shit. Like, Tamara's just talking about. I'm trying to think of one of the other things you hit on, but, like, just those two things.

Try wake up an hour earlier. And try not to touch your phone for 30 to 60 minutes. I promise you're not gonna miss anything unless you're an ER doctor, maybe, you know, whatever. But stop. They'll make excuses in your head why I'm wrong and why you gotta check your phone.

I guarantee it's bullshit. Those two things, they're gonna they're gonna change your life. They're really gonna change your life. I like that. I know you got, you know Every morning.

Yeah. I love this book right here. 177 mental toughness secrets of the world class. It's just it's like one topic a day. Right?

So for me, like, my mind was such a bitch in the morning, so I needed to do build a strength on the opposite side of that. Right? So I started working on myself and build my vibrations with that. So, I my this is my morning, routine when it comes to my post and my stories. I got this from West, but it it helped me immensely because one of the things that he has me do is post a positive quote.

Well, if I'm negative, I gotta start thinking positive every single morning to come up with something good to put that everyone else is gonna see. Right? So that puts me forcing me to put thought into positivity. So that, you know, right away, within 30 minutes, I'm already thinking of, like, okay. What's something positive to put out there?

Right? So that was huge. And then from there, I needed so much work on myself and that there's times where, like, I wouldn't be doing that properly throughout my day. But now with this book, I just pick a topic of day, and I'm going in order, And then I make my my my my video posts on that on my phone. Right?

So now I gotta, like, really put solid thought into this and then speak on camera, on this topic. Right? So now I'm, like, really reflecting, I read the post. So I'm reading something positive in the morning or the the page. And then from there, the video gets me thinking, like, and reflecting, like, what do this mean to me in my life?

What have I gone through, like, relates to this post? And then how can I convey this in a way that makes sense of the people and helps them with what they're going through? And that within, like, the first I get that done within an hour a half, I think, of being awake. So that just, like, kickstarts my mind in the right direction every single morning. So that was huge for me too.

Yeah. He's got some great posts to guys. Check out his IG. He's he shares a pages from that book. There are a lot of good stuff in there.

I like to I like to pop in and and look at what you got posted in there. It's a it's a that goes back to this thing. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Robert Green and stuff. He talks about this idea of a live ideas and debt ideas. So a debt idea is just something like a quote or a thing you read, and you're like, okay.

Cool. And you don't put any thought into. You don't you don't internalize it. You don't you don't have, any reference. You don't you don't think about it ever since a live idea, It's something that you're saying.

You read that and you go, oh, is that true? You know, what? How do I feel about this? You start formulating your own things. And this is how you think This is how you do these things.

That's a great thing. Listen, guys. Books. These are the cheapest fucking cheat codes to life. Mhmm.

20 bucks less thirty bucks. Fuck. Get a Kindle. Get the Kindle up on your phone. 99¢ free.

Google's got free books, Amazon. Listen. These things you guys should be investing in. It doesn't gotta be crazy. You don't gotta go out and re fucking warranty or whatever, but a book simple like Tamara has.

They got these daily things. I love I got some but the daily books around. We just open it up to a page. It's fucking November 10th. You just boom.

That's today's thing. I if you guys answer, I'll link to some of these daily reads like this. These things like Tamara is saying, they set your mind off in the correct direction. They set you what we're talking about earlier, getting your brain tuned to these different frequencies in the world get you aligned with different thoughts, get different patterns. You get we need a different thinking of different ideas.

There's a lot of power to that. I I I love that, Tamara. Totally. Yeah. And some of these topics, man, I'll read them and, like, someone will be like, alright.

That's cool. I I saw a long way to go with that, but I can see, like, direction I'm going now. Someone was like, man, I've come so far with this topic. And, like, I wouldn't have thought about that unless I read that that day. I was like, man, it helps you really reflect on how far I've come.

And I I I went all the way through the book. Yeah. I love this. Like, I'm just not realizing this. I love this because I've gone through the book once and I just restarted it.

Right? So now I'm doing the videos again. It's a 170 day 7 days. It's pretty much 6 months. Right?

It's half a year. Now I'm going through this book again 6 months later, and I'll make my video, and then I'll relate it to the video I made 6 months ago. I'm like, so excited of how far I've come. So it's almost like a little video journal or documentary that I'm making for myself. So Yes.

Yes. I know that's I love that. When you look back in your journal, and you're like, oh, shit. What did I think about on this topic a year ago? Yeah.

Shit. Like, where was I thinking about? Where was I at? That's that's I love that dude. That's pretty cool.

Yeah. I think I'll link to that I'll link to that book for you guys if you're interested in it. Well, I didn't do that purposely. It just kinda happened out that way. I'm like, dude, this is so huge for me.

So yeah. Yeah. Look back at your journals, folks. Look back at these things. You write.

Whether it's like Tamara does these video logs, whether it's a actual journal, and reread books. That's a thing. I think people are the the they wanna fill these shells. They wanna impress people with a reading list. The power comes in, like Bruce Lee said, it's not I don't fear the guy that knows 10,000 kicks.

I fear the guy that knows one kick. He's practiced 10,000 times. Read read books, reread these things, go back and rewatch these things. I love that. That's that's super powerful.

Cool. Yep. So you in the fitness, health industry, and whatnot or whatever. What are 2 or 3 of the most overlooked or dismissed things you see in that industry? Macros do not.

Yeah. Rose everyone. It's macros are the secret. It's it's Yeah. It's like it's man, everyone wants to fight it.

It's it's just science. It's the way the body works. Like, you're literally putting food into your body at certain ratios that's gonna either get you towards your goal or get you further away from your And that's it. It's just it's just the way it is. And when you accept that and you start following the right plan that has you burning muscle or burning fat and building muscle, that's what's gonna happen.

Right? But if you don't follow that and you eat whatever you want, who knows what you bite? Oh, I didn't know what your bite is gonna end up like, but you probably don't know because you just don't believe it. That's that's That's, like, one of the most overlooked things I would say. That mobility training.

Yeah. That's dude, I I slept on that for a long time, man. I I wanna say I come from the old school. Kinda I'm about 10 years older than you, man. Stretching, I wasn't for dudes.

You know? When when I played football and I said, man, you you just, like, Okay. I'm yeah. Alright. Oh, here.

Let's go. It's warm up. We're more talking about it. It was, like, the most bullshit thing ever. Yep.

I I mean, I remember I remember when it must've been high school, maybe auto high school. We used to be like, we we we used to to, like, brag about how we couldn't touch our shoulders. Look how jacked I am. I can't even touch my shoulders. Like, you know, I remember I had those days too, bro.

After a solid army, there was days I couldn't push my neck. Yeah. Shower. I was like, oh, man. Yes.

Don't sleep on mobility people. Man, especially if you start getting older, I'm, I think I'm 44 now. Don't ask me. I don't know. But you start the joints get a little if you're not tight, you the joints get tight, and we sit a lot.

Like, right now, I'm standing up on my standing desk. These things, most people can't get up off the ground without assistance. You can't. Most people, you can't get off of a chair without having to push yourself and hold yourself. Like, And when I learn those things, I was like, okay.

I'm not gonna use my hands when I stand up. I'm not gonna use my hands when I get out of a chair. I'm not gonna use my hands when I sit down. I try sit down. Like, just stand up and just sit down on the ground without using your Most people fall in their fucking ass.

Mhmm. You know? But as you start to get older and older and older, look at your parents, look at your grandparents, your aunties, uncles, whoever it is, look around the older population. They can't move. I think we really slept on this mobility thing for way too long.

Get into yoga. Get into these things. There's lots of cool mobility stuff. Tamara, so we'll kick your ass. I see him do it all the time on training.

You know, you can have you know, it's fun. I I've I've been doing this. I just got shit in my living room. And, you know, I got this little balance board. I got some slack box.

You're just fucking around your living room. Watching TV, you're watching a game, you're just standing around, you're just fucking around, you're on the phone or something that, take phone calls, stand up, walk around. Like, dude, that, like, my grandma, she she had her knee replaced. And, you know, and I was like, I told her, I was like, you just need exercise. You need to just do these things.

She's like, oh, I can't. And I'm like, that's the kinda kept 22 of it. You can't move and you can't exercise in your sword because you can't exercise and you can't move, you gotta start just even just walking standing up. That's something we gotta stop sleeping on. Mhmm.

I agree. You know what changed again for me? I what I was, like, 18, probably 16. No. I I played hockey growing up.

And when I was sixteen, I went up an age group. I was a big kid on the recon. All of a sudden, now I'm a little guy in the recon, get me tossed around. That's why I was like, I gotta put on some sides here. So I started with the thing.

Didn't know what I was doing. My dad had a weight set in the garage. I just started using it. Just pushing up weight. Form was horrible.

You know, I was, yeah, I I probably did more damage and good at the time, you know, but put on muscle. And then around 18, I'm started, like, really getting the hang of things, at least working out wise. I'm building muscle at the time. Eagle lifting. Right?

So Yeah. Gosh. I was so so many injuries. Anyway, long story short is I get to around, like, 22 ish. I'm pretty pretty built at this time.

But I go to a free running gym, tempest free running academy in Northridge, California, and there's kids have my size doing stuff I physically couldn't do. I'm like, dude, this is why do I even have these muscles? Like, what's the what's the point? So Yeah. I literally I quit weightlifting at that point.

Right then and there. I quit weightlifting for, like, 6 years. All I did was, out movement based fitness. So I I didn't mark 1 free running first. And then I got into calisthenics after that and then jawwarriors solid training.

And then I did I did those for, like, a solid 6 years. And then That was, like, 23 ish, 24 ish up until I was 30. And then, like, 29 probably, like, 29, I started picking up weightlifting again. And then my end of my thirties, I I got more into weight lifting again too. So but now I have the mobility and the strength.

So it's pretty cool. But even back then, like, I was stronger than I was when I just weight lifted when I just did mobility training. So I was stronger and more functional, and I could do cool shit. That was, like, the coolest part. Yeah.

The skills that came with it. So That's something that I really, learned to appreciate through ACRO realizing how inflexible I was and how weak I was in these weird ranges of most. Like, I I never in my life thought I needed strong wrists. Who would think you need strong wrists? Right.

But I'm like, I got these I I got some decent forums, you know, and I was like, I can lift people off. I go, whatever. And then you get a I'm like, oh my god. My wrists are gonna explode. You know?

Right. We gotta pick up a human on one hand. It's crazy. Yes. And there's there's studies and stuff like that that can predict, longevity and stuff like that, about based on your grip strength.

Just be able to hang and whatnot and stuff like that. If you're in a kitchen, you can't open a jar. That's a that's like a silent marker of poor health. So if you are one of those people, You're in there. You can't open a jar.

Listen. Let's get into some of these things. It's not hard to get a light kettlebell. Do these light body weight movements. These there's lots of things to do.

Hanging work work on working on your hanging, which increases your green strip and all of that. And not to mention, I wanna say I've probably lengthened out inch and a half, 2 inches maybe. When I first went, I pulled up bar from my garage. I could barely put my toes on the ground. Not my whole foot's on the ground.

Alright. Cool. So it's like it's a it's a interesting how these different things, you know, happen, but these little things as you get older and you get into I'm not that very old, but when you get into my age, you start you start to these injuries, old injuries creep up, these things, you know, think about your parents or whatever, and you can't open jars and stuff like that or whatever. It's different things. And like I said, ACRA, it's a fun way to get them develop some of this stuff, develop the hamstring flexibility.

To develop the hint, the hip mobility, develop the shoulder mobility. Like I said, strong wrists. They're a fun thing when you got them. Let me tell you. Yeah.

Yep. The strength of skill is so much fun. Yeah. I definitely can tell that. Yep.

But going back to the overlooks, use a fitness. For sure the macros, right, that makes the difference. And then from there, it's following the right training program with the right intensity. And then, oh, consistency and time of the game. Many people what I hear so much in the gym, I'm just getting back into things.

That is the hardest phase. Why why do that to yourself? I know people say that so much. I'm like, dude, getting back into it is a hard start. Once you get into it and you get going, and then you can sistent over time.

It gets easy. It's so balls, and you start to, like, really enjoy the process that you're going through, but getting into it sucks. That's why I don't miss. I don't wanna get back into it. I'm not I'm never gonna pull I'm always into it.

Right? And so that's how I view it. But, yeah, when you hit your macros and you're working out with the right intensity every single day, and I don't kill it every single day. Right? I I work out every day, never miss, and that's for the mental, but I don't destroy myself every single day.

I go on ways of intensity to allow my my body to recover. But when you have the right program that you're following with the right intensity and then you're consistent when time time time in the game over time, you're gonna see the results that you want. And the longevity in the body, of course. That's that's the main goal. Right?

You wanna you don't wanna get old and not be able to move. You don't wanna feel bad over time. Right? And that's it's just gonna happen if we're not moving on the daily. So Yeah.

That's that's that's one thing I thought in my genius twenties. I was like, I have lifted more weights than most people ever will. I can't possibly get fat. I don't need I'm like, I'm tired. I'm I I don't feel like lifting anymore.

I was probably my mid twenties. I'm like, I'm not playing sports anymore. I'm not doing anything anymore. I was like, I can't get fat. I'm too fit.

Well, that's wrong. You're saying, guys, Renata, it's just wrong. Yeah. I agree on you. Fun to start again.

Yep. Yeah. It creeps up on you too over time. Yes. Like, obviously, you look look yourself in the mirror, like, holy crap.

Where where did all this come from? But it's been like building over time. You know? Yes. Yeah.

I I came back from vacation in I think it was 2019. And I was like, man, fucking fat. And I was like, I didn't realize it, but I was, I I was buying a shirt or buying a shorts or something like that. And I was like, like, I put on the extra large, and I was like, woah. We'll tell you the news to be honest.

And that's in fact. Boy, I was like, I'm not buying a 2 x. I was like, fuck this. I left the store. I said, hell no.

And then I I was like, I I can't not do this anymore. So, yeah, that don't start again. If you if you if you've already stopped, get back on the train as fast as possible, even if it's just light things that we talked about walking body waste off, there's so many things out there. There's guys like Tamara. There is Tamara.

There's there's videos. There's so much things, all of that stuff. Yeah. Just something every day. Just a little bit.

You know? And you start where you're at. Everyone starts somewhere. Never be discouraged of where you're starting. Everyone starts somewhere.

You just take that starting point and you you just go. Just go consistently. And all of a sudden, 2 months later, you you you see how far you come in that 2 months, and it may not be very far, or it could be. It just kinda depends on, you know, who you are. All of a sudden, 3 to 4 months later, 6 months later, and especially a year later, when you look back and you've been consistent for a year, like, really consistent putting in the work for a year, There's no way you're not gonna see results.

Yeah. I thought I was in such good shape a year ago. And now, like, looking at myself from the year I put in from then to now, I'm like, holy crap. I I have come a long way. I've almost come further than I have in the the previous 5 to 10 years.

Right? So But that's consistently the time of the game it never missing. That's the power I've never missing right there. So Yeah. And it's funny because when I when I watch you at ACRO, I think back to myself, when I first saw the ACRA, and I'm like, you're big, you're strong, and it's just like, it's just funny because I'm and I'm like, I'm I see you and I'm like, oh, Tamara, so I know it.

It's it's not strange, buddy. It's not strange. You're gonna get it. You're gonna get it so soon. It's it's fun it's fun to watch.

It's good. What is what is some of the the common coaching struggles you you face, whether it's it's you as a coach or you coaching your clients or maybe a mixture of the 2. Yeah. So what I figured out as an in person personal trainer, people do not see the results with in person personal training. Right?

Because what they do is they see you maybe once or twice a week and who knows what they do outside of that. Actually, I do know because they don't they never change. What your value is is people's habits and discipline. You know what I mean? So and that's what that's why I like my coaching program.

I'll go back to that. I'll hop into that in a second because, like, you need a more structured program that people need to follow more than that one to two times that they see you, we three tops, and that's super rare. Right? What I love about my coaching program is I got an app where I have a full workout program that people can follow. So it has videos and everything too.

So now they get whatever they're availability I recommend that they work out at least 4 to 5 times a week on the minimum while I make them programs, like, 5, 6, 7 days a week that they can follow. And they have a full workout program. They check into their app. They see what they're doing daily. Right?

So now they're consistent with their workouts every single day and they know what they're doing. That's huge. Consistency with the right workout program, I just make sure that they know the intensity, and they're good to go on the workouts. From there, you gotta know nutrition, and that that comes down to the macros. And this is my program too.

I'm really good at looking at someone, seeing where they're starting at and what their goals are and everything. I can figure out someone's macros. I can get them real shredded. Right? They follow my my my macro program.

You know? So I'll get them on the macros, but that's the easy stuff. So it's just like I plug that in. I got the I got the programs. I I know what people need to do for the workouts.

I know typically do for the macros. Now I gotta overcome their discipline. I gotta overcome their vices. I gotta overcome the other distractions that are gonna pull them away from fitness. Gotta overcome the confidence that they may not have with themselves.

Right? Yeah. Yeah. And and that's the hard part, you know, because you're literally stepping into a new version of yourself when comes to that. A lot of the people, they they never worked out before.

They never been consistent with anything in their life. Right? So how are they gonna expect to be consistent with working out? And that's what the mindset portion of my program comes comes in. Right?

So if I can help these people become consistent, if I can help them build confidence in this. If I can get them to set for the gym going on a daily basis, that's huge. You know? And then from there, battling foods. If I can get these people to eliminate all the sources of instant gratification with their foods, uh-uh, they start following the macro program.

That's that's when we start really start seeing results. So the the biggest hurdle is not the workouts. It's not the macros. It's a it's it's the habits and I guess, the version of self that they are at that at that current point in time and helping them transition to a whole new version of themselves, that's why I love my coaching programs. That's what it's about.

It's not just fitness. It's not just nutrition. It's a mindset and the person that you're becoming as an overall within the program. You just don't get that within person personal training. You know?

Yeah. Yeah. You get form, which is great. You get form because everyone needs to have proper form. I I really think form is important.

You get encouragement and accountability. Right? That's what you get from the in person personal trainer. But there needs to be so much more, especially when someone has never been fit in their life before, you you're creating a new version itself, right, and that needs more attentive, I guess, structure and discipline when it comes to that. And that's what my programs are about.

So, overcoming that was, like, the biggest hurdle I would say. What what's your thoughts on cheat day's cheat meals? I don't call them cheap. You know, cheat days? No.

Don't don't do a full cheat game, man. You go off the wagon with that. You know what I mean? Uh-uh achievement. So so what's cool on macros is, technically, anything is fine as long as it fits your numbers.

Right? So any food is fine as long as it fits your numbers. You just gotta pay attention to what foods make you feel, what ways. Right? So how I train my clients is.

Let's say they're gonna go out to dinner or have a celebration or whatever. The holidays are coming up. You can enjoy it. Go ahead and enjoy it, but I train them in a way where they're able to eat the rest of the day a certain way, super lean, right, or, like, and then they can go off of how they're cheap meal, whatever, and then not worry because they're not going pleak the overboard on all their macro stuff the whole day. And it's all about building the right habits and the right mindset of things and also about the way to make you feel, you know, because if he hoots that make you feel like shit, you're gonna feel like shit.

And you start once you feel good for so long, you eat eat those food and feel like shit again, it's like, is that really even worth it? You know? So Yeah. That's how I view it, but I would never have someone do a full cheat day, right, because that negates all your pro your progress, you know, it's 35100 calories and one pound of fat. You know?

If you go, like, off the bat, you know, 6, you know, 7000 calories in one day. Now you're negated all the work you did for the whole week. You know? So It is not it's not it's not hard to do, guys. I mean, go to Costco and get, like, a cheese pizza.

It's, like, 4000 calories. I can fucking wipe that out. So easy. Yep. You know?

What what where's a good place for people to connect it to you on this stuff, Tamara? Instagram. Instagram? Okay. I'll link for that if you guys have shown us.

Don't worry about it. If you're driving or whatever, I'll link to Tamara's Instagram. And everybody can just jump in the DM or whatever, and then it's your help, and you can talk to them about whatever coaching and stuff. Yep. I put it all out there.

I put my life on Instagram. What I'm about, how I you know, the journey I'm going through, my coaching program, it's all on Instagram. And I respond to all my DMs. So That's perfect. I think I said it, guys, I'll link it out.

Tamara, on the on the social community show, I like to do we like to do a weekly challenge to help our listeners implement, you you know, an idea or a concept for this episode. Maybe something not at all we even talked about. What I'd like to do is I'd like to issue you the opportunity to challenge the listeners and the viewers out there for something that that they could do for a week. You for a week. What I would say and this is what, like, really changed the game for me.

Whether you take out a notebook, I I yeah. Take out a notebook and write this down. Just the vision that you would have of the person that you admire in every single way. Right? So just take the time 15, 20 minutes or an hour.

I always spend a lot of time into this and write down that perfect vision, a 10.0 version of yourself. When it comes to the way you act, who you are, the way you look, the life you're living, the relationships you have, and how you are with your, you know, your spiritual I got an acronym that I go off of. This is a prism. So it's ambition, physical, resid or, yeah, residual, which is, like, your money. Right?

And then intellectual, spiritual, and mental. So those are the 4 the the 6 categories that I go into, but maybe just create something. The categories of your life that you want to have that 10.0 version of yourself and write it down, write it down, and then have 2 lists. Anything that's gonna pull you away from that version of yourself, write all that down. And everything that's gonna excel you towards that version of yourself, write all that down too.

Now we just started attacking those lists out the week. Sweet. Could you share a quick version of what that looks like for you? Yeah. So, like, I mean, physicals need to start with jack as fuck, mobile, you know, good at all the acronyms stuff too.

Like, I just wanna be Jack. I wanna put on some more sides. Right? So I have this vision of how I wanna look the the physical skills that I wanna have, that's on my list. Right?

Finances have been a huge struggle in my life, and I'm gonna overcome shit, and I'm gonna build wealth. So that ver the best version of myself, he's amazing with his finances. He's built the wealth. He's overcome his struggles. Right?

So intellectual, that's like the stuff that you need to know to get what you need to get done for your goals. Right? So me to hit my financial goals, that's gonna take some intellect. That's gonna take, a system, their skills where, like, the right know how to do so. So a knowledgeable person, a knowledgeable knowledgeable version of myself against, like, spiritual, just 100% connected with god.

Like, his purpose for me, I get it. We're on path. Me and him were, like, best friends. But anything he says to do, I'm gonna do it because I trust hand. That's like my spiritual.

The mental is not being a fucking bitch overcoming anything that makes me the inner bitch a 100% in control of that. Right? But on top of that, I don't wanna be someone that's weak to my vices. I wanna be super strong to my, you know, overcoming anything that's, like, a need or instant gratification. The 100% just the man that I meant to be, I just went off on a rant.

I don't know that all my that makes sense to throw all that into it kinda jumbled, but does that make sense at all? No. Yeah. Absolutely. I just wanted to give a little framework on how you think about it and how you do it So people can can get an idea sometimes.

We know we need a little prompting to, do something like that, especially something hard like that. Something, very introspective I think it's it's helpful. A little jumping off point. That's great. What a great challenge, folks.

If you wanted something more simple, I'd say hit your macros. We don't wanna have simple, man. We want we were looking too hungry. So we got a concrete intervention. That's right.

I love it. Build that ticket went out here to meet yourself this week. Hell, yes. Hell yeah. Something earlier you talked about, and then you also reiterated in in in your vision is money.

What what is some things that either change your mind, change your habits, what were what was going on? Like, where are you at with that philosophy now? Yeah. So my Again, I'll let that's came down to eliminating needs, really. I was just buying shit I didn't need.

Right? I was just thought I needed these things to be happier. Like, just be fulfilled in my like, I just thought I needed it for some reason or, food. I was spending so much money on going out and eating out. Right?

Yeah. So what what changed the game for me was dialing in my expenses. So I limited all I cut the fat on everything on on my expenses. Right? So my food, I probably spend, like, I can get away with spending 60 bucks a week on food.

And I'm I'm like, good. Yeah. And I hit my macros and get if I wanna enjoy myself a little bit, have a little more, like, I guess, more expensive. I go to Costco. I spend, like, my average is around see the to 80 bucks a week on food.

That's good. Yeah. And if I really needed to, I could get down to, like, 50 to and, like, I'll I'll make it buy and be buying a hit hit on a macro. So that was huge cutting the expenses. Anything that's not a need for just for a necessity of life.

I had to I had to cut all those expenses. Right? So, now, like, I got my spending on track. Well, I'm sorry, dude. I totally just follow-up.

Will you hear an initial question? No. I just wanna know what your philosophy and the things that you've done and changed around money. I you talked about it several times. Talked about as a part of a part of this.

I just wanna know, you know, what you've changed, which you've added, how you've how you think about that. Now what Yeah. So money's got a server purpose. Right? You can't just be spending you know, uselessly.

So all all my money on my spending serves a purpose, I tie it every week, and that was huge for me too because when I was broke as fuck, and now I'm giving more money away that I thought I needed. Right? So that was huge. So tightening was huge for me, which that I I really feel that changed the game for me because it got me in the a state of, like, understanding, I had more than I actually thought I had. Right?

So now I'm more grateful for everything that I do have. So, Anyway, yeah. Yeah. So cutting all the fat, cutting all the extra expenses. And then from there, just making sure that you start with the money and all serves a purpose, whatever your purpose is.

Right? So that's my philosophy on money. And then once you get ahead, I I'm not gonna do any stupid spending or, like, lifestyle spurging. I'll I'll I will get into a lifestyle because I deserve I feel I deserve to live a good life and, like, enjoy the finer things out there. Right?

Mhmm. But once I get to that point and there is a certain I do have, like, a a standard of income to be able to start spending on that, then I will. I got my I had a huge shift in income recently, and it's it's awesome. But, like, the I I got really dialed in with how I do my spending. So I really do, like, I do, like, 35% goes to my business.

35% goes to me. 10% goes to my saving, 10% goes to my business saving, and then 10% goes to god. It's always god first. Right? I should I do that.

Pass that order, but god first, 10 to savings, 10 to business savings, 35%, uh-uh, to my business, 35% to me. And then I live off that 35%. That's beautiful. I love that. And, yeah, people listen.

I hear a lot of times, like, well, I'll give what I have more. Listen. If you can't give 10¢ out of a dollar, you're not gonna give more when you have more. Exactly. It doesn't have to be a lot.

It doesn't have to be extravagant. I know a lot of times, times are hard for people. You know, the economy's shifting all the time. Things are going which ways and whatever. But if you, you know, I have this I have this, I don't know, philosophy thought about it, whatever.

If you if you can't give it, it can't come back to you. So you've gotta let it go out so it can come back in. It's it's reciprocal money. To me, money is reciprocal like that. And it makes you feel good.

Even if you're doing it just for yourself, it feels good. To throw a buck or find bucks at some money and be like, hey, fuck, man. Times are hard. If you especially if you know what times are hard times you're like, it's nice to give back. It's nice to do those things.

And then as a thing I like the way you said too, I I think it kinda dispels a little bit of a myth that you're saying how little you spend on money mean, I'm sorry. I'm money. I know that you spend on food. I feel like it's it's actually cheaper to eat well. Yeah.

100% is. 100%. It's so much cheaper. Yeah. I don't even have any more.

Yes. Not eating out. I I would just came off a vacation. A little bit ago. I mean, I I have, you know, my family and then I have my brother's kids with us.

Went to McDonald's. $100. It was like a 110. I was like, oh my I said we gotta have steaks? Yeah.

Exactly. For what? Right? Helping. Hey.

That's a week and a half of food at Costco. I know. I was asking about a whole rack of rib eyes at Costco. Gonna slice it up and turn on the barbecue grill. I was like, this is bogus.

I don't like that at home. So it blew my mind. I was like, oh my I mean, I had, like, They had, like, six people with me. It was a lot, but still, I'm like, Jesus, this is ridiculous. Yeah.

I noticed that when I started stop buying dumb shit, you know, at the store, Costco, whatever. I'm like, I spent a lot of less money. And Mhmm. I I mainly eat carnivore ish, you know, fruits, meat, pretty much bought what I eat. And it's like, people don't have to expense them.

You know, it's actually not I spent a lot less money than I used to. It's really yeah. It's really, And and you're fuller longer. So I think that plays into the part of it. You're not you're not craving.

You're not snacking on stuff. Those things add up a lot. Like, drinks too. Like, I I like drinks for some stupid reason. And I spent I I like oh, and they 1 1 month, I was looking at my expenses.

I was like, I spent a lot of dumb money on beverages. I I need to stop this. Hold on. That's what it did for me. I when when I started getting serious about my finances, I started telling up on my my my spending, and I thought I was, like, doing pretty good at this point.

And once I saw it, I was spending, I was like, oh, like, crap. I'm wasting so much money on this stuff. I didn't need. So Yeah. Yeah.

I get you. Heck yeah. Well, Tamara, You're you're you're you're an amazing acro acrofriend. You're an amazing person. You're a great.

I love sharing your story. I love everything you're doing. Keep inspiring everybody. Keep doing what you're doing, man. Keep putting out great Bison's world.

This is a great podcast. Thank you so much for coming on. Awesome, man. I appreciate you. This was awesome experience for me too.

I love this. So Thanks for having me, man. I appreciate you. You're welcome. Alright.

Again, Tamara, thank you so much, Matt. Wow. So many things. Like I said, I'll link this stuff in in the show notes. The different books, the different resources, all the different things we talked about, the book Tamara talked about.

If you wanna get in touch with Tamara's, for whatever reason, coaching, whatever it is, I'll link to his Instagram and all these different things. And like I said, in the in the preamble, like I said, throughout the episode, listen, the impediment to action, advances action, and what stands in the way becomes the way wherever you are, whether whether it's overweight, whether it's depressed, whether it is. I know this stuff isn't isn't easy. It's not simple, but it can be done. It just starts with a little action, a little today don't compare yourself to others.

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday and take a little step every bit every day. 1% better. You've listened to the show enough, we talked about this 1% better, getting 1% better every single day or every week or every month, just a little at a time, like we talked about in the episode. If this is something you got value from and you liked it, please share it with 2 other people. You can connect us on all the socials, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, subscribe, check out the YouTube channel, check out your favorite podcast app for past episodes, and they see everything we discussed here, and on other episodes, head over to the social chameleon dot show.

And so next time, keep learning, growing, and transforming to the person you wanna become.

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