Planning on Not Having a Plan| Ep 74

74| Planning on Not Having a Plan

Planning on Not Having a Plan Not planning is a plan. Not going over possible scenarios is a plan. Not safeguarding your future or your family’s future is a plan. Avoiding difficult topics, thoughts, conversations, and procedures is a plan. Let’s plan on stopping this, NOW. Subscribe Books & Links From The Episode The Organized …

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Digital Addiction Thumbnail

73| Digital Addiction

Digital Addiction Do the digital, internet connected devices in your life serve you, or are you serving them? Americans check their phones on average once every 12 minutes – burying their heads in their phones 80 times a day, according to new research. Four hours is the longest time the average person studied was prepared …

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Ep 72 Pharaoh Kelly

72| Pharaoh Kelley

Pharaoh Kelley: In this episode, I’m talking with Pharaoh Kelley. Raised by his mother in the Brownsville section in Brooklyn, New York, Pharaoh endured hardships from early on. Economic instability, family trauma, and depression remain constant throughout the years. Life presented only two choices: continue to live in a generational cycle, or rise above the …

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Rd. 2 With Eden Myers

71| Rd. 2 With Eden Myers

Eden Myers:| Rd. 2 On this episode, I have a round 2 conversation with Eden Myers. She is a Health and Wellness Consultant that has spent over 20 years helping people realize their potential to live a healthy, happy life. Having been mentored by the best teacher on human potential and success, she has used …

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Book Review: Why We Sleep

70| Book Review: Why We Sleep

Book Review: Matthew Walker, Ph.D.Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology Matthew Walker is a professor of neuroscience and psychology at UC Berkeley, the Director of its Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab, and a former professor of psychiatry at Harvard University. He has published over 100 scientific studies and has appeared on 60 Minutes, Nova, BBC News, and …

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Motivation Is An Illusion

68| Motivation Is An Illusion

Motivation Is An Illusion You got to have a reason to want to do something, to get out of bed in the morning, you got to find that. It’s not about passion; passion is bullshit. Passion is fleeting. You need a purpose; it doesn’t have to be grand, it doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, it …

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Opportunity Cost | Ep 66

66| Opportunity Cost

Opportunity Cost Opportunity Cost; The loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen, a trade-off. What are you trading money or time or happyness for? Have you taken the time to evaluate the “Opportunity Cost” of one thing for another? How about that new car but we’ll have to take fewer …

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Book Review: Latte Factor

65| Book Review: Latte Factor

Book Review: David BachAmerica’s Most Trusted Financial Expert David Bach is one of the most trusted financial experts and bestselling financial authors of our time. He has written nine consecutive New York Times bestsellers with over seven million copies in print, translated into nineteen languages, including two #1 New York Times bestsellers, The Automatic Millionaire …

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