Planning on Not Having a Plan

Not planning is a plan.

Not going over possible scenarios is a plan.

Not safeguarding your future or your family’s future is a plan.

Avoiding difficult topics, thoughts, conversations, and procedures is a plan.

Let’s plan on stopping this, NOW.


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The Organized Mind

The brain evolved to handle only a few things at a time, so be nice to it. That means, get more sleep, write things down, and don’t bombard your brain with more than it can handle. Follow that one principal and your brain will be free to work through the problems you assign it.

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Deep Work

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The Checklist Manifesto

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How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

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Giving Docs

Generating a will is time-consuming and financially draining. The founder of Giving Docs, Brantley Boyett, knows this because he’s a lawyer. (And he approves this message.)

But with Giving Docs, you can create a will in just 10 minutes and avoid expensive lawyer fees!

How does Giving Docs help you create such an important document so quickly? With yes or no questions and short text entry.

There are five simple steps:

    • Add your loved ones and organizations important in your life
    • Define any specific gifts, such as cash amounts or possessions like family heirlooms
    • Assign your distributions to people and organizations (::cough:: educational organization ::cough::)
    • Choose your personal representative who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes for your estate
    • Print off your will, visit a notary, and sign your will with two witnesses present

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Tyson: 00:15 Welcome to the social community and show where it's are growing up. You learn growing, transforming the person who I've become today, we want to talk about planning on not having a plan. I don't have a plan for his episode. So ransom take it away. Yeah. Well I guess I kind of thought about this. I, I don't know, I always get that when my son was born, I always had that question like, Oh, where are you? Are you planning on having a kid? And I was like, well, I wasn't planning on not having one type of sales or whatever. I don't listen to double negative equal a positive. I don't really know. But but the reason I thought about it for this episode is just cause you know, there's a lot of people out there who like don't really have a plan and you know, not speaking down upon anybody, a lot of people in their lives in that way.

Tyson: 01:11 Go talk. Yeah. We talk about that book fast and still thinking, right? Like that's just our, you know, type on thinking. Right. We always think on a slide or just like doing this pretty quickly, very rapidly. It helps us survive all these years as humans. But we also have the type two thinking and that's kinda why I brought the symbolic, that's the part that's more engaged. You start looking at finding it, thinking about beans and you know, just want to bring to light some of the things that people necessarily, you know, don't have a plan for and it's not, and I'll get, I'm not speaking down on anybody, it's just, it's just life gets in the way or we get into habits and things and then all of a sudden it's like, no, no, that, I know you kind of really, I guess that's my ammo.

Tyson: 01:56 I like to just go and it's like I go on vacation without a plan. Where are we going that way? That is for you. So I know. See what I've learned is I keep people like you around that are good at plans and then I'll tell you my thoughts and then we come up with a plan and then we execute. In a way, you kind of have a plan, you know, that's my plan. But basically out there that, you know, I just want to get people out there talking to Tyson, you know, know anybody else's the scene, not listen, I'm just talking Tyson right now. Look, don't give me that BS. Just let us, you know, not having a plan that actually is your client. Yeah. It's kind of unfortunate and there's a lot of areas where people don't have a plan and that's what they're doing in essence, you know, at the time of sale, right? I hear you're talking down upon people. I'm just here to bring awareness to some of these things all through this episode. I'll bring up a few things in the light. We'll kind of turn on. You're like, ah, you know, maybe I should change something about that and maybe I should do something. You know? [inaudible] Oh man,

Ransom: 03:07 No, no, that's, that's, that's a thing, right? We, we we, we think like, Oh, I can, I'll do it tomorrow. I got time to do these things and, and that's part of it. And we push this stuff off and you know, we don't realize that anything that happened today you know, and if you're not set up, you know, like I know we talked about numerous times on, on, on this show most people are a car repair away from disaster, a paycheck away from disaster. Most people don't have any type of life insurance, estate planning done. So, so many of those other things we don't think, well, you know, I'll get that to tip tomorrow when I get a raise and I can afford these things and all this types of like that. And you know, it's tough to think that far in the future and especially when we were young, we think we're invincible and I'm not going to die. Nothing's going to happen. It's true.

Tyson: 04:00 We always have time. You know, I remember my, yeah, I could do that some more and it comes 20 years old and I am like, you know, all sporty and I still, yeah, like I've in the last 20 years, I don't know. Yeah,

Ransom: 04:17 Exactly. I mean, I think you and I are pretty fortunate. Not a lot of our friends died young, but there, I know there was a few and you know, it stopped like you see a little bit of it. When those plans aren't around, there's nothing, you know States go up and different things go up. And what, what do we do next? What do we do with this stuff? And, and especially, you know, when you have kids and stuff, you really got to think about the stuff like who's gonna, you know, if you and your spouse is in the car together and that's a very likely scenario that could happen, that both of your are, are done. And it's like, have you planned on, you know, what is wasn't happy with your kids? What's going to happen with your different stuff? I mean, these are shitty things to think about and, but when we prepare for these things and, and, and don't get, don't go down this road of crazy talk and just be paranoid about everything, you know, over everything. Just set out a few key scenarios and you know that there's older, whatever Greek or Roman thing, pre pre motto something or whatever it is. But think about these trends and just packer them, you know, w a couple of things they think through stuff real quick, come up a few things and then you're done. It's really, yeah.

Tyson: 05:24 Oh it's kind of like that when we did the episode or you know, Jocko willing, right? Like it's like he went on, he planned for every contingency. He couldn't even carry his own Brock sacks in the mission. It's just like you don't want to be that far ahead but you know, you want to think a little bit in their bag to kind of have some battles. So, Oh yeah. Estate planning is definitely one of those things. Like if you haven't done it and we're talked about it, like get into it, like just call somebody, you know, I'm not saying you have to have the call plan today, get permission about and see if you're ready for that. Stamping and doing well. Going down to even like simpler stuff. Like, just, you know, everyday routines, you know, rinse, wash, recycle, you know, just kinda repeat that process.

Tyson: 06:08 Like when work, you know, how many people will go to work and it's like, Oh, you know, I hate my job. Or I mean like, Oh yeah, I'm going to apply for a new child bra. You know, like, I'm going to get out of this job. Like, you know how many, I can't tell you how many times I've had that conversation with coworkers. They're like, yeah. And then like six months down the road like, Hey man, how's that? You know how that didn't go? Like, did you, did you sign up for those classes or did you go do that thing you wanted to do? And they're like, Oh yeah, I'm going to get around to it and say another six months go by. Right. Next thing you know, you're at the retirement party, but you know what I'm saying though, right? A lot of people, for whatever reason, their job is either not fulfilling enough, not satisfying enough.

Tyson: 06:53 It doesn't pay them enough more. I mean, I have kids now, I gotta stop doing this night shift stuff and start switching over to the issue. Like, you know, take some time out for that, you know, not just what this episode is about. If you're not planning on it, guess what you're planning on it not happening. Right. You know, if you're lucky for that new job, you know, go do this. You're watching this episode in that light turns on after episodes offer. You don't have two dogs in whatever you're doing today. Co-Work on that resume. You know, if you have your resume, go send it out to people. It's not that hard.

Tyson: 07:30 I just remembered something. I, there's, this is a service. I'm honestly still for free, some type of a speed kind of thing. I'll look, I'll look it up and I'll put it in the show notes for you guys. When I looked into that, it just, sorry, just to kind of trigger a memory with that leg, but that's what all this is about. I, right, right, right, right. So, you know, we'll put that in the show notes. You got anything to say about that right now? And I know you're like looking at, you know, Pat, I'm writing it down so I don't, I don't forget that's my plan. Hey look, get that. Oh gee, people talking about you about Tyson.

Ransom: 08:12 But I, you know, if it wasn't for, you know, like the military and stuff, I, I wouldn't, I would have never done a lot of these things. You know, I've never would even probably would even know about them really. You know. But these are the things that, you know we, we, we should really get hammered down on like, you know, is your, all your stuff done is your life insurance in order to sure estate planning and orders, your is your, are your affairs in order? Are you, you know, are your bills, everything taken care of and to go through.

Tyson: 08:39 I think that's kind of a realistic thing. Like if you're in the military, like, you know, depending on grade it may differ, but you go on that deployment like you need that stuff. Chances of survival are either your chances of survival are high. Like you always have that monitor and Chastin, that person, you may not make it back. Like that's reality. Yeah. Was that a cost in the military you got to take care of, especially before you go on a mission, you know. And speaking of having that super say at night, you know, talking about people having unprotected sex out there, right? Like we just talked about the beginning of show, it's like are you planning on not having a kid? Like you know, only 90% effective. It does say that on their friends. So definitely, definitely use protection for photos. Yeah. I mean I don't know cause you never know what's going to happen.

Tyson: 09:40 Right. And even though the chances are low, I forget the, my friend send me like 14 or 19% chance from you're pregnant, ending upon whatever it is. It was actually only a 48 hour window, which from you can get pregnant, just kind of erotic and don't use the method of birth control for people out there. But if you're not ready to have a kid like get on that. Yeah. Be using protections. She should be using birth control or some type, maybe both at the same time. Who knows? Yeah. Or on the opposite. And in this like you're just hoping that one day, like, like they got calendars up there, they got supplements you could take, like take that die of having a child is amazing. Wrong on responsibility, but you know, it's definitely something that will add value to your life.

Tyson: 10:29 That's been my story, so. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I bet I've been down that road. Yeah. So it happens when that shit happens. I mean, I'm okay if it does whatever, like, you know, it'd be fine, but at the time, you know, I was older, I was 30, you know, so I was, I was ready for those types of things, you know. But it really, it really does, you know, this happens so often, you know, it's like you know, all my, you know, my game is strong. I ain't worried about that or whatever. And it's like, they know and it's like, Oh, and then, and the next thing you know, you're like, lock it. Like, you know, especially when you're young. I mean, I mean, I was scared of that stuff when I was young. I was like, as a last thing I ever want, I don't, I'm not ready to be a parent. I better take care of myself.

Tyson: 11:16 Us, there's a lot of people that are rolling the dice on that. No control, no protection, none whatsoever. You know, and again, maybe not for those people who are 18 or 16, they're probably not out there watching this video. But if you're a parent and you got 15 or 16 year olds in a house, they start talking to them like you can be around them. You can be a grandpa right now, like say, you know what I'm saying? Like you want, you want to be grandma, like have the conversation or at least you know, going through the right route or find somebody to have that conversation that's going to have a meaning impact on your family and your life. Again, people were just talking about things that nobody plans for us. Oops, it happened. Hey, we're going to do now.

Ransom: 12:05 But I'm asked that. That's the point of the, I guess, episode and the thought and the process is like, you know, avoiding these things and, and brushing them under the rug and then in that dragging grow, you know, it doesn't solve the problem. It's still gonna be there, it's still going to happen. You know, and like you said earlier you know, not having a plan is a plan, you know, and that's real and that's for so many things, not just this, you know, your, your life, you know what you want to do with your work, your career, your family. If you just winging everything 100% of the time, you know, and I, I'm a weekend kind of guy. There is, especially when you get older, like there is a point where it's saying, okay, you've got to mitigate some of that. Winging it. You know, a, I'm going to wing some of this, but I got an idea, I got a direct and I got something going I've thought this through and it's not throwing shit at a wall and seeing mistakes, you know? Yeah, for sure.

Tyson: 13:00 Just like, even stuff too is like frivolous chit chat throughout the days. You know what I mean? This happens at work. I, I think I'm mostly at the gym, like go to the gym, got it. Sitting on the equipment or not using it. You're just talking about the story or what they did this weekend. It's like, can I even talk to the human anymore? You're on your phone or whatever. I mean, it's just, this is frivolous chit chat. Like that takes five or 10 minutes out of your day. Like, you know, especially when I see it at the gym, it's like, look bro, like if you want to talk to me, like we can go have a beer acid is, but like, Oh, like, you know, it takes, it takes all of five seconds to respectfully tell somebody, Hey, I'm not, I'm not ready for this conversation just right now.

Tyson: 13:47 No offense, bro. Like are cool. Like I'm just just hit to hit this machine and then we can do whatever we need to do after that. Like, you know we did 12 rules for life. He has a good chat about standing firm, standing your ground, telling somebody the truth, looking, looking at them. Honestly with no sarcasm, no remorse, just basically saying, look, not right now, but I got things I gotta do. And that's it. Like, no offense to anybody, like as you grow up and you know, as we're adulting in life, like those kinds of skills are important and these small chit chats that happen either at the office or you know, at the gym, wherever they happen. Like you're in control of that conversation and you don't want to be rude, but at the same time, this other person is just chatting when we're healing, taking off for your time. You don't have that time. You don't have that. Like you can stop that. I don't know.

Ransom: 14:43 Yeah, that's the thing. I, I, you know, we, we, we've talked about, I know before we're going to keep talking about it, is it's protecting our time. You know, we, we do this a lot,

Speaker 3: 14:52 You know, it's like, Oh no, we're just talking 15, 20 minutes later and we don't protect that. We don't, you know, but if I, if I rode by and I took 20 bucks in your pocket, you'd be pissed, you know, but I can talk your ear off for 20 minutes. No big deal. Like that's the same thing. Maybe even your time is even more valuable than such, such a small, I mean there's a time and a place for everything. Like I'm just saying, is there things that people don't have a path for? Like you don't have that plan where like you get stuck in the elevator with lots or fees cause you know this is going to get on your floor and then like half an hour of your life is gone because like you're just too inmate to, you know, tell her, Hey, I can't talk right now for that little speech.

Speaker 3: 15:37 She's practicing in the mirror and be like, Hey, what's a son? I'm so sorry. You know, I don't really have time to chat to the actually got to go and do X, Y, Z, you know, I'll see you tomorrow. Not a problem. Like nine out of 10 times, nine out of 10 times, the other person will be like, Oh, Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I understand. I understand. Like you'd be surprised at how well that works. Yeah. I would even take that one step further and have that plan for everybody. That's, that bothers you when you're trying to do something, you know? So like I like personally, I get a lot of these emails, different inbox things and whatever, especially on LinkedIn and whatnot and say, Oh, can I get 15 minutes your time? I just want to talk to you about thing.

Speaker 3: 16:20 And it's like, no, you know, and at first it was hard to, it's hard to say no to those things because you have those thoughts. What can come out of this? Maybe there's something here and an opportunity. It's like, but you keep accepting these little, you know, all, let me talk to you for 15 minutes. We talk to you for 20 minutes, 30 for 30 minutes. Most people are like, you know, I have a little thing. It's like, listen, Hey I don't do, I don't do phone calls. I don't do, I don't do, I don't do these kinds of things. Sometimes I tell them I'm, I'm taking a meeting vacation and if you want to chat with a chat here where I can control my time there, where I can control when and when you know, when and how I check these and how long I stay on these messages.

Speaker 3: 16:57 And 99% of time people are like, Oh yeah, cool. Yeah. And what, why, why does, how many people that actually really have something to say to you instead of trying to pretend like they want to talk to you but we really want to pitch you something. They actually will engage in a conversation with you versus the guys that are just trying to hope to get you on a pitch. You something you'll never hear from them again once in a great while. Some to be like, Oh, you're so rude. And I'm like, that's great. Onto the next, like, I don't, I don't have time for this. I don't, I'm not on your scheduling. You know what I'm saying? And I really has it, you know, it frees up a lot of time for this, this deep work, this deep thinking, this uninterrupted blocks of things. And all of these, I don't have to have all these scribblers conversations and there's a lot that goes into that. So I've really developed that habit of I'm really just saying no to pretty much everything. Especially those types of like one-off chats or something. But if be working in office, Oh my God, you have constantly people to come

Tyson: 17:50 By him like, Hey bill, let go. What's going on with the TPS reports? You're like, fuck, I'm doing something. Like, have something ready for that where you're just like, Hey, listen. But you know, you have a signup or something of a thing up and it says, you know, Hey, I'm, I'm doing deep work now. I'm going to be in this mode until one o'clock. After that, I'd love to chat with you about the TPS reports, but until then, please don't bother me. And 99.9% of time, people are cool with it. Like, Oh shit. Yeah, you're busy. My bad. I wasn't and I thought I'll come bother you. You know, so have something set up for that. There's lots of different things. I, I'll try to link this and stuff. Are you Tim Ferriss has got a good thing about this. Vacations from meetings, different types of things like that.

Tyson: 18:26 Some of the places where I learned that from not good and you know, speaking about making your time matter, like, you know, things that people don't plan for us like spending time with grandma. Yeah. So I'm headed after this, but you know what I'm saying, right. It's like, Oh yeah, we'll always have time to hang out with grandma or one or whatever. You got to like, you got to get out there and make that time. Like it's not going to make itself. You know, I mean raising me to like I got to make time to like bring my kids over to grandma and grandma's house cause that's going to happen is if I actually sit there and make it happen. Right. It's just like, Oh whatever, whatever. Like start tying that stuff. People like you got one grandma, you got one grandpa, you know what I'm saying?

Tyson: 19:13 Or whoever in your life, your friends, your family, whoever, like you know, they can easily, easily go in a heartbeat. You know, things gonna happen. Things change, you know, in a millisecond. I believe me, I know like I said even last episode or just kind of selling that place where our friends dad pass away to like pass. And I really make time to see him cause I was doing things, you know, I was going to school trying to switch careers and fat. This is actually the second man in my life that I stopped going to see him because I was finding other things in my life. And I'm like, damn, like yeah, we make sacrifices for things. So, and I'll just realize that your time matters when you spend it with, you know, whatever time you have left on this earth and make sure you spend it with people who actually care about, you know, it's like y'all out there just chit chatting with whoever, whoever, or making friends with people who don't care about you. You know? That's, that's one of your drug Dean's rules, man. Just get out there like make friends with people who want the best for you. Like people who are there for you, the people who are gonna be in the dark with you cause I'm to go spend, don't be like, Oh yeah, I don't happen next weekend or whatever. Again, if you're not planning for it, it's not an app. He knows. Another fun thing along those lines. I, I've been doing stuff, it's sending out thank you cards to the people just getting supplies

Speaker 3: 20:48 And it's been fine. I've been going down a little bit. I just, something I started doing. But you know, I don't always get a chance like we were talking about to go visit and see people, but it's nice when you open up a mailbox, especially nowadays you'll be in a mailbox and he's like, you get a nice little handwritten note or at least something you know from, from a friend or family member. It's like, Oh, that's cute. Like my grandma lives down the street from me. She sent us in the middle of the time. I'm like, how are you mailing me NASA in the mail? And I'm like, whatever. But at the more I thought about that and got into that, I'm like, yeah, that's kind of fun, you know, and it's a lost art in a way, you know? So you're looking to connect with people. Like that's an idea for you guys. Send us some thank you cards, you know, there's some good apps out there. But I just gotta go old school when I'm in the store or order something on Amazon and get a small pack and just, you know, write them out and send them to your friends and family and say, Hey, thanks for being around. Thanks for whatever it is you want to thank them for. And even it's not sinful.

Tyson: 21:39 I think that my past and thinking of you aren't, that'll be the same thing. And you know, just put a little hand, sell a touch on there, like this person you care about and maybe your best friend from high school. It'd be like, Hey, thinking of you and write a story that you remember. Like, I remember when I lost my slipper and we had to like go down there sooner and go get it. Like, get into that story and just get off there because you know, this is your time. This is all the time that we have. You know what, making count always gotta make you tell.

Speaker 3: 22:13 Yeah, definitely. I know, I I picked up my son another day. This, this lady, the other parents, she's also a teacher at the school. So sh she comes from the class and she goes and she has two or three kids, whatever. And the whole time, you know, she, she walks, she's walking down, she's on her phone, her kids, hi mom. Say can, can you spend five fucking minutes like with your child? He's making a $2 million deal. Come on now. Come on. The elementary school teacher, I'm sure has nothing important on her phone. How do you know, how do you know I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm going to go on a limb. I'm going to assume a bit. I'm at, am I gonna ask her to myself? But what do you do that even that you, you haven't, I would presume, talk to anybody since seven 30 in the morning at four 15 you could probably not message them back or fucking 20 ain't going to happen.

Speaker 3: 23:14 And if somebody is dying, you ain't going to help them. Oh, but that's the things that we're talking about here late. It doesn't take a lot. It doesn't. Your, your kid need this three hours of unearth time with you and say, Hey mom, you know, you're gonna, you're gonna look back and say fuck like that. I need to send that email. Did I need to reply to that Instagram? Like, did I need to check my Snapchat? You know, when that day comes, you're gonna look back. See, fuck. Like, you know, we talked about on the last episode too about being on the phone and stuff, but it's another one of these things here. When you know, you had the opportunity to have people in front of you, they take that opportunity. Like, you know, make that your plan. Like when I see people, you know, I, I'll leave my, I don't even bring my own with me so I don't have an opportunity to not be, the first thing I say to my son is, Hey, what's up? I was school, you know, so I don't want to be interrupted or doing something.

Tyson: 24:11 No. And believe me it happens fast. Too easy, almost like four or five. The next thing you know he's 12 and off to college. Yeah. Happens in the blink of an eye. Yup. Not even goes for, you know, if they have things that are going on in their life that are important, like your daughter's soccer game or whatever that is that you're going to do. Like I get it. We all work. We all live busy lives. You can't make every soccer team or every recital, but you know what, just make some time and you know what, next month I'm actually going to go and take the day off and go, you know, like you only have so much time. You've got to make the best use of it.

Speaker 3: 24:54 And that's the, you know, that's the example we're sending to for, for the next generation, for the people around you, for whoever, you know, you know, it's like you may think it's just just for you or whatever, but your, your kids are gonna learn that. Like, you know, my dad was or wasn't or my mom was or wasn't at my whatever game recital Christmas thing, you know. And then same with the office thing. Shit, I never go to my kitchen. Fucking Tom is always going to his kid, shit, dang, I want to be like that guy. So it's be set that example for the people around you, for your children, your family. I may not be at a to all of them, but my dad, I'm going to do my down your best. I forget there's a business or I don't know if the Arizona Cardinals or something like that here in where if they find out that you're staying late or working like extra overtime, whatever, and you're missing all your kids' events, they actually discipline and, or fire you. I was like, they're so, so ingrained in like their culture. And their companies, ups like you these, this is more important, this shit we're doing here. It can wait like your kids and your faculty is more important and they make it a priority and a habit they're in in an organization.

Tyson: 26:05 But that's just the I plan to right. And we're all about bringing awareness. That even goes through spending time at work. Like why are you spending away from work? It wasn't the last time you've been on a vacation to Hawaii. You know it's funny cause you know, go planet. Yeah. All of the few seconds and be like, Hey just put the request for time Austin and then get it approved and we'll buy your ticket early in advance. Like six, three to six months out. It's usually cheaper. Yeah, always.

Speaker 3: 26:40 But even you don't have to go anywhere. You can vacation right where you're at, whether it's in a corner, in your mind, you know, it's not on a nice walk out in the park or the Lake or somewhere local, whatever. It doesn't have to be this extravagant thing. You don't have to go to these things. You don't have to do these things, you know, don't get locked into that thought pattern. I don't know. People get locked into that day. I can go on affordable my vacation, say this beautiful parked on the road and a Lake, a picnic and, and enjoy that. That's a vacation too. Like [inaudible] we'll take an extra day off and go make something out of it now. Oh, they coming up like, what are you doing this weekend? You know, like

Tyson: 27:21 Labor day, right? Yeah. But again, I know we talked about it in our previous episodes and I think you said you have a playlist, right? And following our investment

Speaker 3: 27:36 On, on YouTube, there is a place you can just go whether it's on the home page or whatever. It's, it's all the money, retirement episodes, all kind of linked together in order of appearance. And easy for you guys to just, you know, either start from the bottom and just listen to them all and get that knowledge. Click through to the show notes where all the resources are really make or triangle as easy as possible for you guys. Provide as much information for you. For sure

Tyson: 28:02 Possible. There's another thing people don't plan on like, Oh, I'll guess retirement later. Like you got to start time guilty. I'm guilty of it too. And it's just like, look, you gotta you gotta put it in there. And then I was talking to someone the other day and I'm like, Oh, you know, I have a, I have a Roth IRA. It's like, okay, what is it doing? I don't know, like how much money down there? I dunno, but you're halfway there. Like you're doing something which is better than nothing, but like get on there, go see what it's doing. Is it performing well? Is it with the right company? There's all kinds of things. Can you rule that over something that's going to be more profitable? Like are you putting enough in there? What's your, what's your fire number? Right. People don't even know that people all the time.

Tyson: 28:50 Did they [inaudible] how are you going gonna retire soon. Yeah. Yeah. I was like, do you know how much you need? And they're like, yeah, I don't know. How much do I need page find out. I don't know. That's up to you, but it's like, no, but there's, you know, there's a lot of people who don't actually know you can go. I guarantee if you 401k you can at least talk to HR and body. If not, you can go whatever company or your HR uses. You can go talk to somebody there to figure out like, well, is this retirement real house? I want to know what it is. You have to be retirement. It can be like investing, you know? It's like when's the last time you followed that last hot stock? See if you got on you to just like gamble and be like, Hey, let's take a risk on this.

Tyson: 29:44 The reward is high risk is high too, but when's the last time you risky? I know. I would, I like to recommend taking a small percentage of your investment and, and playing a little habits on risky bets. You know, throwing some money in a startup or, or your friend is, is doing acts like, yeah, let me see where we can, maybe I can help and take to somewhere. You know, you never know. When, when, when things, you know, pop off, I mean if you listen to all kinds of stories of people that, you know, I was popping popcorn in my garage and I just sold my company for $817 million, you know, that's not a pipe dream. It's real. And the investors were friends and family. You always hear if you are in this kind of space where you listen to these kinds of things or Washington and you hear this like the first round of friends and family, like maybe you could be that friend or family that throws in 1000 bucks, 5,000 bucks, you know, 25,000 bucks. I mean, don't get me wrong, be responsible with that and make sure and let go of that money and just like literally, because that happens. But you know, you gotta take risks, you gotta take chances. Again, you're just going to play this long game. You got a friend who plays coffee, he always call straight down the middle, lazy, like nobody likes to play calls like that.

Tyson: 31:05 You got to go hit it. You got to go for that wild sweet. And even though I'm the heart gets in the water or whatever the case might be, same thing with your life. You know, and even talking about what about your side hustle? What about this side job or dream or you want to learn that you want to learn Japanese or Spanish, right? The second language, go out there and we'll take that class. It's like, it's not that hard. Couple hundred dollars at your community college. Take Japanese. It takes Spanish. It takes two days a week. If that, you could do that for free. Yeah, you can go do what does it Rosetta stone. There's so much resources on the internet. You know, like, you know, these are things that people say, Oh, one day or chatting tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Nah, you got to stop yourself.

Tyson: 32:00 That's all nonsense. As BS. BS. That's right. Your belief system, your belief system. What do you believe in? You know, you gotta, you gotta make the effort. You know, if you don't make the plan for your lace, like who's gonna make it? Yeah, life gotta be planned by you because ultimately this is your life. This is what you're going to do with it. Don't give me excuses about why you can't do something you want to do it. Get do there and listen the you gotta you gotta remember this? W w when you have this BS

Speaker 3: 32:40 And these things, you know, telling yourself you're, you're the easiest person to fool. It's like all your stories, all your reasons sounds great to you. It's the most legit shit. Every night. Listen, listen, no, no, no. Let me tell you how this shit worked out. Why can't do this? And then you actually said this shit out loud to somebody. They would look at you and say, that's the dumbest shit I ever heard in my fucking life.

Tyson: 33:04 I mean, don't get me wrong. You're going to have, you know, family and friends and loved ones and acquaintances who will be like, Oh, and give you the pity party. But my opinion, people who really care about you and really care about your wellbeing, you know that can look deeper than just what's on the surface and what you're thinking right now and actually think about you and your future and how all that is going to be involved encompass. Those kinds of people will call you out. Yeah,

Speaker 3: 33:30 Yeah. Just know I had this exact same conversation. My sister that day, she's like, damn, it's like all your stories under the you. That's just bullshit. She's like, fuck, you're right. Dammit.

Tyson: 33:39 Oh, and I, I get called on a time, like there's a lot of people who say I'm rude or that I rubbed people the wrong way. I'm not empathetic about somebody's situation or that I don't care and I see it. No, it's just because I don't feed it into all the BS that you're just giving everybody. There's patting you on the back like I get it. Whatever your story is, it's, it is true in some way. Don't get me wrong, it's not completely just BS. Like some of that is true, but most of this philosophy, and if you get down to the hardcore things that really matter, that a sustain life and provide goodness and positiveness, he can throw all that out the window and let's, let's do something about it right here, right now. Let's go. This makes something meaningful on me. You know, I'll sit there and other people for what happened to you.

Speaker 3: 34:30 Yeah. Yeah. It's the worst when you're blaming everybody else got to take responsibility. Even if you think it's not your fault, it's your fault because somehow you let it happen. You farmed whatever. It's always your fault and you tie Tyson, you're full of shit. Hey, my fault. Let me tell you about Jim. Did it. Guess what? It's still your fault, you know? But you know, it just again, it's just starts

Tyson: 34:51 With you. I mean, yes, there may be some other circumstances outside of your control that happened, but there was still some type of action that you took or that you felt, you know, either I had for you or you know, even sometimes just the way you walk away from a situation, you know, you walk away from it being a negative experience that that's on you. You can take that experience. You can make it something positive. You can turn that into something that's for yourself and that's basically what this episode is about. Next, stop with all that. No panic stuff because you're not, you're not trying to push you down. This is that they could light that fire underneath you. You know what to wear it because needs to do

Speaker 3: 35:39 It. Yeah. If you don't have a friend in your life that tells you that, call me up. I probably would tell you no at first, but I'll tell you dumb and shut up and let's get shit going. Let's get shit moving. I'll be that friend for all y'all. I'll give you, I'll give you the truth. I got friends to tell me the truth to. It's okay. We all, we're all fucking up. We're all not perfect. We all need somebody to tell you, shut the hell up, but your bullshit. Let's get going. Let's get moving, let's find problem. That's, you know, let's find solutions for your problems. Let's think through this. It's always great to have people that can be honest because what happens is when you get out of this loop, you find solutions. You find creative ways. You come up with things to solve your problems or fix your whatever, you know.

Speaker 3: 36:28 So find those people. If you can't call me up, I'll, I'll tell you. Nice. Anything else? Ransom, any, anything else you had planned? Now you get plans, especially you guys, you know, I got a plan for you. I want you to head over to the social community.show/pick me. Get into this month's giveaway. That's your plan. That is your plan. And see what we got going on. We do all kinds of stuff. You know, we've, we've, we've done courses and classes and masterminds and books and packages and sets of stuff. And all kinds of things coming up here as we get towards the holidays you're going to be doing, giving back like guys who join in on that, whether it's with us, with yourself, we'll talk more about that later when it comes up. But, but whatever we got going on, head of to social comedian.show/pygmy see what we've got going on, see what we got here to help you.

Speaker 3: 37:29 Let's plan on doing that and signing up. And then some if you're looking for a little bit more on this a little, I put together a little bit of a Alysia or some good books. I think that really helped me. Like I said, I'm captain, do it on the fly, let's just go left and we'll see what happens. But in order to execute things, especially, you know, things in my life, I work for myself. I have other things that people are responsible for. I don't have a boss. I need to stay organized or have people around me. He organized and keep me on task and on track and on time. If you books here, if you go over to the social show notes, there'll be a little short little key summary of each of these books. See if you're interested in it. The organized mind, a 10% happier deep work. That's a really good one and a surprise when I think most people would dismiss. But I, I really highly recommend checking it out. The checklist manifesto. There's a lot of good stuff in there. And then a good classic Dale Carnegie. How to stop worrying and start living these all tie together to why we are failing to plan stuff, especially when we have anxiety about stuff or we're stuck in this loop or we don't know where to start or go. These are some good resources to get you over that.

Speaker 4: 38:47 [Inaudible]

Speaker 3: 38:47 Nice. Anything else that you added? Not realm. Those are all good things, man. Perfect. Perfect. And then this week's challenge, take something you normally plan for. Don't plan for, excuse me, and make a plan for it.

Speaker 4: 39:06 [Inaudible]

Speaker 3: 39:06 Do this today. When is now a good time right now? Sometimes we, you know, sometimes we've talked about today, so some of these talks about today, family planning, personal retirement investing, whether you know, the health insurance, life insurance, all these different types of things. We talk about your, your money, your, your investments being present, putting your phone down, like whatever it is, come up with something. Get that. Go. Spend more time with your loved ones, whether it's actual family, your siblings, your friends, you don't know things happen so quick. You know, w we, you know, we think we're invincible. We think we're going to live forever. We think tomorrow is going to come for a lot of people. Tomorrow never comes this afternoon never comes. So don't take this. Don't you know, Oh look, this gifts office, Carson, the mouth type of thing. Go out there, make a plan and go do it. Show

Tyson: 40:11 To our final thoughts that this is your life. It's gotta be timed by you, for you to the best of you. You don't plan it. Who will? Maybe the plan that you have was made by somebody else, like your mom or your dad because that's what they wanted for you. Maybe it's that high school bullying and told you that you ain't never gonna be nothing in your life and you believe that your whole life or maybe your plan in life was me by somebody you are completely unaware of and you have no idea how you got there. It's just your plan right now or you don't plan because that is your plan. Whatever it is, you know I asked you to change that. You know, take some time for you. Do the best thing that you can for yourself and do that right now

Speaker 3: 40:57 And I got a plan for you. Go get a couple of friends, send this to them and then you guys can get on there and you guys can see. Leave some reviews. Tell us how we're doing. That's something you want to us to talk about a cover even like if you enjoyed it and you also follow us on social media at the social media show on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube and or your favorite podcast app or past episodes of everything we've talked about here today. You can social chameleon.show and until next time, keep learning, keep growing and keep transforming. Is it

Speaker 5: 41:33 A person you want to become?


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