Jessica Yarbrough:

Jessica Yarbrough has quickly developed a reputation for being one of the best business strategists and marketing and sales consultant for entrepreneurs who want to sell high-value products and services. Jessica is a genius at showing entrepreneurs how to build an expert platform, rapidly raise their value, build their credibility online, and attract high paying clients. She travels the world teaching and inspiring entrepreneurs and helping them grow their influence and make the income and impact they desire.

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Business Growth Strategist
Jessica helps coaches and consultants to build an expert authority business and scale to six and seven figures.

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As a Business Growth Strategist and Sales & Marketing Consultant, she has worked with 100s of professionals to get REAL results in their businesses.


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If you are a coach, consultant, or other professional that sells products or services and you'd like the training, support, and accountability required to launch and scale your business online, She offers these solutions:

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Tyson (00:15):

Welcome to the social chameleon show where it's our goal to help you learn, grow and transform into personal and become today. I'm talking with Jessica Yarbrough. Jessica had quickly developed a reputation for being one of the best business strategists and marketing and sales consultant for entrepreneurs wants to sell high value products and services. Jessica is a genius at showing entrepreneurs how to build an expert platform rapidly, raise their value, build their credibility online and attract high paying clients. She travels the world, teaching inspiring entrepreneurs and help and helping them grow their influence and make income and impact that they desire. This was a great fun article article, excuse me, interview with Jessica. There is a little bit of choppiness in there. Sorry about that. At the time of the recording, this is end of April. I don't know, zoom is a little too busy to handle the volume of calls with everybody being stuck on mic warranty. I do apologize for some of the choppiness in there without further ado, let's listen and talk with Jessica. I just say welcome to the social community show. Thanks for finally get out here and connecting. It's been quite a new year. I got to say that

Jessica (01:21):

Absolutely kind of crazy times, but here we are live and kick in six feet above the ground, so we're doing

Tyson (01:27):

Definitely. So definitely. So I guess we originally kind of, you know had a whole different kind of maybe idea of, of this thing, but for those, I mean, they've heard the intro in the beginning here, but can we, can we just kind of share your story real quick and kinda kinda get, get up to speed on who you are, what you're up to and all those kinds of things real quick here?

Jessica (01:46):

Absolutely. So I'm a business strategist and growth expert, and really entrepreneurs come to me when they've hit that ceiling in their income and they want to get serious about building a business that is scalable and they come to me to help them scale and put the systems and marketing in place to help them reach seven figures and beyond

Tyson (02:07):

With that skill set and the kind of things are going on now, what, what are you seeing that's maybe changed what's different? How, how is that working for you and your clients and the people that's kind of around your circle?

Jessica (02:17):

Yeah, you know, I think if you were in a place of struggle during a booming market, that you're probably going to be in a really bad space right now. And so it's a good time to reevaluate your business, your business model, the industry that you're in and see if maybe it's time for a change for those of of my clients or for entrepreneurs. I know that we're already thriving in a booming market. Hopefully most of them have a steady client base already have their lead gen process dialed in. So there's changes perhaps in their ad copy or their messaging, but things haven't changed a lot for everyone that was already doing quite well in the coaching and consulting world.

Tyson (03:01):

Yeah, I did see 'em on your LinkedIn. I guess for reference here with Dennis April 21st, so end of April things are, I feel like winding down a bit as being for context for when this does air, but I did see on your, on your LinkedIn, you know, the past few days or something like that, I see you have success stories of clients, still closing deals, a big five figure deals. I think when I saw for $45,000 in, in this month of April, that's happening when, you know, a lot of people are saying that the sky is falling, it seems your clients are still succeeding. What, what, what maybe is still working or, or what wasn't working, that's now working or something like that. What are you seeing with, with yourself or maybe your clients that is helping these people still kind of thrive and even maybe even reach new Heights?

Jessica (03:53):

Well, part of it is your positioning. So if you have strong position in the marketplace, if you're seen as an expert, people are always going to need your expertise. We always need our problems solved. So for those people that are utilizing that have built an expert business, you're still going to see, continue to see stability and possibly even growth just depending on your industry and the opportunity that presents itself for also depending on your ideal client. So if you're working with people who are at a threshold of a higher income, or if you're at working with businesses that are at earning a, you know, a lot higher money, a lot higher revenue, then you're in a better position. So, you know, follow the money, look at who your ideal client is. If you're marketing to people who can't afford your services, then shift and market to people who can, there are plenty of industries that are doing really well right now, we know Amazon just added or is looking to add a hundred thousand dollars, a hundred thousand jobs. We've got companies like zoom Otter, all these these tech companies that are doing quite well. You will see a boom in any healthcare related things, hospital systems, healthcare services. I mean, there's always opportunity. So it's about finding, like where does your opportunity align with given the current state?

Tyson (05:15):

Yeah, I've heard, I've heard tons of places, food industries and farmers and stuff that just never were, they're just exploding and things I never even thought of that would really kind of boom. There really just has. Boom. what are you telling the people that are struggling that maybe their, their, their, their their core idea of their customer was a little off or these different things maybe that were chugging along just enough to kind of make things. And now the messaging is it, you know, the money is maybe a little tighter and he's thinking of how do we tell these people to do, to clean things up or make adjustments and stuff like that?

Jessica (05:50):

Well, I, at first gauge, like, what is your financial health right now? And if you need money, then you gotta do what you gotta, right? So if you're in a time of like, Hey, I have to make money, I have to provide for my family. Then you need to look at how can I create a campaign that is going to generate enough revenue to get me through the next 30, 60, 90 days, if you're good for the next 90 days, then it's, it's about making those micro adjustments in your messaging and positioning so that you're, you're still staying relevant. You're still showing up as the expert, as the leader, as the person who can solve your ideal client's problems. That's really the two options that you have right now. And those that are in a really good place and a place of growth then look at where you can make strategic alliances. Now's a great time to buy businesses. Now's a great time to create partnerships, alliances, anything that is strategic and can help grow your business faster. So there's, there's a couple of different areas just depending on your financial health that right now, in this day and age,

Tyson (06:56):

Definitely. I guess the first thing that pops in my mind with that is how do you not stay sleazy or just a cash grab type thing. And it's like and w really in the longterm really is gonna affect your relationships and your, your reputation and different things. How do you I know it's tough when, when, when money's tight and when, when your back's against the wall to just do you see a cash grab and you just go for it. Hi, how are you either seeing that or coaching that and thank people, Hey, listen, don't jeopardize your reputation or whatever it is, your clientele for a quick money grab.

Jessica (07:30):

Right? Right. Well, it is like a fine line. I'm, I'm a big believer in that. It's absolutely fine to sell. People, have to sell, to serve. They have to keep, you know, keep the lights on. So it's totally fine to sell right now. And I saw a division really online where people who are like, no, it's so wrong to sell. You should just give. And it's like, yeah, I get that. And my business model was built on giving. All I do is give, you know, all the time, resources, articles, videos, trainings, everything free. And then the people that want my actual help implementing pay. So there is a level of that, but you also need to understand that, like, we, our economy needs Americans to keep spending money. We need to keep money flowing through the economy. And so it's, it's okay to sell. You can do it in a way that doesn't feel sleazy or icky. You're gonna push back no matter what you do. You cannot please everyone. If you know that you can help someone you're doing a disservice not to offer them your services. Cause what are they going to do? They're going to turn around and buy from someone else who might not be as apt at helping them solve their problem.

Tyson (08:40):

Right. You might find out that that sleazy person that's looking to catch the crumbs from people that are not, you know, taking that charge and just kind of closing sales out and being the person that's probably a better fit for them personally. And maybe even also in your personal profession, is there anything that you've kind of seen or made adjustments that maybe was, or wasn't working that is, or isn't now,

Jessica (09:05):

You know I turned off my ads. I know some people said, yeah, now's the time ads are so cheap. And, and, and that sort of thing with my programs and my, my particular market they're not the watch a webinar and buy a thousand dollar course. So for me, it didn't really make sense to be running those right now. I have a high investment products with a high ROI potential as you know, from my my case studies. So my goal was not to get sucked into the negativity or the fear or anything else that's happening and to continue to stay congruent with my message. And for me that meant one of the adjustments I made was pausing my ads and ramping them back up as Trump to, to open up the again.

Tyson (09:52):

Is there things maybe that you, you thought or, or, or seemed like that were important and must do must have things that maybe you've taken some time and step back and say, you know, maybe these aren't important or maybe vice versa, things that you didn't feel were very important or very worth your time that have not become something like, well, I really was missing an opportunity here in some way.

Jessica (10:12):

Yeah, sure. I mean, I was supposed to be running some live events April. I had a major live event I was supposed to be running. So I've now dedicated that time to spending more time plugging kind of the gaps, filling the gaps and maybe some areas of my business that I knew needed addressing, but I didn't really have the time ramping up my visibility on podcast opportunities because we're all sitting around where I was going to do more of those in the summer. So I am adjusting. But for everybody, what I would recommend is take this time now to fix whatever is broken or isn't optimized in your business, whether that's your lead generation process, a top of funnel, middle of funnel, you know whether it's your followup, your sales, now's a great time to hire a team member. If you have the cashflow to do it, to train them and get them ready. There are so many opportunities during this great pause where it's like a great time to, to work on your business so that when Trump says economy's back opening, and we're seeing the shift of people more money, again, that you're ready for actual actual growth, as opposed to kind of just sitting around and scrolling and being afraid on social media.

Tyson (11:23):

That's something when these kind of first kind of happened. And I, I was thinking about this and I was going through things and something I noticed. And I guess just notice is what I can think of it now is the people that were kind of ready and, and they had kind of maybe some type of training or some type of experience or some type of they, they practice like these for these times where they thought about. And when, when shit hits the fan, when the economy goes down, what our plan, what, when things were good, three, two, three months ago, life was great. Everybody. I mean, you could put money somewhere and you'd be making it, and everybody's a genius and that type of economy. But I noticed that people that had had some type of planner had thought about, I had done something to say, when the times are good, what are we going to do?

Tyson (12:11):

I noticed those people were when, when this started happening, they're like, no, no big deal. I I'm kind of ready for this. I've thought through these things. And I seen that people that had that mindset and to have that type of security a little bit are looking now, like you're saying, and it seems like you're kind of, maybe one of those people that when this happened, you all you're like, Oh, there's opportunities. Now, the first thing I thought of was things are cheap and money is cheap. And what can I get my hands on that is bar none. I, maybe I couldn't be priced out of it or something like that or whatever. Are you seeing anything like that? Do you kind of, I'm kind of rambling a bit here. I'm trying to formulate my thoughts on here, but the thought is he fault to you when the shit hits the fan, you never rise to your expectations. You always fall to your level of training. So we're not trained for this. We don't think about these things. This is what I've seen. The people that really mentally had a hard time with this.

Jessica (13:05):

Absolutely. There is so much opportunity. And for people who are like, well, I'm not talking about buying in, like when you buy companies and just taking advantage, you can actually save someone's livelihood when you go in there. I know companies who completely like own, they have a staff of employees and they don't have their marketing dialed in and you can go in there and help them their email marketing generate the funds to keep them afloat while they're waiting for PPP. You know, I mean, there's so much opportunity where you can actually serve and do it in a way that's ethical and have integrity. And there's also a lot of business owners who are like, I want out you know, like this is this I'm, I'm done, I'm nearing retirement. I want to take whatever's left. And, and you know, my 401k mutual funds and live off that. And I kind of want to go and rebuild after. So now it's a great time for the younger entrepreneurs who want to come in and say, Hey, I've got the energy. You've got established. Let me see what I can do with it. And they're happy to take that investment money.

Tyson (14:10):

What would you have any advice or maybe first principles or key steps or people that are in this now and are looking at maybe they were employee, maybe they were in a business, somehow a family thing or, or a business enemy, but didn't have fun in or looking to move. And now it's a time. I mean, these are the times when, when companies are built, when things are happening, you know, everybody's kind of sitting around, there's going to be new industries, new opportunities that never existed before if somebody's sitting at home now or whatever it is, and they're looking for that change, what would you kind of give them that first kind of step advice?

Jessica (14:46):

Yeah. I mean, it depends on where you're at. So if you're built something, you can look for alliances, JV, or ships, there's, you know, ways to expand into a new market. If you have that time and energy and money and then for those who maybe had a job and their job has uncertainty, then now is the time to roll up your sleeves, do your research and get your side business going. You know, I'm, I teach people how to translate their skills into three consulting type businesses. You don't have to, there are so many ways to make money fine, right? From the company home, you can do affiliate marketing, you can do drop shipping. You can be an Amazon reseller. So like, what do you want? What kind of lifestyle do you actually want? What's important to you, including the amount of hours you want to work, whether travel's importance is for me, for some people it's, it's not. And then start to build a business around that vision and educate yourself as much as possible. Taking this time during the quarantine to do a normal amount of studying and reading and sharpening my, my speak because now I have the time and I'm forced to do it. And before I was so busy. And so this is the same Peabody by, so we give anybody now is the time to learn, to study, to improve yourself so that you come out ahead when this is all over,

Tyson (16:18):

What are maybe the one or two common trip ups pitfalls for somebody who's just kind of starting off that you can kind of give them some real quick, this little tip that is going to probably save them two or three months or, or, or some money or something like that,

Jessica (16:31):

Trying to figure everything out on your own. You know, trying to like watch a bunch of YouTube videos and grab a little piece here and there and to figure out how to cobble it altogether. That's not gonna work. You know, I waited way too long in my journey to hire my first mentor will wait. And I'd, if I would've just bit the bullet, I would have saved myself a year or even two years of frustration of trying to figure it out on my own. So number one, don't try to figure it out on your own, get the help you need numbers who pick and, and be unattached to the perfection around it, because things are gonna change, you know, don't worry about, well, what about my brand name? And then what about Maine main? And do I need to get this copywritten, like pick a lane, go in, you're going to learn a lot and you're going to shift and you're going to get 80% there. You know, it's working when you're making money, right. To something, keep fine tuning, worry about all the complexity later.

Tyson (17:30):

No, definitely. That's good. That's good advice that it really does stop a lot of people as well. Hit those robots, hit those barriers. And yeah, that's really good stuff. Is there any, any maybe habits or different things that you you've either added or taken away kind of noticing? I mean, the time you have now, and maybe this, these obligations and things that you, you thought maybe were important that you may be realizing aren't important, anything along those lines?

Jessica (17:58):

Oh, man. I feel like, I don't know. I feel, and maybe you feel the same. Cause as you have, you have kids like I'm so close with my daughter right now. One thing I've realized is wow, we can actually shoot. We can do the homeschooling, which was kind of a surprise to me. And to watch her progress, she's five and eating alone by me, like spending more time and being that person is amazing. So that's been kind of an aha moment was how well she's adapted and actually thrived with school being closed. Number two is just like having that experience of not feeling like we have to run and do the next thing. I felt like everything we were doing this, I got an entertainer here and we have memberships that everything that you can imagine, we were always just on the gut.

Jessica (18:47):

Oh, we're creative. And we're, you know, doing find ways to find inner home which is interesting. So all of those things have been fascinating for me. A family perspective you know, as far as everything else in my life, I still have continued to practice mindset, network, continue to do exercise. I live in California, we're allowed to hike and do all those things still. So not a lot of that has changed on that front, but how the tech and the education entertainment, how they really don't need as much as maybe we were doing with her. Right. We don't need all that stuff. It's amazing.

Tyson (19:26):

Yeah. No, definitely. I I've I've ever served something similar. Is this something maybe you're looking to kind of add into your schedule now and maybe not have to be so busy, but take these simpler things.

Jessica (19:42):

Yeah. I don't know. I'm kinda torn because you know, my daughter loves school and I think that there is real power in the, that the best way for a child to learn as actually amongst their peers. Right. They relate and they learn from other children. So I don't want to necessarily take her out of school. Maybe we don't need as much when everything opens up, but we still love our Lego land and going to the swimming pool and kind of doing all those activities. One thing I will shift is I don't think I will go back to the gym. And, and because you have that kind of time period where you're driving the driving back and working out and now I'm set up at home. So that's something that can save me a lot of time from having to commute and fit it in. So for the gym gyms that will be closing down, I'm afraid to lose half of your membership because people now redesigning their homes to have him.

Tyson (20:41):

And that's, I mean, I did that maybe two years ago, I was tired of that exact thing. Like I, and, and that would be my excuse for not going to the gym. It's like, listen, I got 15 minutes there. I got to get ready. It's just 30 minutes there. And then the gym I'm there for athletes. I missed an hour and got to come back home. And it's like two hours. Yeah. At least two hours of my day. And the gym was two blocks from my house. And so a few years ago I was like, you know, I'm tired of this. Like if I took this money every month that I spent, and I just invested into a piece of equipment, like, let me, let me get a couple of things. And then it was solely built building, building, building things. I was set up on this, this all went, went down and, and, and that kind of goes back to that thing.

Tyson (21:24):

Like w w I've been thinking about a lot is, is if you're in a position where you are kind of set up for things, you've practiced these things. I mean, I, I, I've had several conversations. People like, Oh, why aren't you worried about anything? Why aren't you scared about it? It's like, I'm good to go. Like, my house is, is always stocked with stuff and, and not in a hoarder mint way, but in a way Mark Cuban said something some years ago and I took it to heart. And he's like, you know, you want to you want to invest in these things the best way to make 10% of your money is buy stuff on sale. You're going to always use. And I was like, that's a genius idea. And so I started buying, you know, the things I know every three, six months, you know, all these things are just already around my house and I don't have to think about it.

Tyson (22:05):

And they're auto ordered on Amazon, some things, and, you know, on a time scheduling and all these different things, I was like, I was just so set up for. And I I was talking with I'm in a stoic philosophy group and by Ryan holiday, and he had asked a question about, you know, what are you guys worried and scared of? And I said nothing. And he wrote back to me and said, I think you're missing something. I was like, I don't think I am like, I am good to go. I can stay in my house for months. I'm not worried about toilet paper. Cause I'm stocked up. I'm not worried about laundry soap cause I'm stocked up for the year and all these different types of things. I don't know. It's just these things that I keep kind of coming back to it. And I see it in the business. There's two of these businesses that I work with too. It's like, you know, and I always tried to touch it with you gotta be prepared. You gotta set yourself up. And the ones that kind of weren't understood that they're fine. And the ones that were kind of struggling and they didn't get it. And it's like, they just go, the stock market is always going to be up. Everybody's always going to have money. And those are people that have struggled in. And it's interesting to see,

Jessica (23:02):

And it's also, or what you're sharing because I have this mindset, but it's a choice. It really is. So people are allowing themselves go into the fear and into the drama. And you can be objective, you can take a step back and say, you know, I'm bigger than my circumstances. In fact, you know, your circumstances don't make you, they reveal you. And so how you show, how you're choosing right now count your blessings, be grateful. There's a lot that you can do and be in control, which is your thoughts, emotions and your actions, your words. So you're doing the right thing and you're on the right path.

Tyson (23:43):

Yeah. That's, that's actually, when I kind of share those things and, and, and I think the one thing we need to all learn, I think kind of coming out of this and that sounds like some shit, but w I think we, we've got to, you know, it's hard. We gotta, we gotta prepare and we gotta look back on this. And what I'm trying to, I wish I could figure out is I wish I'd thought of this thought about this more, but it's this, this preparedness and this, this type of thing where, you know, I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't quite come up with the words for it, but just looking back on this and looking and saying, what was I scared of? What was I not prepared for? I get kind of prepared for that and don't lose that kind of thing. All of these things we took for granted the, you know, hugging your friends, shaking people's hands, I'm assuming contact, you know, being, being worried about money and different things and, and worried about supplies and business. And so many things. I hope this doesn't I was not lost on people when this is all over with, and we kind of go back to this normal type thing, which is nothing we're going to ever get. We can imagine when normal is going to be anymore, but I hope this isn't lost on people.

Jessica (24:58):

I think. So I think all opportunity for growth and for perspective, like rethinking perspective and what's important. And you know, a reminder, nothing has ever been like this really in our history mean the modern history. I mean, we've got something like in the day bubonic plague, but nothing recent and, you know,

Tyson (25:24):

Yeah. Yeah. And I think that's part of the problem is we forget so quickly. 2008 I think was just as bad as this, maybe more sucking side, but boy was the world crumbling around us. And then, you know there, there were, I mean, there are these different, you know diseases and stuff that kind of come and go, nothing, nothing on disease front this bad, but I mean, there's the, the.com boom, not too long ago back, you know, a lot of remember that. I mean the oil crisis and it's, I mean, there's all these things, that's the problems. We forget them quickly. These types of illnesses were in the fifties and sixties and stuff with the different types of the Hong Kong flu and all these things we forget about these things, you know, Ebola, not too long back was that we said, we forget how quickly we forget all these things.

Tyson (26:15):

That's the, I think that's what I'm kind of scared about a little bit is we're gonna look back into that. It wasn't that bad. And as things in, in April here seemed like in America, they're winding down and he's dead. The polls aren't as what we even thought. And thank God, but what's going to happen. I'm afraid of is, is we're going to have these people that say, I told you so C wasn't a big deal, not a big deal. Wasn't everybody got wrapped up for nothing. We did all this. We lost trillions of dollars for nothing, and we're going really miss the lesson in that. And that's a sentiment I keep hearing, Oh, we've never had nothing like this before. And it's like, no, if we really think back, we have, we have,

Jessica (26:51):

We have just not at the scale of yeah. I, I mean, you know, there's got a lot of our deserving we handle most, so there's probably a lesson there that we haven't yet.

Tyson (27:08):

Yeah. is there anything that you're scared of, and it's not about this necessarily, but maybe things that you've that come to light or maybe that opened up. And if so, how are you thinking about that? How are you maybe dealing with it or putting in plans or measures to maybe mitigate it or maybe stop it from happening?

Jessica (27:31):

Yeah. I don't think there's anything necessarily is enough. Cause I try not to come into a fear space. One thing this may do is just, Hey, let me make sure that all my legal docs and everything are in order, let me do some touchpoints. We make sure he's got kind of the plan as a parent and all of that. So it was just more like re re debating my trust and all of those things. And then obviously Mike, Mike, Darren will always be there, not a fear, but rather concern. I have elderly parents. I have a senior living center has COVID now as people, 30 people, 30 case div and a couple of deaths. And so I of course turns for my loved ones and want to do whatever's possible to keep them safe, but I don't have a lot of fears more about, Hey, let me just make sure my affairs are in order. God forbid, if something did happen. And I, I would hope that every single person listening to this at time to make sure, Hey, where's everything at, have you informed everyone, make sure that your family, your loved ones are, are informed and taken care of in the best way possible?

Tyson (28:42):

Yeah, that was one thing I put off for many years of getting my trust and all that stuff in order. And I finally did it and I don't know if it was November, December, and I finally got it done today. I need to stop procrastinating and get it done. Things are kind of slow in December and I got done and I was, that's the thing I was thinking about it. I'm glad I got that over with and done. And I didn't have to worry about, you know, you can't go out and see these people. You can't maybe get things notarized and all these different things that go into that stuff. I'm glad I had, I had already had taken care of that not very long ago. And but there's other things. I think we think about, we each have a different scenario, different situation that I hope you sit back and think about these things a little bit, and whether it's especially with your businesses and, and different things. And look, what, where was the shortfalls? Where did I not think of a worst case scenario? And it's not, I don't want to be coming from a place of fear or, or, or that fearmongering type thing, but a real thing, like who knows what can happen? Am I ready to go as much as I can possibly think about and then think about it, set it up and then just walk away and go back to business as usual and get your business going.

Jessica (29:47):

Yeah. And hopefully, well, if you don't have it now, maybe when the Covance over that you get, you know, life insurance and those signs, Porter all known someone that, you know, a half before their time and behind without any support, so prepared and making a Git for those kinds of things. So they can take care of your family.

Tyson (30:13):

Definitely. is there something that most people do not know about you that would surprise them?

Jessica (30:19):

Oh, man. So much so many things. I have a crazy Oh, there was a, I took four year hiatus from the business backpacked all over the world. I lived South. I lived in central America at one point. I I live in the Piedras Blanca national park of Costa Rica where it was an off the grid retreat center, power meters, and wa I had daily encounters with monkeys crocodiles, Caymans, highly venomous, snakes, mosquitoes, butterflies, anything you can imagine one of the coolest times and experiences in my life.

Tyson (31:03):

That's awesome. I'm glad you experienced that. I know my sister did that stuff when she was younger stuff too. I would really encourage people, especially when you're young, you don't have kids and obligations and mortgages and all this stuff go out and do stuff like that. That's really, that's really good life experiences and stuff.

Jessica (31:18):

Yup. I have amazing stories to share. So don't be afraid to, for the females listening, get your backpack and spit on your way,

Tyson (31:25):

Do it definitely. Absolutely. Is there a book or maybe even a core, something like that that really has changed your life?

Jessica (31:34):

Hmm. Let's see. One of my favorite books would have been the Alchemist. I know it's a short read. That's an amazing journey. So I love the Alchemist. I also love a hour of now and then, and a new earth for personal development type books. Yeah, I can name so many books, but those are just a couple off the top of my head that I feel like are profound and that every human should read.

Tyson (31:59):

Definitely. I haven't read any of those. So I think I'll have to add them to my list. I'll have to check those out. Where's the best people to kind of get a, get in contact with you, see what you got going on, maybe even listing some of your services.

Jessica (32:11):

Yeah. We'll definitely check out the links that I, I guess she'll include them in the show notes. And then I, me on LinkedIn or on Facebook, Jessica [inaudible] connect. Let me know you have me on this show and I'd love to have a patient or at least have you network. I'm giving lots of free trainings and my audience, so feel free to come in and consume.

Tyson (32:33):

Absolutely. So when I thing here on the social committee show, we like to have a weekly challenge to have our listeners implementing me an idea or a concept for me from this episode or something. Maybe we didn't even talk about at all. I would like you to issue this week's challenge for the listeners,

Jessica (32:48):

Your challenge button, a street five days in a row. I want you to show up on social media and I want you to teach something, actually teach something and see how people respond.

Tyson (33:05):

Perfect. Yes. Get out there. And the more we teach, the more we learn as well, and we reinforce the learning. So that's absolutely perfect. Thank you for that challenge. Thank you. Is there anything else you wanted to share with the listeners and audience before we kind of stepped away from here today?

Jessica (33:20):

Just say, you know, cure, keep your head in the game, keep moving forward, hold the process every day. Take action towards reaching your goals.

Tyson (33:29):

Perfect. Thank you so much, Jessica. Enjoy the rest of your quarantine. Please stay safe, stay healthy and much prosperity as we move forward and do this. All right. Hey, thanks everybody for sticking around. What a great interview with Jessica. Lots of great little nuggets of wisdom in there. Hopefully some things to help you guys move forward. Post quarantine, post COVID-19 fortifying your life, fortifying your business. Making sure you're, you're ready to go. You're ready to rock and roll going forward. And if something like this were to happen again you're a little bit more prepared to, to, to kind of weather the storm as always check out what we got going on and the social community that show we've got giveaways and everything's in a shown us those two. There's a link to a free master class on how to easily close high paying clients over the phone from Jessica.

Tyson (34:18):

Check that out, get in on that up your game, up your level of everything you have going on. This is a great time, especially coming out of, of this situation that we've kind of on her. So I was in here at the beginning of 2020 to, to get some knowledge, get these things, get us up going. If this episode was a help to you, please consider sharing with a few of your friends and colleagues and whatnot. You can support the show the best way possible by leaving us likes and reviews. Sharing it with your friends and colleagues, sharing with your network. That'd be greatly appreciated in between shows. You can connect with social community show on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, all those great places. Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube. If you're new here, if you'd like the video version or on your favorite podcast app for past episodes, at least everything we talk about here today, you can visit the social community that show. And so next time stay healthy, stay safe, keep learning, keep growing, keep transforming the person you want to become.

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